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Discussion in 'Test Server' started by Sunlight, Oct 29, 2018.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Well put. The devs have gone round in circles all along trying to avoid the very thing they have now managed to achieve. What a surprise.
  2. CosmicSea

    CosmicSea Forum Greenhorn

    And the solution for making DK weaker in PvP is simple. Set the new block rate limit to DK's in PvP. Max 30-40% instead of 80%.
    Also mages are still too weak in PvE against bosses. Decrease cooldowns for Destruction and Meteor + let Guardian heal the caster for 60% of the dmg inflicted just like Wolf Pack for Ranger.
  3. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    doesn't green, blue, pink, legendary have the same base stats? green/blue items with gold base could be better than some uniques


    about balancing, they have to reduce or remove healing abilities and implement critical hit rate bonus, that's the easy fix I guess
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  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    no they don't as explained by trakilaki above
    how about using trakilaki's proposal?Check it on the wiki
    It seems to me that they directly profit off player's frustration, they kept pvp deliberately broken and frustrating so that it drives players to spend money to get powerful

    It's similar to pve i guess
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  5. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    And from your last sentence it came in my mind my last pvp suggestion to make arena special map with different nerfs according to class for a better balance that way they won't need to make a bidirectional adjustment for pvp and PvE they will make just pvp adjustment for every type of arena. Fine tuning for 1v1 and particular tuning for every type or caracter regarding his job in that specific arena type.
    Anyway I see many games where devs have no problem to balance many classes every one of them with more than 3 viable or meta builds so I guess they have better spread shits or what? This game has one build for all classes maybe 2.
    Is so simple, give players what they want and they will give you money there is no need to nerf them to force them pay for power.
  6. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    I think this conversation about PvP is too late now as the devs have already decided to go forward with their gearless crap a long time ago, and the release is literally only a few days away. It’s not like they will suddenly start listening to us. They are in effect trolling us; all our efforts to debate about and discuss this is ultimately in vain.

    Please, please, can someone just buy BP and fire this dev crew who can’t fix the game to save their lives. I wouldn’t even care if Trump bought the company because he would still do a better job than these incompetents.
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  7. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I have played many many games in my life
    I started gaming at th age of 11 in 1991
    I loved this game, the 18 months I spent on lvl55 was good
    Drakensang is the only game that has kept me for as long as it has, the second closest is 6 weeks.
    yup that is how awesome this game has been for me, even at pathetic latency rates.
    I play a dk ofc since it is the only melee class in the game
    I used to put in an average of 10 hours per day on this game
    On average in 18 months that is 5400 hours
    and ofc I am still a premium player.
    One would expect to be able to solo a boss like grimmag on infernal 1 at least after so much time
    I can't
    Maybe I suck at gaming?
    On the other hand maybe its my setup q4 and 3 dark pieces?
    I have seen amazingly famous players leave this game over the past 4 to 5 months
    Those players had a huge influence on the popularity of the game.
    Regarding the r214 dungeons, I can see where they come from.
    Note that what works in one game cannot work in another because of the mechanics involved.
    Also, there cannot be only 1 meta in a game per class
    That is rediculous and totally unacceptable.
    Of my hand I can pick 3 games already that has 3 main sets per class, and these games have more classes than dso.
    I am not even sure if this is my last post on the dso forum
    I have had good times, come r214 lets hope the player base doesnt dwindle even more, so that I have something to come back to if the new games dont live up to my standards.
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  8. callme0216

    callme0216 Advanced

    There has been a lot of players that said already that they will leave.
    There has been a lot of players that said they stopped playing.. but they still playing.

    Soo many players over react things always. Just as now a lot of these "good" players are youtubers they think they have the power to tell people that they will leave "you should too".

    If its better for them do it, but most of them still continue playing with the same name ,or changing them..

