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    Combat Basics
    Combat is the crux of this game. You will fight monsters (also referred to as mobs) and you can also choose to fight other players in Player vs Player (aka PvP) mode and in Hero's Arena. PvP mode is turned off by default on all servers except Balor. Balor is a PvP only server. However, you can choose to turn PvP mode on at any time on the other servers by visiting the trainers in the urban areas.

    Initiating an Attack

    To initiate an attack, simply click on the monster that you wish to target and hold down the left mouse button. You do not have to click continuously. By simply holding down the button, you will continue to attack your opponent until it has been killed or you switch targets. By keeping your cursor on the monster you are attacking, you will also be able to see the status of their health with each hit.


    If there are multiple monsters, just hover your mouse over the next target while holding down the left mouse button. You will automatically switch to the new target once the initial one is dead. Clicking on another target during an attack will switch your target. Be aware however, that if there is a monster in front of the one you wish to hit (in effect blocking), you will hit the closest one first.

    If you do not wish your character to move, hold down the SHIFT key during the fight. This will ensure that your character stays in one place and does not follow or move to follow the cursor when you switch targets.

    Class and Skills
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    You can equip essence to make your attacks even more deadly. The amount of damage increased by each type of essence is detailed below.

    Note: For PvP encounters, only the Essences of Aggression will have an effect.



    300% damage (PvP: No effect)



    200% damage (PvP: No effect)



    100% damage (PvP: No effect)



    +150% damage (PvP: No effect)
    +15% vitality abduction



    + damage (amount of damage added is dependent on level)


    [​IMG] [​IMG] Shining_Silver_Essences.jpg

    Special essences may be necessary during an event to defeat monsters "Immune" from normal attacks.
    Essence Toggle
    You can equip more than one type of essence. Either drag and drop, or double click the essences from your inventory, and they'll be slotted in. You can place two different types of essences there (or two amounts of the same type of essences, if you prefer). Essences that are equipped into these slots do not occupy inventory space.

    Equip them in each of the slots and switch from one to the other by simply pressing the “X” key on your keyboard or left clicking on the little white curved arrow that connects the essence slots.

    How can I change the behaviour of auto-equipping essences?
    Open the Main Menu (upper right corner of game) and select Settings. There, you can choose whether you want essences to automatically be equipped as you obtain them, or if they will appear in your inventory and you can manually equip them instead.

    Ess Toggle Setting.png
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    Dying and Reviving

    Unlike real life, death is only a minor setback in DSO.

    Death Screen.png

    When it does occur, you are presented with three options:

    *Note: Your respawn options will default to Spirit guard if you have one in your inventory.

    Helpful tips for how to avoid death in the future also appear in a box at the bottom of your three options.

    Your equipment will suffer an additional 20% loss of durability upon death (if you choose to revive for free). If you choose to respawn at the last town, it's not a bad idea to trot over to the Smithy for a quick repair before venturing forth again.

    The circular stone platforms placed in each town are the respawn locations where you will appear if you choose to revive for free.

    Players with premium can respawn for free at the zone entrance, if this option is available for that particular map. Some areas do not permit respawning back at the zone entrance (the 40 andermant option). Usually these areas are special zones such as boss rooms.

    Spirit Stones
    Be a good Samaritan and revive another player in the same location using a Spirit Stone. Purchase these stones from the Trader (Hotkey "T"), under the "General" tab for 40 Andermants each. You can also buy them in larger pack sizes of 5x and 10x.

    spirit stone.png

    How to use:
    1. Stand by the fallen player.
    2. Open your inventory and right-click on the stone. The cursor will turn into a wing.
    3. Then left-click on the player.
    4. If the fallen player accepts the stone, you will lose a Spirit stone and the player will automatically revive in the same location. The revived player will be protected from damage immediately after being revived.

    Note: You will be unable to travel once you select the spirit stone, so stand by the fallen player you wish to revive. To cancel the revive, right-click in open space.

