Feedback Curse of the Black Knights: Dragan Event Guide [October 2016 Edition]

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Allogeneous, Sep 28, 2016.

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  1. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Actually, I do like the event, at least when I compare it to some others.

    There are few issues mentioned here though, those knights that drop nothing. I prefer them to be static.
    2. The 1st mini event map is way too big. Progress should be shortened.
    4. The 1mini at harder levels is too complex. Any PW fatal map is a joke in comparison.
    5. I have some bug, and I only get around 40-50 pearls per hard run (as a team), even though all my friends get over a hundred. In my typical run I would get 0 pearls after clearing the first half of the map. Perhaps due to higher ping (125ms) as I live overseas now. Farming solo fixes the issue.
    6. The dragan set is a joke. So is his weapon, and the spider set too. Not sure who would be using it.
  2. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Sooo... The talk I had w Haruki on FB pre-event proved me completely right and Haruki completely WRONG! Which certainly not is the first time...
    What has this game come to, when the only CM BP has left flat out lies about heavily nerfing events even before they have started???
    The droprates has been nerfed again and this Draganevent is now officially the worst Draganevent EVER!

    -Increased cost of entrances and increased cost of Statues... also more HP on statuebosses, so they take longer time to die...
    -Spider- and Dragan-drops are just facepalming bad now...

    It looks like BP is REALLY doing their best to destroy every drop of joy we had w this event in the past and make it just another bad event in a long row of bad events this year... As an old time player (5+ years) the events is what I used to look forward to, but thats no longer possible after U guys "fixed" it...

    Now cristmasevent is the only event worth playing, but I bet that will also be destroyed just to make the circle of DSOselfdestruction complete...

    I sence it will soon be time to do what so many DSOplayers has done before me: Find a game with a DEV-team and CMs who still remembers, that even though they are here to make money, it IS possible to also bring joy to the players, cuz BP has long obviously forgotten this fact!!!

  3. SillySword

    SillySword Regular

    You still don't fix the random bug of missing three archers of killing 20 archers for repeatable quest in Iron Forest at Night.
    There is still an invisible big cube on seashore in Iron Forest at Night. I hope it will keep stationary next time.
    And I hope time table of daily quest in all event should be the same. I don't like the feel of daily quest canceled by system halfway.

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  4. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Speaking of which... it's already frustrating when you get to only needing one or two more whatever for a certain quest, any quest, and it's normal for it to happen sometimes. But now, these issues have been so frequent in this particular that I doubt it's random. Just make them doable in one run, dammit! I know you do your best to squeeze as many Pearls out of us so we grind more, but come on! The most annoying problem of this sort, for me, is the one in the Sulfur Dungeon for those 30 Sour Candies. I got to 29/30 again... third time in a row of three events, for crying out loud !!! Not to mention that, IMHO, it's the absolute worst map to have to play in the event.

    Also, about the mini timetable... one of my guildmates had it really weird - his timer said over a day when the rest of ours' said 15 hours. This morning, when mine said 2 hours 43 minutes, his said 1 hour 40...
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  5. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    BP is close to bankruptcy/selling out anyway, or at least that's what my guy on the inside is telling me. But at least no one is surprised and awed why. Clearly their decision making is pushing them ever so gentle towards the edge, which is fine by me. I'm rubbing my hands with a grin on my face.


    Anyway, here is the most sincere piece of feedback you'll get from me. Do this and you're golden. This formula applies to any future events. It's really simple. Here it goes! If a player cannot fully complete the event by playing only 2h-3h per day, it sucks. Make one of the BP employees play the event and if they can't do it in that time frame, tweak it, then release it.

    We are not robots! (well, some of these guys are. DSOBOT anyone?) But still, we're humans, some have school, some have jobs, families and whatnot. Don't force the living hell out of us to endlessly play the whole event.

