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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Demon, Apr 8, 2018.

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You consider that closing a forum is good for business?

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  1. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    My intention is not to "divide", I am not looking for responsibility nor to blame someone.

    I think that is quite understandable of the few I have said.

    As you said, the Hellenic community has a big player base, so it's more complicated than it seems... the reasons for non-participation are more than one.

    Be sure, however, that responsibilities can be given with ease on both sides.

    The existence of a forum also helps new players, just as they are helped --those who are familiar with the English language--by your page.

    As far as the Hellenic forum is concerned, it never stops helping.

    Even if some are "infected" why should "healthy" be bothered?

    An "International Section" can be a "sterile environment" and separate from the rest of the "cells".

    Your metaphor is excessive and misplaced.
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  2. VoulaAek1

    VoulaAek1 Forum Connoisseur

    You are right. I completely understand the fact that our forums have been closed due to low participation. But i insist,we should have the chance to read announcements and releases in our language here in a spesific corner, without replying or writing something in our language. Only for reading. But this is out of their plans, for now. There are many greek players in the game ( i'm one of them) and it's true that our forum is abandoned lately. It's our fault.
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    For a start ... deal with your prejudices . trakilaki has never sold his butt to anyone ... now go back to your RO forum and ask your mods if they have done the same?
    I was getting resources on TS back then ... i am getting them now ... and I will be getting them in future. I have earned every single one of them with a hard work ... unlike other people who are just begging and making "like and subscribe" TS videos.
    BP never listen to you? How can they listen when there is no VOICE?! How can they listen when there is no critical mass?!
    You demand? Really? Dude you are not in position to demand.
    Raise your voice but make it like a plea ... demands are counter-productive. They are having quite opposite effect than expected.
    You don't pay for the forum ... you pay for in-game goods so you can play your toon.
    You have no credibility to speak at all ... what have you done to make your community better? Nothing.
    I am a predator ... i don't wait for things to fall from sky ... i am taking the matters in my own hands. How many of you have helped ME to crate, update or change an article in wiki? Not a single one. You want to keep your RO FAQ's? Good ... Wiki (not Wikipedia) is the place. Start a Romanian DSO Wiki and copy paste the FAQs ... and from that point on take full responsibility of that Wiki and maintain it.
    I exactly know what it looks like when everyone is scavenging and no one helping ... and on top of that they are even taking freedom to criticize you without any background on their own.
    My work will outlive the game, BP and their forums all combined :)
    Our Wiki is genuine and original, we don't copy contents from other places ... we create them on our own. Unlike the others who are even stealing our contents and making their own forum corners or wikis ... and on top of it they are telling you how much they are better than we are :)
    If you are not afraid of commitment and hard work ... start walking in my shoes. I dare you !
    find someone who can create Greek Wiki ... ask Magafounias ... he has been lazy for a long time :D
    I can help too.
    Unfortunately I can't help you with the forums ... since I am not the one who decides which forum has to live and which one has to die.
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  4. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    There are many reasons why people are inactive on those forums, i went to Greek forums just to check and the threads there were not just as good as here at En forums here there are people like you that will answer any question.

    For me there should be a section just for the announcements/patchnotes for those who cant read english.

    One more reason is that even the game i have it at the En language due to the fact that the Greek translation is Poor and the game is just designed to be better viewed at the native English language.
  5. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Did you met any nordic player on game? because i didnt, so we can asume that BP fails to attarct players for those countries, and shut the light, but in this case is different situation, isnt it?

    This topic is about closing forums is good for players and good for BP, and if closing a not very populated forum (without no warning or terms previously agreed) is correct decision or not.

    You talk like a BP lawyer, saying that is players fault, but is not so simple. Air, sun and earth is for free, still some people choose to play some game at a PC, but god never took back those free gifts.

    I respect your work on wiki and i expect you to have a clear/correct/straight position if you decided to comment something that seems you not understand entirely.
  6. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    I have made a tread some time ago to determine BP to repaire the mistake he did when they give us only choise to rafine saphires only in 2h runes and with help of players we have manage to change that
    I have made many sugestion on my forum and in this forum.
    I demand because is an ultimatum.
    I dont care about wiky i dont make stuff for other companyes i dont work for them i dont sell my butt for some resources on ts.
    They have brake the rulls because when they started dso they have implemented forums to gain players and now they close them because they are greedy.
    If dso at that time dont ofer a faq and game translated in Romanian language maybe now they did not have such big popularity in Romania and such nice comunity.
    We have screem to much now we dont have voice anymore, we are customers we dont need to be predators or wiky creator or enything more than clients and players to be heard.
    They have listen only what they want and was only few thinghs that is why we stop screaming and now they shut their ears but they dont understand that their years was our eye too.
  7. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    My free time is very limited and creating a wiki as you know from firsthand requires many hours.

