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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Feb 21, 2020.

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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    I kinda get what you mean, but then again; 90% of people who are able to go into great hall are most likely allready OP (the weaker players most likely didnt finish riot event) and thus dont even really need those uniques anymore. For the other 10% (the lucky people who found the scroll in this event, like me) it is pretty satisfying to see such drop for the first kill. I only wish i knew I was able to kill him on higher mode since great hall dragan seem to be a bit easier to kill.
  2. alfrou

    alfrou Forum Apprentice

    I cant believe you guys.
    THE WHOLE DSO community of active players has been crying about LOW drops rates of useful unique items.
    Then the game gives you this......
    And you cry some more about lack of satisfaction by haveing a guaranteed drop.
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  3. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Nice you haven't bite :p Was a poisonous snack. I understand your point of view but still disagree. Those items aren't anymore in developers plan, at least nearest, so activization of unused resources is always welcomed whatever form it will be. Besides that skins have some price so there aren't totally for free. Yes, price is low but nevertheless it exists. If you compare it to old draken prices for set it's just half of it. Yes draken devaluation is a thing, but still. I agree though that skins may involve some communication about player ingame experience and strength of char where with ability to buy those for very sensible price it is lost... but that process touched not only those particular skins. I don't find good reason to believe they should be excluded. If we trending all skins avaibility for transmorgification than why not those as well :confused: Of course you may disagree with trend but it's more about whole trend per se rather that particular pack of skins.

    Honestly i'm finding recent moves from bp very well and I rate them quite highly. I don't find reason to disagree with them at that minor thing. Maybe you have been slightly robbed from unique appearance but in meantime you did get 4 very hard to obtain costumes. It's not that bp removes ability to brag :D about your appearance, they just refresh it. Feels fine for me.
  4. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    Came back to the game just to try the event ,whole thing was fine..
    But the Battleground is complete EDIT garbage having no problem killling the waves. inf4 Boss just appears, bug teleports to me dealing 110k dmg ,then a instant meteor right where i was running 2 of them then just teleports back where it spawned EDIT. Tried once again giving the benefit of the doubt. Same resoult insted i got 120k dmg. Not even giving people there to res is a douch moove. No wonder why my friendlist is full of offline people by now.
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  5. Raichu007

    Raichu007 Someday Author

    So where even do you get the Mysterious Scroll NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE QUESTS OF THE EVENT?
    I have opened around 150 Amphoras and have gotten nothing except purple items and a total of three(3!) Empowered Cursed Pearls!
  6. guardpaladin

    guardpaladin Forum Apprentice

    you can get the scroll from amphoras ( low drop) or Dragan ( in dragan refuge), i got it 3 times as a drop.
    also you can buy it with anderment ( quite expensive)
  7. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Those 2 mentioned with Dragan being much more reliable source + some chests but only from non-repeatable quests so 1-off. At least i have heard that. Best bet is just to farm Dragan 50-60 times and if you get it - you should in fewer - you are golden and if not just screw progress bar and event :D Mysterious scroll don't give you any other quests than that 1 it's needed for. It's mainly about New Dragan home and 5x more progress. Of course you can also finish event at inf I on normal Dragan with only 333 Dragan kills. Easy ;)
    Just praise RNGJesus :p
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The very next day ... payback time

    When the General spawns avoid entering the inner circle, just play on the outer side and you don't have to worry about the meteors. They are only dropping when you cross on the inside.

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  9. CrusherOfEardrums

    CrusherOfEardrums Forum Greenhorn

    Oh my, what have I done?! :D I´v promised Im not done with this event until i´l get widow.. Well Cadoc is really sometimes playing on my nerves.. Not even that im very glad, when he spawnes, but after his death, i have 33% to get ghastly grave... Its exhausting :D Anyone also getting Ghastly black widow?

