Feedback Curse of the Black Knights: Dragan Event Guide [October 2016 Edition]

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Allogeneous, Sep 28, 2016.

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  1. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    Do these threads get answered or Reviewed? What about the FAQ Ones? I've only been playing a short time, less than a year. This is second Dragan event and I was looking forward to it nowas that I'm higher level. I've got to admit it's disappointing that I can't do the big bosses solo and the drops are so unlikely. Making it had is fine, but you should be able to earn rewards for hard work. I took out Dragan 30 times yesterday on normal for 2 tier 1 drops? I doubt I wil, craft the sword at this rate and it's sad because I spendon't real $ to play. The F2P members have a right to be displeased and EVERYONE has a right to feel insulterior over the "very valuable " rewards this time around.
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  2. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Ive done 20 fatal runs of the poison map, kust killing the admin. 0/20. But, Ive got the piece from the first map in roughly 8 today fatal runs, so currently Im at 2/4 as I got third piece from the mini. Hopefully the next mini will make it 3/4. But the gems are the biggest question, quests are too long to do hundreds of them.

    Anyone knows if the harder map has higher drop chance of the weapon piece? This info should have been a part of the guide so we know to waste time or not.
  3. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    They are 'reviewed' in a way. Moderators read and censor people, but that's all. Anyone telling you otherwise is lying. I don't know if the feedback is passed on to the real decision makers by the mods (they say it is) but I can't really trust this when every time we give the same feedback, the guys on the test servers give the same feedback and still nothing changes.

    Someone, somewhere isn't doing their job or simply, someone, somewhere doesn't care and thinks that keeping this as-is or making them worse, gameplay-wise isn't going lead to a bleeding out of paying gamers. They are wrong.

    EDIT: Oh, and this post will be deleted because """it isn't feedback""" - as if when I gave real feedback someone in charge read it.
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  4. I can't repeat here exactly what I include in the Weekly Report unless CM Haruki gives me express permission to do so, but you have my word that I try to make it as faithful a representation as possible of the over-all player feelings and concerns. I do not hold back in my reports. And I am certain that our CM passes them on intact to the appropriate internal BP teams. Also note: CM Haruki, the design team, the dev team and the QA team - and others - do read these threads as well.
  5. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker


    As for the rest of that comment... then please explain why we have thousands of complaint-posts, feedback threads full and nothing really important fixed on a decent time basis and pace/rate? Also, that post is not feedback for the event. Breaking your own rules, eh xD ?
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  6. 1) I could speculate as to the probable reasons - different feedback coming from other language forums, commercial pressures, the "bigger picture", etc - but I am not in a position to offer any facts regarding the innermost workings of Big Point.
    2) It was a reasonable question posed by 9ndrei - and appropriate to this thread - so I answered it. If you would like a greater say as to how the moderation team handles threads and posts, perhaps you may wish to consider applying for a position on the team?
  7. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Receiving the same part of the weapon in both mini events is a major dissapointment.
  8. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Valid point. Though, going by the democratic principle of the majority, one risks to just pick the most popular option with no guarantee it is also the best option (see the surveys they handed out about what needs to be a priority in the roadmap). Believe it or not, but I'm tired of myself being so negative, so I'm always very eager to see something that has little to no reason for complaints. A man can dream...
    Hehe. Actually, Aslandroth was the one to ask, while 9ndrei answered him, then you replied to the latter :D. Nah, it's just that, in the past, I've made some replies similar in nature to that and "your comment has been deleted - off-topic". Though I don't think it was specifically by you, so sorry if I came out as a little hostile. Well, what's passed is past, but I was just saying :p.
    Randomness - luck's biggest contender at being the biggest BEEP of them all xD.
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  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I already answered this somewhere (I don't remember where) ... you can get same items out of chests.
    But ... that is not the only issue. They stack ... when you crafting the weapon you need to spend them all. I have a "hotfix" for that. ... keep your parts in the locker and place them in separate spaces ... that way you can have more than one and you can craft all enchanted weapons (poison/fire/lightning) or you can sell the rest of them.
    I am keeping all the chests (both for weapon parts and stones) in my locker since they stack I don't open them. That way I am saving inventory space :D
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  10. ViktorG75

    ViktorG75 Active Author

    I think the creators of this costumes are curse the day when they send drawings to DSO.
    Like in Dunes, the same is in Dragan.
    During second mini event, i will gather around 200 pieces in arena only.
    Who is responsible for this nonsense? One thing is sure, this guy certainly did not play the game.