    Seriously, you're acting like the drops are deducted from your monthly wages. Jeez..
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2016
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  6. ElveElve

    ElveElve Someday Author

    Well looks like i've been to fast to praise the event.


    are you retarded????/

    see ya,

    not playing this

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  7. Grizzles1

    Grizzles1 Forum Apprentice

    How many thousands of times do I need to go through each side map to finish the weapon? I'm going on 100 repeatable quest completions now, and no weapon part drops OR elemental crystals from the wood chests.
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  8. joe6699

    joe6699 Junior Expert

    I did 64 runs of dragan lvl 3 got 2 boots, 1 glove, 2 helmets (all tier 1). It seems that the drop rate has been lower than past event and also, i feel that dragan rage jump's distance is longer than before...
  9. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    On the plus-side, the Excavation Site is (by far) my favourite map in this event. Not as huge as the others, quite linear, good drops (referring mainly to quest-stuff here)... heck, even the NPC at the door (Agent 003) seems like the most enjoyable one to talk to xD. One thing, though, that's not been fixed since last time (definitely a novelty :rolleyes:) is minor, but still: the bigger crystals out of those you have to click on to destroy say "Click to overturn the firebrand." which is text from the Gloomy Pastures' first quest.

    Some more feedback, again a minor thing, but still...
    The "Sticky Sweet Treat" item you have to collect 50 of for Sir Kendrick in M120 looks exactly like the "Sticky-as-Tar Candy" buffs :p.
    I feel your pain. Not as acutely since I can't seem to get many Dragan groups, but I know how you feel!
    As in the last event, the weapon parts and stones are seemingly non-existent (other than from the minis, this time) :(.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2016
  10. RichMan

    RichMan Active Author

    Well you made another super fun event in a grind fest. Last event was very good and i enjoyed every bit of farming for it. Now for the rewards we get in excruciating at Dragan are simply a joke. 20 drakens and 1 leg, 2-3 in a happy run. This needs to be fixed soon.
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  11. bennfros

    bennfros Someday Author

    This is my first Dragan event and I can compare it only to last event DoD. Dragan is better and not required too much time from me.
    I doing it solo and only on normal mode (except where quest was required painful). Dragan on normal is very easy to kill, it takes less then minute with red or purple ess. I did about 50 runs on Dragan and some on Spider. Got 6 uniqs which seems will be melted coz of poor stats.
    I wish that pearls could be converted from one to other, like 50 cursed to 1 damned (according to the price).
  12. xxxVenom

    xxxVenom Forum Apprentice

    I already had the same idea last night, about converting the pearls: like from cursed pearls to damned pearls and empowered and maybe back again, from empowered to damned (I got more empowered pearls than damned one's and tbh the painful bosses are way too painful for that poor reward in the end). But that won't happen, BP wants you to buy the stuff you run out on.
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  13. bennfros

    bennfros Someday Author

    In DoD they did converting why not do the same in Dragan.
  14. xxxVenom

    xxxVenom Forum Apprentice

    What converting in DoD? They only had the bone coins as event (main) currency, with those you could buy the keys for the other maps. And then those trading items (sprayer into dreamcatcher, dirt into flour or something like that). But you couldn't convert i.e. the keys back to bone coins, nor the dirt or flour etc into bone coins. That would've been actually nice and I had instead of 10 different event items filling up bag or locker space only 1 (cause nobody knows if DoD will be coming back in the future).

    But pls, don't mention DoD again ~ that was a (Do)Disaster :rolleyes:
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  15. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    Yay! I just had a close encounter with the very, very, very rare Jullov in the Iron Forest! I beat the jam out of him, took the keys.. and opened that lovely Locked Auspicious Chest!

    I was lucky enough to receive not one, not two.. but... (drums please)... THREE GREEN ITEMS!

    I'd like to apologize for everything bad or malicious I ever said about BP or the DSO dev team. This run in with Jullov and the extremely fortunate loot it bestowed on my inventory made me realize that the DSO team isn't that bad.

    Can you believe it? Three green items.. all at once. If only it had dropped and a few silvers.. only then I'd be ready to invest all my 24h per day plus a lifetime Deluxe Membership.

    Oh, by the way.. since the event came to Heredur, I've been farming the 3 maps for the pieces of the Dragan weapon. Want to guess how many of them dropped? Yeah, that's right... ZERO.

    Don't worry though. I'm sure I'll find them at Gnob sometime soon.. and I can't wait to PAY with my credit card for a mere chance to get it out of some twisted little sphere scheme you're so good at lately.
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  16. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    I guess a was luckier with the weapon. I did much less runs than you, probably, and also got 0 items. Since your zero is divided by much more runs, mybzero is bigger)))
  17. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    Lol, this is why I still play this game. Guys like you, with whom I don't have other games in common.

