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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Apr 11, 2014.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. call4arms

    call4arms Forum Apprentice

    Forgive me,
    I guess some noise affected communication about classes, it was very loud if this is the result

    With all the boys confessing their love to her and not actually listening a thing
    You get 100% information-dealing duty and actually 21% of incoming questions were dropped or replaced by gnob advertisement

    besides you'll (CMs,TL,the company, thy devs) get infinite help, if opened to trust
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  2. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    My one and only (major) criticism still stands, whether you address it or not. There is apparently a huge discrepancy between the CM/dev team's view of the state of bug fixing and the player community's view of the same. This isn't personal it's just a wake-up call, of sorts.

    Notwithstanding your stellar review of your team's bug fixing prowess in the first post of this thread, most of us do not think an adequate job is being done dealing with bugs (see poll). You can't make something true just by saying it, unless you write history books for grammar schools ;)

    If the majority of players are mistaken (which I admit is possible), and you are "crushing bugs faster than new ones are created", where is the list of bugs "crushed" in each release announcement? A list of bugs crushed, bugs still un-crushed and new bugs created would go a long way toward validating your statement. Biztart has created an unofficial (semi-official?) list of this sort in the forums, but an official announcement of progress would be good to see, occasionally.

    I think, if you are indeed crushing bugs faster than new ones are created (which you may be), then maybe you are crushing the least bothersome ones and leaving the ones that really cause major headaches for players? Or, perhaps you are crushing less bothersome bugs and creating fewer (but much more bothersome) ones to take their places? These are the only explanations I can think of for the wide gap in player opinion vs team opinion on the bug fixing issue.

    I hope that, in the future, we will see the opinion of the DSO team and the player community fall closer to parity on the bug fixing issue. I hope this for the sake of the game; the veteran players, the new players, DSO and BP. I don't write posts to offend or degrade, at least not intentionally. My intention is to help by relaying what I hear in the player community. I hope this is taken in that spirit. Thanks :D
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  3. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    Hi greg,

    This will be my last post in the "Your CM" thread, for obvious reasons.
    It's futile n' pointless to fight a lost cause.

    No it is not easy, most of us don't like to criticize, but it is the "ends justify the means"??? Yes, criticism is the "backbone" n' only weapon that we members of this community have.

    Well, how would you feel, if the people that you asked some questions months ago and simply ignored your questions???

    A - Keep on posting, like nothing happened.
    B - Send butterfly kisses n' flowers.
    C - Say nothing at all.
    D - "For the love of god" stand up n' fight for what is right.
    (I chose D, what do you choose???)

    And no, I don't have "general negative stance", that can only be applied when people aren't doing their job, don't compromise if you can't deliver.

    If the CM took their time and divided it by all forums + facebook, everyone would be happy and get answered.

    There are 15 forums, right...spend one day on each forum only n' facebook to answer questions or doubts.

    Simply announce on all forums, that from now on...
    - CM team will comeback to answer your questions on this date 00/00/0000

    I don't simply criticize bad work, but i also present solutions to improve it.

    See'ya next time on Twitch, n' put the spotlight on Dracaty, because if you are going to bore me to death, let it be with a smile:oops:
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  4. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie


    See'ya next time on Twitch, n' put the spotlight on Dracaty, because if you are going to bore me to death, let it be with a smile

    Criticism is needed of course about the game - but you are bringing criticism to the personal level. There is a difference and frankly, if you have a personal dislike on my persona - I cannot help it. All i am trying to do is my job - reality is that not everyone will be satisfied. This thread is not the space to create a virtual witch hunt. It is meant to be used for you to ask questions.

    "If the CM took their time and divided it by all forums + facebook, everyone would be happy and get answered."

    That's a very generic and easy assumption - become a board admin and see what its like for them ;)
    We do not hang out in the forum 24/7 - this would cannibalize the work of the board admins. We use our extra time for the forums.

    Bugs in the game
    we are fixing a high amount of bugs and you can see for yourself - if you read the patch notes, that there is always a section -that includes bug fixing.
    The term bug is easily put on the table here by some individuals.