    What happens if two players try to revive the same (one) player?
    Only one stone will be used. The other stone will be returned to one of the player's bag.

    Quick slot for Spirit Stones
    You can now revive fellow players much faster and more conveniently with the help of a shortcut. Once a group member has fallen in battle you will be able to click on a Spirit Stone icon next to the group member’s name to use a Spirit Stone and revive the group member.

    • You need to be in a group with the fallen player
    • You need to have Spirit Stones in your inventory not in your locker
    • You need to be at least 20 (virtual) meters close to the fallen player

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    Player versus Player (PvP)

    Compete against fellow players for Honor.

    Open PvP:
    For an additional dimension to your gaming experience, enable battles against other players in the wilderness. Speak to a Master of Battle in any urban area (except for Grimford or Dwarven Expedition Camp) activate/inactivate open PvP status. With (PvP) next to your character's name, you are subject to attack and be attacked by other players also with (PvP) while in the wilderness. You are unable to attack members in your group.

    Example of a Master of Battle. This is Robert Rampage, in Kingshill.
    All players on the Balor server (PvP server) automatically have open PvP status on at all times in the wilderness.


    Arena Battles:
    Compete in an organized instanced environment against players of similar level. Honor points are awarded at the end of battle.

    1v1 (Best of 3) Duel: Compete against one other player in a battle, played in rounds. After each round, skills and health/resource meters are reset. The first player to win 2 rounds wins the match.

    3v3 (Best of 5) Team Death Match (TDM): Each team of 3 players must work together to defeat all members of the opposing team to score a point. Every player has 1 life per round. The first team to win 3 rounds wins the match.

    5v5 Capture the Flag (CTF): With up to 5 players on each team, your group must take the enemy flag and bring it to your own base 3 times before the enemy group is able to.

    6v6 Storm the Fortress (STF): Players are assigned to the attacking or defending team. The attackers have to gain access to the fortress and destroy the defense's thunder gun. The defensive team must prevent this from happening.
    In addition to official battles, you may visit any of the arena maps (entrance located in various urban areas) to participate in confrontations against any player(s) of your choosing, as long as the participants are within your level bracket.

    Dying in 3v3 Matches:
    Players that die before the end of the round, go into spectator mode. Choose the player you want to follow around the arena. Cheer on your teammates and pick up tactical moves as the battle commences to the last player standing.

    Who will I face when I sign up for battles?
    If you are not already in a group, you will be randomly assigned a team. You will only face opponents of similar level in the arena.
    • Players with a maximum level difference of five will be matched against each other.
    • During the matchmaking process, respective ELO standing are taken into consideration.
    Signing up for Battle:
    Click on the Battle Registration icon (Hotkey "J") and choose your desired type of battle. You will notice grey/green boxes in the top right corner of the screen once you have registered. The green boxes represent the number of player in the queue and the grey boxes indicate the number of open spots for the particular match.

    Once enough players sign up to start the match, and you accept the battle, you will be brought to a waiting room with the other members of your team; you are teleported automatically into the arena once all participants are ready. If you leave at any point after you accept the battle, you will receive a dishonorable exit.


    How can I sign my group up for battles?
    The group leader may register the group for team battles. All group members must be in within 5 levels of one another and group members must individually accept the battle.

    Battle Stats:
    At any time during the battle, you may view the score card (Hotkey "J"), which lists the players in the arena and the progress of the match. Here you will find the total number of flags (CTF), kills, deaths, damage dealt, skills bonus and honor points awarded to each player.


    Unlock bonus achievements in the arena to gather even more honor!

