Feedback Curse of the Black Knights: Dragan Event Guide [October 2016 Edition]

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Allogeneous, Sep 28, 2016.

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  1. Greetings Heroes,

    Please post in this thread your comments regarding the Curse of the Black Knights: Dragan Event Guide [October 2016 Edition] event

    Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.

    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

    Best regards,

    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    1) The guide doesn't make clear whether the event drops (such as the mysterious weapon pattern, the sigil, etc) are improved by doing harder difficulties.

    2) Guide should also point out that possessed black knights in castle ravencaw difficult do not drop anything. (Or the drop tables should be improved)
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  3. Isabel6539

    Isabel6539 Forum Greenhorn

    hallo...just done my first daily quest but i dont know how to claim the reward...? i know in the entrance area..that fox guy..i forget the name.pls help me or this is a bug?
  4. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    I inquired CM Haruki back in November 2015 if the no-drops thing from those was a bug or intended, her answer was this:

    "There wasn't any bug regarding that", she also suggested to state in our feedback if we considered the drop wasn't ideal, which still isn't almost a year later...

    After you complete the quest, go talk with Janus Fox and the 3 chests next to him should be highlighted, you can open one of them after completion by clicking on it.
  5. xxxVenom

    xxxVenom Forum Apprentice

    2) Guide should also point out that possessed black knights in castle ravencaw difficult do not drop anything. (Or the drop tables should be improved)[/QUOTE]

    I've played a little bit now, just to farm for pearls.. I'm not sure about the drop rate yet, doesn't feel like I get more pearls, that's for sure. And the possessed knights don't give you a guaranteed drop anymore (which I think they did in the past).. But was it really necessary to increase the entry fee for the other maps by 10 (!!!) pearls?
  6. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    Those useless Knights are also not proximity activated anymore and attack on sight. At least before you could ignore them and carry about your business.
  7. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    all i can see about this event is the increase of the stinginess policy....more pearls cost to enter maps less farming drops and less drakens and less unique drop...bigpoint got over trust of them selfs and getting a bigger head not thinking of that players start leaving this game day by day because of that pointless events....feel free of removing my feed back but sorry to tell u that servers are empty day by day because of this stingy policies and thats a fact
  8. Zulily19

    Zulily19 Someday Author

    I think this event is great albeit this is the first time I've played this one. Still, I do like it.
  9. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    The chests in maps always contained pearls but they no longer do and the one Jullov chest I encountered had some coins and a green item. Done the quests already (There should be more) so now on to pearl farming and waiting for mini.

    This event and the brand new Full Moon Event are nice but they need to undo what they did to the New Moon Event.
  10. ElveElve

    ElveElve Someday Author

    guys, if you just keep bashing with negative feedback, then they will not know if the (good) changes they've made are actually good! So here is a list of good things:

    + Autopickup of pearls. Awesome. My whole guild loves it. Keep it up.
    + Increased drops of pearls, 6/9/12 is a very good drop, 1 run yields 150, no more sensless grinding.
    + Pearls stack up to 9,999 now, previously to 999. Awesome, we love it!
    + Lots of pink item minibosses in hard map, lots of glyphs to melt, or gold to sell. I once got a map with 14 of these, this is better than q3 3boss lol


    - Why did you remove guaranteed chance from red pearls from demon and headless? Now its random, you might or might not get it. This is a NEGATIVE random. An example of positive random would be making the cost 180 instead of 60, and the boss would drop 1 + 0/1 random. So you'd get 1 or 2 perals from them. This is a POSITIVE randomness.

    - The monster damage has been topped up. Previously at 26k hp sargon would leave 3-5k hp with his ballistic attack. Now i have 34k and i get oneshot (in case of non-blocked)

    - mod1/2/3 for the regular 40/70/.. maps, useless, i put mod3, cleared map, 1 ander stack, took 2k blue and lost of time to finish. Whats the point ?

    - The big knights, the ones that were static in last iteration of this event with this ice explosions attack, do not drop anything useful and they are deadly and hard to kill. Didn't you forget to put a different drop table for them ?

