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  1. DSO Community Admin

    DSO Community Admin S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Collector's Bag

    With Release 186, you are able to have a special inventory where you can store your mounts, costumes and emotes.

    There are a lot of questions being asked about this new feature.
    Read this guide to know a bit more about this requested feature.

    Q: When will the Collector’s Bag become available on all servers?
    A: The Collector’s Bag will come with Release 186 – currently scheduled for Wednesday, March 22nd

    Q: Do I have to be a premium member to get the Collector’s Bag?
    A: The Collector’s Bag is completely free for all players to enjoy, no membership required.

    Q: Do I have to pay to unlock slots to store my vanity items?
    A: Every slot in the Collector’s Bag is unlocked by default.

    Q: Some vanity items I discarded in the past are not possible for me to reobtain. How will I be able to fill my Collector’s Bag without these items?
    A: Previously discarded vanity items are not recoverable, but rest assured that there will be new ways to obtain most of these items in the future.

    Q: I have a few duplicate vanity items, can duplicate items be added Collector’s Bag?
    A: Only one vanity item of each kind can be added to the Collector’s Bag.

    Q: Why can’t some of my items be stored in the Collector’s Bag?
    A: There are a few items currently not included in the Collector’s Bag will be introduced in future releases. A very small number of sponsored promotional items are no longer obtainable, and we felt it was unfair to have holes in the Collector’s Bag that some players would never be able to fill.

    Q: The Collector’s Bag window takes up the whole screen, I can’t see my emotes when clicking on them!
    A: Emotes in your Collector’s Bag can dragged into a free Quick Bar slot, creating a shortcut that can be used when the Collector’s Bag window is closed.

    How does it work exactly? Check it out in the next post.
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  2. DSO Community Admin

    DSO Community Admin S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Collector's Bag
    All you need to know about...

    What’s the Collector’s Bag, a.k.a. Sticker Book?

    The Collector’s Bag, introduced with Release 186, provides a space for you to preview, collect, manage, and store Pets, Mounts, Costumes and Emotes, you will now have the option to move these items from your inventory to the Collector’s Bag and free storage space from your inventory and locker. This opens the option to collect these items, and be rewarded for doing it, also, all of it is 100% free to use!

    How to use it?

    You can access the sticker book by clicking on bar-bottom (picture above) or by pressing key “W”, it will show the front page where you can add up to 30 items by marking them as favorites for quick access of the ones you like and use the most (shown with a yellow star), you can use them normally by right clicking on them, same applies for items inside sub-categories (left side categories).


    On the left side of the window, you will see the different categories: Costumes, Emotes, Mounts and Pets. You can click on them and they’ll show the sub-categories available, you can later pick on a sub-category to see which items pertain to it. For example, costumes category has 7 sub-categories:
    All of the icons will be grayed-out at first, but you will see a green plus (+) sign on the upper right corner of the item’s icons if you posses them in your inventory, when you click it, the item will be permanently added to the Collector’s Bag and removed from your inventory, the icon for the item will now be colored and the plus sign will disappear.

    4.jpg >>> 5.jpg

    If you don’t posses a certain item, you can still get a preview of it by left clicking on its icon, you will see the preview on the right side of the collectors bag, also (picture below), if the item is available at the in-game shop, you will see a button in the preview screen which will get you to the shop if you want to acquire the item, if the item is not available in the shop, the button will not be displayed

    NOTE: If you buy an item from the shop it will be added to your inventory, you will need to add it to the Collector’s Bag manually.

    After you added an item to the Collector’s Bag, you can mark it as favorite for it to appear in the front page of the Collector’s Bag, allowing for quick usage of it, you can do so by clicking the gray star on the upper right corner of the item’s icon, which will turn orange afterwards. If you want to remove an item from the front page, you can click the star icon again and it will disappear from the front page (but not from the Collector’s Bag).

    7.jpg >>> 8.jpg

    Also, although the items will be stored inside the Collector’s Bag, you can still drag your preferred mount to the respective quick slot, and you can drag your emotes to the quick slots in the skill bar to fully see the animation of it without the tab covering it.

    What are the rewards/bonuses and how can I get them?

    Each and every sub-category inside the Collector’s Bag offers different rewards, the variety goes from consumables as essences, lock picks, amphorae keys, etc., to runes and bonuses that will be permanently added to your character when using pets or mounts! You can explore it on your own and check every single category and sub-category. The more you have, the better rewards in each sub-category!


    These are awarded in a similar fashion as in event progress bars, but to fill these ones, you need to add items that belong in the same sub-category to progress towards your rewards. At first, the reward icons will be grayed out, but when you collect enough items in a sub-category, they will be colored and automatically added to your inventory or credited to your mounts or pets, in the case of bonuses. All the rewards in each sub-category are given only once, but the perks and bonuses obtained in some of them are permanent!

    Additional information:
    • Items added to the Collector’s Bag cannot be sold or destroyed.
    • Consumable or temporary items cannot be added to the Collector’s Bag.
    • Items awarded towards premium users can be added to the Collector’s Bag (Blue Phoenix, Harpies, Dragon Wings*)
    • Doubles cannot be added to the Collector’s Bag, you can sell them through your inventory.

    * Although they will be inside the Collector’s Bag, Dragon Wings’ status where they can only be used when your Deluxe subscription is active, remains.
  3. DSO Community Admin

    DSO Community Admin S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Origin of Items display

    Additionally to the Shop button the player should see where he can get vanity items. With the next iteration small icons next to the preview should tell the player where to find them.
    There should be entires in the stickerbook.ert that check to which of these categories the items belongs.


    Events 2.pngObtainable by an event
    Leaderboards 3.pngObtainable from the leaderboards
    Luckysphere 4.pngObtainable from Lucky Spheres
    Chests 5.pngObtainable from chests in Dracania
    Gnob offer 6.pngObtainable from Gnob
    Bone Coin Trader 7.pngObtainable from a Bone Coin Trader
    PvP 8.pngObtainable by participating in PvP matches
    Item Drop 9.pngObtainable from drops by opponents
    Zumpe Clovers 10.pngObtainable from Zumpe in Kingshill and The Splintered City of Cardhun
    Sale 11.pngObtainable from sales
    Premium 12.pngObtainable from Premium Membership
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