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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Adryan, Sep 18, 2023.

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  1. Adryan

    Adryan Forum Apprentice

    Lately without any doubts the game lost many users, and we all know why is that.
    The game is no longer enjoyable for the following main reasons:

    1)Improving your own character takes between 9 months to 2 years which might be acceptable due to the fact that important events such as anniversary, bgh and dragan are once a year.


    Why does it take soo long? Is it because important events are once a year? No!
    The problem is the drop rate.
    There are plenty of people that after 150+ runs in the anniversary arena never found anything but helmet or ring which are useless.
    BGH event unless one spends money is very unlikely to find it. Sometimes even if one spends money the set couldn't be found.

    Me and everyone else in this game would agree that upgrading the drop rate and make the game less p2w would make it more enjoyable.
    I am 100% sure that these two "fixes", might lead to a healthier game, less account buying/selling/trading and could easily bring a lot of new players.

    I love drakensang but it is nowadays too hard to enjoy it.
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  2. CiscoNetPlus

    CiscoNetPlus Exceptional Talent

    I don't agree, by getting everything easier the game becomes more boring, and by having everything there is no longer motivation to continue in the game.

    Before it was much more difficult to get the items and other things, and there were many more people.

    The problem is the continuous errors, a lot of lag on the servers, non-existent PvP, among other things that motivate players to stay.
  3. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    Grinding your way up from 1 to 100, running countless zones, parallel worlds for drops, event drops, world drops, brig portal drops, mythic drops etc and cycling through events by the year (or month), is fun the first time around, maybe even the second time when your stats are better. I'm sure people who get their respective 90-100% items take pride in how long it took to finally get. Its fun to a certain degree and its not easy but not hard either.

    But this is when this game turns south. trying to top up imperial gems to cap, trying to get the rarer drops behind paywalls/limits. Farming 4x bloodchest solo for 6 hours, or farm PW bloodshed for chests.. daily, in and out, day after day, run the rarer stuff.. no drops. no drops. no drops. It makes zero sense to spend 10 hours to up my damage from 550k to 550.5k. i need 2 focus, i need a few mil dust, im already bored out of my mind that i quit months ago, theres literally nothing left to do that is useful of my time, that could be benefcial for my characters except play anniversiary and stellar gold event.

    0/170 sargon neck, 0/120 ingrediant hunter, 0/120 anni weapon, 0/1800 pw chest drops (6 jewels no focus, mind you it takes farmage to get the realm frags for fast travels, and lots of merciless runs for fragments / daily materaii etc), its just not fun to be on the opposite RNG side due to poor balance.
    I do not expect them to be easy, but i did not expect 3 years of nothing. in fact the free gamble bags netted most of stuff that i couldn't get to drop to begin with.

    some events went positive with some changes like new moon difficulty, full moon gem upgrade item, terrifying shadows drops (albeit community coin NEED TO BE FIXED, stupid vendor is behind a premium paywall for uhh premium lol)... but at the downside they removed and or nerfed a lot of progress events like rising hero and DtU (too much progress, too easy to get jewels), as well as tampered with a few events requiring 10-100x more time investments for progress.

    Since this dev team took over in summer 2021, during whatever fiasco happened at that time, this game still has yet to provide quality improvements to overall health of base game, new gear choices, and content. Instead they nerfed all the base quests and made it easy mode, nerfed gem drops rates around jan 2021, removed all methods to obtain jewels by not releasing prior events, or altered to never drop (or they are top tier event rewards noobs cant obtain but vets can but dont need them), and push pay to win chests since then. The game is messed up when you force players into a 2 year min grind or throw gamble chests for $$$ to progress. Its sad, when youtube is littered with "i spent 200 $ on gamble bags" for jewels because terrible drops or only can get 6 jewel chests a year now, or the amount of players ive seen shell out 400$ on dust chests to avoid farming gems through pw/bloodchest farming.

    disagree that is was more difficult before, except base quests, there was more ways to get jewels and events were a bit easier to do, and they were actaully run more than a few times, instead of zero. lots of things stated above simply havn't changed at all. the whole movement to p2w and event attire is just a slap in the face for the people who invested 2-3 years doing it manually. "BUT BUT THIS GAME NEEDS $ TO RUN", sorry that is just bad balancing and you players getting grifted for something that should have been in QoL improvements instead. They had boosted premium for the better, but they took it a step further to bone players instead with poor gem drops, jewel drops, and brought back the gambles which was banned in EU (lottery) in the game prior to this game moving to china.
    The whole transition from old dev team with monthly updates, codes, and progress reports for new things, to what it is now is well, disappointing.