  11. jamesstafford58

    jamesstafford58 Someday Author

    really BP? really? luck up and find a jullov get key open chest 2 green pieces of armor...constant grind find something you thougt may be good and BP just snatches rug out from under you..i really see no up side for the player base with this event
  12. mjmuju

    mjmuju Junior Expert

    You want feedback? What for? Do you really use these feedbacks to "improve" this event? Really? But you guys did a great job even without our words! Oh fine then, if you insist....

    • The possessed black knight is too easy to kill, and drops too much great items. It's like, two or three smashes and bam! Legendaries, draken, and cursed pearls all over the floor. Why are you being so kind?
    • Good job for "readjusted" (clever choice of word btw) the entries fees while decreasing the pearls drop. It's all we need. To make Dracania great again, taxes are more important than income. Really smart.
    • Ravencaw Painful mode for low level, another genius idea. Twinks lives matter, right? Just remove the level or experience system entirely next time, who needs it anyway? What's the differrence between an end game level and low level character when you can get almost all of the features right away? That is some liberal democracy there! You guys should be a politician or even a president.
    • Haven't tried the bosses yet, but I believe they're as generous as before. I mean, it's BP we're talking about. Generousity is their middle name. No doubt.
    • And you even removed the halloween references! What a great and important improvement along all the others. And I like the way you wrote it within the guide, proudly. Wonderful.
    You guys are too kind and awesome! The real MVP! We don't deserve you, heroes!
    Keep all the good work, I love you guys.


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  13. xxxVenom

    xxxVenom Forum Apprentice

    Elve, what you called "drop of pearls, 6/9/12" is the stack size, not the drop rate.. in total you find less drops (less monster density maybe and/or monsters drop less - btw they said already that they nerfed the drop rates), not only in the castle, you actually find NO (like nothing, nada) in the other maps, where previously you did pick up some pearls there as well while you've been doing your quests. And with the higher entry fees (still can't think of a logic justification for that) for those maps you end up with even less now..
    If you wanna play the whole event (including the mini challenges) properly, you'll find yourself running out of pearls and / or time at some stage (sooner or later). That's the point where BP wants you to open up the shop tab :D

    The mini challenge got nice reward, I have to admit that.. the droprate here for cursed candies is poor again, I got from my first round 56 candys (couldn't even make it to the first stage on progress bar '70 for 15 drakens') - needing 1440, makes it approx 26 rounds, 26 x 120 pearls for access - well, if you don't have any pearls saved from the last event or playing 24/7 hardcore, then you prob need to decide, if you play main event or mini challenges OOORRR pump in loads of andermant to buy your pearls from shop.

    P.S. but to say something positive as well, I love the autopickup and the stackup for pearls in the bag as well (would love to see that for more items).

    *EDIT* Another positive thing: I noticed, the drop rate for those junglecrawler and dragonbane costumes dropped as well ~ thanks for that :)
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  14. LudiGrozd

    LudiGrozd Advanced

    Farming on 41lvl solo on painful map is a lot harded then the last event and I don't like it at all, it's not scaled very good ether compared to the 50lvl. Progress on mini event is awful, very poor.

    Q. Who had the brilliant idea to nerf drop and increase diff? :)
    Really makes me think why the heck did I comeback to the game? Next time you want to change something ask the players first, couse we play the game in the first place, what are you with out us?
  15. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    This thread is feedback only.
    Ask questions in this thread.
    Off topic posts will be removed.

  16. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    Good things first:
    +Auto-pick for the challenge's progress is nice. My guild-mates like it, even tho I'm not in any guild.:D
    +Increased stack size for pearls is very neat. My group-mates love it, even tho I haven't been in a group for a long time now.:D

    -Decreased drop-rate on pearls... even with the increased stack size of the drop, it's worse than on the previous event.
    -Auto-pick for the pearls is maybe meant to hide the poor drop-rates.
    -Removing the pearls from quest maps as drops... pretty uncalled for.
    -You should remove this completely...
    ...because they don't give any "very valuable rewards".
    -Increasing the pearl requirements for map entries and Statue bosses (not like I could kill any without dying 10 times) is quite a baffling move.
    -Difficulty modes... I tried the challenge on Painful and it was impossible compared with Fatal PWs... They make Fatal PWs look like a ride thru the park.
    -Lower draken stacks and lower set items drop-rate... :confused:

