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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Demon, Apr 8, 2018.

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You consider that closing a forum is good for business?

Poll closed May 9, 2018.
  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Of course it is not ... i have said it in the earlier post ... it is only reply to Demon's post. :)
    You are talking about impossible situation ... because DSO is not being played in China so they can leave one Chinese forum.
    If that happen ... but it never will ... i have DSO Wiki to to express my ideas and opinions. as for the News ... I don't even read them they are not really important to me if they are in Chinese ... since i am the one who is creating "news" at Wiki anyway.
    If that happens that would mean the game is officially dead.
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  2. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Even was decided, it is fair to fight (with words and arguments) against an unfair decision, and sometimes in life is mandatory (not this case), and not just put yor head down and accept any bad decison, because "was already decided" .

    No one understand why they decided to close some forums that costs almost nothing (moderators that keeps those forums alive, are not employes, they are not payed with real money, but in game currency), invoking some unbelievable reason that forum will be closed due to lack of activity (thats also debateable, if is activity or not).

    It is obviously that cant be a real reason, maybe a bad decion of someone who dont understand what will possible involve this decision.

    If you have kids, just try to give him a cake, and if you see he doesnt eat, try to get the cake back with force. See whats happen, and then you will understand better the situation.
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  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I completely agree. And i have already explained why I got involved in the discussion.
  4. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    The only thing that is needed is a moderator --for each section-- so there is a relatively standard check for obvious reasons.

    It is not necessary for someone to work for translations or whatever.

    The English forum already has players from the nationalities that will shut down the forums.

    Whenever a player needs help on some basic things, he/she will ask a question and he/she will get an answer.

    If someone is willing to do a translation on their own, it is clearly his/her own issue.

    The point is that players can be helped to some basic things, such as the right cores for the recipes or some news about new changes and generally to save themselves from mistakes that they can avoid.

    There are moderators in these forums, if BP decides to start that kind of section, it can start with those already are familiar with it.

    ...Is similar to an FAQ section like you said.

    This is the central idea.
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  5. kraken

    kraken Forum Apprentice

    Hello again,

    Please stop saying that we are all twisting your words. This should stand as a constructive debate, yet anything people wrote here you come and say is twisted. Based on what grounds? The worst thing anyone can make is assuming it knows the other person when actually he is far from the truth.
    We both read the forums, yet you have no clue about RO guilds. Well, I had no clue you are from the Balkans.
    And Romania is not a Balkan country. 5% does not make you something else.

    Again,, you haven't said we are poor, you only said 10 people from bla bla can provide better financial support than we. No how have I twisted that? Has it ever occured to you that I, myself, actually provided more financial support to this game than the other 10 you have already mentioned?

    You always enforce that you are a F2P. Good. I am not. Lot of players are P2P. Like it or not, the game would not exist till this day without us (all of us - P2P guarantees revenue for BP and the main reason to continue to develop the game, F2P statistically can turn to P2P and BP is also counting on this when planning new expansions/big updates). It is true, this does not give us the right to enforce things as nobody specifically asked for us to pay for playing the game, but F2P/P2P we are allowed to ask for things, complain, debate, provide feedback. If we get something or not in return, well it's a different story. But if BP does not like that we complain about the forum issue, they should come and speak. Not you. You do not have power over BP decisions, so I do not understand why do you start attacking us on this matter.
    Yes, Demon is my compatriot. And?
    I am the war profiteer, except there was no war in Romania since WW2 and I'm only 35. And I am also the narco boss, except Romania is not worth running this kind of deals. Just joking a bit, but really you can not go around insulting people like that. My specific reaction here is only related to the fact that I have never liked to see/hear people insulting other people just because they have different opinions/lifestyle.
    And yeah, maybe living standard is not being measured only by how much money you own, but for sure it is driven by that.

    Again, you say I misinterpreted something. No, I haven't. I wasn't regarding it as in general, I was only thinking about the gamers, the DSO players from RO. And again we go back to your original statement that 10 people from..., you know it. Only BP knows how much RO players invested here compared to players from other countries.

    Well I like this ;). And I am not taking it personally, not at all, and I expect from you the same.
    So, from my real, she won't leave. Now, how about that? There are thousands of people, husbands/wifes seeing each other only 2-3 days every 2-3 months depending on the jobs they have. And yet, they remain together. I was in this position some years ago. And it can be that your girlfriend/wife is having the same schedule as you. Or maybe you are working in the same company.

    Now, a counter-example ;)

    You (not you personally, a generic you) take a bus, each day, from station B to station D to go to work. The bus has 40 seats. You love to take your seat every day. Off all 40 seats, only 15 in average are being occupied. The owner looks at this, balances with maintenance costs and decides to keep in the bus only those 15 seats. Next day after his cost reduction action, a group of students take the bus from station A to station D. They are 15. The bus arrives at station B, you jump in, happy, thinking of your seat and surprise, it is gone. And you learn that it was the owner's cost reduction idea and you also learn that those students will be taking that bus every single day for the next 5 years. And yeah, it's the only bus on that route. Now, you have to stand up each day, all the way to work.
    This is the real feeling for RO community regarding forum closure.

    This is what the owner will tell you when you will complain about the seats, like you have said - if no one is visiting forums - if not all seats are being/were taken - ....

    The point is that there are ups and downs on a forum, when there is something interesting to debate on, we will post. If there isn't, well I personally don't see the reason to post just to post.

    We don't care if they already decided, we are allowed to ask for the forums to remain alive. We just ask. Simple.

    So, again, I hope nobody gets offended by this long post. My last on this topic, on scout's honor. I wish you all a nice evening!
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  6. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Due to language barrier, inability to use the forum/thread, breaking forum rules and using multiple forum accounts, I am closing the thread.
    Please keep in mind, this forum is International Forum where English language is only official language. All participants are more than welcome here as long as they are not breaking our forum rules.

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