    Ruthless! - Most kills in one match (minimum 7). Reward: 50 Honor Points (in all modes)

    Invincible! - Most kills in a row without dying (minimum 3). Reward: 33 Honor Points (in all modes)

    Immortal! - Not died in a match at all. Reward (1v1): 33 Honor Points, Reward in all other modes: 100 honor points

    • Essential part of the team! - Bringing home 3 flags without any help. Reward: 75 honor points
    • Unbeatable! - Stopped most opponent flag carriers in a match (minimum 3). Reward: 75 honor points.
    • Unstoppable! - Destroyed most defense towers in one match (minimum 5). Reward:75 honor points.
    • Immortal! - Destroyed most pile drivers in one match (minimum 3). Reward: 75 honor points.
    Score Overview:
    At the end of every battle, every player has a personal evaluation of achievements and honor points earned. Earn a badge with every achievement attained during the match.


    Inactivity in the Arena:
    Inactivity in the arena for 15 seconds will prompt a warning message with a 20 second countdown timer. If inactivity continues through this time frame, the player will no longer be eligible to receive honor points in this match. Once the match is over, the player will receive a Dishonorable Exit.

    Leaving an active battle and a Dishonorable Exit
    To exit a battle, teleport back to the last urban area you visited or click on the Battle Registration button (Hotkey "J") and exit the battle. If you decide to leave, you will be given a dishonorable exit, which penalizes you 15 minutes before you can re-register for another match. The only exception to the penalization is if you exit the battle before any other player accepts their battle entry request.
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    Honor, dishonor, player titles and ranks
    In this FAQ thread, we will explain to you the difference between badges of honor, honor points, and PvP titles.

    Honor points:
    Honor points are awarded to you when you participate in the arena or defeat opponents in the wilderness. In the arena you will get honor points depending on how well you do. Dealt damage, number of kills and number of deaths all influence the total outcome of honor points. Striking the final blow both in the arena and in the wilderness will give you additional honor points. The received amount will vary according to the level of you and your opponent.

    Honor points are permanent, once you obtain them, they add to your total pool and can not be diminished. The more you will get, the higher your PvP rank and title will be.

    Note that you will stop getting honor points, if you kill the same opponent more than 5 times. The penalty will last for the rest of the day (until you will receive a new daily log-in bonus. This applies to both the arena and the wilderness.

    Here you can see the amount of honor points required for each respective PvP talent tree level.

    PvP titles:
    PvP titles are the additions you can see next to player names when you hover over them with your mouse. Each title requires a predefined number of honor points. Once a title has been obtained, there is no way of going to the previous one. There are many different titles in DSO, and the more honor points you will achieve, the better and more respected title you will get. The title has no direct influence on gameplay and does not give additional benefits – it merely shows the world how passionately you like to participate in PvP.

    There are many different titles you can get. To soothe your curiosity, here is a list of all known titles:
    Candidate - 400
    Recruit - 3.200
    Ardent Recruit - 11.000
    Legionnaire - 25.000
    Seasoned Legionnaire - 50.000
    Ardent Legionnaire - 90.000
    Novice Centurion - 140.000
    Centurion - 210.000
    Seasoned Centurion - 300.000
    Ardent Centurion - 410.000
    Novice knight of the Order - 550.000
    Knight of the Order - 750.000
    Seasoned knight of the Order - 1.000.000
    Ardent knight of the Order - 1.450.000
    Flag bearer - 2.250.000
    Marshal - 3.600.000
    Field Marshal - 6.750.000
    Grand Marshal - 15.000.000
    Grand Master - 32.500.000
    High Grand Master - 75.000.000

    Dishonorable kills:
    What are dishonorable kills? Why do I have them? Are there penalties for having them?

    In the same way like the monsters across Duria, the players you compete against are classified as "worthy" and "non-worthy". All worthy opponents are players that are 5 levels or less below your current experience level. To spare the time calculating, you could simply hover over the player with your mouse. If his level is colored grey, you will get a dishonorable kill if you defeat him. If his level is of any other color (green, yellow, red) you can slay him without worries that you would raise your count.

    There are however, some exceptions:

    • in arena matches, killing players from the opposing team will give you no dishonorable kills, regardless of player levels
    • in arena matches, killing players from the opposing team will give you no dishonorable kills, regardless of player levels
    • if a member of your group kills a non-worthy player you will get a dishonorable kill too
    Dishonorable kills, although cruel, give you no penalty whatsoever. But there is also no way of "erasing them".