    ... Just thinking about it... makes me... well, I'm actually giving up on the new sets.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2016
  17. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand


    -Auto-loot for Cursed pearls and cursed candy
    -Increased stack sizes of cursed pearls and Sticky-as-tar candy


    -Increasing the cost of entry to maps for no reason whatsoever.
    -Decreasing the cursed pearl returns from event and mini-event maps for no reason whatsoever.
    -The scaling of painful/excruciating for the challenges and maps is poorly done, whoever did those can learn math basics from Baragain, Painful=Fatal PW, I didn't even bother trying excruciating.
    -The scaling of the drops for higher difficulties was made even worse than the mobs HP/Damage, in short, they suck.
    -All the changes you did to the boss statues are ridiculous.
    -The agressive Black Knights are another ridiculous thing, they make the runs more time consuming, their drops suck (that's when they drop the random green item) and they're deadlier than any PW Fatal mini-boss, I wonder if they'll be agressive as well in the Black Knight's Battleground...
    -The chests at the end of the maps are insulting, "very valuable rewards"?, give me a break, 400 copper coins and sometimes a green item is what you guys consider a very valuable reward?, allow me to laugh.
    -The nerf of the Draken drop from Dragan and the Widow.
    -Again, the lousy, nauseating and miserable unique drop rate from Dragan and the Widow.

    If your approach to this is trying to do the event more challenging, you don't nerf the rewards, but I guess I shouldn't expect any better from you guys, on a personal level I wouldn't mind a higher degree of challenge, but at the very least, you keep the rewards the same as before, not increase the overall difficulty and proceed to decrease the rewards, would you devs like to be forced to work 1.5 times your current shift for 0.75 times your current salary, would ya?

    All in all, once again you had to tinker with and break what wasn't broken, slowly but surely one of the best events this game had to offer is going to hell, just like my patience and my love for this game, I can't wait to see what new exciting nerfs you bring for the next iteration.
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  18. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Improved? Slightly. Made worse? Slightly more than improved. Let's get into the details...

    #1 This is a good one... "based on community feedback", the 1st weapon part is not 100% drop anymore, but has the same chances as the others (i.e. near 0). GG... IDK if they're plain and downright dense-minded (as if we needed any more proof towards that thought :rolleyes:) or whether someone (out of their right minds, OFC) really gave such feedback (and if anyone did, then curious how BP only listens to such "expert" suggestions). In the odd case somebody somehow lost it (accidental sale, or something), then they should be able to get it again - in other words, block the drop only when the player already has it. Nah, too much work... better just apply the same lousy drop-rate. Great... GG once more... at least there's a couple chests in the minis to help anyone going for this weapon... heh, here's-a-bone-for-you kind of thing, but still a bit of light in the dark. Good for me that the weapon in question is not an auto-switch-worthy item anymore, so I'll gladly skip :p.

    #2 M30, 60 & 90 now each cost 10 more... small detail, but will chip enough in the long run (especially for those farming them, as those wanting the weapon, for example... devious little BP rats...).


    Auspicious Chests no longer drop Pearls (that's what they meant by "Pearls drop ONLY in the castle" - though when I beat Jullov the two times I saw him so far -- yeah, when it was actually good I never got one, pff xD -- I received very few Pearls... QUICK - ELIMINATE IT... after all, we've seen recently that you care about consistency :rolleyes:)... so with rendering them useless and making them into purely some shabby chests, they've also made Jullov really, really lame (worse than old New Moon Jullov, and that says a lot...) since there's not much to get from these chests now - normal ones are so crappy that I doubt the big ones can give you anything worthwhile (after testing: small one gives some coins and a green, while the big one gives more coins and a grand 3 green items :eek::eek:). And worst of all, this adds to my #2 up there... not only don't you save a portion of your Pearls now, but you pay more... so, after adding the two factors together, we actually use considerably more resources to enter those maps! In the long run, another factor to prolong the grind... thanks :mad:.

