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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. vojza

    vojza Board Analyst

    Ok three questions (sorry for my not good english)
    1. Does this form of roadmap come or not ? I quote your words
    2.What is with this is it still on the plan ? I quote your words again
    3.And what is with this plan I know it old but ,whats with guild PvP and Guild hall ? I quote post from your oficial facebook page.


    Thank you for your early reply
    vojza (czech republic)​

    I hope that you are not laying :D
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  2. Greekhell

    Greekhell Advanced

    Just to get it straight you mean a total clean up bugs bots lags and all the other 4letter words of doom or an extreme make over of the game?
  3. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    Hey guys - im back;)

    lets cover your questions:

    Full Moon & New Moon
    both events received some balancing and new items with releases r119/120/121.
    However, since these events are recurring it is worth while expanding them. Dracaty and I fully support their expansion and there were various ideas already flowing around. For example, to expand the story of Rubina and her clan. Frankly, I do not have any information whether this will happen. What I certainly know is that we have new items for both events. Also a new set for the New Moon Event. Fact is that we will try to implement these items into the mini events but right now we do not know with which method (new quest, new map etc). We currently compiling the latest feedback from the forums to see what needs to change in these two events.

    Desert of Essences
    This event has been already looked at and the game designers have received a collective feedback from all the languages we are supporting. We are fully aware that the entire community is eager to see this event again and we the CMs will do whatever we can to push it - but in the end its down to the developing team to see which features to prioritize.
    Our team diagnosed what needs to be done to optimize the event - the maps will slightly change - as it was easy to slip into an area with difficult monsters, even if one actually didnt want to go there. At the moment there is no date when this event will happen again. Fact is, it will be reworked if its going to be scheduled to happen. Also, expect the name Shagri-La to change - native english speakers will know what i mean;)
    Rise of Dragan Sequel
    This is a definite one. Dracaty an I are planning some activities on how you can get involved in the making of this sequel, shortly you will see what i mean. Also expect the known issues to be fixed by then.

    Stellar Gold 1 & 2
    The winners of SG1 have been made known in the old forum and also via facebook.
    The winners of SG2 were never made public because the prizes were directly from Razor - meaning, the winners got their prizes as vouchers and could claim them directly from Razor's website. We did not publish the winner's name a) because unlike SG1, SG2 had multiple winners which do not all fit in one graphic;) b) prizes came not directly from BP.
    Future: We, the CMs have been tasked to gather feedback from the old SG events - meaning - the team wants to evaluate how to improve the event and potentially launch it. However, Desert of Essences is much more complete compared to this event.

    Bulgarian Mods
    If you feel like the admins of the Bulgarian forum are not fulfilling their jobs
    responsibly, it is best if you write to the support and argue (use examples) to illustrate what you mean:) I will keep it mind though!

    Witch Hunter Torso
    Is it because of the random stats that you are not liking?
    Once the set is completed - and if it was max. in its stats - the set is very powerful. The game designers intended to have it like this - as it would be too powerful otherwise.

    Guild Features
    Our entire team know that players want to have more features for guilds. The "problem" here is, we chose to clean up the game first and fix existing features before experimenting and launching completely new features.
    If you read the Producer Dialogue and watched us on twitch, we mentioned that the Glicko Rating of PVP will be fixed to improve the match making.
    Guild PvP would run under the same base - and thus we need to stabilize it first before we look into guilds. That being said we have two core elements that we want to improve before we start the guild features: MultiPlaying & PvP - Social features, like an improved chat system and find-player system would build a good basis for that. Just look at the "find a player" window and see how much empty space there is that can be filled with usable functions (to display the players location or indicate in which language the player is playing DSO- this would make it easier for you to find fellow landsmen:)).

    We never said we won't do guild features - but first we have an improvement process started.

    FYI: the graphic that you see up there is rather old - you might know that we have already introduced a new character class and also a new level cap.
    That being said, the guild features are whats left from this old graphic.

    I kinda wrote a lot - what's next on your mind, did i forget anything?;)
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  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    OK, I want to say something about events.
    Since the last Lost Truth event these are the events that took place this year.
    1. 10 March 2014 - Invasion on Kingshill
    2. 17 April 2014 - Terrifying Shadows - Dragan's Plan
    3. 19 June 2014 - Rise of Dragan

    .... and ... that's it. Three events in eight months!
    We used to have one event in every 2-3 weeks.

    Why can't you understand players don't like Moon events. They are boring unenjoyable and not rewarding. We don't count those as events.

    You are talking about old events, old graphics ... etc ... I wonder if Drakensang have new team? If it is the case ... then the old team was light years better than this new one. They brought this game to popularity and awesomeness like it used to be, and from that point onward this game is on downfall.