    For example, what we say is simple and functional.

    Besides, the forums are part of the services offered by the company.

    Just put some thoughts and a second look at how some people perceive a service cut.

    After all, if there are consequences, the company will "suffer" from them and no one else.

    The question is: You consider that closing a forum is good for business?

    ...It depends on the people who are affected by it.
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  8. VoulaAek1

    VoulaAek1 Forum Connoisseur

    Wow, relax man. I didn't ask you to help us. Of course you are not able to do that in forum. I just wrote my opinion. It's not difficult for BP to create a new corner which will be called "Greek announcements" and post everything there in greek. Why to create something when it is supposed to be offered by BP? Is it fair for Greeks not having their announcements translated but English people have everything translated? It's not equal. Why should i create a greek wiki and waste time when you have everything translated? I think you understand me.
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  9. Vongrant

    Vongrant Forum Greenhorn

    It was posted on the creation of the international section in this forum, for the farsi and arabic languages, however, I did not find that section, and the links are not working.
    I am Brazilian and user of the forum pt, that is almost closing and I would like to know if there will be a sub-section in the section mentioned for those who are natives of the Portuguese language.
  10. kraken

    kraken Forum Apprentice


    As much as I hate debating with strangers over the internet, I must say something here.
    With all the respect for your hard work that you have done over the years and from which most of the players, including me, have benefited, your arguments here are a little bit misplaced.
    First off all its clear for me that your impression about Romania comes from tv/newspaper. We are not a powerhouse? Where? We are talking only about the game here and over the years some of the best known guilds were from Romania. Those 10 players you mentioned above I can guarantee that they will never surpass 1000 from Romania. We are not all poor you know, and you have said -"can" - but are you sure they actually did it?
    You say that we don't deserve a forum because we are not active on it. Well, as some guys here enjoy math, let me tell you something. Sleeping 8h, job - 8h, travel - 1h, eating, shower etc - 1h, spending time with my wife, gardening, taking care of the dogs - 2h etc. These are aprox figures as you have to include in additional time for groceries, paying bills, washing the cars not to mention the many other things you do when you live on your own and want "the highest living standard in the world". So we have roughly 20h/day real life and we get 4 remaining for other stuff like this game. But some of us also watch movies, read books etc. Those 4 hours are too few to spend them everyday on forums. I already spend 30-40min/day reading posts on various forums and that is why very rarely I post something. I hope now you get the idea so please don't judge us anymore because we don't have the time to come on forum and post.
    On the other side, while this is an active forum it is exactly where RO forum was some time ago. There are very few posts which actually provide feedback on changes and very few people that actually provide feedback. Most of the people here argue all day long on which class is the best and the most used words are OP and nerf. Well, on RO forum, we got tired of these nonsense long ago, thus leading to some forum inactivity.
    Furthermore, the announcements in the home page are just simple info regarding patch xxx implementation and do not contain the actual patch notes.

    Now, you can forget what I have said about, it was just reaction to your statements.
    What is important is the fact that our forum, RO forum, is not a future feature that we request. It is already there and it was there for years and we are simply asking for it to remain there; I do not see any problem in that. So if you want to post something constructive here please try to be supportive and do not insinuate that we are poor people coming from a poor country and on top of that we are also lazy as ...

    So, hoping nobody gets offended by my post, I wish you all a nice day and hopefully our forum will remain alive.
  11. Evowise

    Evowise Forum Apprentice

    The more i think about this issue... the more i realize that their decision it's not about business or economy but rather about putting the fist in the mouth of the speakers, romanians, greeks or others and this seems more like racism than economic reasons. From BP point of view is like saying: If you all have good and/or positive things to tell or write about us - u can make it in english... if not - you all can just s.t * u cause we (BP) won't give you the opportunity to express yourself freely (in a negative or unwanted way) or in your own language. [EDIT].