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Hmm even tho i love to get it. 90% i get aditional dungeon its mystra at night and the other 10% forest at night, so unless i get ghastly for once, i doubt ill drop it :)

    But goodluck to you!
  11. bassevents94

    bassevents94 Someday Author

    i looking for my little accounts after the mysterious scroll
    i saw on the wiki it can drop out dragan ( is mode droprate different?) and amphora chest, but at the last i have a question:

    is there a chance that it drop from all amphora ( m1,2,3,4, castle and other maps )or only the one's that standing in the castle?
  12. Парабум

    Парабум Regular

    There is a chance. I fell a scroll from all amphoras, in different locations. They say that with Dragan the chance is higher, but my statistics do not confirm this. Just look for groups that farm runes, in an hour you will knock out a scroll. For 5 keys it falls very often, but for 1 key it also falls often (this is only my experience and statics, it may not work with you)
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  13. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Nah come on, who cries... like if I could ever care if he massively drops or not his stuff after so many years it is in game.

    At the opposite, I only noticed how absurd is this way to do: from zero drop (that is obviously FALSE, but is what weak people felt... and the reason why THEY cried) to everything and immediately.... lol

    I can just suppose that these uniques will become useless soon.... but hell, nowadays they are still op and the decision to gift all in a row is totally a nonsense. They could raise up the droprate, and force to do several runs with 1-2 ensured and different items every run... this would be more acceptable and understandable, but NOT all in a row....
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  14. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    There's no problem with giving all of those in same time( this is only a one time bonus), so what's the problem? It's not like you have a great chance to get all uniques with 3 gold line base value.

    BIGIHERO Forum Apprentice

    Battlefield of the Black Knights, gives no points, I make the third bar 180/3000, please help

    I have Windows 10 OS

    Hello please help me, I play Dragan event, I'm on the third bar 180/3000, those 180 points I did on the dragan difficulty hell 4, there is everything ok.
    What I have the problem for the first time I entered on February 24, 2020 around 17:00 pm, on the difficulty of Pek 2 to the arena of the Battle of the Black Knights.
    Then I went 3 more times to Hell 3 and I didn't get anything after clearing the map again. other guild players told me that it works and they get points, I never got points.
    Today on February 25, 2020, I went to hell 2 on difficulty, to the arena of the Black Knights Battlefield, when I beat it there, no points fell, and there is no chest after clearing the map. I have the bar 3.
    So I uninstalled the game, deleted the Temp folder, all the temples for drakensang, installed the game again after the game was updated, so I tried again to see if it fixed.
    Today 25. 2. 2020 last around 23:20 I went to hell 3 difficulty, to the Arena of the Black Knights Battle, when I beat it there no points fall, even there is no chest after cleaning the map. I have the bar 3.
    Just do not know anymore, try to fix me the game, really the Battle of the Black Knights, when it all beat up there no points fall, even there after cleaning the map is no chest. I have the bar 3.
    Just don't know anymore, try to fix me the game, it really doesn't give any points, I still have 180/3000. I have just been taken by about 8 mighty pearls and I don't get any time and points in the Black Knights Battlefield.
    Please help me fix the problem.

    I contacted DSO support and wrote me when I turn to the forum for an answer, I don't believe it, but I write here, for the first time. I'm asking for help, thank you.
  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Have you tried playing the event on Linux? :)

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    BOBK doest have chest or points. Only reward is the amulet of black knights (once per every difficulty you beat)
  18. Kiwigal1244

    Kiwigal1244 Active Author

    Same problem.. All quest completed.. only repeats left..
    Finished ALL progress bars I, II, III, IV....
    except 2/3 Sulphur . For 3 days I have spent trying to get the drop.. Zero results

    Can not cancel quest to restart it either

    I give up
  19. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    You mix Black Knight's Battleground (it does not even gives progress to the 2nd bar as stated at the entrance) up with Great Hall, anyway in the Wiki page you can find all info you need ;)
  20. CrusherOfEardrums

    CrusherOfEardrums Forum Greenhorn

    Ye, that´s very much it :D I still didnt found the point of those locations.. Maybe making me insane :D
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