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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    Hi and welcome CM Team,

    I have only 2 questions (for now:))...

    1 - Why is the drop-rate for swords sooooo low???
    In 2 years of playing, all i managed to craft were 2 legendary Duria Sword (today i made my 2nd) and 2 legendary Obsidian swords and all 4 swords enchantments sucked, so i had to buy the in-game sword, which is really weak:(!!!

    2 - Where i live it's already getting very HOT (you can almost roast a chicken on the sidewalk:D) and i want to go outside and breathe some fresh air and drink whatever is on the menu:D.
    Will there be a DSO Tablet version???
  2. Muscle

    Muscle Forum Pro

    Well all i can say is Hod is the best place for swords, i made 2 and didn't and melted because i got Cloaked Wrath(4 of em) lol, but nah sword drop rate aint so bad at hod, maybe ur just not lucky :D
  3. SmileyJ

    SmileyJ Someday Author

    Kinda cheesy lol.
  4. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    @Bearer-of-Death : hmmm... that is indeed not the best of luck you had there.
    The dragonknight has really a large arsenal of main hand weapons - and also quite different types -maces, axes, swords etc....we do not have different drop rates for these types, they are all equal. Players sometime have the feeling though because other classes for example get only one type of weapon (steam mechanicus = guns).

    Currently there are no plans to bring Drakensang Online to mobile or tabloid, however, you know how technology is, you never know what's next;)
    As @Muscle already mentioned, you probably did not have a lot of luck yet;(
  5. Montfer

    Montfer Forum General

    Hello! Sorry for my English - I use online translator. I do not know where the rumors, but they excite all the Russian community. Players fear that the event
    Terrifying Shadows Dragan's plan is final event and will no longer be so in the future. It's true or not?
    Thanks for the answer!!
  6. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    The event Terrifying Shadows: Dragan's Plan was definitely the final part of the Sargon series. Sargon has been defeated once and for all. It is highly unlikely that he will ever return to Dracania as an actual demon. While his body might be dead - his soul is now part of the Anderworld. You can debate whether that counts as dead or not.

    One thing is certain there are new super villains coming up - if you followed the event Invasion of Kingshill and you read the official guide - you will have read about an unknown puppet master. However, even I do not have any information who this might be.

    Second, i for sure know that we will introduce a new super villain soon, (s)he is coming with a brand new event;)
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  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Grrrr ... people like events like Sargon and Stellar Gold.
    Now we are suppose to play boring, lame Moon events and not so interesting Invasions. o_O
    Our evil friend Sargon is gone ... may his soul burn in hell!
  8. ·٠•●Onic●•٠·

    ·٠•●Onic●•٠· Active Author

    my question is.
    Can make new event with bonus code for emotions, for likes in facebook or someting like that.
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  9. Hartvig

    Hartvig Forum Inhabitant

    You say that now? And why didn't any mod say that when the event started? So We would know that the event would be our last chance to get that damn amulet? EDIT! OMG! and so on for all eternity! This time you really screwed it up BP!
    You say that we don´t have any chance of getting the damn amulet now? And not 2 WEEKS ago? "Defeat sargons once and for all" What should we use that for? Thats not an official statement that this one where the LAST! Who the EDIT is in charge of this? This is just too much typical BP! B*GPOINT!
    The only reason i don´t leave right here and now, is that i have too many friends in-game!
    And the bug where the amulet dissapears... Well, that is also typical BP!
    Players who have been farming their butt out of their pants just get disconnected and then lose it...
    1000 kills on sargon takes time... And if you haven´t safed portals from ealier events then you have to BUY them if you don´t wanna farm like you have no life AT ALL!
    I just really thought BP had changed and everything seemed so much better...
    Nice things in sight so far we could see and lots of bugfixes after BP at long last changed priority-order, after we have been shouted in their ears for 3 YEARS!
    Now i am again close to leaving... Just because i have so many friends in-game...
    Come on BP! A company like you can do better! Show it! I´m tired of it!
    If you really think about it, why did you do it like this? What have you earned? A lot of unbelievable angry players. Not a SINGLE player won ANYTHING when you did like you did!
    I really hope that the Sargon-events start over in a new way again, and we then can get the quest completed. If not... BP, you EDIT it all once again.

    Hartvig - A person who loves the game but hate the company behind.
    Nothing personal, just player to campany as usual.
    Last edited by moderator: Apr 29, 2014
  10. perrush

    perrush Active Author

    if this means we will never have a sargon event, that would be a mistake imho.

    But even more important. If you are sure we can never use the framents and portals which are filling up our inventory now, please say so. So we can throw them away. Then they at least don't take up space
  11. Burn84

    Burn84 Junior Expert

    That is nice and we look foward to next events :)

    But we still have a problem with 1 event!

    Why Gnob Mercant come every 5-6 mounths ,wath si the point to bring that event so rare ,players have 10k+ drakens and we need to waith a lot of times to get 1 intems from Gnob....

    Bring Gnob every 2 mounths max or just give us the oportunity to visit Gnob mercant wen we want ...

    I have a lot of drakens i want to buy new set that was add in that event but is not here!!

    How i can enjoy playing with that set if if i can't buy it or worst ,u put in that event 1 piece every 6 mounths...i need to waith 1 year to get that set, wath is the point doing that???