    I'm not good at math and i can't teach you how to run or rulle your bussines but... what i'm good at is seeing beyond appearances, beyond behind-the-scenes games and i can speak more about your way of silencing the voice of the community and this fact seems to be painted in racist nuances which shouldn't be present in the online gaming world where people from all social classes and from all races meet.
    You won't earn more money from the consequences of your decision... you will just cover up with appearances any trace of a free and civilized dialogue.
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  12. Angelyne

    Angelyne Forum Greenhorn

    I bet that a bunch of players are disappointed by this decision and many of them would want that BP changes its mind as regards closing some forums with no warning and no interest for feedback. We have been requested all over these years to give our feedback because they need it and we did it even if many times we knew that it won't matter that much. How our loyalty is repaid? Like this? Why nobody there thinks of how this would really affect each of these communties? I think people that took this decision should open their eyes to be able to see that big picture, in order to receive something you need to give something.

    This game is expanding, lots of new features are coming and I am sure is not the last update. We will not be able to make our voice heard anymore. How many of us know or understand english or other language? Not too many for sure and even for those that know a little that doesn't mean they would be willing to spend an hour to write down somenthing that would've been done in 10 minutes in his own language.

    In my understanding this decision was made mostly by economic reasons. Maybe I am wrong.
    Still I have no clue and is pretty hard for me to understand why BP do not offer an unified forum for all these communities. I would rather sleep in a smaller room than under the free sky. Give us something because we are the ones that have been helping the game, we keep this game alive, we are those heroes which you call when you need us and for this and many other reasons, we deserve a small ''something'' from you BP.
  13. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    BP obviously has planned cuts.

    It is likely to mean that they are planning to cut down on their translation workforce.

    Even if they were creating an "International Section" in the English forum, I don't think they will give us announcements in our native language.

    Once they put a "padlock" on the forums, it means that the "chain" that works for our information will be cut off.

    That is why I think, they could give some space to this forum, in all the forums that shut down, to help --those who can-- the players who are not familiar with the English language.

    I don't want to be misunderstood, I am not in favor of the cuts, I just realized that the cuts will also affect their translation team.

    So, for practical reasons, I think an "International Section" in this forum will provide assistance to those who need it ... at no extra cost to the company.

    I think it is quite understandable even for those who provoked the effort we all make in this post.

    ...Is FREE of charge.
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  14. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    If a company cut some services then they are in trouble.For the last half of year i have seen this and i have wrote in forum that they have financial problems but no one seems to believe this.
    Now they try to implement a game strategy based on meta in a game pay to win so that all you pay in game all you achieve will last only untill next meta after that you need to pay again and make te new build.
    I wish them success and you players wisdom to find the right way.

    I have found this on Facebook at dwarf announcement anyone know if the game stop translating in other languages?

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  15. ViktorG75

    ViktorG75 Active Author

    And, the population of all exYU countries are way more than 20 million, not counting the emigrants - than, its almost double. Also, we can understand each other very good.
    For example, i will have much more posts on my language, and surely, i'd progressed much better in game.
    I did not measure how much I needed to write this properly... maybe I lost minimum thirty minutes (thanks, Google translate!). :D
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  16. VoulaAek1

    VoulaAek1 Forum Connoisseur

    Well, if the problem is the limited crew in translation due to financial problems i suppose we can't do anything. There is no other way than to accept it.
  17. VoulaAek1

    VoulaAek1 Forum Connoisseur


    You can post everything you want in english here and recommend new ideas. I inform you that here in Greece, if you don't have a degree in english language there are less posibilities to get a job. Well, it seems that this will be also implemented in game. Those who know english are able to help their teammates. We cannot do something more than dissaproving this act. If they don't listen to us, you are free to leave the game. I have nothing to lose. I don't pay for this game. But i will continue playing because i like it. It is not acceptable but there is nothing more you can do. It's not the end of the world.
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  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I see you are all twisting the things what I have said.

