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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Demon, Apr 8, 2018.

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You consider that closing a forum is good for business?

Poll closed May 9, 2018.
  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  1. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    I have seen that BigPoint has shut down or move many things in the past:

    Dragon Rise a franchise of drakensang for SEA
    American Servers: physical location change
    Kongegrate shuts down DSO
    Aeria games
    Twitch channel died

    Now is time for them to shut down forums so they start with Romanian forum.

    I want to ask you BP:
    This community dont deserve to express them self in maternal language, they dont pay enough for your services?
    It cost you to much andermant to keep alive that forum?

    What is next? You will shut down other forums?
    You will stop translate the game in Romanian language?

    You are short on money or andermant and you cant keep a server that maybe cost 10$ to keep that forum alive?

    You have a problem with Romanian community? We are not welcome in this game?

    Because for me, it means lack of respect for my country and my people if you shut down that forum.
    We have a big community there but we are not so active there, we usually we use EN forum because no one read what our admins send to you and the direct approach on a international language is more suited for you.

    I consider that as long as the game is translated in Romanian language and that means that Romanian citizen is considered your clients and you also try to convince them to play this game this way, you receive payments from Romanian citizen you must provide us the opportunity to express our self in our language because maybe some of us we speak other languages.

    If you shut down the forum then you should not give us the opportunity to pay money to Big Point since you dont respect us as your clients why should we be your clients anymore if you stop some services for us.

    You should be ashamed BigPoint greedy company you just want money and dont give anything in return (maybe just nerfs).

    When you will shut down EN forum because there are 20 players active here and 80 that read this forum?
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  2. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    Just recently announced the closing of the Hellenic (Greek) forum as well.

    From the outset, I would prefer not to close the forums, but... because we saw other forums closing up earlier, I find it more than certain to happen.

    I hope not, but I want to be realistic.

    I had read this announcement: referring to an "International Section", but I could not find anything else.

    I do not think it will be so difficult to offer a "corner" for each country that terminates the forum... so we can help our country players --who do not speak English such as-- in our native language.

    Your announcement states that if there is not a certain number of active players then you should have to find a solution.

    A "merger" is a solution.

    The "padlock" was never!
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  3. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    I dont think that maintaining a forum is that expensive since admins and moderators are not payed and a small server that keep forum cant cost so much maybe few bucks, i keep my ts3 server for dso guild in a vps that i pay with 3euros/month.
    But i gues this game is almost ded as we all saw that means they will close all forums in the end.
    Maybe is time to say goodbye.
  4. ZantezukKken

    ZantezukKken Someday Author

    It's sad, but just to give an other point of vew : the french forum is not closed, and the admin never manage it. Events newletters come with bad google translastion 10 years after the current month over. Never punishment, so there are like 5 or 10 guys max who are giving the worst picture of our community. They speak out of subject 24/7, troll, send bad words, look down each other, post about "create new good idea" whereas they 're farming more the msg on forums than the game and share a wrong idea who is not the realty. If i m thinking good and be honest, i prefer look at a French forum closed officialy than look at 5 noob inactiv who show a bad feeling of a game, a community. The adult and the experiences are over there. clever guys stop to check it, don't read post if they see this one or the other one who wrotte it...

    And if they can increase teams of ban bugusers/botuser/ workers graphic / workers new challenge or reballancing class , to close the deadly forums np. Problem look like yours is perhaps activ and with goods admins so that's a sad choice of BP...

