Feedback Crafting 2.0 – Official Statement & Feedback needed

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Allogeneous, Mar 22, 2016.

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  1. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    These people punish themselves. Nothing to do with the system.

    Casual players (like me) who, even though their char has godlike stats, can farm maybe 10 good items per month (with 1-1.5 hour of gameplay per day maximum). I just wasted 40 items and got nothing. Even if I got something good enough, that would still be 4 months worth of gameplay.

    PS. There is no person alive more patient than I am. After all, I have been waiting for two years before I came to the decision to drop the game. :p
    Edit: Correction - my support to the game. I am not quitting, at least not completely, although that new game I bought is excellent.

    I fear that you miss the point. You are assuming that I am talking about players farming a boss for a set or something similar. For most players at my level, and for nearly all people that have been playing for over 1.5-2 years, all of the uniques that bosses are currently dropping are absolutely useless. I have better items already. The only way we can advance is to make items with specific stats for our builds. So, this system is punishing to people that already have good items and have been playing for years but cannot invest a lot of time into the game, like me. Others, who have the luxury of time (and are masochistic enough to waste it on grinding for items in an online game), will greatly outpace the rest.

    When that mage with 9K base dmg hits you with a simple fireball in the arena, or when people will not be taking you in for farming because you "have less than 6K dmg", you will understand what I mean.

    About that second part I quoted, did I not give exact numerical results above? The chance to transfer all four stats is half a thousanth if four legendary items with one good stat are being used. For two stats out of four good stats to be transferred, it is 5%, which is...5%. And yes, by the time you make that in the craft, you would probably have already farmed one (or a dozen) very good items already.
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  2. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Nope :) I didn't assume anything like that....... first, because I am perfectly aware on how things are going in the game and how works the workbench now; second, because I answered to Armando, not to you, and I said that he is missing the point, not you ;) Moreover, if you read carefully what I wrote (to him) you probably notice that you and me are basically saying the same things.

    I have played this game much longer than you, so I well know how useless are the items (any item, sets included) that we are dropping now: I am not playing anymore exactly for that reason, and my actual committment is just limited to a few runs in order to have the proof when I speak on something.
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  3. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    revert should be for free...loosing 2 items is just enough
  4. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

    Nooo is devastating. Losing 2 items with 77% Damage and 1600 Critical Impact took away the desire to use the workbench. I never use it more. I do not care glyph or gold, but the 2 items I should not lose them. I do not think of using more workbench.
    A user had proposed to save 3 of 4 items, of losing just one, I agree with him.
  5. ekant1992

    ekant1992 Padavan

    You should not put items that you don't want to loose in the 3rd and 4th slot.
  6. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Oh, so I should put in 2 good items and 2 junk items and just hope that something useful comes out of it?

    The entire argument that we should not get the player friendly version of 2.0 was based on the principle that if we kept all 4 items and unlimited reverting that one day, players would be happy and strong. This would eventually lead to players becoming bored with the game at quit at some point down the road.

    So in typical DSO fashion, they would rather make us unhappy now and quit the game sooner.

    Now maybe it's just my two and a half decades of being a business owner that gets in the way of this particular practice.
    In my experience, happy customers = long term customers. Unhappy customers = zero customers.

    Back when BigPapa left the game his parting quote stated "Each patch since R155 has shown me that my thoughts on what the game should be and the direction it continues to travel are not close enough to each other for me to continue. I have seen some great changes made in the last few months, but those positive changes are far outweighed by poor judgement and a priority in the dev team I cant even identify, and decisions based on information that is not factual or accurate. The changes that are made follow only the logic they prioritize and ignore what is actually best for the players."

    That was true then and still true today.
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  7. cogix

    cogix Regular

    I was testing the first version of crafting 2.0 on testserver and I was so happy about that (even it was expensive).
    Now with this "last" version of crafting I lost several good stat legendaries and result of crafting was really crap item.
    Even there is a "revert", I lost 2 legendaries (and of course gold).
    All the time collecting good stat items and make my inventory always full of them now will become "time to melt everything" (or sell for good gold).
    Sorry DSO, but this version disappointed me
  8. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    I have been playing for four or five years, I cannot even remember. "Longer" is a relative term here.

    Indeed, we do agree on the outcome, albeit for different reasons. Which, having people agree that is useless for numerous different reasons that is, is even more condemning for the new system.
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  9. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Aahh sorry it was misleading to read about the "all people that have been playing for over 1.5-2 years"... that it wasn't you... lol, I apologize :oops:
  10. ekant1992

    ekant1992 Padavan

    well atleast i won't place 2/4 legenderies in those 2 slots cause for a newbie lvl 50 like me they are worth a lot.what i ment was don't gamble what you don't wanna lose.

    As for the rest of your comment , yes, you are right, that argument against the original 2.0 was valid but it could have been fixed easily by improving PVP and turning it into a kind of a mini-MOBA so that people would still play after crafting godly items like bragain's axe.But instead of finding a better work around by improving the end game possibilities they just nerf 2.0.
  11. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    I suppose you still could dance for the gods in the hope they give you one hand for the final result :)

    In one of my many unsuccessful attempts I have obtained 2 bonuses from 2nd and 4th item each one. Maybe you could get 2 spells from 1st and 2nd. So, the other two items would just be a stop-gap...
  12. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I'm kind of at the midway point and sadly have to take the chance of losing good items. I absolutely hate losing 25K in gops for the failed attempts, but they didn't leave me any choice.

    If I want to improve, I either wait for the rng gods to bless me or throw in nothing but good items and hope.

    One big difference, now that we lose items, I can no longer justify opening up gem slots before crafting.

    So I either have to be extra picky and only keep items with 3 or 4 gem slots which makes farming for good gear even harder, or I end with a couple of slots and spend a fortune opening up the slots.

    Crappy 2.0 wasn't the final nail in the coffin for me, but if something doesn't come along that offers some ray of hope in improving my character in a timely manner, this will be my final year.
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  13. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    My POV is very similar - I have something like 50 or 100 unplayed games in my various game libraries, so it wouldn't cost me anything at this point in time to take an extended break (and will probably save $$$ as I do occasionally put some money into this game).
  14. joe6699

    joe6699 Junior Expert

    I played this game more than 5 years and with crafting 2.0 i start losing interest in this game. As an heavy farmer and payer, crafting 2.0 made unique useless and getting GOD like gears is solely based on pure luck. I am tired of gambling...
  15. babu_o_babu

    babu_o_babu Advanced

    Today, I crafted 4 green inner circle gloves but ended up getting blue Archmage Glove instead of 1 blue inner circle glove. Is it intended?

  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yes it is ... you are getting only default item skins.
  17. babu_o_babu

    babu_o_babu Advanced

    That's a relief. Thanks.