    Viewing Your PvP Statistics
    You can view your PvP statistics at any time by clicking on the Character button (Hotkey: C) and clicking on the PvP statistics tab.

    ~ at the very top of this picture you can see your PvP title
    ~ the yellow bar shows your progress to the next PvP title
    ~in the middle is a breakdown of your statistics in arena battles
    ~ at the very bottom you will see how much dishonorable kills you have

    See how well you compare to your fellow Heroes in PvP match ups. Compare your rank to just your friends or to all players on your server. Open up the Rankings window (Hotkey "L") and view overall and arena rankings based on Honor Points achieved.

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    Monster Types and Enchantments
    Monsters in the world of DSO fall into different categories. You can tell which type of monster you are encountering based on their health bar display and the colour of their name.
    Health Display of MonstersHierarchy of Monsters
    image1.pngWorld Boss
    (Khalys, Herold, Sigrismarr, Gorga, Destructor, Balor, Dragan)
    (spawns at the end of clearing a Painful+ dungeon)
    (Example: Leader Ripper)
    (Example: Champion Ripper)
    (Example: Guardian Ripper)
    (Example: Ripper, Enemy Player)
    Monster Defenses
    The following text has been adapted from Velveteenduck's video guide with permission.

    The icons below the elite monster HP bar refer to the defensive stats of that elite monster, and has no direct relations with its offensive stats, although they often coincide. From left to right, it is physical armor, ice resistance, fire resistance, lightning resistance, poison resistance, and andermagic resistance. And no, I don’t know what that random squiggle icon of andermagic is actually supposed to represent.

    There are three different background colours. There’s red, black, and green. Red represents a low amount of a certain type of defensive stat, so you should focus on using that type of attack. In this example, physical damage is the way to go. Black background is neutral levels, while green represents a high amount of that type of resistance, so you should be avoiding it if possible.

    Keep in mind that skills with armor or resistance breaking capabilities can change the colour of the icon, thus changing the favourability of the conditions for using a certain type of damage.​

    Boss Shields
    The following text has been adapted from Velveteenduck's video guide with permission.

    During the time the shield is present, debuff effects such as frost, burn, poison, slows, and armor break cannot be applied. Taunt skills, including those from the Dragonknight, do not work. If the party is too slow in killing the boss, the shield will re-appear after several minutes and needs to be broken again. The interval between re-appearances of the shield depends on the difficulty level, starting at 5 minutes in normal mode and decreasing by 15 seconds for each level of difficulty increase. Luckily, boss HP doesn’t regenerate when the shield re-appears.
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    Badges of Honor
    Badges of honor, which are different honor points, can be spent at the PvP Merchant. After each match you will gain the same amount of honor points and badges of honor. With the badges you can either speak to the battle master Robert Rampage in Kingshill...

    ... or you can access it from the Honor skill menu (hotkey: S), and clicking on the PvP Merchant button.

    The more you participate in PvP, the more badges you will receive. By completing your PvP Daily quest (Hotkey: Q), you can also obtain Badges of Honor!


    What can I buy with Badges of Honor?
    Robert Rampage offers a variety of goods, including one emote and one epic mount.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Equipment from Robert Rampage
    The gear you can buy from Robert Rampage covers every type, from Improved to Legendary, for each class. Weapons and off-hand items cost more than other types of items. You can purchase the items at any level, provided you have sufficient Badges of Honor. The cost of the equipment will scale with your level. When you purchase, you will receive an item with random stat(s). The item will scale to your level at the time you purchase it.
    You can easily buy certain equipment. Just press hotkey "S" (Skills) and click in "Honor" tab. Right down, you can find "PvP Merchant". It will open a new window where you can buy any item.

    Where can you see how much badges of honor you have?
    While in-game, look at the top-right corner of your screen.


