Bug Cloak of Power Problem

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ewill17, Nov 21, 2015.

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  1. ewill17

    ewill17 Forum Greenhorn

    So, it appears that Atlantis Above water isnt dropping any "Invisible cloths" from the Jabbax Shamans. It is my only problem map, I have done atleast 40 runs with no drop running the full map. As for the ?/90 i finished it in 4 runs on the same map. And for the ?/12 In misty ridge I finished them in 2 runs. I am just curious could this be a game error? Or just a bad roll on my part, Please look into this problem.

    Thanks, Darkrose99
    Lvl 47 DK
    Server: (Agathon)
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Bad drop?
    Do you know how much time i have spent to complete the original quest (not this fake one)?
    9 months!
    The quests has been made so easy so any noob can finish it in few hours ... yet the players are still whining.

    The thing is I have started this new fake quest on 3 of my characters ... so far I have average of 2-3 drops from the shamans per run. I see no problem at all ... try harder.
  3. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Not even a "bad roll" like Trakilaki said... we had to farm for 4-10 months to get the cloak before they changed it in this release. And that farming was done in the PWs where the monsters hit 3x times harder and had 10x more HP. If you are still working on it in 3-5 months, then you can come back and tell us how hard this one is and how bad the drop rate is.
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  4. ewill17

    ewill17 Forum Greenhorn

    Oh not complaining at all this is my 3rd character getting the cape on. I just wasnt sure if there was something wrong knowing Bigpoint and all. Thank you guys for your replies, Much appreciated.
  5. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Just completed this one after they nerfed the original and moved progress over to this new challenge. Boring as all you know what but I got the 16 I needed in about 4 hours of total play. Sometimes I'd go 5-8 runs with no drops and then the sporadic 1's and 2's but never had any 3's. Patience is key especially it being only a level 40 map...so boring and there are no melts to speak of unlike Map 2 previously.

    One guild member did approximatley 80 runs through the map to get his 30.
  6. misterbean

    misterbean Padavan

    Runspeed and scattered shot.... It's amazingly easy and fast to do 1 run
  7. MANOJ

    MANOJ Forum Pro

    They have made this quest so easy that if you feel the mobs aren't dropping what they are supposed to drop, you can delete the quest on matter what your progress and still get the quest done in a week :D
    Please don't say "low drop in Atlantis" and tease players who had to work their *ss off in Map 2 for months to get the cloth drops from the worthless Mortis preists ;)
    Many players had quit farming drops for the 1K gold cloak because of the bad drops and the nerfed quest is a joke compared to the old one.
    But old quest helped players improve themselves farming a more worthy rewarding map, that's the only disadvantage with the new quest.
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  8. Knifefromjack

    Knifefromjack Someday Author

    So it seems i'm lucky that the new quest is easier, however getting 1K gold, now that going to be hard for a new plyer as such as myself.
    That was not a whine.

    Good Hunting All
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2015
  9. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    Turn on quest guidance.
    It makes you feeeeellll like your getting better drop rates.

    I got alot of gold in doing herald. Sell all... Gorga might be nice but longer to cycle.
  10. misterbean

    misterbean Padavan

    I did all the cape missions in 2 days
  11. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    If it doesn't work, do something else. Which is to say, changing your patterns might help, particularly if you have strong habits on how you travel the maps. If you know what doesn't work, try another spot.

    Think of it this way: The "packers" or layout people have to cram everything into a fixed map with boundaries, obstacles, and other stuff, that will conflict with the collision programming. The different instances have a different mix of minions, items dropped, and roaming elites.
    Some maps are extremely predictable. But some features may use variable, +/- grid coordinates to change the good locations. The old cape quests had patterns of locations for needed drops. By working everything, you can find map coordinates that are better than others.

    Don't be discouraged by a map with lousy drops. Maps are designed to have an certain range of values on average. You can expect XX gold and silver, more or less, if you sell everything from map YY. Some of my best uniques dropped from otherwise bare maps, to balance them out.

    Also, having a large team can help with drops from the group feature. Some of my best runs were with a team of 5 and with lower level players.

    Good hunting
  12. SGK|GaminG|HD2000

    SGK|GaminG|HD2000 Active Author

    why he is complaining is because, not the hardness.. the drop rate.. its ok to have harder drop rate.. but why they increased the 30 one? logically they must have increased the 12 one.. but the "12" can be easily got from one run my bro had 100% drop rate on mobs.. I had too 100% on first 5 frags then later it turned to 50%. but the drop from bugs is super hard. like him.. I too had 0 drops for 2 runs.. then 1 drop then vice versa. make the 30 easier and 12 harder.. like in 100g wilderness areas have crazy drop rate. which was once frustrating, now we came to know why :p
  13. slaynow

    slaynow Forum Greenhorn

    Hello All - Has anyone else had a problem with the Cloak of Power 5/5 quest? The drop rate on the Invisible Cloths of Experience / Jabbax Shamans / Atlantis Above Water is truly terrible!
    I don't think that I have ever killed so many, 100/1?, to get only but a very minor reward. Must be something amiss!
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2015
  14. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    You mean that you are shocked that you have a quest that you can't finish in one sitting? The old version of this quest took between 4 and 6 months to finish and you have been working on it for what, a couple weeks? The fact that you don't have to fight parallel world monsters alone means that this quest is easier than it has ever been.
  15. slaynow

    slaynow Forum Greenhorn

    Truly, you must be more dedicated to frustration than I.
  16. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Baragain's correct. If anything, the cloak of power quest is drastically easier now compared to the past. It took me about a year, maybe more, to get the cloak on my dwarf by farming map1 and 2. On my DK, 2 years of half hearted trying got me about 8 deadly shards away from completion, and I got those last pieces immediately after the quest was converted into stone golem drops.

    Nothing is amiss, the quest is fine as it is.
  17. That0n3guy

    That0n3guy Forum Apprentice

    Earlier today i started to farm the items for the cloak of power. I started in Atlantis above water and was getting about 2 poisonus strand of manipulation and 1 cloth of expirence per run. So i decided to try and get the stones of revival from the gollums in misty ridge. I went there and the first gollum i killed i got a stone:), then i came across my secont gollum 10 seconts later and he droped my second. After about 5 minutes i killed 12 stone gollums and got 12 stones of revival:eek:. I am no expert on this quest but i pretty sure it isnt supposed to be a 100% drop rate. The other items are around the drop rate i expect it to be for the 5th cloak but the stones shouldnt have a 100% drop rate. It will just make the cloak to easy to obtain.
  18. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Yeah, i think i mentioned that the stones of revivsl were dropping 100%. Good for me, as at the time of this quest changed regions (the stones of revival used to be deadly shards from ocean of bones), I needed 8 (of 12).
  19. Knifefromjack

    Knifefromjack Someday Author

    Yeah u r right the stones are easly done as are the threads , but the shells of the shaman are not an easy drop at all. I have done many? runs without a drop.
    Which is OK since it will take me awhile to earn 1000 gold anyway.
  20. MANOJ

    MANOJ Forum Pro

    Another "Tease the old players" post about the Cloak of Power drop rates :D
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