    (sry again for my english)
  5. gbit

    gbit Forum Ambassador

    I totally agree, it's a shame! (and, if you let me say, also a bad marketing behavior)
    I'm italian but such a thing must not be accepted, from nobody, it's a totally lack of respect towards an entire community.
    if your forum will be closed, it would be not the only, but only the first, so I decide to be with you and your remostrance here and now because you are right, BP is going to make a major mistake and I don't want to stay in silence now and complain after.
    I think that many other players should express their opinion in a strong way because this is a problem of respect that would touch everyone (in different ways and later or sooner).

    p.s. sorry for my poor english.
  6. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    As a Greek myself, i have to say that the Greek forums are not as good and informative as EN forums.
    It's better all forums being here, even here at En forums the people that are bothering to spend their time explaining things is not so big, so imagine a forum for a small country such as Greece.
    For me, here should have international section for every lang and gather all people from everywhere and close low populating forums.
  7. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    To do that they should have a big announcement for all communities that all small forums will be moved on the EN one in certain section.After that they should have link all content from that forum on the designated section of English forum, we need to have our announcements translated in our language all FAQ of the game is already translated tanks to our admins why to loose all that info.But that means that they should also pay for a biger forum server for that content and to keep few moderators and admins to handle that content. They try to close forums one by one maybe players will not notice what they do and this way they will get ride of admins and moderators that work for them and for community.
  8. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Well yea, i don't think having some sections will trouble the En forum servers considering that Eng is the most used/official language in the game.
    The content from the closed forums should be copied/moved here, thats the least they could to for the non-english forums that close.
  9. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    I agree with you, but unfortunately, companies have another "logic" of cost.

    Companies always seek the maximum financial result at the lowest possible cost.

    The only way to strike this "mentality" is to stop them "getting stronger".

    If a company decides to cut its services, we must do the same.

    No financial transaction.

    Personally, I stopped paying subscription once I realized that we should "live" in the game with bot users-exploiters.
  10. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    That is my first step and after that i will take a decision.
    I wait for them to see if my post can do something to stop this and after that i will take my final decision.
    As i know when a company cut services it means that they have financial problems or the product is at his life end and this will make my decision easier.
  11. VoulaAek1

    VoulaAek1 Forum Connoisseur

    I don't believe that BP faces financial problems. There are still many players who pay for this game, and servers are full of players, at least grimmag and heredur. But , i am still wondering, why did they close a whole forum without giving a warranty that official announcements and releases will be translated in our language in English forum. They just said that there will be no problem reading the announcements in english. OK , maybe this will not be a problem for me, but there are many players who find it quite hard to read something in english. Also, many players joined the forum to be informed about latest changes in game and not write something or reply. For this reason , i believe that they should create a small corner here in english forum which will include announcements translated in different languages.
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  12. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    As i read on the internet some old employed with know how have left BP since they have been acquired by Chinese and new Chinese managers sent at BP quarter have no experience also micromanagement that they want to implement is a mess.
    What i have read and what i see with them closing the forums and so on it seems that BP are chewed by a company that need only that piece of market they have no interest for BP to live. Wait for more.
  13. VoulaAek1

    VoulaAek1 Forum Connoisseur

    OK, let's guess that whatever you said is true and valid. I still believe that game will continue exist. BP has many games, and if BP goes bankrupt , another company or investers will be found to save her. It's not logical to prepare for so many changes in game like wisdom tree,skills etc if they wanted to close the game. As i said before , they probably search for new crew and investers. Who knows...
  14. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    As a member of romanian comunity playing this game for more than 6 years, i kindly ask BP to reconsider the decision closing forums that are still helpfull for many people which is not able to speak or understand english. Many of us supportead this game along by contributions, and we do not understand this decision to close a forum that cost almost nothing to be mentained., and is still helpfull for many of us.

    BP also not explained clearly in announcement the reason, just said that forum will be closed because number of users is too low, i dont think so, there are many players who search and read info and official announcements on forum, even they dont post anything.

    Thank you.
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  15. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    The "question" is not whether the company is bankrupt or not.The point is if with some of its actions loses money instead of winning.

    When a customer is not satisfied with what he pays, he simply stops paying for it.

    When this happens, the news is bad for any company. So, each company should better manage its resources, or even increase them in specific areas that are responsible for its loss.

    I know some players who for certain reasons have stopped their subscription, but things have to be seen from the objective point of view, if those players were replaced with new subscribers, then the company has no problem.

