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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    how can i get sargon Powerful staff,i have the regular one?
    glad you said just the armor set was in castle,because people here are saying its just my bad LUCK.
    hmmm,i remember some saying others got it,wonder how they did that when its not in there?
  2. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I got the powerful claw quite a few times.
  3. thedarkestlight

    thedarkestlight Advanced

    Hey Greg,when you know that there is a deeper problem with the social server issues,why cant be a major shutdown and the error be fixed once and for all?
    It's much better than keeping the game running while you can't play at all.
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  4. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    I can help with that forty...
    Post in the Gnob thread...
  5. thedarkestlight

    thedarkestlight Advanced

    Another question greg,with the social servers still not fixed,what will be the use of the 3 day premium when we cant even properly play??
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Claim the code tomorrow ... but don't open the box until the server is fixed for good.
  7. thedarkestlight

    thedarkestlight Advanced

    Ah so the box remains as long as you dont open it?
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yes. Since they said 2 codes will be given tomorrow ... if you open a wrong box ... don't hit the green check mark. Just reload the game and take the other box.
    The box with the premium will stay untouched ... so you can open it whenever you like.
    Note ... the box will be dropping on your left hand side of the screen every time you change the map ... until you open it.
  9. yiannis_l

    yiannis_l Forum Apprentice

    Hi Greg EDIT ;)

    Even though I don't really know what you have been through the past days, I really do sympathize. It comes a time that there are a ton of things to be done, so you only get "busy-busy-busy!" :confused:

    Imho though, some things must be given top priority. There is really no time at all, for further delays! Those are:

    1) The game sounds - I really have never heard worst sounds from a game, than this game's latest ones. The sound in its core is "dirty" - full of irritating (to say the least) noises and if I may say, "blurry" as it should not normally be.

    Moreover, the lions are completely mute and my jumping jack-o-lantern really brings me a headache whenever it touches the ground.

    The overall music is so high and the sound effects don't even exist anymore. Personally, I always have my game music at 5% and my sound effects at 100% from the first day I started playing the game (through my client preferences) and I have no intention of changing that. With this in mind, I am referring to the above conclusions.

    Due to the nature of my work, I get involved with Computers, Networks and New Technologies, 24/7. Believe me when I am telling you that there are just no words to describe your disappointment when for example, you are eager to hear the sound of the game through a very expensive audio card and you end up hearing awful and dirty noises!

    Imho, you must do your best to have this corrected only for the much better, or revert to the previous audio system the game had.

    2) The social server - These server crashes are most severe and destroy almost anything the game has to offer!

    Personally, I am not able to play the game solo of course, but even if I was, I would never do that. I really enjoy the game with my guild, my friends and whoever I am in a position to Help, or Be Helped from. That's a major thing that keeps me going.

    These crashes must really end once and for all. If for some reason, they can't be permanently fixed, the game must return to the older, more stable version of the past, imho.

    By the way, those people over there must test and re-test and again re-test the releases on the test server, before they decide to incorporate them onto the main servers. That's why they are getting paid and that's why test servers are called as such! Main servers are not for testing purposes, nor players nerves. Players are the ones that pay their salaries! Time must not be taken into account, if compared with Great release results.

    People want this to happen, imho.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this Greg and Thank you for all your efforts! :)
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  10. crazyelli

    crazyelli Junior Expert

    I won something today on the twitch raffle,, how long does it take to receive items from this thanks Crazymomma.. on tegans server
  11. Ergooooooo

    Ergooooooo Forum Apprentice

    Couldnt agree more, the sounds are terrible and must be fixed. The sounds should be a nice addition to every game, and it used to be now they are a daily cause of irritation.
    And omg please test before incorporate, i never understood that the updates arent tested before executed? This is normal practice, but all we get is updates with even more bugs and less playing time and even worse not even a good compensation, the 3 days premium is nothing compared to all the lost entrances to new moon or dragan. A reward like 70 fragments would be much nicer or 7 entrances to new moon or something like this.
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  12. vojza

    vojza Board Analyst

    Hello I have got few questions again :
    1 .Can you make an oficial an annucement about Gild Wars ? It will be good to have more informations in all langues about it and not only in English from Twitch. We also need some time to prepare for such a big function.
    2. When Gild wars are coming ? Do you have exact month allready ?
    Thank you for answering vojza​
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  13. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Please be careful when posting links on forum.
  14. vojza

