Support code error 23

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Kaori.25, Nov 18, 2021.

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code error 23

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  1. Kaori.25

    Kaori.25 Forum Greenhorn

    Good afternoon. I don't speak English, I'm using the translator, if the wrong word comes up, I'm sorry.

    Since last night I've been trying to log in the game and the Error Code 23 always appears, now I'm not logged in to any account and I can't access the game.
    I contacted support and they suggested cleaning caches, look, I had already done that, I had already deleted the game and downloaded it again, but I did the indicated procedure, but the problem persists.
    This morning I tried to contact support again and received a message that this topic was closed, without solving my problem.
    I sent another email to support, and so far I haven't had any response. I searched all over the internet for some similar problem and they all pointed to the forum, so I decided to look for the same one, and see if anyone has the capacity to help me.
    Remembering that this error is not mine, and the game.
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  2. Mariokbe

    Mariokbe Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hello @Kaori.25,

    Error code: 23 occurs when the servers consider your last played character as still being online, due to not logging out properly or there is still a currently running client process in Task Manager. To resolve the issue, enter the game and go from the character you lastly played with (the server matters as well!). After you are able to enter from it, simply logout normally and double-check for any client processes running in Task Manager and close them manually and then you should be able to enter any character from your account.

    Hope the issue gets sorted out!
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  3. NutBreaker

    NutBreaker Forum Apprentice

    Same issue here, isn't possible for game team to kick character outta server? Ill need to check task manager also.. thanks in advance
  4. Kaori.25

    Kaori.25 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello. So I did what they told me in support via email, and also what you suggested and the same error message keeps appearing.
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  5. warwoolf99

    warwoolf99 Someday Author

    Perhaps you are on the site, in your account, tried to change your password or mail, and did not fully complete the procedure.
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  6. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    the problem is not yours or your pc's, so don't go crazy trying to fix it.

    you will do everything they tell you in support by mail and what the mods tell you in the forum and the problem will still not be solved.
    The solution is easy, although it is very, very annoying: wait for the game server to "discover" that you are not online.

    It is not the first time that I see that this happens to a player (nor will it be the last), the solution has always been the same, wait for the server to realize that you are not online, it may take 1 day, 2 , 3, 1 week as in some cases, but you will not have any other remedy.

    sorry to be the bearer of bad news
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