    #3 Probably the worst one... the statues' cost-changes - Headless and Demon cost 60, Heredur and Sargon cost 120. Also, they said that the up-side is that the last two have a 100% chance to drop an Empowered Pearl... so they first two no longer do. Gee, thanks. I understand they maybe wanted to balance this, as Heredur was the most popular for the majority of groups because he's the easiest (tough luck, he's still preferred :p), but then why did Sargon get boosted? Or maybe they just didn't give a damn about Headless and the Demon and thought that hmm... people like to spam Heredur and he and Sargon have achievements, so let's up the cost on them and lower it on the other two, nobody uses them anyway... remove the 100% drop on those unpopular ones while you're at it... yeah, or perhaps they don't care about Heredur being easy or Demon being bugged (now fixed)... they just want us to spend more and get less. Yep, that last one sounds more likely to be true. Typical :mad:.

    #4 Even though this was kind of to be expected, Draken drop has been nerfed... they say "a little", but since their 25% sales are "clearance sales and rock-bottom prices", then I fear to think what "little" means to them. They just seem so backwards in almost everything they do (hence the "improved" claim :rolleyes:).

    #5 They still haven't dealt with the tough mini-knights in Castle Hard... either remove them or add some drops to them... just some coins most of the times doesn't pay for how hard they hit as compared to everything else on the said map. As reported above, they can't be easily passed by, so leaving them behind might be problematic and bring some unwanted situations, therefore we have to stop and deal with them for a short while.

    #6 Forgot how this event is now mostly Return of the Spider and Candy... because that's 90% of what's going on. Poor Dragan has stepped back, the Black Widow and the minis stepped up... le sigh, RIP 3 hours of looking for Dragan group xD. Le 2nd sigh. The two sets being available from two different bosses has taken its toll. More or less, DKs will want the Widow's set... DPS classes would want the other. Why not put them both in a single, bigger room? Let's take the Ghastly Grave as an example... it has loads of space and right now, it's just an uninteresting extra mile to the boss that only serves as more time-wasting... it would be more efficient at "you help me, I help you" relation between DKs and DPSs if a boss was at one end and the other at the other end (IDK about how the cost to these rooms should be, but I'd take it even as 2 big pearls)... as it is, the event isn't even much about Dragan anymore, poor thing. So I might as well just give up on the Bellicose set and go for some other option (as it seems there are better alternatives for my class).

    Good things (actual improvements): Pearls stack up to 9999 :) and they are auto-looted ;), 10% damage candy buffs stack over 10 :cool:. It can clearly be seen that I don't bring news with this, so while I am grateful at these nice alterations, the bad taste left by those nasty changes overwhelms the newfound joy pretty dang fast.
    Oh, didn't you see? It's because they plan on bringing in another new event, one to be entirely dedicated to Halloween. Let's just hope it won't be Pumpkins of Desolation, if you know what I mean :confused:o_O. Anyhow, big love for the sarcastic comment; made my day :D.
    Without us, they'd be a game with no populace that'd go bankrupt and fail immediately. Without them, we'd be gamers that could theoretically play something else... hmm, wonder who's in a worse scenario, haha. But jokes aside, why should they ask us? It's not like they really ever listen. Wish I could say that's just an overstatement, but facts don't lie and what we mostly get is, most definitely, not according to pertinent feedback given.
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  19. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Yep, Dragan has been reduced to the "Old Stripper" who was once the feature at the club 20 years one wants her to dance for them or see her dance.
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  20. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Precisely... and 2 runs a day from the daily won't get anyone the set in an acceptable period of time and iterations of the event (since the rest of the methods for a Cursed Pearl to the Damned are neither guaranteed, nor very fast - if I'm not mistaken; the daily isn't always too fast either, but at least it's guaranteed, and for two each time). Surely it's possible to resort to trusty friends and guildmates and get a passionate group going if you want, but the trick is - not everyone is able to do that, and even when they are, it might not last too long, go too well or find many drops. Too situational (though this goes for many other things). I'd much rather, as said, have both bosses at different ends of a larger map.
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