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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Apr 9, 2015.

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  1. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    What about in difficult ravencaw? I haven't been in there since the last egg mini event, some guildies speculated that they may be in the hard map.
  2. Blindsenses

    Blindsenses Forum Apprentice

    Castle Ravenclaw Normal just became nightmare edition.. i was in a group of 5 persons when the bug popped in. Now the strange part... i cannot see any other player in my dungeoun(Castle Ravenclaw) so basically we assume i am soloing. Usually i am able to kill the blue circle opponents with 10-12 strikes without losing more than 1/4 health. Right now, after quiting the game, relloging, going in and out of dungeon, i kill one single blue circle opponent in about 10 or more minutes, dying 2 -3 times along the way. Even the little skeletons take like 9-11 hits until they die. There is one more thing, i just leveled from 39 to 40, but i didn't realize before that the gap between these 2 levels was so high. I also went in the same state( lvl 40) in M2, and i am doing just fine, i can solo as i did prior to 40, 10-15 minutes the instance is clear. "bug" is related to lvl 39-40, group or castle Ravenclaw?... any opinions/advices?
  3. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Thank you once again for the 2 white items and the 333 +34 damage essence for killing Sargon/Dragan once again. It so makes me want to go farming for more pearls and remains but i think I will go hit myself in the groin with a hammer instead.

    Thank you DSO
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  4. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    Can anyone confirm that Sargon's Powerful Shadow Staff is dropping? It' the only thing missing from my inventory.
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  5. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    i got the torso after 148 hotfix second run . i got warlord set after 50 runs of dragan normal. i have done mini events 1 2 and 3 and hope to do 4 i guess i have to do it solo with this bug.
    I miss sargons quiver and bow, is it dropping ,any confirmation from someone who actually got it. please tell me.
  6. fds667200

    fds667200 Forum Apprentice

    The quiver is dropping, I received two before the patch. That is unless of course the patch created more bugs and made other items from the Sargon set not drop :)
  7. Heaven

    Heaven Junior Expert

    Yes, it is, I got it 2 days ago. Although I am not sure why you would want it, it's pretty trashy IMO.
  8. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    No roar on lion?! :sad:
  9. fds667200

    fds667200 Forum Apprentice

    I am curious about the Sargon Powerful Torso drop right now. It seems as though the only class that has been finding one is the DK. Has any Ranger or Mage found a Sargon Torso as of yet? I have done 15 openings since the patch and have received duplicates of just about every item except for the bow and torso.
  10. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Yes, I know mage, archer and dwarf who have got it, all of them got it when we were running together. Only myself, mage, and tank did not. And I really hate it as we did 200+ runs before the patch, 30 runs after it, and there is just no time. So I will melt the other parts I've got and keep only the book Of shadows.
  11. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    Got 2 of them It's not that good for a mage.
  12. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    There are some mages that use the set. Not a lot but still. And I needed it only for satisfaction to have all the uniques possible in this event. Well, seems like Roshan item I got on the hard map will play that satisfactory role :)
  13. Krune

    Krune Forum Apprentice

    Are we must consume "red cursed pearls to castle ravewcaw (difficult) and colorful essence" or we can keep that for next challenge event?
  14. wyw

    wyw Forum Apprentice

    clear map3 but only drop one key, how come ? :(
  15. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    i am a ranger and go it on my 2nd run after 148 patch
  16. fds667200

    fds667200 Forum Apprentice

    That is interesting. I have done 17 openings after the patch so far and continue to receive duplicates. Of course I do all these runs solo so maybe there is something with the group aspect. Who knows anyways, I just wish there was more time to try for the torso considering it was not added into the drop table until the very end of the event.
  17. theStinkyJoker

    theStinkyJoker Forum Greenhorn

    I need a suggestion. Due to lack of time because of real world and DSO related issues (client crashing, network breaking, grp bug etc etc), i was not able to do the earlier mini events, hence don't have all the three earlier three parts of egg and chest. I have complete the final mini event and hence 4th egg and chest. What shall i do with these items? Shall i keep it for future or just throw away?

    Throwing away would be very dis-heartening. At-east they should have given something in the chest. May be a lion without an armor. just like the Christmas deer which had 4 parts to make it epic.
  18. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    I'm sorry about that, but guess you will need to trash it.
  19. Lioness

    Lioness Forum Apprentice

    We can only tell you what is told to us once the dev's are made aware of the problem, I understand your frustration, I have had this same problem as I am sure have some of the other mods. The solution that I have found is do not go into Dragan solo. In my experience, solo runs are the only time the invisible lasers are present. Hope this helps, and GOOD LUCK!!!:)
  20. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    actually during the mini events them selves it was smooth running no social server down all was good


    why you do solo collecting all those pearls, to collect remains, to call sargon are you on heredur and maybe we can play together.
    you have done 17 runs with saragon there fore you have done at least 51 times the map to collect remains. In a group you could have 51 openings of sargon. triple your chances just saying
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