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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by bandur, Mar 29, 2024.

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  1. bandur

    bandur Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, can someone help me cuz lately i have problem with connection in DSO. It only appears in DSO. Other multiplayer games work just fine. Sometimes when i try to load a map there is connection problem 2 times and after that on 3rd attempt it magically loads very fast like nothing happend. Its always in that exact order, 2 times CONNECTION PROBLEM TRY AGAIN and on 3rd attempt it loads rapidly. It wouldnt be much of a problem, maybe on blood chests runs which of i am big fan sadly but sometimes even when map loads i cant see nor players nor monsters etc, i cant use my mount, my map and other things, thats the time i need to relog to the game but sadly like for example, on Spring Event map, when i relog, it tps me back to city instead of event map, which worked many times on PW maps. This bug started like week before event. I tried reinstall and stuff but still does not work properly. Can someone guide me on this one? thanks