    A lot of players gone be angry if Gnob don't bring all that set and u made us waith till X-Mas to buy the last piece , realy we don't know if we gone be here in another 6 mounths....
  12. Özkan

    Özkan Forum Inhabitant

    I am from Turkiye and i used to think we are lucky because of we have a board in our language.

    To understand each other, the easist way is to speak ( or write ) same language because of if you use an expression that may tell the person lots of things even if you write lots of pages.

    But undertansing each other, needs intelligent. You should "listen" and "ask question" to understand what the customer says.

    Our board team always says "we are responsible to pass your ideas to the tech team and modarete the forum."

    But how ?

    Whan i wrote a problem, some "genius" people on duty tries to explain why and/or hot it happened.

    Then closes tne subject.

    This is NOT communication. Why do not you ask "when" "how" "how many times" it happened ?

    Why do not you try to communicate the your customers. You may say this subject is ofe of them but not...

    I can easily explain the major problems of the gamers/customesrs. Some of reasonable some of them not for me.

    Instead of comminacation our board team ( not all but most of them ) building walls and They "meant" play in the picture.

    In the "picture" they show us there are lots of "bugs" "problems" and a few / alots of thing we do not like.

    I am not pleased of playing game with the some of the problems but more than that i am not pleased because of we do not have some board staff who do not want to understand us and some of "genius" ones.

    I know how to send bugs or problems via support link to directly you but this is here "discussion" area but i do not see any "discussion" between borad staff and gamers.

    I see just about dte drop complains and char skills. Why do not you or borad staff ask us why/ how long/ we are playing as a warrior or spellweaver even i did not see a board staff is asking which type of chacracter we are playing.

    I am not happy to write but some of my friedns stopped playing and some them deleted their characters because of they can not solve the problem.

    Because the board staff is not a "traffic sign" which shows what to do/ not to do. He or she is "alive". If need they should "communicate" with the customer and take his or her hand and help the cross the road.

    Maybe you know or do not know you create a very good game. I like the game i am ok with the game. I know there could be problems. But if your waiters are not good, people do not come to your restaurant even if you have best place, even if you have best cooks...

    I wanted to write here not to our language board. Because i was worried about "not to be understood" again...
  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Dude, do you have typed your personal biography or just an forum question?
    No offence but i didn't understand what your point is and certainly I do understand why even at your language forum they don't understand you.
  14. Özkan

    Özkan Forum Inhabitant

    I see you but I did not typed a question. Because if you read the subject it is not "type your question". It is "your comment on your community managers" so i did this. I wrote what i feel.

    Our biggest problem is that we do not read. So i think you did not subject and what i wrote...

    No offence . )
  15. Veritas

    Veritas Forum Mogul

    you have created a cm to communicate with us and these big failure .... because you do not respect your community.

    the gnob is expected from all the world and come every 6 months it does not bring anything new, it's always the same old rotten object that nobody buys.
    no new armor level 45 .. no new color ... no new mount .. no new suit ..

    you do not make any effort to satisfy your clientelle ....
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  16. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Nothing new... what do you call Bloodtooth and Dragon Shackles? They may not be amazing, but they are, without doubt, new.
  17. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    Hey folks:)

    sorry if Dracaty and I are a little later when it comes to respones - again, please be reassured that we try to read all of the feedback you give us - after all we are quite a huge community and very diverse (20 languages).

    About the End of Terrifying Shadows & New events:
    Yes, poor old Sargon is dead - once and for all - we strongly emphasize though that - his body is dead - his soul is still alive;)

    Sargon & new villain(s)
    Its amazing to see how you Sargon came to become one of the most popular and iconic villains in this game. Be sure that within little time you will be introduced to new villain(s). Sargon's place is empty and needs to be filled. A new series of events will start. If we cannot exactly predict when (I keep my fingers crossed for June) but you should know that we are working hard on bringing you a brand new experience and we are really excited about this series!:)

    Also - have you noticed that the Invasion events also need a new villain? No one actually knows who sends the monsters out to attack the cities of Dracania - so, if you have any clue - please - we'd love to hear you out!;)

    @Özkan - thank you for the feedback
    As much as I would love to help you directly - I am unfortunately not able to understand Turkish - I will definitely forward your feedback - anonymously - to Team Turkey and get to the bottom of this.
    You can always ask the board staff of team Turkey to pass questions on to me and Dracaty. Tesekkürler;)
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  18. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    Hi greg-o-lantern,

    Actually, I already know who is behind those attacks, but if i say who it is, you guys will just change it:D.

    I have another question, I already know that Gnob will bring the old New/Full Moon set, but what about Sargon's and Invasion set, so...will Gnob bring them too or not??? I need the belt from Invasion:(
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  19. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    We don't actually know it will come from Gnob. It was pointed out else where that the old New Moon items would be sold by "the event merchant." That could be Gnob, or it could be Shady John sometime in the distant future for andermant. We'll have to wait and see.
  20. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    Hi Baragain,

    I don't like to go off-topic (unless its to be funny:D)...but actually the new moon gear will be sold by Gnob, DSO Facebook team already confirmed it, for how much is still unknown, maybe 1k drakens like the dark set, i hope he will sell the invasion set too.
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