    As an update, I decided to test out the drop-rate of the weapon part for the Sulphourous Deserts map. Used all my farmed pearls (a lot of runs) and just kill the boss. No drop as of yet. It's really, honestly, sincerely and utterly stupid. I would appreciate if someone could confirm that they at least drop.

    On the bright side, I got Jullov again. This time I was even more luckier. Got two greens and 200 blue essence. How 'bout that devs?! =) "valuable rewards" as they put it. :))
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  18. Opalsion

    Opalsion Junior Expert

    What's with Tiers anyway? It seems to me they try to slow us down for some reason, but this process is not fun at all. :confused: My inventory is gonna explode by keeping all these Tier1 Tier2 items. At the moment I'm only hoping to drop some Dragan unique to continue Tier3-crafting just for the sake of my inventory :p Many people say "it's just a game", but I don't get why we are not supposed to enjoy it until after some point.
  19. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Initially wanted to forget quests and only do Pearls + Dragan... but with spider/minis in the way, I decided to do them. Big plus = the Draken, very nice! Some essences, very nice! Other things on top (items, the occasional gem/potion, Pearls of different kinds, etc.) were nice. When I saw M120's questline as 1/8 I was a bit excited. Nah, it was still just a 3-part quest. How did they even slip that bit in xD ?
    Dragan is indeed very easy on normal. Can be solo-ed by most, with or without essence, depending on the character in question. Those uniques have low stats because their sets come in tiers, which means you have to craft them a lot to make them good (equivalent to the ones you can see in the event tab); also, their drop-rates seem to have been nerfed, so we've seen better :(. The Pearls' system is OK as it is, but guess it could be better. For now, Cursed Pearls can be farmed in the castle on both difficulties (Painful giving more, but being harder - not a problem if you have a group) - not recommended to choose them as a daily reward since most dailies require more to complete than you get in the end (100); Cursed Pearls to the Damned are harder to come by... repeatable quests aren't always sure to give you any, so the only reliable source for them is the event dailies... so 2 per day, meh... as for the Empowered ones, most get them from statues (though you can get them from chests or dailies too).
    What this person said... that event was a big stinky pile o' poo and the converting system wasn't too polished, rather just complicated.
    Don't give them ideas, please... this is one of the two events that haven't been yet ruined and are still fun to play (other one is Full Moon).
    Got Jullov twice (Sulfur and Pastures) and got the same BS both times. They should delete the info on the portals about this chest... very valuable loot, suuure... well, got some Ander from the little ones on a few occasions :eek:. It was nice when it used to drop some Pearls. Now, again, this Jullov is worse than the old New Moon's one... which says something. As for the weapon parts, I gave up long ago last event. Not much change now... 1st part not 100% drop but some chests in minis... they do drop (last time I got the one in the Excavation Site first run... nothing else) as I've heard the odd info about someone getting parts or stones for the weapon. But I'll hold my statement and say it's much too demanding for it to be worth any consideration. Too bad some learned that the hard way (like us)...
    Answer is simple. Same as the reason for maps costing 10 more, or Auspicious Chests not dropping Pearls, or the Dragan-weapon nonsense, or tiers... to prolong the grind. As always, they seem to want to keep us playing by giving us long and hard roads for a reward that's mostly bad... even if it's good, after such an effort, the joy is almost non-existent. Other ways would not be profitable for them, so that's why we get what we get... as you said, just a game but we should be able to enjoy it since people use their time (and money) for it. Frankly, I am of the opinion they focus too much on DSO's business facet and overlook the game/entertainment side... le sigh...
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  20. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    Update No.3: Another 18 fast runs in the Sulphurous Desert, killed the boss each time, at different difficulties and still it didn't drop the second part of the weapon. This is stupid and I'm done with your event. If you think we're idiots, you're dead wrong. I hope you'll end up with 100 f2p players, because that's what you deserve.


    Each an every time, in the event feedback threads you get dozens, HUNDREDS of posts telling you that THE DROPS ARE TOO LOW EVEN IF YOU'RE PLAYING LIKE A DAMN MANIAC 24h/DAY.

    I don't think anyone is asking for the event rewards to be included in a daily login bonus or in a code, but you ARE NOT REASONABLE. Pass this along to the devs.
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