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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Apr 11, 2014.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    Hi CM greg-o-lantern,

    I have a few questions and suggestion.

    I think you should offer the old "witch hunter set" with the negative stats, for those who would like to collect and unlock the true powerfull set! Maybe you could place it in the andermants "new moon andermant chests" ??? :D

    What is the point of having guild war if it's not for battling who has the best guild ?
    Best players and skills, combined with team play ability and gear.
    Doesn't make sense to me. Only the players level bracket should count 40-45 and throw away the Glicko for that. War is not fair :) Never been and never will.

    Will we able to upgrade items to lv55 when the lv50 arrives ?

    Thank you for your time.
  2. Lin

    Lin Forum Apprentice

    Hi CM greg-o-lantern ,

    You also mentioned before already know class of skill imbalance in PvP .
    Especially DragonKnight , now not as good as the overall strength of the dwarves ,
    Ranger and Spellweaver design obviously are too over powered , look at each server Leaderboards are aware of this fact .
    I fear will be even worse situation after Level 50 .
    I would like to ask about the class of skills rebalance , is there a definite adjustment date or plan ?

    Please excuse me the bad English if you can't understand the grammar ,
    I'm from Asia Chinese players , I try hard to express . :confused:

    Best regards .:)
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  3. Apolon80

    Apolon80 Exceptional Talent

    That's not an explanation. It sounds more like an excuse. If we follow your logic the Full Moon Event set is also powerfull. That's not true. Witch Hunter set is a crap - all stats half down!!! Too bad drop!!! That's not a set but just a scrap for glyphs! Make the set as much powerfull as your designers intentd to be, but dont give us random EDIT!!!
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  4. IiMonkeyii

    IiMonkeyii Forum Apprentice

    I just want to say that you can release old events without any changes, so that you guys dont have to take million years to modify an old event to make it new, and we players have something good to play as well. Besides, not everyone has a chance to play old events. For me, as a new player since last Sargon, I never got to play any previous Stellar Gold or Desert of Essence.

    What I am saying is 'just release the god-damn event'

    P/S: I think BP company has cut down the number of staff for DSO game because this game has become old and less attractive. BP is rather to utilise their resources for new games, such as Merc Elite, etc. And due to the reduced number of staff, they now have to prolong everything out (last Dragan event lasted 21 days and they intend to increase the duration of future events as well, mentioned in last twitch podcast. Plus, they take billion years to make any new in-game contents, and examples being 2014 roadmap (released at the middle of the year lol) and only minor changes have been seen (graphics and cosmetic features)

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  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yes you can run old events without changes... but please spare us from this boredom.
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  6. vojza

    vojza Board Analyst

    Hello greg fanks for answer but I have still two questions :
    1. Does this form of roadmap come or not ? I quote your words
    2.Is it Dso cam unauthorized program? And will Dso cam users banned in next boot ban wawe ?
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  7. Coograth

    Coograth Someday Author

    1. the "roundup" happened a log time ago, it just wasn't called that : here is the link .

    2. I can't help there, sorry :)

    Cheers, Coograth
  8. vojza

    vojza Board Analyst

    But there are not updates in quarters as they said :
  9. kelluehaze2

    kelluehaze2 Forum Greenhorn

    what theee! crazy i hate (off topic because it isnt
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  10. kelluehaze2

    kelluehaze2 Forum Greenhorn

    oh yea im unhappy i only got 2 days of old version i got lost wisdo but i was starter (noob) and didnt know anything or what to do so i just went on killing gremlins in darbmoor and i kept seeing trophys and im like nice wwhats this (impure viscanium) and a few days later after event fiish i knew what to do ahhhhhh -_-. so i need to know when next lost truth come on i nee COT




    are you sure im level 33 and im bored doing m1 q1 q2 farm all the time
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  11. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    Witch Hunter Set
    We cannot simply hand out the powerful set like that - that could create very powerful players!

    Level 50
    If you check facebook its actually quite interesting to see that people believe that we would not introduce new items/monster etc to the game.
    OF COURSE we will do so - it would be silly to simply allow players to level up their items up to a certain level without providing new content.

