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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    "Pics or it didn't happen"
    I just scoured their Facebook page and the only reference I found was:
    ... not anything official, just some player's best guess. If their official team confirmed it, please give a screenshot. As you can see, I went back to mid march to find the picture above and I actually went all the way back to Feb 20 (a week before the official announcement that the "event merchant" would sell the pieces of the old set.)

    Also, as said before about other event items being sold... No. I have the two Defender's set items because I worked my tail off for the belt and if they suddenly decide that the items can just be bought, it is insulting. IF they do sell the Defender's items, I'd hope that they'd be at least 4k draken a piece considering they are vastly superior to the Dragonache set.
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  2. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    DSO, you need to remind the player base that Shady John is an EVENT MERCHANT too. I hope he sells the Moon crap AND the Sargon stuff, and I seriously hope it's so freaking andermant expensive because we all know these forums are not complete without players crying about something. And 15k ander for a witch hunter or wolf piece or 24k for a sargon piece would certainly motivate the cryers to sound off for at least 42 pages of thread reply like the bot cryers have so far.
    And besides, half of them would actually begrudgingly spend the money only to see later in game with new events and event bosses how ultimately useless the gear actually is. And then they would cry even more and demand an andermant repurchase option be placed in game.
  3. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    Hi Baragain,

    Sorry you went through all that trouble for nothing.
    (no smilies, so no sarcasm or being funny, I always use smilies for that)

    Well, it seems that i still haven't gained the trust of this community:(.
    Perhaps now that i'm entering my 3th year ingame and forum, things will start to change:)...or maybe not:(

    Baragain and multitoonz,

    About the Invasion set, I only asked if it will be available or reappear in the 3th event, I was unable to complete that event, like Sargon.
    But, since you 2 feel so strongly about this...well perhaps its better for Gnob, not to bring it...btw, I only asked "if", he will bring it and nothing more.
  4. Coograth

    Coograth Someday Author

    I would also like the chance to complete my Sargon set without being ripped off...

    _Baragain_ and multitoonz, please understand that you are not the only ones who worked their tails off during these events. You are just the lucky ones who finished or got those elusive Sargon items.

    Do you remember Baragain how frustrated you were until you got Sargon 's Horns ?

    Now please accept that there are more players who didn't get the chance to complete their Sargon set or to finish the first Invasion event, than the players who did. And those players have feeling too and their feeling are much more hurt than yours, because they worked hard and were not rewarded.

    You two just want to be the only ones to have good items ?
    Others are not allowed to enjoy this game ?

    off-topic Bearer-of-Death, I've always liked to read your posts on this forum and also on the old one. You certainly have gained my trust :D
  5. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    The problem is there are 3 or 4 threads now with nothing but people yelling about Gnob and the ALWAYS lack of anything good it sells. It showed up on TS for an hour and all of a sudden everyone started going off the rails against DSO about being lied to and frankly it really gets old when the player base acts like a bunch of spoiled babies. And the simple fact that players get fixated on a gear set believing it's the best ever because they are too lazy to grind for gear or too lazy to grind for CoT's to ID gear in my opinion is incredibly laughable. But that's your/their playstyle and it's a whole lot easier demanding that DSO keep giving you/them crap for free.
    Gnob or Shady John, all DSO is doing now is enabling lazy players and cry babies a chance to get gear and items that at one point we all had to work for in events. How many of you are using the Shady version of weapons? None of you will admit it, EVER. Instead you want everyone to think you actually got them as drops from Khalys or Mortis because "you're all that good of player".
    Whatever. This game has turned into a giant give-away. At least it's better if Gnob gives you your crap over Shady John. Doubt many of you have enough draken to buy more than 1 or 2 pieces tops but you'll all claim you got it in event as usual. Because you're all that good. And we should all recognize your awesome playing commitment to attaining gear sets the old fashioned way, by working for them. Oh, but you don't. My bad I forgot, THAT player base left game a long time ago, now we have the entitled player base and their constant whining about everything.
  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Thank you honestly. I am glad there was something official.
    Yes I remember. I complained then I did something about it. I farmed for 4 days, 10 hours a day and finally got lucky. I also would have farmed the last 6 days just as hard if I hadn't gotten lucky on day 4. The people who annoy me are the ones who farmed 5 hours on day 1, finished the event and never put more work into it than that and couldn't understand why they didn't get the horns. The difference is between complaining and inaction and complaining and action. I may complain, but I always accompany those complaints with actions.
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  7. Coograth