    While i give them credit for some things being added since then, and some alterations, the damage was done and i dont think whoever bough this game anticipated just what was needed for it. A whole new dev team, learning whatever this game runs on, nebula id guess, and the difficulties there in to code new things for content. They definitely have tried in the last 6 months, but theres a solid 2 year gap of confusion from their end from this games acquisition.

    This game has had zero open communication on this forum regarding input for a better game, instead they opt for whats the easiest way to rake in your cash and time that many like me just won't comply with. Theres so many f2p games as alternative, and if you want to spend money, theres lots of options out there.

    TL;DR - unbalanced, too much p2w, lack of content.
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  4. athrox1

    athrox1 Forum Greenhorn

    impossible. disappointing. In my clan there are new players who were given the weapon the second or third time they entered the challenge. I've been playing this game for more years than the anniversary announces.. This is the third year of the event that I don't drop the gun. And I no longer have Ander to spend to buy the passes to the challenge. I have to wait another year?. Aprate lost passes to the challenge because of the damn lag. :( I no longer expect anything from you.
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  5. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Personally, I would be happy to see a bit higher junk gear drop rate everywhere. I know that's a challenge for players with already full backpacks, but ever since the last true content expansion from several years ago simultaneously increased the gold cost on crafting / dismantling anything while also decreasing junk gear drops (the only source of gold, putting aside the pitiful amount of silver coins dropped by random mobs ... even Bloodshed Chests drop a few bits of gold, not the thousands which would make sense for the effort), I have to farm junk for a week or two in order upgrade a jewel to extraordinary item level.

    So, even incremental progress is another layer of grind and patience.

    Meanwhile, if a current event rewards an Imperial resistance of x junk gem, I have to let that clog up another inventory slot because it costs thousands of gold to grind into dust. The day to day balance of economy is out of whack. THIS slows down player progress more than the hope of dropping a best-in-slot weapon (which might have crap base stats anyway).
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  6. Adryan

    Adryan Forum Apprentice

    after 8 years in this game i'm kinda pissed that the newbie gets the weapon after legit 2 runs and after my 200 runs i have nothing.
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  7. CiscoNetPlus

    CiscoNetPlus Exceptional Talent

    I totally agree, my weakest characters got the weapon very easily, however the two strongest characters have not achieved it yet.

    But trying to get the weapon I have obtained the best spells to add to my items, many gems to make dust. Of course I will continue trying to obtain the weapon.
  8. mariusmgm

    mariusmgm Someday Author

    every think change in the game after lvl 45,sad,i remember there was full of players every day,after lvl 50 ,players start to quit playing,the game become harder and you need to spend around 8 hours a day to acomplish some quest or get a new good weapon,and why all this? who is guilty because the game is going down?,we all know,but like i said before,and i repet;no one,i mean no one care about players opinions,no matter what!
  9. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    I find it very amusing that players keep saying that players are leaving for the last 3 to 4 years just because a certain item hasn't dropped for them.. and that the game is no fun.. well this game is built around LUCK and RNG.. it's just that simple and honestly it's what makes this game so different from most games in this category.. if every item just dropped after only a few runs then what fun would that be.. that mechanic alone is what keeps the player and myself to keep trying.. and if that's not fun for you as a player then this game isn't for you.. I have been playing since BETA and I will continue to play untill the game officially closes it's servers..
  10. mariusmgm

    mariusmgm Someday Author

    is not fun to farm for a weapon between 6mounts and 2 years just to drop it,i play from beta version too!
  11. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    This reason is exactly what I'm referring to.. I have been trying to get the Anniversary weapon also since it was implemented.. but with no luck I have not.. as it should be for this weapon.. but this is what makes me try every year.. I'm not going to quit the game because I didn't get the item.. that's just ridiculous.. i have OP status anyways so this weapon would just be more of a skin for me..