    You will be able to get new items from monsters (level 50) but we will make sure that you ca level up your existing ones as well until a higher level.
    Whether this will be just level 50 or even level 55 is not clear yet.
    However, I can definitely talk to the game designers to do so or at least explain your interest.
  12. Apolon80

    Apolon80 Exceptional Talent

    Hi Greg,
    Can you tell me what kind of "new content" are you going to introduce? I will tell you - you will add new legendary items! That's exactly what you will do! Nothing more.
    Can you tell me now - who plays with legendary items? - Answer is NOBODY, except the shield and the claws!
    So Greg, the problem is that you will rise the levels up once again. And you will do it mechanicallly - just like the last time! Do you remember what happened the last time you rised the levels up to 45? - Lots of players just stopped playing because you depreciated their efforts and money. And now the same thing will happen again.
    You pretend that you are developing the game. Greg, you don't develop anything my boy. That's not development. You just RETURN THE PLAYERS IN THEIR DEVELOPMENT! And that's not fair. If you do the same thing again many many players will quit the game, including me!
    Again let's talk about the new content you will add. Ok Greg, are you going to make all the sets 50 level? - NO. Dark set is 40 level! Keen set is 40 level! Sargon set is 45 level! Karabossa set is 45 level. Dragan set is 45 level! Defender set is 45 level! The special weapons from Mortis, Khalis and Destructor are 40 level. Are you going to make them 50 level? - No of course. So explain me in details what exactly is the new content except 2-3 new buggy maps? That's not serious Greg, that's just a joke with the people you are going to make again!
    If you want to develop the game - there is a large field for development. We dont have 45 level skill on the tree of Glory! The tree of knowledge is only 30 lv. Each level on the tree of knowledge gives the player +1% dmg and +1% more HP!!! Why dont you give us the necessary dmg and HP??? The answer is very simple - because that's not your interest! Just like the elastic bugg - or the monster bugg. This bugg came up 2 months ago and you don't fix it. You made this bug purposely - just to make farming more difficult and to make people spend more andermants. That's why you dont fix it Greg. You wrote on Facebook that its difficult and there is no evidence! LOL. What kind of evidence exactly do you need Greg - finferprints :D :D :D?
    Last thing Greg, I know that's not the topic of the discussion, but it's important for me and many other players. What exactly are you doing with all these ongoing patches? You changed the dayly missions animations - an effect that nobody needs! You made some blood effects - nobody needs them. You made the mobs look more pretty - noone needs that. You changed the position of the characters - nobody needs that too. With the very last patch you added DESTROYABLE OBJECTS!!! Can you explain me Greg what exactly is the usage of these destroyable objects? That's stupid Greg, there is no need of such objects at all!! All the game designers try to remove such unnecessary objects that make the game heavier. All the game designers try to clear the game of buggs and laggs. But Drakensang on the contrary - put more and more destroyable objects - just to make more buggs and laggs. In other words Greg, you are doing useless things with all these patches! You are doing things that nobody likes!!! Your work is useless! Stop destroying the game Greg!
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  13. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Hi Greg. I strongly agree with many of the above-mentioned statements. First off- when you increase level cap to 50 or 55 ( though as you mentioned it is not known/hasn't been decided yet) - will our armor, resistance and critical hit rate thresholds decrease significantly as it had place when level 45 was introduced? For example: before introducing level 45 around 3000 points of critical hit rate used to give us around 70% and now it gives us only around 60%. It was a very hard blow to take- we had to spend endless hours of farming to make up for the lost thresholds' values.

    Secondly, the Fame and Knowledge Trees should be given more consideration now because many players have been waiting so long for fresh,new skills.

    Thirdly, that terrible, awful,annoying 'gum-effect' lag should be tackled promptly. It is so hard to play when one's char is running in one place of a map and just few seconds later it is 'pulled back' to a much earlier point. I believe it started around r.129 ( I think it was 129 but correct me if I'm wrong) when the new chat features were introduced - you know, the one when we could add people or write to them straight from the level of chat box. Would you be so kind and ask our Producer RickTalrok to say few words regarding steps taken to address this problem please? People are waiting frustrated and need some answers- really - it is a serious issue.