    vojza Board Analyst

    Hello Mal3cent- sorry for spam, but i just want to know if this facebook is from bigpoint or not. You removed that link because you know that or because you think that is not bigpoint's facebook ? Because as I know link for Bigpoint's facebook is on this forum tractable. Sorry for my bad english and thanks for answer vojza.
  15. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    The link has been removed, the answer is clear.
    There is only one official Drakensang Online Facebook Page.
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  16. thedarkestlight

    thedarkestlight Advanced

    Hey Greg,one thing i would like to talk about is when you played on the lor'tac maps on TS the monster speeds and diff. was good,so please keep it that way.
    But the thing i didn't liked was the drops of coins and anders,I mean come on same 50 copper drops is ridiculous, we can almost get the same amt. of drops for even lvl 30 mobs,so we expect a little more for killing lvl 45 mobs,don't we?Please inc. the drop amount of coins its what all the community is asking about,and not loot compare tool.
    Thanking you,
  17. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie


    Social Server Issues
    Well, the game itself worked - its not like you could not play at all - I mean you had to play alone - but you could play.
    The social servers would constantly crash and try to restart. They actually have some sort of safety net - but that one wouldnt work.
    The problem was that all the other servers have the exact same configuration but had no issue at all - thats what made it odd.

    Reminds me of playing in Lan parties back then - everyone had the computer - same configuration but some players simply could not connect to the closed network.

    Btw, the issue has been found since yesterday and we will fix it completely - more info will come. The safety net is also stable again.

    3 Day Premium
    the 3 day premium is simply a compensation - why are you connecting it to the social server issues? Premium gives you benefits
    that are totally not connected or affected by the social servers at all;)

    First of all - well done - this is very well written and constructive feedback EDIT ;)

    Sound Issues
    you are absolutely right - when the team implemented the FMOD studio - it was supposed to give the sound designers more flexibility to improve sounds...not worsen them. I test played the Curse of the Black Knights event and i was shocked...

    Our sound designers are cleaning up all corrupted and weirdly implemented sound files right now. However, I noticed that a lot of players
    complain about sounds that the sound designers have missed - that why I called upon the moderation team to open threads in all language forums to narrow down which sounds are still heavily damaged.
    You can find it here: (exists also in Greek)

    @crazyelli :

    I am currently doing everything alone - and believe it or not - rewarding players is also a manual job.
    Yesterday I booked rewards for around 50 players. Usually it takes 3-5 days to reward you - because I need to validate data, prize etc.
    and do my other daily tasks. Anyhow, you should have gotten your reward now:) Have fun with it.


    Yeah, agreed - the event Curse of The Black Knights had some other issues but the problem here was that - if you want to
    compensate correctly - you need to track:
    1. who's actually effected by the damage
    2. validate data
    3. create a script

    Now that sounds like an easy 3 step progress but depending on the problem, it can get super complex.
    for example, sometimes you need to shut down all servers in order to be able to actually run certain scripts.

    @thedarkestlight :

    I already answered to that in a different topic. Don't worry about the speed and pace of the monsters.
    There will be plenty of tests before any change is done.

    Thank you all!
    CM Greg
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  18. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    Will the Armored Lion mount get roar? :D I love the mount but now its like a big soundless kitty ... hmm .. maybe I should make a video I cant well explain why Armored Lion mount need roar .. :D
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  19. thedarkestlight

    thedarkestlight Advanced

    Well,first of all apologies for being a little aggressive.
    I'm happy to note that there hasn't been a prob. with the servers from a few days.
    What made me say about the premium is that i'm a f2p and as a result,I would like to get the most benefit out of my premium.But since i'm not strong yet to solo everything it definitely undermines my opportunity to play solo,so that's the issue with the premium.

    Good thing you will look into it,but you still didn't answer my question about the drops from mobs.:rolleyes:
  20. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst


    can you pull some strings to open that halls of the dead travel stone,so we don't have to run through oob all the time.?
    i know you said they did it on purpose but that purpose is gone now and we would like to travel there. thx greg your awesome!!!!
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