    Coograth Someday Author

    @multitoonz This is totally off-topic, but anyways...
    I don't care about anyone's play style. and I'm not lazy to farm for any item in this game. and certainly I'm not crying more than you do... no offense, but your the one crying all over that people should not get the items that they desire :)
    I play this game for fun and when I get up from my computer tired and frustrated that is not fun at all :(
    Personally, I want Sargon's Horns for their look more than for their stats. Because even with the set bonus I really like better how my character looks dressed with the Starry Robe than with Sargon's robe.

    thanks! that's nice of you :)
    i farmed everyday... during Easter I could only manage 4 hours a day, but the next week I din far almost 10 hours everyday... I even killed Sargon last time 5 minutes before the event was out.
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  8. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Instead of accepting the reality that drops are random, players demand that they be given the items that do not drop for them.
    I got the new Sargon set on my ranger and it's useless for me. It's all melt. I use other gear to compensate for lack of attributes that make my toon stronger. But then I'm not one of those who think my toon should look a certain way to be better. My DK never got the horns, but guess what? My lvl 45 Obsidian helmet has much better attributes and I still have 11k HP now with over 3k armor, by NOT using the Sargon set. I had 2 old Sargon pieces on each of my mains, never got the third piece I needed for each. But instead of crying about it and demanding DSO give me the missing pieces, I adjusted.
    Players do not even want to attempt to adjust anymore. So you only got 2 pieces of the old witch gear, waaah, tragedy. Instead of trying to replace it with the new gear you want the old missing pieces, which btw are still random enchanted so you don't know what you're actually going to get.
    But now to cater to the player base that refuses to accept the fact that unique drops are supposed to be random, DSO has sunk to a new low. Like I said, it's a total give-away game now and you don't need skill or luck to play it. I wonder when Gnob will sell every piece of unique items available in game. Why not? No one wants to work for it anymore. Let's just give it all away.
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  9. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I've said it before that trade wouldn't work without a lot of work, but if they finally find a way to make it work in a way that won't unbalance the game, I'd say that it would help a lot. There is another game that has items that get discontinued and become legacy items and when an item becomes a legacy item, it's value on the market goes through the roof. The items like Sargon's Powerful items would make perfect legacy items and would be incredibly valuable. Then I'd say there is no need to release them from an event merchant because there would be a way to obtain them. Now we just need a good way to make trade work. Easier said than done.
  10. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    Hey guys & girls,

    About Gnob & the Witch Hunter Gear:
    The admins will post the patch notes of release 126 and also a little statement about the Witch Hunter Gear that should be offered by the Event Merchant.

    The Witch Hunter Gear has - I wanna say the "problem" - that it is quite a powerful set if you have it with maximum enchantments, fully completed and equipped with gemstones. Before release 121 you were able to get it during the New Moon Event - but it dropped having enchantments with random ranges.

    The team is currently looking for a solution that will satisfy the community while at the same time not to destroy the balance of the game. One might think "Oh well, its just a quick fix and just another gear..." but actually offering the set at the Gnob requires careful consideration.

    The fairest option would be to offer the Witch Hunter Gear for a very affordable price of Draken but with random enchantments. After all Draken are a highly valuable currency - it would be not wise to offer the set with random enchantments but for a high price of Draken. Be sure that your community managers are on the case.

    Facebook announcement
    This announcement is also approved by us - CM Dracaty and I are source to all of this information - you can be sure that board admins and mods receive this info from us first;)

    Be sure about one thing: Along with the new event - Gnob will have the Witch Hunter Gear in his offers.
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  11. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    Hi greg-o-lantern,

    The solution is very simple, just sell the set with min/med/max stats, example...
    Min stats would cost - 1000 Drakens
    Med stats would cost - 2000 Drakens
    Max stats would cost - 3000 Drakens

    Btw, you forgot to answer my question, Invasion set will it also be available through Gnob or Shady John???...don't really care for Sargon's set, so no need to answer that one.
    ...or will the set of Invasion be available through drop of the main boss???