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  11. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    so allow me to make a really fair and reasonable query concerning this event.i am gonna refer to the chances players,me included, have to realistically craft the weapon. i know it's something already mentioned but i wanna talk about it from my experience so gods hand since the last event i have obtained 3 of 4 parts of the weapon and i was only missing dragan's spill(i think its called) from Nerun. so in this event the designers were stating that they will improve the chances of obtaining the weapon parts and for this purpose they added 1 chest containing 1 random weapon part in each of the 2 mini challenges. it does seem nice, doesn't it? so alot of hype arised about finally crafting the weapon, especially if we take into consideration that other areas of this event were nerfed and so this part ,at least, could be the light at the end of the tunnel. so let's see in numbers how true that really is, shall we? before i begin, dont forget that i already have 3 of the 4 parts of the weapon. so after 2 challenges and obtaining their chests i expected ,with a lot of doubting of course,that maybe it was about time i found the last part and after that try to find the stones for the tier 3 version of the weapon. guess what: they gave me twice the part 4 of the weapon which already had. i cant say i did not expect that. however the setbacks and my bad luck i decided to give it a last shot in sulfur desert to obtain the last part from nerun. Firstly, i have to mention that i already had done 150 runs in the last dragan event for this weapon , this time and with the increased entry fee of 10 cursed pearls i farmed 12k pearls before entering the map. i wasted all of them(more than 150 runs) and the result was of course still no drop. and wanna know the joke? on my dwarf (main ranger) i had obtained dragan's spill in just 5 runs and was missing the 4 weapon part. guess what: from the 2 chests i got with the dwarf, one of them had the dragan's spill. so on my ranger i cant find dire ore neither from chests nor as drop and in contrast on my dwarf i have not found the 4 part which my ranger got once in the last event and 2 times in this one.thats all guys !!! inferences are yours.​
  12. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    It looks like with r175 you reverted the Castle Knights' behavior for the better for once. They no longer auto attack me.
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  13. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    yes they dont atack you now unless you hit them or unless u get really close but i dont think thats the big issue with this event at all
  14. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    It's the result of a mistake belonging to whoever it was who was assigned implementing those (a lot of time) after the contest ended. They were supposed to be Lor'Tac exclusives and only drop from the multi-armed Protectors in the various maps of the new continent. But since they are called Guardians by some, the costumes instead went into the drop-pool of any guardian-miniboss... thus the abundance. They said they lessened the drop and will nerf it further if they still drop too often, but seems they didn't do that. I also pity the winners of that design contest because their work and effort have turned into an annoying drop...
    There's even a separate thread about this weapon. I feel sorry for you, but well, it is one of the stupidest crafts ever.
    Yes... and they said nothing about it... LOL. But it was easy to find the nice surprise ourselves.
    Might not be the biggest issue, but it was one of the annoying ones, so I'm glad for it. Rejoice, we don't get many as good fixes xD.
  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I saw too. It is nice to be able to easily skip them again.
    Because that would involve admitting that they screwed up to begin with, and we all know that BP makes flawless releases every time.
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  16. .paschall.

    .paschall. Junior Expert

    i ran about 40-45 widow runs finally got ONE UNIQUE- dont really know what to say at this point every body has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    13k cursed pearls gone on iron forest and no weapon frag drop..more then 120 times and no fragment..stupid developers is the only words from me to describe this event
  18. Tilwin90

    Tilwin90 Padavan

    I decided this time to first go through the complete 'event' before coming with the feedback.
    Let's take again the good, the bad (or more like the awful) in order.

