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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. pydragons

    pydragons Padavan

    Create such mechanic for the dungeons will definetly take some time. It needs to rebuild the old code in order to fit the new mechanic. This is a bit more work that if they started the game with this in mind. So probably we wont see such thing in DSO.

    Gambling on new maps for endgame will fail you hard. As Baragain said, it needs creativity. Dont use brute force for developing end game !
  2. Dark_Sinister

    Dark_Sinister Forum Apprentice

    Dear Greg & Dracaty

    First of all, I want you to know this: My name is Christian, 45 years old, unemplyed with limited income, lives in Sweden.

    The concept with Dragan Return event is nice looking, BUT not all quests are embrassed with joy, for example quest 8/8 Sabotage. I wonder, how did the Devs think there, or at all?

    You guys in DSO have to understand, that many of your players DONT have the money OR time to farm map after map, and dont find what you tease us to get.

    Halloween is about "Trick or Treat", more tricks to me, less treats. I feel cheated and angry, SO much euro I've spent(wich I dont have).

    I have played this game for over 1½ years, and have spent WAY over 1000 Euro over time. Dont get me wrong, I like the game, BUT in my opinion, you lost control when you launched the Desert of essence event. Low droprate and lots of hours of farming is the concept nowadays.

    You have to concider that there are many other games we can play, with less money involved and more fun stuff to get. The competition is hard in the game business.

    Maybe you guys think, all they do is whine and cry, our players, nothing is good enough. Well, we are the players who are out there, we see the flaws in the game, we response, we criticize and what happens? You put the lid on and say bla bla....

    You have now 6 days left of the Dragan event. Make the best of it, indulge us, spoil us, make it happen. Or else you will have LESS active players in the futere(wich means less income for you)

    A fed up Swede who is tired of greens & whites in the drops.
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  3. Мила

    Мила Forum Apprentice

    Hello Greg!
    Just a simple question, but many people need to know about that.
    Does the unique item called "Destruction Seal" drops from miniboss Iron Creeper or it only dpors from Destructor?
    Thanks for your answer.
  4. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    PvP MatchMaking (Release 138)
    When it comes to PVP, we cannot simply put everything into 1 release - that might have disastrous impacts.
    The PVP matchmaking formula is too delicate for that. Instead we will correct the match making in smaller steps.
    I mentioned already before that the matchmaking rework will start with release 138.
    However, the first "change" will hardly be noticeable for the players. Its mostly a clean up of the rating system thats behind the GLICKO.
    Imagine it like "disinfacting the area" before doing the surgery. That being said, the clean up is necessary and a foundation to upcoming steps. You will realize that the patch notes of R137/38 will tell you the same. I hope you can follow the logic behind it.

    @Skylin :
    Miss-tronsity Costume
    Well - I think the costume itself looks great on female characters and it promotes a healthier body than some exaggerated skinny women.
    It was chosen by the community - and most people had their fun with it - we laughed about it together with you on Twitch TV and on Facebook and that's what counts -fun:) Maybe next time for Halloween there will be something scarier!

    @Coograth :
    1. My latest up update about this bug is that it was universally fixed but that individual player might be still effected.
    I have reported it once more for you. The Parallel Worlds need a rework anyway, last time this happened, i personally felt that the team did not manage to hit exactly the target they wanted to hit. Unfortunately I am not sure when they will receive the rework - I reckon the expansion to level 50 will follow first.
    2. In near future (i reckon 1-2 months if we keep the schedule) we will balance the drop rates - it is unknown to me which rarity of items will benefit from this. So far legendary items have been confirmed - and you know where these drop from;) Whether white items will be totally erased from the loot lists of bossmonsters is not mentioned. One could consider to allow the smelting of white items, to give them a little bit more value or let alone use.
    3. The event game team wanted to try this out - some times you need to try out new things to see whether this worked or not.
    I guess in this case the idea backfired. I will take it into the post-mortem feedback of this event.

    Black Warlord Regalia Set (Dragan Set)
    The bonus that one gets with this set was remaining, even when the character was changing equipment.
    The set will be fixed with release 138

    @-DeathsRevenge- :
    Let me put it this way, I took the "Black Warlord Regalia" and the bugged chest as a comparison - because the bonus of the set that remains, does not hinder you to progress in the game, getting no rewards from chests, does hinder you from playing. That being said - both are bugs and both will be taken of. If you have evidence of players who abuse it, you may report them an they can be punished by the support team.

    @Rev :
    The decision to skip release 137 - in my opinion - was also OK - we are merging it with release 138.
    Compared to 137, 138 has important bug fixes for the current event - unfortunately they are coming a little late imho.
    You are right when you say that the event needed tweaking. RoD 1 was smoother than RoD2. I mean i can appreciate that
    new mechanisms wanted to be tried out, but unfortunately they backfired.
    All the rewards are guaranteed rewards, everyone can get them, its just a matter of time. Some player will get the
    Raven first, some as last:)

    Jumong's Warhorse
    This is a horse which will only be available in South Korea. There is also a cloak which is only available in Thailand.
    However, this does not mean that we won't implement them for the EU and US servers.