    More or less, the problems have been said, if at the end of each month the company loses, it just will know where it comes from.

    But the forum's topic seems to be extremely simple, they can create an "International Section" and the problem has been solved.
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  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    If you all were active in your forums like this ... they would probably be still alive. XD
    Lack of respect for your country?
    Dude no one gives a flying rats about other country but their own ... but face it your country is not a powerhouse.
    They have already shut down the Nordic forums and the Netherlands forum some time ago. Those countries are with the highest living standard in the world. 10 players from those countries can provide better financial support for BP than 1000 players form these other countries. Yet they were shut down.
    Like i said earlier in another thread ... you are always looking though money prism. But the things are different ... every single player has been given a chance to use FREE of Charge forums ... and how many of them has been using their chance? Almost none. It is like a situation where a hot girl with huge pairs says to you "Take me home i wanna do nasty things" and you say "Nah ... i'm gonna play DSO".
    Well screw DSO ... i am going with the girl ... especially if she doesn't ask anything in return.
    People should take their opportunities especially when they are free ... like these forums.
    You had your own forum ... and you didn't make use of it. Do you know how many players are having no forum in their own language at all? They never had. Huge player population is having no forum in their own language.
    In example we don't have our DSO Adria forums for ex-Yu players ... and we are pretty big player community. My posts alone would surpass your entire forum postings. I can even do DSO Adria Wiki ... instead of running the English one.
    What for? so the infected cells can infect the healthy ones?
    The greek community has a big player base ... yet they are not participating in the forum debates.
    So whose fault is it?

    The bottom line here is ... it is your mistake not BP's.
    Explanations like "they want to read but they don't want to participate in forums" is not a valid point ... they can read the announcements in the home page. If no one is participating forum debates ... there is no purpose forum to exist at first place.
  17. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    You know that you are not always right.More that this you are not an impartial player as you use to be some time ago, maybe the fact that BP give you free stuff for testing purpose has corrupt your judgement but you are not the man i use to known.
    Im here because more voices in one place make more noise than 4-5 here and the other at 5k miles away.
    Me and my people support this bleah browser game, and i demand them to let my forum alive and to send notification to them so that our admins and moderators to translate them and put them so that we can read all news about the game and all patch notes in our language - we pay for this or should i say we deserve this because we support this greedy company.
    And yes is all bout the money why should they close this, as i can see i always guess the true reasons.
    Anyway i think is time to hire you full time since you try to make us believe that nonsense reason is the real one.
    For me this game is done if they close my forum, as it seems they are in big shot if i can say so if they do that.
    The big news is that EN forum will be the last one but we dont know the date yet.
    Why is our fault if BP never listen to us? Why to do a non productive activitie if BP ignore you>?Why there is just few post /week on creative section on en forum? Now you have an answer, now you know who is to blame for this.
    You have a judgment problem again , why you think that if the section of RO forum is not so visited it can infect all forum , BP told you that?
    I know what you will say that forum is....and i can tell you that our forum was our RO wikipedia for us many translated materials and FQs that will be lost.

    Show must go on is it? not for many of us...
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  18. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Active Author

    Romanian moderation team have no clue about this game, they give to players many times erroneous tips.
    RO forum is dead long time ago.
    Yes, please close RO forum.
  19. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    How about this whole sections that they have translated from En for us?
    here here here and many others.
    You bring shame on us .If you cant talk respectful and your posts are edited you dont need to revenge on moderators you just need to write without insulting anyone.

    LE Your frustration help Dso to keep his decision to shoot the gates one by one, you should find another content for your youtube channel.What has to do your insults with lack of knowledge that o team has about the game?
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  20. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Active Author

    You have no clue what you talking about :confused:
    I talk respectful, no insult, but anyway they edited and deleted many posts, because they have no clue about this game, this is the truth.
    And yes, activity on RO forum is very low, is a dead forum.
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