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  1. Shanty

    Shanty Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    DSO text realm.png
    Upon the explosion of a mysterious volcano, evil creatures emerged from underground.
    Azar, a powerful demon lord asleep under the mountains and now awakened is going to strike down anyone in his way and lay his fury upon the world.

    Through all the lava, sulfur, and deadly gas produced by the volcano, one would find a treacherous maze buried with all kinds of treasure. Champions will have to fight their way through the maze to finally confront Azar he launched a full-scale invasion of the human kingdom.

    What's new?

    Three new maps:

    - Maze of Blaze
    - Lava Path
    - Azar's Pit

    The entry to the first map, Maze of Blaze, can be found in Ellonidos for players with level 55+.

    New Boss:

    - Azar

    New Monsters:

    - Pit Destroyer
    - Minotaur
    - Undead Mage
    - Skeleton Warrior

    Four new set items, one for each class:

    - Helmet of The Flame Conqueror
    - Gloves of The Flame Conqueror
    - Armor of The Flame Conqueror
    - Shoulders of The Flame Conqueror
    - Boots of The Flame Conqueror

    - Helmet of The Blazing Enchanter
    - Gloves of The Blazing Enchanter
    - Armor of The Blazing Enchanter
    - Shoulders of The Blazing Enchanter
    - Boots of The Blazing Enchanter

    - Helmet of The Pit Stalker
    - Gloves of The Pit Stalker
    - Armor of The Pit Stalker
    - Shoulders of The Pit Stalker
    - Boots of The Pit Stalker

    - Helmet of The Fiery Heart
    - Gloves of The Fiery Heart
    - Armor of The Fiery Heart
    - Shoulders of The Fiery Heart
    - Boots of The Fiery Heart

    Collector's Bag:
    - New Mount: Lava Lion

    New Ingredients:
    - Lava Leaf -- obtainable from the 1st map
    - Lava Ore -- obtainable from the 2nd map
    - Burning Tears -- obtainable from the boss

    How do the three new maps work?

    1. After players clear the first Maze of Blaze, a ranger tree stump will appear in the middle of the map. After clicking it, three doors will show up. Some of them will lead the players to a copy of the first map, and when players clear the map the door to the Lava Path will show up. Other doors will lead the players to the exact same map, which means three doors will show up again when players clear the map and click the tree stump.

    2. Each time players enter the first map, the correct doors are randomized.

    3. After players clear the second map – Lava Path, a door will show up and it will lead players to the boss map (one of the five versions of Azar’s Pit). Each boss will drop one of the set items.

    We hope you enjoy the Content and make sure to share your feedback with us!

    Your Drakensang Online Team
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