    In short - no you are not.
    What guilds are you talking about i really have no clue ... because I know none of them. Maybe the reason is because we are playing on different server. Also ... if you are reading the forum you would have known that i am from the Balkans and i don't need TV, newspapers or anything to know all that. I am living with them. i have plenty of Romanian friends in real life ... i have friends from all Balkan countries in real life.
    However ... please don't twist the things i have said. Nowhere i have said you are poor ... I have no intention getting involved in that kind of discussion because this forum is not a right place for it.
    I said "your country is not a powerhouse" - powerhouse has got nothing to do with poor people whatsoever. There are poor people in every single country in the world even in those wealthiest countries. That was a reply to Demon who in all his posts is using "I pay you must obey", "I pay", "My money" ... etc ...creating a view entirely through money prism. I am a F2P every one knows I don't like those show off "I pay you must obey" attitude players. And by coincidence Demon is your compatriot. But listening to his crap over and over again all over the forum ... i have a feeling he is either a war profiteer or narco boss or something similar. Because that kind of impression he is leaving in the forum.
    Living standard is not being measured only by how much money you own.
    None of the Balkan's countries is a powerhouse and all of them are having a low standard of living ... including your country.
    Powerhouse is not connected with standard of living.
    Scandinavian countries are having highest standards but in same time they are not powerhouses ... even Germany has a lower standards than them. Is Germany poor?
    So yes ... you can't compare yourselves with those.
    Even other countries members of EU have no forums in their own language (they never had).
    I do get your misinterpretation of the therm "Standard of Living" because it is the case among all countries in the region.
    They are always using "average" as reference. In example : In country 1, the person A is corrupted politician and has 7 jobs. Persons B, C, D, E, F and G are unemployed. So in "average" there are no unemployed people in Country 1. :)
    And i repeat ... this only has to do with Demon's posts.

    Then again ... you said
    The following example is not about you or any other player in this forum ... so please don't take it personal.
    Just to dismiss any further inconveniences i will make it like it has to do with me ... and i will give an example in my name.
    Hypothetical situation that can be true in real life.
    So I am having a wife/girlfriend and I am also going to work every day.
    I am working at least 12 hours (not everyone is working 8 hours) a day. I have meetings with people outside the working time for at least 2 hours a day. 2 hours traveling. 2 hours preparing stuff at home for the next working day. 5 hours sleeping a day. 1 hour for everything else. Every day over and over again.
    After a while ... you think I will still be having a girlfriend/wife? :) No i won't.
    That is the way things are in real life ... something like The Sims. You can't have everything.
    So what this example has in common with the forums?
    Forums are not for casual people. Not this forum, not any forum is.
    If no one is visiting forums there is no reason for them to exist. And most important ... Forums are not a place only for reading ... they are place for a debate. Newspapers are for reading, books are for reading ... announcements are for reading but forums are not.

    Yes i have ... i can mention at least 5 on this forum only.
    There are 195 countries in the world ... and i don't see that many different language forums.
    I am never in favor to closing forums down... i am against it in this situation too.
    All I was suggesting is ... they probably have decided ... and you/we can't do anything about it. So you/we can get/provide an alternative.

    Dude i thought you as older forum user know more than that. :p
    What do i have translated? I don't get anything from anyone ... I create my own contents. I am not an Englishman and English is not my native language. What Englishman lives on Balkans? :D
    Even though i speak more than 10 languages English is a foreign language to me as much as it is to you.
    It is more than 25M
    I don't think it is possible to have that kind of section for FREE.
    Who will translate and make contents for free?
    Are you willing to work for free?
    I am not rooting for closing those forums ... but the decisions have been probably already made.
    So what would be best alternative? I don't know ... maybe the Home Page?
    The home page used to be very informative and it had lots of informative contents (older players know what am i talking about because they know the old website). Maybe creating FAQ section there would be the best option.
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  19. Evowise

    Evowise Forum Apprentice

    Traki these kind of discussions and/or answers are becoming "off-topic"... it's not about how much money people have or spend, it's not about the living standard, it's not about superior or inferior nations. Here... in the gaming world, we are all gamers and sometimes clients of one or another gaming company... from this point of view, we all are equals or this way should be.
    And to answer at what you wrote, i ask you: if BP had another policy regarding forums and languages and, if at some point, they decide to close any form of communication in the languages that you know already, choosing to keep only one page in chinese... you'll feel the same !? ... you'll be just as relaxed seeing that you can't communicate your ideas, your opinions or even to read the news at least in english or other language that u know already !?
    There are no sides here: you and the others... so don't speak as you are always right 100 % and the others are wrong. Everyone has and should have the right to write or speak about their opinion without being judged by a man who is not in their position.
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  20. ViktorG75

    ViktorG75 Active Author

    This mantra, you know, is the perfect trap to keep you mistaken.
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