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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Mal3ficent, Apr 17, 2018.

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  1. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    1. (Basic skill) Quick Shot: They should speed it up a bit ,at least with 1 brakepoint + ,casuse with 2,70 speed u are still shooting less quickly as a mage, ranger etc who is even faster than u with 2 speed 2,30.. Little bit of upgrade need.

    2. Mechanical turret: In overall only u use it cause of the q8-q7 set combo, other than that useless.. (Becasue still need 50 steam to build it up ,and thats only one, i would rather use Automatical turret.. cause tactical turrets no longer give u steam.. so.. Need Changes

    3. Bombs: Yeah still very slow, animation waaay to long to use it.. but i getting used to it while having fun in Swerfield.. only for fun thats the sad part. Need Changes

    4. Oil Slick: Usless as hell.. no one will go closer to bosses and place it under them. this is just redicilous.. And i wont talk about PVP.. Q1 set? No one will leave their Kara, Q8 set for that.. Useless Right Now

    5. Rocket jump: Nothing wrong with the skill. Thats it, never used with the 5pt talent.. Its Good

    6. Automated turrets: Needs to give steam back, and put the dmg to 75% at least.. cause currently almost every single boss can destroy it anytime when useing meteor, frozen wind, etc.. and even this is the main skill so this deal dmg other than the heavy shoot.. thats all Need Changes

    7. Heavy Shot: Animation speed up changes needed ,nothing else. as i said in the Quick Shot.. Little bit of upgrade need

    8. Steam Conductor: Nothing wrong with the skill, its a good skill and i use it too..
    Its Good

    9. C-14 Rocket: Speed it up , and make the explosion range wider.. Currently u only can stun tanks with it ,cause every other classes just dodge them.. Little bit of upgrade.

    10. Dwarf-in-the-box: Useless skill as u he said. No one will use it in action.. and even cost steam.. Useless Right Now

    11. Tactical turrets: Devs made it useless now. so ty.. They need to give steam back.. Useless Right Now

    12. Shrapnel Shot: Reduce the animation time ,thats we need, i wont ask for more dmg.. etc this is just a side skill ,cant even talent to it.. Little bit of upgrade needed

    13. Iron dwarf: I can prove him, this is a useless skill only good for trolling people in Swerfiel, and get flags in 5v5 with one hand build XD.. Useless in every single view.
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  2. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    1.Quick shot should deal 100% base dmg so we can be more competitive in pvp and Mechanical turrets should deal 60% base dmg.
    2.Bombs should deal dmg to all monsters in 2 meters range (they deal full dmg in center of bomb and dmg are decreased further the monsters are,it is not bug because in description says that "Bombs give UP TO 90/108% damage......") and should be attack speed releted.
    3.Oil slick-should be able to throw them
    4.Rocket Jump-leave like it is now on live servers
    5.Machinegun turrets-already say about them
    6.Heavy shot-animation is to slow,make it faster
    7.Steam conductor-OK
    8.C-14 Rocket-OK
    9.Dwarf in the box-only purpose is for solo farm,so for that it is OK
    10.Tactical turrets-they should give steam like it is now on live servers
    11.Shrapnel shot-OK
    12.Iron dwarf-OK
    13.Tesla turrets-without antistun option they will become almost useless in group that have 2-3....dwarf (only 1 tesla deliver dmg)

    Overall,the turrets are easily destroyed by bosses (maybe giving them immunity for 2-3 seconds only in boss rooms).
  3. Kan_Krum

    Kan_Krum Forum Greenhorn

    So dwarf on crit(q7+q8) now is better than on mag set or q7 set on speed and dmg. On 26k dmg, 21.5k crit and 325% crit dmg i kill the boss faster than mag set on 32k dmg and 3.44 speed or q7 set on 32k and 2.85 speed.
    After 208 mechanical turents will make crit so i will be stronger than now. So the problem is only that all turents will be destroyble. If they can take 4-5 shoots from last Bosses, then will be no problem.

    For PVP:
    Tactical turrets-they should give steam like it is now on live servers
    Rocket Jump-leave like it is now on live servers
    Tesla turrets-without antistun option they will become almost useless
  4. Shiro

    Shiro Padavan


    Qickshot: It is fine as it is. Also, 5pts talent combined with Q1 set and 5pts of Oil Slick can make it deal lots of dmg (even tho this combo is quite useless).
    It is OK;

    Mechanical Turret: It is a good assist skill. Nothing changed except its damage and the chance to crit. With Q8 set it gets very strong and can let you have many skills out of cooldown very fast.
    It is OK;

    Bombs: Imho, even tho they buffed Bombs' dmg output, they are still explode very slowly and also they are not Attack Speed related.
    Therefore, still imho, they should be reworked to take into account character's attack speed (like they did with Ice Sphere).
    It NEEDS CHANGES (listed above);

    Oil Slick: I agree that it is a pain in the... that it is placed under the char, but that makes it good to use vs bosses like Heredur, that chase you down. Also, you can place one on the boss little before his summoning animation ends. I think it is a good compromise for it's 5pts talent (100% more damage dealt by C-14, Quick Shot and Heavy Shot).
    It is OK;

    Rocket Jump: 5 points talent is useless unless you plan on doing the whole Full Moon event without using Silver/Shiny Silver Essences.
    It is OK;

    Machinegun Turret: Needs to be reverted as the last iteration. I mean, when Suppressed Fire was 100% and then fix the x3 dmg per hit.