    Finally, I want to thank you for getting in touch with the community through this forum- it is really important to keep dialoque. There are many problems and issues we players are facing every day in this game and sometimes one thinks that nobody's listening to us when we shout out for help but knowing that you participate in an open discussion here on this forum gives us some hope that things may and will get better. Thank you for all your work and let us hope that the 'gum-effect' lag and other issues will be appropriately dealt with in due time.

    best regards,

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  14. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    No changes necessary. Ask anyone who was around for either of the SG events and you will be told that it was without doubt the best event ever. No progress bar, just rewards. PvPers could participate and PvEers could also. Also, you don't need a big sponsor like Razor. The first one with all the BP based prizes were perfect too. If you try and change the SG events, you will likely end up ticking players off unless you only do things that benefit the players, like putting uniques inside the coins, or andermant/draken jackpots. Or maybe, make one of the drawing prizes for the event that 100 people per server receive a unique of their choice. The event can be made better, but not by making it look like other events.
  15. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Yes, messing with SG events too much will lead to disappointment. I agree with that. Those events should be left basically the way they were, or people are going to be upset.

    But adding a (very small) chance of boss-and-world-drop uniques to the coins? That would be an excellent addition :D (Maybe I would actually get Khalys' sword that way - 1200 kills hasn't done it!)
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  16. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    We look forward to events, any event, because the game is reliably broken, and the punishment of playing it is predictable and reliable, as is the stonewalling and misdirection from DSO. Give us something to distract us, while you improve quality levels.
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  17. -Faeriequeen22-

    -Faeriequeen22- Forum Mogul

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  18. Nyshen

    Nyshen Someday Author

    Hello Greg,

    First post in this thread. I just got through playing for a couple of hours and it really sucked. See I'm a SW and I play a lot solo. As such I have to play hit and run tactics. Much more so than a ranger or DK. (Though I know they have the same problems I do.) But nothing's quite as bad as thinking your running away and you turn to get another hit in, than to find your next hit doesn't, that your toon is taking damage from enemies firing at where you used to be, and then having to keep playing the same area over and over again because you keep dying as a result of the aforementioned problem. Yes, I'm talking about the placement bug that has been a plague on us for the last 2 months. And personally I'm sick of it.

    For the most part I enjoy this game....or at least used to, but this is getting quite annoying. I realize I'm a new person here, and as such maybe it's in bad taste to start bitching so early in our relationship, but I am a paying customer. I know I don't spend as much money as some, but I do spend a little, and therefore I do expect a certain amount of attention to detail as it were.

    Yes as a female I'd like new cloths. Yes I'd like to be the witch for Halloween. I'd really love it if you balanced out PvP. New events? Great idea; why not? Better awards in those events? Can't aregue with that. Opening up new areas, adding new content. I think the older players would really appreciate that. An increase in drop rates; better equipment in those drops? We'd all appreciate that. Better graphics....meh, not a big deal, but we all like it looking nice around here, so yeah, go ahead if it's not to much of a problem. Something speacial for the guilds? You got my attention.

    But you can keep all of that. Don't do one damn thing I mentioned above until you fix some of these bugs. The rest of that stuff is just filler. If the foundation of your house is built on shaky ground who cares if you get new curtains or not? They won't look any better than the old one's lying in the rubble of what used to be your home.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but as for me if these types of problems aren't fixed, and soon....well I can spend that little bit of money, that I spend here, somewhere else. And I will.

    My advice to anyone else who posts here is to stop arguing over what scraps they keep telling you they are going to feed you and stop asking for this and that, and just concentrate on this one thing. Fix the bugs. I know many of you here have done just that, but if you really want anything done it should be a concentrated effort on the part of the whole community. For my part I won't be complaining about PvP anymore. No more talk about a new dress or what candy I want for Halloween.


    Thank you for your time.
  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    This game is already dead. Check the R134 and cry!
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  20. Sebu

    Sebu Forum Greenhorn

    Unfortunately, Trakilaki , you are right....played many games throughout last 15 years and i've never met such amount of ignorance and carelessness. Ask myself , whether, those ppl. are not doing that on purpose.....should be that way.....can't see any other reasonable explanation. Soon i will leave this project, it's insufferable. There is no way , that someone will say to me ,that some job will be done.....soon. That was just the last drop.....(and there are so many more things)
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