    If I spend my badges of honor in the shop, will my honor points disappear?
    No, they will not. Honor points will continue to count towards your PvP rank and title.
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    PvP Quests
    As you may know, there are currently four different modes for PvP (Player versus Player) lovers.
    Each mode has one quest with five different tasks.

    1. 1v1 (Duel)

    The Duels arena is played in rounds. Go head-to-head against one other player in a fight to the death. At the end of each round, all skills are reset. The first player to 2 kill wins the match.
    "Exhaustion" will begin once the match clock runs out (2 mins). Players will continually lose hit points every second until one player is defeated or dies of exhaustion.

    Final Reward: Armed Norse Bear (5/5)

    Quest: The Pit - Jarlshofn Urban Area
    The Pit (1/5) - 20 wins;
    The Pit (2/5) - 60 wins;
    The Pit (3/5) - 200 wins;
    The Pit (4/5) - 600 wins;
    The Pit (5/5) - 600 wins.

    2. 3v3 (Team Death Match)

    Teams of 3 players must fight to defeat all player of the opposing team to win a round in this arena. The first team to win 3 rounds wins the match.
    Once the clock runs down to ~1:05, an "Improved Strategy " buff will drop down in the center of the arena for anyone to pick up. This buff will grant the player 50% increased attack speed and +50% damage for 30 seconds.
    After 3 minutes have expired, all players will experience Exhaustion. Players will continually lose hit points every second until one player is left standing.

    Final Reward: Armed Knight Horse (5/5)

    Quest: Team Death Match - Kingshill Urban Area
    Team Death Match (1/5) - 15 wins;
    Team Death Match (2/5) - 45 wins;
    Team Death Match (3/5) - 150 wins;
    Team Death Match (4/5) - 450 wins;
    Team Death Match (5/5) - 450 wins.

    3. 5v5 (Capture The Flag)

    Each team of 5 must work together grab an enemy flag. The individual who picks up the flag will experience a decrease in movement speed and attack speed. No mounts, movement skills or speed buff skill may be used while carrying the flag or else the flag will be dropped. In addition, if the flag holder is killed, the flag will drop to the ground.
    A team member may, then, pick up the flag and continue the journey, but if an opponent picks up the dropped flag, their flag automatically returns to their base location.
    Players who die in battle will be penalized from any action from 0-6 seconds, then transported back to their respawn location. If no team captures 3 flags before the time clock runs out (15 mins), the team with the highest number of captured flags wins the match.
    Note: Mounts can be used to move around the arena.

    Final Reward: Armored Lava Hound (5/5)

    Quest: Capture the Flag - Ellonidos Urban Area
    Capture the Flag (1/5) - 10 wins;
    Capture the Flag (2/5) - 30 wins;
    Capture the Flag (3/5) - 100 wins;
    Capture the Flag (4/5) - 300 wins;
    Capture the Flag (5/5) - 300 wins.

    4. 6v6 (Storm the Fortress)

    There are two phases in this PvP mode:
    1. In the 1st phase the attackers try to destroy the enemy "towers" and destroy the bridge's mechanism in order to gain access to the second phase. TIME: 7 Minutes (if the defenders succesfully defend the bridge mechanism they automatically win without proceding to the 2nd phase)
    2. In the 2nd phase the attackers try to destroy the enemy "towers" and the enemy base. TIME: (the remaining time from the 1st phase) + 4 Minutes.
    Final Reward: Steam Mount (5/5)

    Quest: Storm the Fortress - Kingshill Urban Area
    Storm the Fortress (1/5) - 6 wins;
    Storm the Fortress (2/5) - 18 wins;
    Storm the Fortress (3/5) - 60 wins;
    Storm the Fortress (4/5) - 180 wins;
    Storm the Fortress (5/5) - 180 wins.

    Note: you cannot use any buff (e.g. universal health potion; potion of concentration; ...) in official arenas. They were removed with Release 166.

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