    - A chest not opening -when it should - yes, that indeed is a bug. A minor one.

    - An entire PvP Matchmaking system that is flawed, that is not a bug - this is an imbalance. However, the term bug is easily being used for that.

    My one and only (major) criticism still stands, whether you address it or not. There is apparently a huge discrepancy between the CM/dev team's view of the state of bug fixing and the player community's view of the same. This isn't personal it's just a wake-up call, of sorts.

    We are awake and we know about bugs in the game - but we need to prioritize them being fixed. In fact, we started cleaning up the entire game - which is why, for example, we are focusing also on the game entry as mentioned in the producer's speech.
    In 2013 we reviewed the opinion of all communities and we came to the decision that bots & bugs are the main issue at the moment.
    But you see - as soon as we started the cleaning up process, parts of the community started to get bored and asked for more content, other events etc.
    We decided to focus on one track - which was also the community wish -.
    Of course we have to bring new content while we are cleaning up - and that's the tricky part. Because new features and changes can always bear the chance to not work as intended.

    If you have a clear cut bug its best if you report it via our official support ;)

    The support evaluates them, the testers approve them and the bugs get queued up - and eventually fixed. But please consider that not every bug is a "quick fix":)
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  5. call4arms

    call4arms Forum Apprentice

    but bugs breeds by early deployment, the very 15days updates are killing you

    and imbalances when you get the wrong idea about your community desires

    when the two gets mixed (bad idea and loose implementation)
    disaster occours

    bugs affected the game long before bots were born (which is around feb 2013,and they were successfull only cause u made grinding hard and fighting expensive)
    no game on earth is exempt from bugs, but it's hardly bot's fault

    and when you started fighting bots you sadly come with the wrong plan out of two

    and bugs are best fought using trackers (the like of bugzilla)
    rather than confidential messanging...
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  6. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    I admit there has to be a balance between fixing bugs and providing new content. If no new content is provided then many players may stop playing, and no one wants that. I hope that, in the future, more old bugs will be fixed and fewer new bugs will be created with each new release. Gradual improvement is good - I'm not expecting miracles. I know it's a long road, but you can do it.

    Good luck, we're counting on you!

  7. Piipero

    Piipero Junior Expert

    Hello Greg

    Thanks for the answer. :) At least now we get some answers even though the questions might be uncomfortable for BP. It's much better than the old "be quiet/ignore the question" so BIG thanks for that :rolleyes:
    At least now dwarfs have some hope if someone in BP also thinks that dwarf have flopped in some levels :p that is enough for me now although i would have loved to see you and Dracaty playing pvp with dwarf :D Keep up good working :)

  8. pipiw

    pipiw Forum Greenhorn

    give us new thread please to contribute our idea for the new future content, so (CM) can arrange all of the idea according to related content in the next future plan.. it would make u easier to see what idea we have for the new knowledge talent content, pvp honour badge talent, theme for levelcap 50, new uniques, ballancing gems power, and many other content we need to revamp as u already spread to us about the new official roadmap, we would like to work together with the (CM) to make drakensang online richer and more interested by many Gamers..
    thank you for the attention :D
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  9. Slitrobo

    Slitrobo Forum Connoisseur

    Good News, there's a whole section just for ideas here:
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  10. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    Uh, I would like the roadmap to be more concrete ( I don´t need the exact date, but you could just tell month when is this or that coming ) but ok, better than nothing I guess..