    PVP will be painfull thats for sure, devs said they will change things up.. You want to bet with me that thoose players that said they will leave, thoose will be the first that come back for whenever the new PVP update?
    Sure i dont say PVP will be right this way.. but still they updating PVE and INF4?
    New crafting, Gem upgrade.. a lot of new things.
    This is why i will continue playing.. Maybe it will only be interesting for me for 3-4 months but still, atleast some update comming.
    Even if i have the character to be effective now in PVP i didnt enjoy it since there is no reward to do it.
    The Grand Master rang not good enough to say that it was worth to get it, and the Black Armored Bear? I quess i lost a lot without it..'
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  9. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    You think I am kidding or just thumb sucking things?
    @ULTRAPEINLICH is gone, gone for good
    @Slabutul9 mostly gone he plays a little once in a while.
    Bigger gems?
    So what?
    Inf 4 is inf3 on a higher level.
    The 1st name I mentioned first is a pvp player that left for good
    Does anything in the new content change the set metas?
    Hasn't players already voiced their opinions on the new dungeons and the new farmarama harvesting of herbs?
  10. callme0216

    callme0216 Advanced

    It seems that you just thumb sucking as you just said.
    You mentioned a player that did a lot of things for the community. @ULTRAPEINLICH
    And someone that I mentioned previously..

    Than what they do? i said this too just before you.

    If you dont like it dont play it. Just as simple.
    Wasnt this game was always about farming dude?
    This is how is it. If the harvesting would be a "must" do thing without benefit than you would be right to complain about Farmerama effectus..
    Dont need to announce that you want to leave.
    No one likes attention seeking..
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  11. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    So few of them has return to game, they have sell accounts you know there is a black market for this.
    Maybe you see them play but is just the account sold or give to a kid and that account will not provide money to BP not anymore.
    I like that you are pozitive but I think you will be one of few players that will remain in game next year.
    And you know what, there is no problem if a player leave the game as long as 2 or 3 players join the game but that is not happening that is the problem.
    The problem is that this game is so pay to win from the core to outside on so many levels and the new trend in industry are mtx that has no impact on power just cosmetics.
    And you know what is more bad the fact that they don't need to sell power or nerf us to make us regain that power with money, they can make so many mounts, costumes effects they can make decorations for guild hall and much more to sell, Dso can be a very non pay to win game if they want, a very popular one but there is a manager or. Co that think different and take bad decisions there.

    So true.. And sad, Maybe we should buy some bounds and put traky CO.
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  12. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    they are listening but they will not rollback anything.. they fix and change things every day including some things posted in this subforum. Changes in pvp can be made easily at any time, like modifying the arena bonuses

    thats ridiculous for an rpg but most people dont care, people complains about almost everything except about how the most basic thing in the game is broken

    you can buy buffs and potions so harvesting is optional, except for upgrading gems but thats just a small effort with a big benefit
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  13. Rectangular

    Rectangular Forum Greenhorn

    How much will cost the q7 infernal 4 weapon?
  14. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Lol, you dont get it
    I am not threatening to leave, I have already done so, I stil keep an eye on the forum though.
    Anyways your statement about the farmarama show how inadequately you are informed.
    You dont pick up the herbs like in varholm, you literally pause and pic then up <- theres even an animation for that, and a timer :D
    Let me explain it to you like I explained it to Harra.
    "Lets say you have to farm 100 of 1 type of ingredient for 1 potion per say, and the animation is 5 seconds that = 8.3 minutes for 1 potion
    now lets say you need more than 1 kind of herb for 1 potion and you need 4 kinds of herbs, that is 33 additional minutes spent in a dungeon for 1 potion.
    Now bear in mind to do this unhindered you will have to clear the dungeon first. ( if not that then the area around it )
    now that 33 minutes doesnt seem like a lot but what if you planned on farming 100 potions? that = 3300 = 55 hours = 2 and a half days almost.
    all that accumilates to slower farming.
    In the end it will still be the same mobs and the same bosses only your time spent farming stats will be severely hindered.

    Anyways with an attitude like yours you must be a dev :D who cares man its an attitude like yours that will make more people leave.
    Either way as for your comment regarding attention seeking
    I loved this game and who are you to go and spoil someones goodbye?
  15. callme0216

    callme0216 Advanced

    2 times in a row I feel like I already answered your question.
    Also you had to know i dont live in a cave to dont know that i need 5 sec to "harvest".
    I like this game too, but if something benefits for my character and i have to farm anyways than what would be the problem?..
    I will not craft potions thats for sure ,I aiming for gem upgrades.. If i want buffs i will buy them, just as the 7k critical tonic for 75 gold ish..
    And yes im also a dev. Developing myself in a lot of ways.