    Heavy Shot: Overall it is a strong Skill. It can be well combined with Oil Slick (as previously stated), and works even better with Q7 set.
    Still, it NEEDS CHANGES (increase its animation speed);

    Steam Conductor: It is OK;

    C-14 Rocket: It is a good skill to stun enemies near yourself, but when it comes to range, it looses its potential. That being said, imho it is OK;

    Dwarf-in-the-box: useless skill :D Well, now that bosses are affected by its aggro, you can help them loose weight by coming to you, then going to the DitB, and so on.
    It is OK (maybe halve its steam cost);

    Tactical Turrets: Steam recovery now is related to Group Talents, so it will work just if you are playing with at least another player. This makes TT useless alone. 5pts are too much to have two of them active at the same time. It NEEDS CHANGES to make it worth 50 steam. Like shoting one Bomb to the character and one to an enemy (so its dmg would be justyfied, and Q3 set would be a little more worth using);

    Sharpnel Shot: it NEEDS CHANGES, like increasing its animation speed and damage. As of now it is more of a chance for the enemy to kill you than the opposite;

    Iron Dwarf: idk, maybe delete this skill and make a new one. Its concept is useless now;

    Tesla Turret: Good AoE damages, except that if you place two of them on the same area, enemies affected by both Teslas, suffer damage just by one of them.
    I think Group Skill related to it should be removed, to make Tesla's antistun exp talent back, but this will make Magma Shield (SW group skill) useless.
    So, it NEEDS CHANGES, but as of now just on the "two teslas at the same time" side.


    Despite there are just a few specific talents per class, I think it should be fair to include them.

    Close to Turrets: It provides a cooldown reduction of x% each seconds if you stand next to your turrets (up to 6 metres distance). It is a good talent, specially combined with the "Lifetime Thief" talent (each killing blow with 2-handed reduce cooldwons by x%). Also I think it would be great to use it in combo with q7/q8 sets too, so that you'll have C-14, and therefore Q7 buff, active most of the times;

    Compensation: This talents lets you refill 20 steam each time a turret is destroyed by an enemy. Even tho "Close to Turrets" is a great talent, I think this one will be the way to go (since you can choose just one of them).


    Group Aura
    • Lightning Protection: (increased lightining resistance to all group members) This talent will be good for the first couple of leves, or when you'll have some spare points to distribute;
    • Upgraded Spheres: (regen some resources each time u pick up a healing sphere. Works for u and ally in 20m radius) Not really appealing, specially if you are boos-running;
    • Racing the Clock: (reduce skills active cooldown by some % every 5 seconds. Works for u and group members in 20m radius) It will work better if you have a lot of spare points, but still I would pref to spend them somewhere else.

    Group Effect
    • Oil Slick G.E. (group effect): (increased movement speed for u and group members. Lasts 3 seconds = if u walk again on the oil slick u get again the buff) Good for speed-farm, like Blackborg while event is active;
    • Steam Conductor G.E.: (when u use "Steam Conductor", all ally in a range of 10 metres are healed - max 30% of player's hp - every second for 3 seconds. 30 sec cooldown) It is the best choice in overall. It works very well in maps like Q1 boss room and similiar;
    • Tactical Turret G.E.: (Restores resources for every group member hit by "Tactical Turrets" bombs. Up to 51 resources regen = steam, mana etc) Even if it is very strong, I find "Steam Conductor" G.E. better = 50 point on SC and 25 on TT.

    Group Momentum
    • Tesla Turret G.E.: (Gives immunity to movement impairing effects to group members in Tesla's range and increase Attack Speed by 50%, both for 15 seconds. 90 seconds cooldown) Imho the best in this category. It specially helps Dks to recover the attack speed loss from "Banner of War";
    • Iron Dwarf G.E.: (+100% armor value to all group members in range of 10 metres, for 3 sec. 90 seconds cooldown) Useless :D;
    • Rocket Pack G.E.: (activating Rocket Pack resets cooldown of all skills to group members in a radius of 6m. 90 sec cooldown) It sounds like a good talent, but it isn't. Tesla's is the best.
  5. allcoss

    allcoss Forum Apprentice

    1. Quick Shot: damage should be increased (the main skill on arena)
    2. Mechanical turret: ok
    3. Bombs: very slow, we can't use it on arena. Too slow animation, too slow time of explosion.
    4. Oil Slick: Useless! should be changed! may be make it like stun? Dwarf have one stun - C-14 Rocket ( except iron dwarf skill which can't be simply used, and usually not applicable)
    5. Rocket jump: ok (but it is only one exit from stun!!! we need one more . Other classes have at least two exits from stun. Please add one more )
    6. Automated turrets: ok
    7. Heavy Shot: Too slow!!!! and have cool down! Please make it without cool down. It is better to use stream instead like other classes.
    8. Steam Conductor: ok
    9. C-14 Rocket: Too slow!!!! for now it is only one applicable stun on pvp. But other players run away from this skill. Please make it playable ! And make it strictly controlled. Rocket does not hit the target sometimes.
    10. Dwarf-in-the-box: Useless! Change by something other
    11. Tactical turrets: Useless! Change by something other
    12. Shrapnel Shot: ok
    13. Iron dwarf: Useless. only applicable on 5v5. But why we need skill which applicable only on 5v5?

    I want say that dwarf's skills too slow and part of them not applicable. Other classes can simple kill dwarfs because their animation is faster. skills are faster.

    Also I think dwarf has too much turrets, may be we should decrease number of them and give other skills to dwarf ? Some damage from dwarf but not from turret.
    thank you
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