Feedback Curse of the Black Knights - Return of Dragan (June/July, 2017)

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    This last minievent is worse than Karabosa.
    Why the tree desaepear befor they get to reach the end point?
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    What did you do? What did you do?
    NOTHING !!! that is what you did!!!!

    You didn't fix the old bugs but making new quests.
    The trees inside the last challenge map are bursting in air and giving no drops ... again. But this time the situation is worse than before ... because you can't finish the quest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are wasting my time and resources in vain!


    Stop the challenge ... FIX IT ... then restart it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    Insane, just like the third been....

    75 progress in normal for 150 pearls for entry. OR 99 progress for 250 pearls for entry + statues.
    Without statues 16000 pearls - 110 turns, with statues 21000 pearls - 84 turns...

    Which do you like the better? o_O
  4. obli7

    obli7 Forum Apprentice

    +1. Two out of the three times I tried, I could not complete the quest.

    Not that I will try again anyway. After the fuss about the last mini event, which was incredibly tedious, I find it hilariously arrogant that you boosted the progress of this mini up to 8300 points. With a drop of 75 points per run, it requires no less than 111 runs. That translates to 16.650 black pearls. OK, for the sake of the argument, let us suppose that I somehow even had the time to farm that many pearls within three days. With a fair estimate of 10 minutes per run, I would need about 18.5 hours to complete the mini event. In three days.

    Either someone missed basic math classes at school or is being extremely arrogant. I have a job and a family, which means that I obviously will not spend 6 hours a day playing a video game. Whoever that does obviously has no job and, quite possibly, is not paying any money. So you want the event to be completed by either only people who are playing 6+ hours a day and will not spend a penny, or people stupid enough to pay the cash that you can buy 5+ AAA games with just to complete one mini event in one browser-based RPG. There is no other explanation because no reasonable person with a tiny bit of pride would keep supporting you with money after this. I know that I will not. Supporting you with premium packages up to now is a decision I've come to deeply regret, I could have bought much better games with that money (and own them).

    A few months ago I was amazed by the negativity of all veteran players. Now that I'm an end-game player myself I find myself amazed by their decision to stick around for that long. I do not share their patience, I now realize the focus of the game and I cannot endorse it, much less support it, so I just came in to say goodbye.
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  5. SillySword

    SillySword Regular

    I try to make some feedback just before the end of event.
    1. Quest "Challenge the Administrators" and "The Walkng Dead" conflict. I can't finish the latter after the former is done.
    2. The missing 20th Possessed Archer in the Quest "Sweety Hollow" happened once. I'm so lucky.

  6. Teleportist

    Teleportist Advanced

    The current mini is bugged for groups. The chest will not open. So we're forced to do this solo.
    Please fix this now and give us more time to complete.
  7. †~~Grim~~†

    †~~Grim~~† Forum Greenhorn

    Killed one of the trees in the last mini, no drops and didnt count for quest.

  8. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Tried mini #4 twice. One toon I killed the trees and the quest did not let me open chest. Guess that happens a lot. Solo btw. 2nd toon had 52 bloods but the cauldron would not activate the buff so lost all 52 clicking over and over like an idiot. On that toon there was a cursed amphorae and it dropped only a few piles of coins after killing the spawn boss in the alloted time. (Had time to open the amphorae as the tree buff wasn't activating and they walk slow anyway.)
    Mini event fail from the start for so many lol, but it's DSO so what could one really expect?
  9. chiuseer

    chiuseer Advanced

    Me too . Please do not happen again. The requirement for entry is a lot. So each entry is very important.
  10. galadriale

    galadriale Junior Expert

    The mini events especially the 4th challenge just takes too long and too many runs to complete (~70 runs?) not to mention the high number of curse pearls required to entry. Although some rewards are great like clover, radient gems and runes, they are not attractive enough to outweigh the dull and lengthy farming. so finally didn't continue.....

    I also find that there are many crafting required items of which individual ingredients takes chances to get. This draws complains when someone got no luck and also complicates things.
  11. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    Here's my feedback:

    So, thanks to the pearls that I had from the previous versions (+40 red & +6k pearls) I kind of managed to get something out of this event for my main char... My secondary char didn't get [EDIT] since he's stuck with a few pearls from the progress and DQs. Anyway...
    I did the quests (except the last 4 for the keys to open that chest) and the first 2 challenges.
    I tried playing the last 2 challenges but the effort+resources/loot ratio sucks.. big time, and then there are the bugs. So, I said pass to them.

