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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Apr 9, 2015.

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  1. marhun

    marhun Junior Expert

    I was just wondering if this is a bug of not, how many people have had Jullov visit them, i am guessing that what the big wooden chest in out the front of each sub map. I have been lucky or maybe "unlucky" enough to have him now 2 or 3 times and he has not dropped a key this has to be a bug right. With the rarity of jullov appearance and not drop anything sure this means i am bound by bad luck
  2. lewcar

    lewcar Padavan

    "White Rabbit Costume cannot be combined

    It is currently not possible to craft the White Rabbit Costume, as part 2 does not drop from the dark chests during the event. We are working on a fix which should be deployed on Monday."

    I got part 2/4, twice. It's part 3/4 I'm missing lol. Hope it was typo
  3. thedarkestlight

    thedarkestlight Advanced

    I got jullov once on TS in map30,dropped nothing.
  4. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Same here. I wasn't expecting him there and only noticed becasue I had to put more effort in to killing him. All these little quirks are remnants from past events that were not removed for who knows whatever reason.
  5. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Could you please clarify why shouldn't we turn fragments into entrance?.. spend 150 fragments today... Why can't I kill gnob if I entered hard map?

    Today was a good day. Did 50 sargon runs. Got tons of uniques, Books, Balls, Crystals, Horns, Pauldrons. No torso and no weapon yet. It is Sargon event for me, not dragan :)

    Also did 15 or so dragan runs, lots of helmets and pauldrons. Need only 2 pieces of Pauldrons to complete. And no cape, but I don't need it anyway :)

    Had 100 drakens twice today :)
  6. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    Nice Seb, congrats. You are right on with what you are doing then if Sargon is your primary target. My thought was more towards propositioning resources to complete the challenges. My thought was that to complete the 2 day challenges you have to collect red frags that when turned in give you the hard map entry and activates the kill gnob piece. You can do that at any point in the event, but the only place you can complete the challenges will be in the hard map so if I burn all the resources i have to get into the hard map and kill gnob before the challenges are active, it will make it harder to do the challenges later cause ill need to refarm all the resources. I was trying to do some forward thinking to simplify things later. Not saying no one should enter hard map or anything like that.
  7. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Thx for reply. Now it's clear. I thought you meant fragments are important for some reason like to summon gnob. But I guess entrances are important, not fragmemts. I'm not burning them, have at least 45 what should be more than enough :) I did just one test run.

    Bad thing, again, is fixed dates for the challenges. I can't play during a day on weekends, guess will have yo play during a night. why can't they make it 1 weekday 1 weekend day instead?.. well. I know why... I hate you for this, BP. Otherwise it is awesome event.

    UPD. Just re-read what you wrote. What do you mean by activates kill the gnob piece? Isn't gnob just there waiting for me to come and kill him with colorful essences?
  8. qe222

    qe222 Forum Apprentice

    This event needs too much items. Players will not have sufficient rooms to store them if he/she is a beginner.
  9. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Main boss is always missing, he is only there for a the 3/3 quest or the (re) quest when you summon with the signal fires. And the mini bosses, it is random. You can have 0-4 bosses in your particular map.
  10. Piipero

    Piipero Junior Expert

    Just so you ppl know.. the 2/3 quest for Ghastly grave map takes 90 shadow pieces to complete. So you are supposed to loose em before or during the taking of 3/3 quest.
  11. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    I bought a hard map pearl on the first day so I could test out the map and see if there were differences from last event. When I ran the map there was no Gnob there, and yes I checked the area where he should be. That indicated to me he was activated by something else.

    When you turn in the red frags for the hard portal it tells you to go kill the egg thief. I'm assuming from those two things: 1. no gnob when I went in off a purchased pearl and 2. the quest wording when you turn in the red frags, that he is placed when you activate that part of the quest by turning in the red frags and getting your hard pearl. It's very possible I'm wrong as I haven't been back in the hard map since then and decided to hold off on it till the challenges as I mentioned.

    Again all speculation at this point until the challenges are running. We'll all know tomorrow.
  12. Sirhan

    Sirhan Forum Greenhorn

    - red pearl from earlier event doesn't work now - system can't see it. It is a bug. I know, now pearls are for one use, but this old pearl should be for use and just disappears after it.
    - on hard map no respawn of mobs after killed them all, right? But not Trolls, after 20 minutes they pup up again on map.
    - Fox wants 90 shadows... but he takes ALL shadows you have in inventory, not only 90 but all! - bug. And nice try to cheat us again with more space in inventory... Why only 99 shadows stock?!
    - in group no ess from dragons on normal castle, only one person can loot it.
  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    My feedback:

    It is a good event. What irritates me the most with this event are the players. They are funny ...
    We got 2 other threads with answers here on this forum (answered before the start of the event) and the Wiki (with every item/quest/description for the event + Q/A ) ... yet they keep asking same questions over and over again. Most of the questions are answered ... if you want official answer from the game designers ... well Good Luck. :D
    I will answer some questions that were not answered.
    1. Gnob is not needed for this event. If you already met him on some of the maps don't expect him to drop a key or some other Q item.
    2. Quests and maps: everything is random including the bosses in Sulfur Desert. You may have 1 question mark or more ... you may find 1 boss or 4. Exception would be if you get 0 question marks or 0 bosses ... I believe that is an bug.
    3. The main boss in Sulfur Desert spawns only once ... when you light all the flares for Q 3/3 ... other than this you won't see it there.
    4. You can't kill the fake Gnob before the challenge starts ... he is not present at hard map until the challenge is active.
    5. You can't keep challenge eggs from the 4 bosses on hard mode ... they count only when the challenge is active. Like every other event if the progress bar is not shown or completed 100% you can pick up the progress items but not in your inventory ... they will only give small buff.

    I will end up with a challenge for you. (beet the record) :D
    Last night I was farming for colorful essences ... I got 2049 for a single run (from dragonspawns only ... no amphoras opened).
    most of the drops were x50 , few x150 and once this one:

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  14. CoZdor

    CoZdor Forum Apprentice

    Haha I've got 2/4 twice. I'm missing 3/4 too.
  15. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    Is it just me or it's impossible to gather 500eggs for the challenge. I mean, I got a 10egg drop from the mage summoned demon.. after everyone left and I solo-ed him.

    I can't seem to find anyone who can tank him.. or a group with enough damage to kill him before we all run out of stones or andermant for revivals.
  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Progress already done in 90 minutes. Kill only Gnob, Heredur and Sargon ... other 2 bosses are useless. It takes 5 runs or less to complete the challenge.
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  17. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    I've work-benched the 4 ordinances into a scroll.
    How many scrolls do we need?
    What are they for?
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You don't need them at all.
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  19. Trailboss1

    Trailboss1 Forum Mogul

    Exc map and sulfur map....all 3 chests are opened. How do I open the wooden chest?
  20. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    do the re take of the quest after u finish 3/3
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