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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    When you say it's "random for everybody"; does this mean that there is the same random chance for everyone, at all times, on every server, for any unique in the game? Just looking for some clarification on your statement. Thanks.
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I do believe they care about me. You see ... I wish spider mount .... I get my ride, I wish to assassinate Gnob ... they are fulfilling my request .... :D
    They know that uniques are not good for me I have far better legendary equipment :D
    OK next time I am using Visa/Mastercard for paying my bills I will play the game.
    I hope that people behind in line will not be mad at me for playing in payment center. :D
    I have chosen to have Dragan's set in my collection.
    I knew that set is not good even before the event started, but I have fooled the game system.
    I have made an unanimous random decision to have it!
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  3. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    Hello Dracaty, first of all, I must say that I'm a fan of your Twitch streamings :p Especially that one when you played Dragan's event.

    On topic: I have the feeling and experience that players that give some money ('some' :rolleyes:) get unique items more frequently, can you tell me if this is true or not? I'd like to hear that it's a lie. :p

    Thank you. :)

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  4. taxi1

    taxi1 Forum Overlooker

    there is no reason to ask these kind of questions cause if the thuth is that the players who give more money gain easier the unique itema there is no chance that cm or admin say that is true
  5. moby31

    moby31 Regular

    Well I'm not admin but i can assure u that this is not truth ,The one who deleted his acc spend a lot of money on this game actually he claim that his drop was far much better before he decide to spend his money here .
    There is no big difference between p2p and p2p ,there is exp stones but if we are talking about unique drop i would say that chances are about the same .
    Right enough .
    There was a very curious post about how the unique drop system works here but it has been deleted min after it was posted .
    I know how the things works ...i only want to have the same chances as others .
  6. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    Well okay then... But it just doesn't feel like it :) For example: (on Heredur server) We have 1 player here, who was banned for botting, he was a big payer and started a new account, in 2 months, he got the complete Yachak's set...

    So I was wondering, but thanks for you answer, too bad that the thread you were talking about is deleted...

    Dylannn :)
  7. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    Hi greg n' Dracaty,

    So, today i watched your BIG announcement on Twitch...

    ...Gnob - well, Gnob's home is very poor in graphics n' his stash...

    ...New items for the Full/New Moon events - showing us how to play during New Moon daytime, was very enlightening...i really never knew how to play it, but hte best part was, not showing the new items...

    ...Roadmap 2014 - again nothing...yeah perhaps someone will post it in the forums next week or so...thanks for none-info...

    ...PvP/levelcap - you talked n' talked about twink toons is unfair, but for now there is nothing that we can do about it...about lvlcap, same story...we will raise it in a near future (i think that everybody already knows that, the clue would be gear lvl 50)...

    So, after watching of both playing for almost 30mins new moon daytime, then talk about Gnob for other 15mins and the last 15mins, you answered 3 or 4 questions made by the viewers and you answered them, like always...vaguely, like a true politician.

    And you people still wonder, why you get so many insults on twitch n' Facebook!!!
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  8. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    I just watched it after you posted (because you posted). A 53-54 minute long video to disseminate about 5 minutes of actual information. But, whatever, I guess when you do something live it's hard to keep things trim and concise.

    Yeah, I agree, there was not a lot of information (or many answers) given. A few things were answered, but most things were answered with "no new information on that, sorry".

    Kind of a let-down, all-in-all, but oh well being a >3 year veteran I've been used to that for a while (seriously...I STILL don't have cloaked wrath??? :p ). I guess the lesson here is to just wait until it happens in the game. Like real life, take it as it comes, and that is what I'll do.
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  9. Slitrobo

    Slitrobo Forum Connoisseur

    I disagree. I enjoy and appreciate the twitch shows.

    Gnob's home looks fine and he's in a swamp like a ogre or troll should be but the graphics weren't the point. People wanted access to Gnob when hes not in Kingshill so they gave us a way to visit him. That was one of the most asked for things in the game.

    They said the roadmap is coming soon and there was pressure on the producer to make one.

    Greg mentioned PVP more than once and that balance is an issue and they don't like twinking but it's being worked on.

    Dracaty said there are new zones being worked on but raising the level cap isn't coming anytime soon and they would need a lot of time to build new content for a new level cap.

    The point of twitch is to watch people play games so that's what they did. They also gave out hints that there will be new items for the moon event. That's was just a teaser so it wasn't meant to be something to show us.

    The other big topic for them was to promote the Cologne Gamescon they will be at that probably doesn't apply to most of us but it's part of their job.

    Now they only answered a few questions because it's hard to read the comments when several hundred people are spamming the chat. Also, they were looking for good questions. Maybe that's not enough for everyone but what they do looks hard. I wouldn't be able to do it.
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  10. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    I have something specific to ask (the dev team) that I forgot to include in my original post...