    Bring our events back because we are bored to death this way.
    One thing is for sure, your plans doesn't meet our expectations.
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  5. CemalRavage

    CemalRavage Junior Expert

    Greg ,can you please do somthing about the Romanian forum moderators , its comunism over there , you cant open a freaking topic cuz its gets closed after 2-3 replies , for stupid reasons like "Spam or off-topic" , dont tell me to talk with thesupport guys cuz the romanian suport guys are the mods from the forum , please do somthing about it , there you cant have a conversation about anything cuz its gets closed
    A guy in the forum , some mounts ago , ask if its worth to buy the stone-boxes , and i told him to not buy them cuz they are a scam and dont worth the money , one of the admins deleted my post and banned me for 1 week , EDIT
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  6. Slitrobo

    Slitrobo Forum Connoisseur

    That's a lot of info to mull over.

    I'm neutral on the moon events. Personally, I like the new moon better because I can help people without having fairwood, but you must have silver to do anything in fullmoon. I know some people like them and some dislike. Maybe if there was some randomness to the events it would help?

    Desert of Essence - I really liked that one and I'm still using the boots I got from the red boss. I thought it worked fine but if the devs have improvements then great. I look forward to playing it when it's done.

    Rise of Dragan - Also a lot of fun. I felt it had a little bit of everything for everyone. As long as you fix the lasers and mix up the story for part two then I'll be happy. A question was asked on the Facebook page, "Witch four maps was your least favorite?" I liked them all in different ways but I liked Sulfur Desert the most, then battle ground, excavation, and lastly Jullov's Lab. I do like that Jullov is a recurring character in weird places.

    Stellar Gold - It's good to know someone won the items. I was worried that the silence meant something went wrong and no one won. What kind of prizes could be offered in future Stellar events or do we even need prizes?

    Sorry about Bulgaria and I hope it works out.

    Witch Hunter Torso - No complaints here. People know what they're getting with the random stats.

    Guild Features - This is my second wish after bug fixing. I want all the guild things!
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  7. Apolon80

    Apolon80 Exceptional Talent

    Thank you so much Greg :) Nice work :) ;)
  8. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    Desert of Essence - was great as it was, just 2 things i didn´t like :
    1. The River Dance emote for 1 month - I can say it was one of the best emotions in this game but only for 1 month ? I hate time limited rewards, please don´t make this mistake again.
    2. The need of spherical fragments to enter the event - if I remember right, it was 10 fragments / map ? Since you make the portals on moon events 7fr/portal, it´s quite hard to collect them if i want to play both full and new moon events and making a new event which needs those fragments again is not a good idea I think. Maybe reducing the cost to 5frags/map would be ok.

    trakilaki, you can´t be serious here, it´s definitely better to have less events that lasts longer and are fun, than having bugged and boring events every month ( I still remember Defeat the Undefeatable 2014 - that one was a disaster )

    I have one more question, or better say a wish - can you give us more inventory space ? I mean adding next pages to the inventory and locker buyable for andermant. With new and new events it´s really hard for players to keep all those cool costumes and emotes. I fell I will run out of inventory space soon, even though I have premium. Thanks for answer
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  9. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    Speak for your self mate.
    Full Moon is my favorite event, it's not hard, it's fun and you can get a lot of melt and draken's for it, so it's very rewarding to me and many other players.
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  10. vojzike

    vojzike Forum Greenhorn

    1. Does this form of roadmap come or not ? I quote your words
    from first post on this page :D
  11. DesertKoala

    DesertKoala Forum Pro

    I'm baffled why folks want a raise in the level cap and new maps. There is plenty here to keep you busy for years. I'd much rather have the developers just put the brakes on the entire platform and reboot the entire DSO world into a modern MMORPG. A quick visit to any major MMO ranking web site will show you that were running around in N64 graphics and need to make a massive leap that will not be possible if we burying our developers with unnecessary new content.
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Of course it was disaster it was in 2014 ... I was talking about events of 2012 and 2013.
    No it is not better to have 2 events (which are boring, not fun).
    It is like you are having following weekly menu:
    Monday: breakfast - red beans, lunch - red+white beans, supper - white beans
    Tuesday: breakfast - red beans, lunch - red+white beans, supper - white beans
    Wednesday: breakfast - red beans, lunch - red+white beans, supper - white beans
    Thursday: breakfast - red beans, lunch - red+white beans, supper - white beans
    Friday: breakfast - red beans, lunch - red+white beans, supper - white beans
    Saturday: breakfast - red beans, lunch - red+white beans, supper - white beans
    Sunday : breakfast - red beans, lunch - red+white beans, supper - white beans week all over again.