    You were asking why we don´t want the level 50 - It´s too soon ! Just wait with it 1 or 2 years more. I don´t know when you plan to add it, but first you should add more maps to 40-45 lvl ( just look how many maps is there for 35-40 lvl, those 4-5 in myrdosch is not enough I thnk. Adding 2-3 more, as you did with the atlantis expansion, would be welcomed - I don´t mean adding new maps to myrdosch, but maybe a new region with new boss. ), complete the 45 PvP talents and wisdom talents tree, if possible, and after this is done, THAN add lvl 50.
    Also, could you make the unique items lvl scale to the boss lvl ? For ex. after there will be 50 lvl, I suppose Khalys, Mortis etc will be lvl 50 as well, and it would be cool if the uniques dropped from those bosses would be on lvl 50 as well ( now khaly and mortis are 45 but they still drops uniques for lvl 40. If there is level cap 50, I suppose we will be able to upgrade all items to 55 lvl. If so, I can´t imagine how many runes it would cost me to upgrade my predator bow from 40 lvl to lvl 55 :eek: )

    That´s all from me, yea and to not forget - I´m looking foward to the achievment system you promise, just hope it will be well-made and there will be some cool rewards for hard achievments :p. Cheers.
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  11. DesertKoala

    DesertKoala Forum Pro

    Just the fact that you are on the forum is amazing. If you go back in the time machine a few years, we didn't have a way to directly engage corporate. That inevitably led to some well intended but ultimately corrosive behavior. Thank you for trying to stay engaged in a mostly thankless endeavor.
    Everyone Else,
    Relax. The game will never be perfect. I personally like the quirkiness of bugs and patches, as they seem to open up 'possibilities'. Just have fun.
  12. -Faeriequeen22-

    -Faeriequeen22- Forum Mogul


    @Bearer-of-Death , sweety, there are girls here too and we have absolutely nothing against watching Greg smile at us. Sooo, let us have Greg.. and black dress! :p

    Now important stuff, I do feel for them; everyone seemed to cry and cry about bugs (and still do), and when they focused on bugs.. everyone started crying about new stuff. Make up your minds people. :rolleyes:
    I also wanted to say other things, about nerfing mages and tanks but not rangers, but my beer started working so I stopped caring. When it's too much I'll simply quit and nobody will care. :)
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  13. Adrian5798

    Adrian5798 Padavan

    I'm from Poland :D I have a questions for a CM.
    1) Are you going to organize a new event??
    2) Which event is the next after The Blackborg?
    3) When are the Blackborg? xD
  14. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    Hey folks:)

    thank you for the feedback -

    1) Are you going to organize a new event??
    2) Which event is the next after The Blackborg?
    3) When are the Blackborg? xD

    1- yes, we are currently looking into two events that the community requested to come back but we will rework them - i've seen already the new designs - this weeke I added the feedback that you guys had given the first time this particular event took place. Took some time to gather it^^

    2- I guess Full Moon will happen before the rework event which i mention in point 1 will take place

    3 - its this weekend - its also already in the polish forum:)

    @-Faeriequeen22- Thank you! @DesertKoala :)
    @shadow-whisper : the level cap is not coming this month....first we need to get YOUR ideas included and comeup with an entire new theme, this will take some time. First we need to balance PVP.

    Guys, ill be not here for next week, so excuse the absence;P
  15. Adrian5798

    Adrian5798 Padavan

    OK, but which event is the next after the Full Moon? Completely new? Or old event in the new scene, of type Viscanium wheter Defeat the Undefeatable ?
  16. IiMonkeyii

    IiMonkeyii Forum Apprentice

    Do we get early notice of what the two events will be? If possible, pretty please?
    With the current 'all-greens' drop mechanic, I am already bored to death with the grind, I really need some motivations.
    P/S: I hope the events will be Stellar Gold and Desert of Essence
  17. Adrian5798

    Adrian5798 Padavan

    Yeah, these events are the best :D
  18. Syringe

    Syringe Forum Apprentice

    Ah, guys, you are doing something good for all players when you check Facebook and here on the forum, because in Bulgarian forum moderators are so bad for them it is easy to delete comments people. And I have to wait for someone else to answer us if we have questions
  19. Slitrobo

    Slitrobo Forum Connoisseur

    Someone mentioned Stellar Gold. What happened with the winners of last year's Stellar Gold?
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  20. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    Can you please make it posible to buy old witch hunter torso from gnob? I miss my chanse and realy sad I don't have that torso. :( am pacticle beging you for help
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