    Level 35 Knowledge Skill
    The team will definitely implement new talents - as far as I know - you guys will also have a saying in this one.
    We wouldn't introduce new levels without new talents. We did it once (with Myrdosch) and that was not well received.
    The battle pet is a good idea but that would require the pet to have extra animations, perhaps even letting it have a health bar.
    Technically pets support you already because of their bonus. But its a good idea to have something like an "upgraded" pet or at least teh ability to make your pet more powerful.

    Randomized Dungeons
    I know what you mean - D2 and D3 are doing this and for them it definitely works.
    I am not sure our engine even allows this - but its definitely a new twist.

    Destruction Seal
    I am not sure which item you mean - the boss Destructor drops first of all weapons for all classes.
    Destruction Seal is not the official name of the item - do you mean the amulet dropped by the Destructor ?
    Usually seals are amulets.
    The amulets dropped by this boss usually are called "----Gear" for example, for the Steam Mechanicus - its "Rotating Gear".

    Thank you all for posting your questions - doing my best to answer them for you!

    Oh btw, your admins know this also-
    Stellar Gold has been confirmed to come, more details will be named during Twitch TV (https:/
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  5. Idiocracy

    Idiocracy Exceptional Talent

    The amulet from Destructor is AKA ( also known as ) Destructor's seal, but, no drop, no nothing.
    And Destruction seal is an amultet.
    Look at what Destructor dropped today:

    White item !!! look at it.
    Should I say to you that in over 300 kills there, I didnt see no unique items ?
    Where you ever there ? to see how "easy" it is to kiill it.
    No, I don't think so, you don't bother answering to questions.

    And I told you on Twitch "appologies not accepted" .... Beebeebeebyebyebye
    [video removed]

    So, you should really redirect yourself to:

    Destructor has no drop since lvl 45 appeared in DSO.
    I know only one player on server that has the bow from Destructor and it dropped at the 4-th kill.
    So, some players get items in 1 or 10 kills, other players never get them.
    Good luck finding players, you lost many at the Halloween event, and you will loose many more in december if the situation doesn't change.
    Do you want me to tell you what colour has my list of friends in the game ? :eek:
    By the way you said in the Twitch transmission you will talk to the producers to increase the drop rate of unique items to as you said "lets say one or two procents" ... really ? :confused:
    In 3 years of playing every day I didnt find Yaczaks shoes :confused:, in over 8500 kills at Khaly nothing, 600 Mortis nothing, 300 Destructor nothing, 15000 Gorga nothing ... and you said "shall we say one or two procents ".
    Youll remain with that procent of players eventually.

    And since you're wroted "I am not sure ", you should really have a look at this:
    [video removed]
    and this:
    [video removed]
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  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I'm glad you knew what I meant. I generally try to avoid mentioning "the competition" on the forums, but D3 was exactly what I was thinking. Knowing that the game engine may not allow it is a bit of a let down, but at least there is a good reason why it may not happen as opposed to "it's too complicated". But like you said, it would be a new twist and an appreciated one at that.

    However, you didn't really touch on the second part of my idea. How about quests that can be repeated for things that are more useful than just plain gold/silver/copper? I can not name a single player who would complain about having a reasonable quest for a reasonable reward in the form of ander, CoTs, or other little goodies.
  7. Мила

    Мила Forum Apprentice

    yes, i mean amulet from Destructor :) (don't know actually how it is called in English but at wikia is written Destruction Seal)
    Someone said that it was a bug but the moderators on old German forum maybe a year ago said that it drops from miniboss Iron Creeper (in Teleportarium) too and the droprates is the same as from Destructor. So is it really drops from this miniboss?
  8. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I won't believe it until there is a screen shot of the Iron Creeper's drops and the amulet is sitting in the pile of loot... until then, it sounds like someone's rumor.
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  9. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    @Dark_Sinister :
    Hej to Sweden! Thank you for sharing your story and feedback. We are totally aware that the game has been perceived as too grindy and that there is too much emphasis on Andermant. I am not disagreeing with you at this point. The following months we will release a balancing that has impact on the drop rates - also the use of ingame currencies will be better and evenly distributed. The event Return of Dragan did not turn out to be as we expected in many aspects and you can be sure that the community's feedback is reflected in our reports about it.

    Amulet of the Destruktor/Iron Creeper

    @Мила:Ah i see, I believe we got a little mixed up here with our notions.

    The Destructor drops the weapons which are usually called "Item" of Destruction.
    The amulets that you are referring to are not dropped by the Destructor but by the miniboss Iron Creeper.