    I guess you are playing this game just recently so you are not familiar with the old events. They were bug-less. And if sometimes some bug was affecting the event ... hotfix was launched and we got compensated. You know why there is no more compensation? Because with all these bugs we wouldn't have to farm anything ... all it takes is to get compensation. :D

    Because it is your favorite event doesn't mean it is fun. Melt you say? You can get more GoP at m2 in just 5 minutes than in 2 days during those events.
    But who plays events for GoP? No one.

    And for all of you who don't know how rewarding were old events, I will show you.
    I don't think that you even know what was the first Sargon event, which later on was reworked and became Terrifying Shadows.


    The amount of drakens that you can earn in 10 moon events are not enough to buy all above items.

    I understand there are new players and they are after drakens or items that doesn't need identification, but ... you will step into older player's shoes once you get all you need.
    Draken has lost its value. You can get 5M drakens ... but you can get nothing with them :D
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  13. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    To some of us it is. If you do not like Full Moon event, you don't have to play it, realy. :)

    Yeah, but that's boring. You can do that any other day of the week and you will not get draken for it, only melt.
  14. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Treganna left the game a while back. The few of us left in game from way back when know why you did and we supported your choice. But I have to disagree with your post here. "Enough to keep us busy for years". Busy doing what? Farming the same areas day in and day out for the same random stat rewards? Farm for a year or 2 and eventually we are all the exact same clone toons if we're dumb enough to stay in a game that has no future advancement plans. thank you.
    Now I am not a fan of short level cap raises. 40 to 45 was sad and now 45 to 50 will be just as unfulfilling. But whatever, it does add more content and if even for the week it takes to reach lvl 50, (lol), then at least for a couple of months it will be a NEW area to farm in until it becomes just another grind.
    While the graphics are archaic maybe, I like them, many do. I doubt BP has a graphics conversion plan in store for DSO. They could make a new game with the DSO theme and use different graphics, but doubt BP invests heavy money into developing games like that when these style games are fast money makers for them.
    Anyway, good to see you on the forums.
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  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    But of course you can play those crap events. It is all yours. Me and other older players don't even bother playing them.
    I am not saying those events should end, I am saying: Get our events back so we can play them.
    I will play real events and you can play moon events that are, like you said, "not hard".
    You see, maybe it is interesting to you, to def.......end virgins, not for me. I have done that plenty in my life. :D
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  16. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    There is nothing to keep me busy in this game anymore. I have two things to do; map2 glyph farming and PvP. PvP has become boring, so there is really just glyph collection... which is also very boring but I still do some a little each day. I have gone from playing this game 8 hours/day to about 1 hour/day. For players like me, they definitely need to add content. New players may not need/want it but veterans definitely do if they want to keep us playing the game.

    The moon events are... bleh... barely even worth discussing. Boring is not even an appropriate word. Something much worse than boring. I can solo both end bosses in those events without any essences. No challenge there.
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  17. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    So let me get this
    You want a challenging event, that is not easy to complete and 3x the rewords?
    New players would be unable to play that kind of a event at all, so Full Moon and New Moon event's at good for all.
    If you want a challenge try helping 40 level players (4 of them) to finish event, your damage will be crippled, mobs will have even more life points and no blue essence only silver essence. ;)
  18. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    I DO remember this event! It was really fun, I guess you got a picture from Thai server, because the event didn't take so long (just details, no one cares :p)

    Indeed you are right, you can get as much draken as you want, but there aren't any interesting items...
    We need new events with new rewards, I liked the one above so much, because it was a new story, new rewards, and (I think) 1 of the introductions to Draken.
  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Not all contents are meant for new players. When I was new to the game ... I could not finish the first event. But with time you get stronger (if you play) and I was playing all alone. No one was helping me. Now new players come and want to be on pair with highly experienced players furthermore they seek for their help ... but never give anything in return.
    When you was starting from level 1, I already had strong level 40 character. I thought you remember when I was leading you from place to place and showing you the basics and tricks ... but you seems to forgot this. Or you don't want to remember. ;)

    No actually it is from test server. I didn't make screen at the time...
    But that was my first horse and costume. Not that I didn't got the skill ... but those horses that you can buy at Grizmek's are too ugly ... so I was waiting my chance for event with mount reward. :) And I have missed the event with terror horse.
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  20. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    There would be no point to this, except to waste a lot of my time. The challenge isn't the only thing here - the reward should be equal to the challenge. "Helping others is its own reward"... haha, sure, whatever. I'm sure that's why everyone plays online games - to help others get rewards while not getting anything useful themselves :rolleyes:
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