    This has to do with the Gnob maps and the way they are activated. There was a point in the twitch video where Greg mentioned that we won't get a confirmation window for this portal device (Gnob map). Then Dracaty mentioned that it doesn't say "right click to activate" at the bottom, and that needs to be fixed.

    OK, above is the background, and here is my question: Why NOT also include (in addition to the "right click to activate" instructions) a confirmation window on an item that is so difficult to obtain and so valuable to keep?

    There are confirmation windows for easily-obtained Blackborg and Varholm portals, but not one for this very rare portal? That seems to make no sense at all. Granted, I'll be keeping my stack of maps in my locker - like I bet most people will - but there's still a small chance of an accidental click at some point in time. I would like the opportunity to cancel that action rather than use a map needlessly.

    This makes me wonder if a few people on the dev team may have been practicing heading the soccer (foot)ball a few too many times this season... if you catch my meaning :p (purely a joke, no offense meant) But seriously, why not put in a confirmation window when you attempt to use a Gnob map? It doesn't make sense to not have one.
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  11. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    My dear Slitrobo,

    The CM posted on Facebook that they would talk about Gnob/New Items Moon Events/Roadmap (PvP/Levelcap)/Release 130.

    Now, I know that I'm not very bright, but that announcement implies that they would share new info that hasn't been given to the community yet.

    The only thing that i didn't know was how poor Gnob's map looks like.

    As for the rest...New unique's for Full/New Moon has already been announced a few months back, by Allogeneous...

    ...lvlcap, everybody knows that we need new maps, it happened when we were lvl 35 to 40 Atlantis and then 40 to 45 Andrakasch, so nothing new...

    ...PvP is being worked on, you say...well the unfairness started 3 years ago and the only real change they made, was this "a lvl 5 wouldn't have to face a lvl 40", I still remember those fights, I lost every time, they will do something, the day when 60% to 70% won't do anymore battles.

    I sent them a few good question, several times...but it was more important to them answering question that they already have answered vaguely during the show.

    I lost an hour watching and for what, could have farmed or better yet, posting something here in the forum.

    Hi Multi-Sev,

    I'm so sorry, for wasting your time...perhaps next time i will tell ppl not to watch it.
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  12. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Tried to watch the twitch tv pod/broadcast but couldn't take it after too long. You do not like twinks Greg? OMG then disallow grouping above 5 levels. EASIEST fix in game lol, but you keep working on it lol. It's just soooo complicated to do that. More content and quests for the mid levels blah blah blah of course as the mid level ranks have gotten every expansion area to date outside of Stalgard and gotten a ton more quests as compared to game begin. But that's okay, you will entice new players to come to game and they will promptly quit because their low level toons can't get a fair PvP match lol.
    CM team is entirely too vague about everything but to expect more definitive answers/solutions/plans is folly I guess. At least you guys are on a tv show now, that's something ain't it?
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  13. Warmaster666

    Warmaster666 Forum Apprentice

    Well, look at that, a "let's pretend we're interested in the community" thread, from the awesome DSO devs (just to be sure you get it, this is sarcasm).

    Ok, then I'll pretend I buy it, and ask you something.

    I'm a retired DSO player. See this thread

    My question is: do you plan on improving the loot in this LOOT-BASED game? I'm referring to all the loot, but most important is actually the ander/CoTs drops, which are ridiculously low.
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  14. moby31

    moby31 Regular

    Loot drop is so bad now :/ esp from the bosses yesterday khaly after 12th round i just left my group ,1 pink per round common mortis is not better ,do i wanna lose my ess to get 1 pink ?no i rather go and farm m2 without ess and get 5 pinkies which are there for sure .
  15. Piipero

    Piipero Junior Expert

    Hi Greg and Dracaty :)

    Im only looking one answer. I tried to ask you that many times in DSO twitch and you didn't see my question. and the question goes like this: why on earth did developers made dwarf so freaking weak class??? i mean there is no one that can claim anything else... it is the worsest class in about everything:

