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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by NicuuChu, Jan 1, 2023.

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  1. NicuuChu

    NicuuChu Someday Author

    Hey guys, here's my tier list of the classes for the current state of the game taking into consideration only maxed characters: (updated 04\03\2023)

    Rank 1) Warrior: (still rank 1 op class)
    Overall the best class, the best in a group with his op tanking capabilities and with light stacked he can output the max dps in the game in long fights.
    Also the past event only made it clear how the "more difficult" content in the game is tailor made for warriors.

    Rank 2) Ranger: (from rank 4 to 2)
    Despite the clunkyness, the new set, allows the class the clear maps faster and one shot normal boss fights where u can brake the armor.
    Very versatile class that can offer easy and fast farm and shines vs normal bosses (the best class for it atm)

    Rank 3) Mage: (still rank 3)
    Mage shines on clearing maps, u litteraly cant tuch a mob before a mage one shots it, for all else is great but not rly since its not better than neither ranger and war and dwarf

    Rank 4) Dwarf: (from rank 2 to rank 4)

    Not much to say about this class, meanwhile other classes got a new best set, dwarf big hunt set is just a meme making the class lose some position..
    It doesnt shine in anything but its good at everything, the new set needs to get reworked cuz that is just a joke.

    Updated 04/03/23


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