    Here are the English names of the amulets:
    Rotating Gear (Steam Mechanicus)
    Powerful Gear (Dragonknight)
    Mystical Gear (Spellweaver)
    Mysterious Gear (Ranger)

    I hope this clears all rumors, i have already informed the admins about that as well!

    More answers will follow soon:)
    Thank you folks!
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Greg there are no such unique items in this game.(mysterious gear) :D

    I understand what Mila is trying to ask. She asks : "Is it possible this amulet to be part of the Iron Creeper's drop?".
    It is like I would ask:"Is it true that predator can be part of the drop from the witch in Swerdfield Pastures map?". :D
    That is legitimate question ... though I personally think ... it is only a rumor.
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  11. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Greg... maybe the question would be more clear if you read the comments at the bottom of this page. This is the rumor that he is asking to be clarified.
  12. Disoriented_Neighbor

    Disoriented_Neighbor Forum Apprentice

    It sounds like everyone is correct.

    The confusion may be that amulet names in the Wikia are incorrect, but is instead, as Greg has listed above. Comments on the Spellweaver and Dragonknight Amulet pages both corroborate with the claim that the Iron Creeper in Teleportarium drops this amulet.
  13. Coograth

    Coograth Someday Author

    I see... Thanks for the update Greg.
    In my opinion it should be simple to fix : just run a script that checks the numbers and adjusts them if that is the case.
    But I'm not a developer, so I can't tell how simple it is to implement :D, but I have some knowledge about programming, that's why I know a script should do the trick ;)
    I can't wait to see the drop rate increase :D:D:D
    Maye you prepare a nice Christmas gift for us ;)

    Yours Coograth

    PS : I have a marketing idea for you :D Tell this to your managers ;) how to increase the number of premium subscriptions - remove the 120 Andermant option at all from the game. If we die leave us only the option with 40 Andermant even inside boss areas. That option being free for premium accounts will increase your subscriptions a lot because of the high death rate at Mortis and Destructor. And leaving the price at 40 Andermant will benefit your F2P community too because you will not empty their pockets everytime they decide to try their luck with the Destruction Seal or Mortis Mask :D Of course the spirit stones will remain 40 Andermant, so the most expensive way of reviving will remain at 40, not 120 as it is now :rolleyes:
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  14. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Dying in Mortis... The horror! I haven't died in Mortis since I was 8k HP with 2k armor. And Destructor... Well, we'll see when they get around to fixing the bug there, but when I discovered and reported the bug, I soloed him with blues, no deaths.
  15. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    Hey folks:)

    before I comment on the Destructor again -
    The admins are currently preparing the info for you - and I will keep it short:

    Jumong's Warhorse
    This is a horse which will only be available in South Korea. There is also a cloak which is only available in Thailand.
    However, this does not mean that we won't implement them for the EU and US servers.

    More information on this matter will follow soon.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2014
  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Greg ... This was not the initial message ... fortunately I have read it before it was edited. :)
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  17. Idiocracy

    Idiocracy Exceptional Talent

    This amulet ( Destructors amulet AKA whatever ), dropped to a friend at the Iron Creeper ( the last boss before entering Destructor ).
    It was written on forum and I believe the player.
    @Coograth the most efficient way to kill Destructor its to go in team of 5, and there you need to moove, don't stay like a noob there just moove and hit.
    At the bombs there should be 2 players that carry them, and the other 3 in gorup defend them.
    Made it in 2:
    With no essence. :p
    It takes a while :)
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2014
  18. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    I know this has already been said (and similar stories reported), but I think it can't be emphasized enough:

    Some of the drop rates and appearances in Dragan II need significant improvement. I went to the Graveyard and spent my hard-earned 150 pearls. All I'm looking for there is the 4th scroll to finish the 100 Draken quest. (I gave up on 8/8 a long time ago.) Well, not only did I not find the scroll I needed - for about the 12th time in a row - but I teleported out of there with a grand total of four green armor items and five white armor items, after completing the whole map! I killed Sargon and Heredur, and their chest contained two white items and some coins! (The four green items came from mini-bosses and regular mobs.) Of course, Jullov also did not appear... again. (No surprise there.)

    I know this is a Halloween event, but this kind of trick is sadistic. Please do pass this on to the rest of the team. Thanks.
  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Greg you didn't answer this question.
    Why the base stats are removed?
    Because the players want to see the base stats not the compare loot tool.
    Some players maybe like the compare loot tool and some don't (and I know there are more players that hate that tool than those who like it) ... but ... base stats are affecting everyone.
  20. VoulaAek1

    VoulaAek1 Forum Connoisseur

    I have one query...What's gonna happen with the new items? Will they be 50lvl or some of them may have maximum lvl at 47 or even 48? like they were when maximum lvl was 40(some were 37,38,39). If they are 50lvl will we have the possibility to upgrade them to 55 or not? I mean legendary items, not uniques because i suppose these will be 50lvl.
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