    So... thank you DSO team for the last 2 challenges, thanks to them I finally managed to get the bear mount from the 1vs1 PvP quest:
    What? It's hurting your eyes and head?
    This is nothing compared with the ones you get when trying to play these challenges.
    Why don't you give them a try without god mode and red ess?
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  12. Next time, can you consider an event where people can complete it on at least one of their alts too? I really get discouraged from playing other characters just because I can't get any of the fancy stuff on them, and I tend to get bored from playing my main character from time to time. This is what caused me to quit multiple times.

    I spent my whole weekend finishing the 4th mini. It was absolutely incredibly ultra super boring. Now please go ahead and remove this event and bring back Sargon again ;)

    I cleaned my temp folder so I don't see the Castle ever again, my eyes are burning.
  13. Iselda

    Iselda Advanced

    As for the last challenge, the progress bar was too long :( Can't the Devs understand that we have some offline life? We'd like to play and enjoy what you've created, but there are more important things that need to be tend to. As for the bug concerning the trees - why wasn't that fixed before? People reported that issue long time ago..

    The 3rd challenge was also bugged for me- my main char could hardly move in the arena, the healing potions didn't work as well as some of the skills. That's why I wasn't able to finish it :(

    Next time do check the event maps thoroughly before the start, so players could have some undisrupted fun.
  14. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    Farming in all modes was fine.
    Drop rate was fine ( 55 runs of fatal black widow to drop the mount )
    An entrance fee shall remain the same for all the difficult mode.( The penalty is the difficult itself )
    The chance to buy the equipment required with draken ( after the boss kill ) is a good idea.

    One of my worst rated change from the previous version is the scaling/pearl rate with the difficult map and mini mode.
    The 4th mini event, with an higher progress bar than the event itself , was not such a good idea.

    For my personal rating, impressions and comments over dragan events are overall positive.
    Some good changes from previous version, some bad.
    In the end, the second devil minion was a gift for those brave enough able to complete all the challenges.
    Hope to craft it on the next dragan event.
  15. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    My feedback on this event. Overall I enjoyed it, but that enjoyment was drastically reduced by what I feel was "sneaky" behavior by BP. I can't prove it but it seems the first few runs of a map at the start of an event give excellent drops. Lots of gems and lots of empowered cursed pearls. It seems those went away rather quickly and once the Janus quests dried up, so did the drakens drop.

    Let me start with the sword. I had a Tier 3 from the previous event that I had cobbled together from all my tier 1's. I finally got the 3rd poison stone and combined, and thought wow, this is a hell of a weapon. As I progressed and picked up stones, I also ended up with a Tier 2 sword (during this event) so I stuck them in. Imagine my surprise when my T2 sword is way better than the T3. I realize the stats are re-rolled when applying the stones but I think something here is amiss.

    I finished the main event progress in about 4 days though the rewards were far from "HUGE". Then come the minis. So much promise, and a chance to run a different map for a little while. Wait, make that a long while. The first two weren't bad; I particularly enjoy Mystra at night because of the interesting formations of the mobs. The second two though, were an exercise in utter, repetitive boredom. Not to be deterred, I finished the last one and was able to make the bolstered gnome but what did I give up? An entire weekend where I should have been outside enjoying the fresh air. You simply cannot make a "mini" event with a larger progress bar than the main. Its cruel and sneaky. Aren't games supposed to be fun?

    As for suggestions:
    1. Open the relic chest quest up from the very beginning, so that players can run the maps of their choice. This will reduce the grind of 20+ runs on a map before moving to the next 20+ runs on the next map. Many players didn't complete the quest because of sheer dread. Grinding away, knowing that more grinding was in store. That is really a no brainer and doesn't give away any advantages.
    2. Run the minis concurrently, and for the length of the entire event, or just make them additional quest lines. I understand you use the timeframe to make players feel pressured and therefore shake them down to buy more ander but seriously, it is mean and sneaky. The entire event would be more fun if players got to choose what and how they play.
    3. Stop with the dishonesty about drop rates. The event guide claims drop rates for uniques was increased but I suspect some fuzzy math. If anything I would say it was decreased to encourage more draken spending. I mostly play solo and only did a boss run on excruciating when I knew I had the drakens to buy (and this is important so pay attention) BUY, something I EARNED by killing the boss on a mode that was too hard for me, using anders to revive. So, forcing me to spend, and spend, and spend some more for some Tier II gear.....dirty pool.

    All that said, this event wasn't terrible compared to some of the others I've played. Thanks BP
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