    short range or you can get normal if you choose 2 hand weapon but with that you cant survive because you have so little health which leads to second thing... lowest values in items hp, armor etc etc you name it. basically no stuns at all/stuns that are very hard successfully execute. slowest resource pool(steam) regeneration and this is very very very very slooooow regeneration. about every skill tree choice is "choose this and this goes useless" or "i have to choose from 2 totally useless things". Most biggest number of useless skills... dwarf-in-a-box = target that can take 1 hit, bomb,heavy shot = hard/impossible to hit moving target and heavy shot of course have so slow animation. steam conductor hmmmm... do i have to even say... you can normally cut your cooldowns for 7,5secs for that you give all your resources and oh wait... the resource generation was very very very slooooow :) now dwarf's main playing is based on using cannons which cannot crit and you really can't get very big damage on them and of course you need to be in small circle to keep them firing. they are very easy to avoid specially in pvp they are totally waste of time. and how about skills costs... usually 1 skill usage means 50% from your resource pool... couple is 20% and one is 100%. basic shot... 60% from base damage and usually even armors cut that to 25-30% so with 1k base damage(which is HUGE for dwarf) you hit 250-300 if they don't block it... i mean ***??? mages usually hit you with 3-4k with fireballs (i don't even say anything about rangers hit or that when you try to kill 9k hp tank with OP healing skills). how you can beat them? well... 95% you can't.

    Please Greg and Dracaty... i challenge you...make dwarf characters for yourself and you can make it very good geared&honor level and go do some pvp with it and make sure you send that live on twitch i wanna see how you manage to do it. :p

    Piipero :rolleyes:
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  16. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    It's NP man, your post was warning enough :D I skipped the entire Blackborg play segment, since I don't need to know about New Moon, and a lot of the other fluff-stuff. It probably only took me 10-15 minutes to get the relevant 5 minutes of information from the video. So - no biggie! Take Care, Sev.

    After about 1000 Khalys kills, I've gotten 2 pauldrons (melted) and 2 pieces of Keen's set (melted - already have the set). You're right, that's a really REALLY REALLY BAD unique drop rate.

    I hope the rumors of Gnob having the Khalys weapons in his home (some day) come true. Otherwise, I may have to quit this torture carousel.
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  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    2/3 of 2014 is behind us ... we don't need 2014 roadmap anymore.
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  18. Burn84

    Burn84 Junior Expert

    Ths a lot DSO Team For making me Trusting u!

    I have Buy 4 jerkins from Gnob old Karabosa set to have a chanse to get a beter armor( my curent armor is not that greate ,not even medium stats ,so i was hoping to get 1 little more beter :D) for my surprise ,i got 4 jerkins with stats more bad lool!!!!
    11k drakens waste, my first mistake in game after 3 years + of gameplay :D

    Np Ths a lot for showing me that WE Player Don't need to trust DSO Team !
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  19. VMmage

    VMmage Someday Author

    Dear Community Managers, please help us "poor folk" with data caps on our Internet service by publishing the text of the roadmap and other important changes in these forums (if it's already here, sorry, I didn't find it when I looked for it). I'm sure that Twitch is very nice, but I can't afford the bandwidth.

    (Update: I found the roadmap... silly me, I didn't realize "Cunning Plans" = "Roadmap")
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  20. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    Thank you for your post and thank you for appreciating the work we are doing. We are actually working for you guys. So for those of you out there that are not satisfied - please look back how many questions have been asked within the last day - and the accuseful tone

    Dracaty and I are really trying to do our best here.
    Please remember that us two have to serve a community that covers over 20 language teams. So before you lose your patience and start to get personal - try to be empathic and work with us, not against us.

    We have heard several times that you, the fans, would like us to be more present.
    Well, we are trying as much as we humanly can. We are present now and you should take a moment to appreciate this and see the benefit in that.

    Vague information & Twitch

    The community of Drakensang is diverse, not only we have players all over the world - but also beginners, casual and highly skilled players. It is utopic to expect that Dracaty and I will satisfy each and every one of you with the information that we share within 1 twitch live stream.

    There will always be information that you already knew and information which is brand new to you. There is no need to start accusing us "that we do not care"

    We cannot give you information that is not known to us.
    Think of it that way - imagine we'd tell you PvP Re-balance will happen September 23rd - but due to last minute changes the feature gets postponed - now would that not make you rage? Instead we like to remind you that we are aware of things being discussed/considered in the team.

    If we have concrete information - we will provide it.

    Steam Mechanicus too weak
    In my humble opinion, yes - this class needs a balancing - unfortunately other features have been prioritized - however, the team is aware that the class needs a proper check up - and not only the Steam Mechanicus - Dragon Knights (needs better allround balance) and Spell Weavers (slightly too strong) as well.

    Loot Balance/Experience
    The loot experience is something that will receive a balancing pretty soon.
    This is a difficult topic as our team has to review a high amount of areas and drop behaviours - we are taking about strict maths here. But yes, there will be a balancing - we think most likely his autumn.

    As for the rest...New unique's for Full/New Moon has already been announced a few months back, by Allogeneous...

    Where do you think Allogeneous and all the other information you see in this forum is from?;)
    You seem to have a general negative stance about what the CMs are doing.
    Realize that we, the CMs, stand between you, the fans, and the developers.

    It is easy to lean back and criticize us.
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