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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Mal3ficent, Apr 17, 2018.

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  1. Nostradamus88

    Nostradamus88 Active Author

    Let's be short and precise:

    At the moment with latest revisitations in TS, skills for pve are much better. There could be other improvements of course, but now it is ok. The only skills who need better implementation for pve are:

    1) FIRE BALL. To be useful in pve it should be more powerful (sincerely i do not understand the nerf of the third talent). I think 175% should be ok.

    2) CHAIN LIGHTENING. It should take at least 5 opponents to be useful.

    3) GUARDIAN. It need still better defense

    4) DESTRUCTION. It needs to be faster than now (maybe half the time of animation)

    Other things come later in terms of priority.
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  2. Conqueror21

    Conqueror21 Forum Apprentice

    That's how I think some talents should be adjusted.

    Fireball: An addition to the 5-points-talent basically: Every time one hits a foe, who is already under Pyromania's (a burning) effect using Fireball ,there's a 33% possibility that a fiery explosion causing 50% of your base damage as fier damage will be caused to that foe.The explosion would have a 2-meters-range.Perhaps Fireball's overall damage should be decreased if that happens,but I think it's worth it because it is a skill that can't hit more than 2-3 monsters at a time.

    Teleport's 2-points-talent: Casting Teleport reduces all your active cooldowns by 10% (apart from Teleport).

    Chain Lightning: 5-points-talent: Whenever you hit an electrified foe there 'll be a 15% possibility that an instantaneous Lightning Strike causing 100% of your damage will strike that foe.

    Guardian: An addition to the 3-points-talent:Argo+Triples the Guardian's HP and doubles the Guardians armour and resistance values(it should be able to tank a little bit after all,it's a Guardian!

    An addition(or an alternative) to the Guardian's group talent/5-points-talent: 5% of the damage the (Fiery) Guardian causes turns into HP for you and your allies as long as you are close to it (about 2 meters).

    Destruction should be casted a little quicker, as it can get you killed,if you 're using it when a boss is about to attack you.Perhaps it's 2-points-talent should also turn 10% of its damage into lightning damage.

    Meteor should be definitely changed: It is performed faster than destruction,but it hits less enemies,while dealing less damage.I think its the 5-points-talent that should be changed(that +200%damage is ridiculous for a skill with such a big cooldown,I can deal more than that with 2 fireballs.The meteor should be enlarged , and it's last talent should create something similar to DK's Wail of death (Fame tree)when it hits the ground.This way it would be more useful in PVP too,as at the moment it can be dodged only by moving.
  3. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    Many have advocated to remove the Magic Missile's healing talent. That is the only one we have that regens HP. I, personally, have adapted my play to use that when a monster is near death to gain HP. Not everyone is end game and several end-game bosses have minions.

    If this is to be removed, we need some other way to up our HP during battle in addition to potions. Or, if it is such a "worthless" skill, maybe swap it with the two or three point skill instead.
  4. KubQn

    KubQn Forum Apprentice

    [content removed]

    The only think I don't like is:
    Frozen Sphere got dmg buff, exposion deal 100% of the sphere dmg everywhere, it's easy to aim with it now.

    In compare to thunder which cost 10 more, foes must be elecrtrified to deal full dmg, it takes a while to land it down and if anyone move just a bit from the center the dmg is automatically lowered...

    That gives us another spell which will be as useless as CL and used as often as Q4 set will be.
    Right now thunder is weaker than sphere as a spell and Q4 is weaker than Q7 as a set.

    [content removed]
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  5. kavekanis

    kavekanis Forum Apprentice

    It is easy to see why I do not know why this topic needs to be created if simply entering 5 mnts in pvp becomes evident.

    chain ligthin: nobody uses it neither in pvp nor in pve, with the set of q4 it has utility if there is great damage, critical rate, and critical damage ... in summary 99.99% of players do not use it at all

    ligthin strike: useless in pvp in pve will become useless with update 208 since the frozen sphere that is already better will be much more

    guardian: useless in pvp and useless in pve on inferno maps. it only serves to annoy the war

    fireball: 90% of magicians are spammers in pvp what makes the monotonous pvp boring a blind monkey is also good at spamming this skill. in pve it's useless nobody uses it

    missil: in pvp it does not help much, in pve it is used because there is not much more to use, the good thing is that it loads mana

    destruction: in pvp they can kill you 5 times in a row before the skill is thrown which makes it useless it has to be very good to anticipate the opponent and throw it where it will happen after 5 seconds, in pve almost no uses, theoretically the most powerful skill of magician is useless

    ice missil is only useful in pvp and pve if the set of q8 is available if it is not is useless, so until the missil is better ... reduced ability to have or not have the set of q8

    meteor, in pvp is another useless skill no one uses it, it is more difficult to dodge a snail than a meteor, in pve it is used if you have the set of q7 for the bonus or simply use it because there is nothing else, the frozen sphere it's better, another supposed magician's potent ability reduced to nothing

    it is logical all this make the wizards the most useless and weakest class of the game is evident just by looking at the chats where players are asked for groups
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  6. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    In terms of PvP, the fireball has to be reworked imo. ..40 mana for 150% dmg is a bit too much and makes the 1hand builds not efficient.It will have to cost like half that or have the dmg at least doubled. Re-work the q7 set so it wont lower the mana costs in order for this not to be too OP and then increase the dmg by a lot.

    As it is right now, the 1handed builds are still dead for SWs despite the current changes.
  7. kraken

    kraken Forum Apprentice

    Hello there,

    I saw in some posts that mana crystal was removed. Well, this is bad, we need alternative from q8 set and that is supposed to be possible by having the mana crystal option enabled.
    Mana crystal was giving some diversity in builds, so we need it back (if it was truly removed).

    Thank you.
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  8. ShamisSabri

    ShamisSabri Someday Author

    [content removed]

    magic missile: no issues
    fireball: needs to be more powerful
    ice missile: too weak. pointless to use if not with a sigris set, and even then, all it gains is speed. the damage is really low.
    frost nova: the area of impact is so small, its basically [EDIT] to even have a skill like this
    teleport: no issues, maybe increase the movement speed post teleportation but its okay even if you dont
    lightning strike: takes too long to impact and be useful, plus damage is barely much if slightly off placed against target or if the target moves
    frost wind: either add some small damage to it or make frozen time 2 secs more
    chain lightning: no issues
    guardian: only useful till fatal, post that, he is a one hit [EDIT]
    destruction: lame skill. takes too long to charge up and the damage is incredibly low for the amount of time you lose charging it up
    singularity: no issues
    meteor: pointless, only good for herald set
    mind control: never used it so wont comment
    frozen sphere: something is just too off about this skill, why on earth does it have a calculated range. it shouldnt. it should act like fireball or maybe there should be a way to trigger where the sphere bursts.

    [content removed]
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