    Went well
    + The general feel of the event remained untouched the way I remembered it. Castle Ravencaw remains awesome and the monsters are as great as it was before.
    + Difficulty is generally good on the Ravencaw maps. Normal is rather easy for an experienced character, Painful is already bringing up a challenge for me, and that's exactly the feel I was looking for. So thumbs up there!
    (can't say anything about the difficulty on the rest of the maps, didn't really bother on anything but Normal after the feedback I read here)
    + Drakens, drakens everywhere. There are so many great sources of draken in this event it's great. The 10 days were definitely worth the time in this direction. So, thanks for that.
    + Guaranteed purples on Painful Castle Ravencaw is nice. Too bad it guaranteees purples and nothing more (I never saw a legendary being dropped by a miniboss) but this is still okay.
    + The split of the two sets between the two bosses seems like a smart idea. At least you know what set you are farming for instead of relying on the RNG gods to drop the correct set.

    To improve

    - The rewards from the repeated quests are awful. Like... really... Green items and some gold coins. *SELF-EDIT*
    - The rewards from the statues make their defeat a waste of time... as compared to the difficulty, which is in fact worse than the end bosses of Q maps. Seriously?! I am sure people don't mind difficult, but at least make it worth the effort then.
    - The random factor on the weapon is absurd. You gave the two piece chests in the minievents only to end up with the same piece twice (the scroll). Annoying, frustrating and definitely not worth my effort. This pissed me off big time! If it was intended like this, it'a plain stupid and I'm feeling insulted again. If it wasn't... well... good luck fixing it.
    - Dragan drop was reduced and it can be felt. At least if I had easier access to the black pearls but that's not possible anymore. I need to pray that the horrible quests will give me pearls so I can actually farm him, and the process is painfully slow. What a grind disappointment.
    - The cursed pearl drop rate is poorer than I remembered it before (when the Warlord Set was still around). The maps were also less expensive.

    Went wrong
    - The rewards from the Auspicious Chest (both locked and locked) are... well, non-existent. You might as well just drop them out of the maps because they are pissing me off more than helping. I could obviously put this as a to improve, but it was such a huge disappointment I... I can't!
    - The boss knights on the painful map don't drop anything but coins and greens. Read above... Feature my ***... this is a bug big time and you guys should do something about this instead of insulting our intelligence via the CMs who state "it was intended this way". C'mon, your players are smarter than that ;)
    - The bug of the knights on the painful map was annoying.
    - The repeated quest in the Iron Forest can't be done in group. Only one person can pick a specific question mark map item and it will be taken into account only for that person. Definitely a bug again, especially since in the Excavation Site each player has his/her own question mark map items.
    - Where's the Warlord Set? Another unhappy player here complaining about it missing!

    Overall? I think you messed up with the event towards the bad! Poorer rewards, the new sets are rather a tease than anything else (especially the weapon which is just stupidly difficult to acquire and not worth the effort)... Not to mention the absurd drop in some places that has simply no justification. If it was "intended that way", you guys need to rethink your strategies or sooner or later you'll start losing players in mass (if it hasn't already started to happen).
    Listen to our feedback and start taking action already! The non-sensical drops are easy to fix, and waiting until the next event to do this is simply sloppy and show lack of interest in what your players have to say.
    And at the very least bring CMs who have the decency to admit when things got messed up instead of pretending "it's intended that way", especially when it makes NO SENSE. Otherwise you just keep losing from your already minimal credibility. I've already stopped believing a word Haruki has to say - everyone knows where the issues are but she pretends everything is fine and that it's only 2 or 3 people complaining!
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  19. mpkn2

    mpkn2 Forum Apprentice

    Did kill heredur me and a dwarf after 15mn of runing and dying, and guess what ? he gave me just ONE blue and an empowred pearl........ i have no words to describe what i felt. The dwarf with me got 2 legs but seriously why all that effort and a boss in that difficulty drop just one blue ...

    The mini bosses in painfull also does drop legs.
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  20. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant

    Have you not done this event before. The statues have been raised in price but they are there to give you the pearls to Dragan hard
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