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Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by frumi, Jan 5, 2021.

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  1. frumi

    frumi Forum Greenhorn

    Hello! where can i get the recipes to let me craft blue items purple and legendaries? it says i need to complete fabric of legends achievement to receive the recipe.i am level 45 i have completed petyax quest from kinghill but the following quests from andrakash ashraya jarholfn yaltapetl i did not receive them. Any help ?
  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    You're referring to equipment crafting, right?

    And you completed that initial crafting quest-line and added the first equipment Rarity Upgrade schematic to your workbench, allowing you to combine 4 random green (improved) pieces of gear to create on 1 random blue (magic) piece of gear, right?

    Now you simply repeat that 4 green --> 1 blue process 10 times and will automatically receive the 1st gear crafting achievement, which will give you the recipe to combine 4 blue --> 1 purple (extraordinary) item. Repeat 4 blue --> 1 purple 20 times to get the next achievement and the recipe to combine 4 purple --> 1 gold (legendary) piece of equipment. Repeat 4 purple --> 1 gold 30 times to get the final achievement and the recipe to do Enchantment Transfer Crafting.

    That's simple enough, but time consuming, as you need to drop tons of gear to melt for glyphs of power (GoP) in order to complete each craft.

    As I've mentioned elsewhere, I recommend that you save your daily login chests as long as possible so that when it's time do the 30x 4 purple--> 1 gold achievement, you can open your chests and get 1 purple item from each, some of which you'll use as raw ingredients for the random crafting, others of which you'll melt for the GoP "currency" required by the workbench.

    Be patient. Drop rates suck.


    If instead you're asking about consumable crafting (potions, elixirs, tonics, physics), BP broke that system. They removed the base recipes to create common versions of each consumable from the crafting master's goods for sale; even if you have a toon that was started before CE but never bought the base recipes, you're out of luck unless/until BP adds the base recipes back into the game somehow.
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  3. frumi

    frumi Forum Greenhorn

    Yes i was refering to equipament crafting ,thank you very much for answer it did help me alot and got me unstuck :)
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  4. sharky07

    sharky07 Forum Greenhorn

    i wrote to support 3 times about this and at end some guy from fb page told me that :D
  5. A$taroth

    A$taroth Forum Apprentice


    I have a question referring to what you said when you stated, "added the first equipment Rarity Upgrade schematic to your workbench," where do you get the schematic? I read on fandom that you can get it from Father Fidelis, but I cannot find it. Also, if i don't get that, would that cause you not to be able to craft magic gears? Because that is the problem I am having. Any combination that I try with 4 improved items, it won't let me craft. I just got the Craft Primer and used it.
  6. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    What level were you when you opened the Craft Primer? I recall getting the first schematic from Matthew Allthings in Kingshill, next to NPC Garnett the Jeweler, at about level 10, but if you open it before level 15, your toon may be bugged and unable to continue with crafting.

    Again, that's going by my fading memory: I haven't created a new toon since a year ago, maybe longer.

    Definitely check again on NPC Matthew. He may have a quest waiting for you.
  7. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    Lvl 100 fresh and I discovered that I need this recipe, why you dont sell this recipe?
    is very annoiyng to craft 20 pink, 30 legendaries, millions GoP to spend to unlock 1 recipe, crazy thing... :eek:
    My inventory is FULL with items, colors, quests items and all, all... is no more space...but I need transfer recipe, I think to abandon all this and find another game...