    I also play 2 more game beside DSO. Maybe thats why i have this optimist mentality
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  16. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Your case is not new. I have a player in my discord who playes since 9 months and has 26k dmg and 22k crit and still cant inf 1 with his tank.
    Sorry to say it but you just dont know all the perks of your class, he even said to me that he still has a lot to learn.
    If i can kill fast a boss with 20k dmg a as a tank adn 17k crit then the problem is somewhere in the player despite the setup
  17. Hetsunien

    Hetsunien Padavan

    @Phyrix said it before, he plays with an awful lag that gets worse everytime he faces any Boss. His toon is very impressive and he has put so much effort to build it. And I know it 'cause I played with him, but it's sad that players like him leave the game because bad decisions of developers.
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  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Dude ... I have already explained that in few posts and few threads XD
    I have written an essay in the previous post ... all together it would bring me a Nobel Prize in Theoretical Crafting XD ... yet you are still asking.
    It can be seen in this example
    as it can be seen the same item has changed stats to higher values when upgrading rarity. That was just a rarity upgrade without level or tier upgrade.
    When the stats are upgrading from magic to extraordinary item ... that means they can be upgraded.

    Now ... lets take the example of the amulet I have posted it in the previous post.
    as you can see the stats are not the same for regular and unique items ... they are not even same for same items of different rarity.
    Now let me show you the same amulet at T6 upgraded to extraordinary rarity ... compared to the same unique amulet on higher (T6) tier.
    You catch the drift now?
    The extraordinary amulet has already lost the advantage (that is the same magic amulet).
    Is that not enough of proof?
    If not ... I will prove it mathematically.
    Here in this section on Wiki I have shared my own formula on how I am calculating golden base stats on items.
    Gs = Vmin + ((Vmax - Vmin) -10%)
    That formula is providing the starting value of the base stats until the maximum value of the same stat in which range the value would be golden (a range between values for which the stats would be marked as golden).
    Lets take the All Resistance values on the Unique Item in example.
    the possible min-max stats are 624 - 792
    Now lets apply the values in the formula:
    624 + ((792 - 624) - 10%)
    = 624 + 151.2
    = 775.2
    That means all values for All Resistance on that amulet would be golden starting from 775 (rounded) to 792 (max value).
    As we can see the extraordinary amulet has 767 All Resistance value (which is lower than 775) and it is already golden.
    That points out the Unique and the Extraordinary amulets are having different range of values for the stats.

    If they add crit hit and crit damage to the buff ... the immortals would become even more powerful.
    There has to be different buff for each class.
    The best option is to remove the block buff completely.
    if they remove or reduce healing ... as you say ... they would probably do it though their skills. That would be a nerf that would impact PvE too. Why? Because something is not working in PvP.
    That is not what we want ... we don't want them getting nerfed.
    Buffs have never solved anything in PvP ... they are the main issue together with ridiculously high base stats on items.

    P2P is not an issue at all ... in fact it is healthy for the game.
    It is driving the F2P players work harder so they can achieve their goals ... It has driven me to farm and work more so I can catch up with the payers. It gave me reason to set up goals to achieve.
    They will buy everything they can but they couldn't go beyond that ... and the F2P would slowly catch up until they are equal.
    The real problem is the level of grinding you will have to do to catch up. The level of grinding has been made "not in this lifetime" achievable. There is no point of grinding for 24/7 so you would catch up in 10 years. no one has that amount of time to spend even if gangbanging or botting. That was not present in the past ... it has been done that way in the last 2 years.

    so why are you not following your example? :D
    Instead when you don't like something you are coming on the forum and talk about it.
    That is called freedom of speech.
    The game can't afford to lose the old players ... and in same time it should be focusing on getting new ones.

    I made the screen 3 weeks ago ... I don't know if the prices are still the same
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  19. callme0216

    callme0216 Advanced

    I have just as much freedom of speech than everyone else.
    Hope dont have to explain why i exactly said to that guy what i just said. "If you dont like it dont play it. Just as simple."
  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    they made grinding more tedious to drive players to spend, it's psychological warfare against you, they want to break you so that you spend
    Does it seem to work? all the evidence suggests it doesn't, since more and more players are leaving and new players aren't sticking to the game, leaving for greener pastures
    They don't seem to care

    It's not only BP that is doing it, even AAA games are doing it( you know, all that microtransaction and lootbox bullcr*p that made those games grindy and deliberately boring)
    It's a trend, only made possible but gullible gamers and shills who defend corporations no matter what

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