    Thanks in advance.
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  12. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    Hey @Bearer-of-Death , with so many communities around us, we sometiems for get certain questions, please feel free to always ask.

    The Invasion set is not fully complete yet, I mean, so far you have only had two of the Invasion events. The entire set has yet to be revealed. Once that is done - the smartest thing to do is to either have it available via Gnob or Shady John.

    It is most certainly great feedback from your side. I mean, you never know why a player might have missed out an opportunity to get a certain piece of a set.
    In order to be able to complete a set, the player needs to be given an alternative opportunity. In my humble opinion, Gnob & Shady John are definitely a good option.
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  13. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    Hi greg-o-lantern,

    Thanks for replying so fast, since you're so busy working with all the communities.

    Speaking of "communities", since its considered "spamming", if i post an idea here (US/UK) forum and then post it in other forum.
    How about creating new type of thread for ideas from all forums???

    Like this, it would by placed in the "Headquarters" section, under the name...
    ...example, "Ideas from around the world", sounds a bit cheesy, I know:p!!!

    And only Mod/Admin can post there and with every idea the Mod/Admin would add a poll. This way DSO/BP would know better on what type of content they should work more or create.

    Also, I really would like to know what ideas have been given so far by other forum members. This way i can work or improve on my ideas or any other member in this forum.

    I know it would take a lot of work, especially for the Mod/Admin that works at or for the communities, but it would really help DSO/BP to achieve their goals and please the players.

    I'm not asking for this to be implemented next week or month, but somewhere in a near future..perhaps before the end of 2014???

    Thanks in advance!!!
  14. Boobzy

    Boobzy Junior Expert

    hey drakensang admins, If gnob will come with old witch hunter set, time to stop drakensang for me, I farmed old witch hunter set for 4 months(45 lvl), but now you said '' Witch hunter set will come with gnob, '' I farmed this set very long time, and now purchasers don't farm this set even get old set, is this justice ? only farm event , and get old witch hunter set, I wasted hours for this set, but purchasers are lucky about this, If gnob come with witch hunter equipments, and witch hunter set give maximum stat (max dmg +%15-min -%5) to who be purchasers, If this happen, I will tell only ''BigPoint is wretched'' , but Even If witch hunter set(old set) come , maximum stats have to be Max dmg %8-13, min dmg %6-10 , that, we gain real justice!!!
    I got old set but my equipments are not maximum rewards(min %15/-%5 dmg),so , what come with gnob witch hunter set (old) isn't maximum rewards, like before 121. patch,I mean , When karabossa dropped a witch hunter item, and we identify it, item don't give us maximum reward , (e.g. maximum damage %11,2, minimum damage -%6 armor 112 etc).
    If purchasers buy this set, witch hunter set give purchasers random stats( as I said). I hope so...
    I haven't written to forum this paragraph, because Someone may argue with me.
    Good Game moderators!
  15. markomiljanov

    markomiljanov Someday Author

    What is the problem if someone wishes to buy sth?;)
    If someone doesn't like to farm and want's to focus on other matters why shouldn't he/she buy any given item in the game...
  16. vojza

    vojza Board Analyst

    Hello does the roadmap come in summer or later you said that will be soon at start of April so ?
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  17. Veritas

    Veritas Forum Mogul

    but why clear message whenever mods .... the french are not as CM to speak because everything happening here on your forum ...
  18. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    This is English forum and only English language is allowed.
  19. redpsy

    redpsy Forum Expert

    explanation want from the 125 and 126 what is happening and GM did not get answers. hotel and so much insensible to the game Grimmag works with no problems and Lysanias the official announcement did not exist. What happens to truth; I have to tell us all the truth.

    I think the situation has little get away and need to move a little the company ... There are issues BAIN spend the next gift (not even opened) and goes ...
    quite pull the scene of auto ... Did not we be we know everything, but I have the bp to give some announcements.
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  20. taxi1

    taxi1 Forum Overlooker

    because the ''invasion event''its almost new between the rest events i cant understand why nobody cant give an aswer in question''when this events parts will be completed and what are the stats that the rest pieces of set will give ?''i cant find an logical reason in this ''kind of secret''-so please give a straight answer to this!
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