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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 11, 2020.

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  1. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Well, it could be made in tons of ways that would make more sense than what we have. Honestly, this event has a pretty good design among some other events of this game. It wouldn't be that bad at all as long as there was a reliable source of red pearls. As it is... it's just yet another terrible grindfest.

    I think they're trying yet another strategy to milk some money.
    red pearls are entry items -> they don't drop -> they can be bought for andermant -> perhaps some people will pay money for that
    Similar thing can be seen in the incoming summer event:
    tickets are entry items -> they don't drop -> they can be bought for andermant... you know the rest.
    Needless to say, it's a terrible idea and it may drive even more players away.
  2. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    As others have stated already this once very good event has become a very bad event. It seems that many if not all recent events are grindfests, completed only by endgamers & the P2W types but certainly not for anyone that values their time. The Red Pearl/Black Pearl drop rates are poor, for weaker players most of the rewards are out of reach just as the devs of this game are out of touch. Grind, grind and more grind.

    I think as someone else had stated in another thread that it might be time to step away and invest in PS5 when available.
  3. dforko

    dforko Forum Apprentice

    They label us by our achievement points. Still not sure about that system. They have more reliable data available - our fighting power which is calculated and viewable for every single player. How much fighting power is needed to finish event in each configuration? How it is designed to be and how does it work after release? For sure, they can check their statistics and see how many active players with how high fighting power they have and redesign their events to be more pleasant for everyone as well as more doable for people with less power.

    This event seems to have elementary mistakes. Scroll needed for entrance to great hall should be on 2nd progress bar (not on 3rd after 2,5k progress) to be able to comfortably proceed to 3rd one ;)
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  4. Вантик

    Вантик Forum Apprentice

    The stock is generally liked. Better than these EDIT Deserts of Essences. But there are a couple of points.

    1. Bugs. A lot of bugs. for example, the progress counter has suddenly stopped. It stood all day, then went.

    2. The singularity. Suddenly stopped acting, just now. Visually shown, no effect.

    3. The horse. I can not put the character on a horse. Button does not work. I venture a couple of steps - he sits down.

    4. Suddenly, dead monsters disappear, as it was in the night forest. Killing a monster, it disappears. Together with the drop.

    And yes, I agree with the previous speakers. The chance of a drop of pearls and quest items is negligible, the action turned into a dull EDIT
    Sorry, translated by Google
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  5. verbatium313

    verbatium313 Forum Greenhorn

    Where is the cloak? I killed Dragan’s solo Mysterious Scroll- and don’t have a cloak? 28 lv
    All part drop it olny dont have cloak

    There is no information about the fact that the store does not drop to level 30.

    If I knew this, I would not go to kill him.


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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    3hrs using bonus cape in INF3 gave me a little over 1000 progress for 2nd bar. 0 red pearls

    I stopped at sacred ruby. There's simply no use....even if I finish 2nd bar; I wont be able to get 1st reward from 3rd bar, since red pearls simply dont drop.

    And you got the balls to ask 5000 ander for 1 pearl. It should be more like 50-100ander if you want people to buy it, since we need 100s of 'm.

    Really an alltime low this event. Such a shame :(
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  7. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Let me remind you that those rewards are also highly subject to the PRNG.

    One alt-toon got the smelter from the first chest opened outside of Gloomy Pastures. Another got 5 basic runes, but didn't get the smelter (or anything else of value) after opening the other two chests.

    My main toon just opened the first chest as well: 10 chest keys, one amphorae key, one throwaway legendary, 10 draken and a few gold.
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  8. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Bigger question is... how come a character manages to earn the scroll AND finish all the quests AND not level up beyond lvl28? Let's remember that one can only have the event at level 20... and on such levels the exp goes very fast. Meanwhile, the scroll requires numerous dragan kills, and the quest requires a bunch of runs in the maps which cost pearls, so also a good deal of castle farm. So?
  9. verbatium313

    verbatium313 Forum Greenhorn

    On 20 lv u need it drop or buy Mysterious Scroll - i get lucky and drop scroll on 21 lv normal. All 3x4 quest + mysteriuos. Pearls at start is key amphora - next its only kill bos 4 quest on 001 where u can take 60-500 pearls after end.
  10. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Yes you're right. I must say I was half way through the dungeons quests when I wrote that. The rest of the quest chests did not impress me :/

    Clearly the red pearls are the main issue. In this game, there always has to be a catch, something that people are indirectly forced to buy if they want to get something cool :/

    I would maybe "advise" people not to grind Dragan that much, because they'll be grinding for the set again once the expansion drops... It may be a good idea to save the red pearls for next time, what do you think?


    The cloak that costs how much? 25, 30 Euro? It has quite crappy effects. 2% chance to get the red pearl from the boss... Or +50% elemental pearls, considering how abysmal the drop rate is, +50% is still abysmal.
    On the other hand, people can't call it pay-to-win if the effect is so ridiculous. But the price is ridiculous too.

    All the negatives have been said by others, I guess.

    A nice thing about the event is that it's a bit harder to get bored with it. You have quite a bunch of various maps to play on, even though some of them are pretty tedious like Mystra or Wild Forest.

    You also have quests, so there is at least some sense of purpose as opposed to events where you just farm entry items and then farm progress on a single map.

    And some of the quest rewards are really good, especially for a weak or low level characters.
  11. Irish

    Irish Forum Apprentice

    Bar 1 easy, used Attire that was in bonus code , 3 hour buff for bar 2 to finish it , got as far as the Sarcred Gem Bag on bar 3 and ran out of red pearls to finish. Drop rate is very poor, so won't be continuing the rest of the event, sad because it was a very good one too.
    Also the big chest inside the castle after you kill 1000 knights , rewards are poor too, not even worth running around the castle to do that.
  12. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    it's easy: buying the progress bar with money.
    How many money?
    I think a lot.
    they had to remove the jesters that could be gambling, but I ask you and I ask to developers:
    isn't it(buying progress bar) a kinde of gambling?
    now we can finish the more and more events only with money...
    If in China gambling is legal, in Europe no, so i hope you know what you do ...
  13. geoff1

    geoff1 Someday Author

    just to add my 2 pence worth the red pearl drop rate is horrendous,could only do 3 of the dundgeons and i refuse to pay 5000 for 1,this game is supposed to be free to play with anders used to make it easier but it is impossible to play without spending, good luck to everybody with red pearls but for me another event off my list
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  14. kalitsa-war

    kalitsa-war Forum Greenhorn

    This unacceptable issue took place today. At Dragan's event I reached the third bar on 2510 Raven Pearls but I didn't get the Mysterious scroll The bar gives it to 2450. What will happen in this case? I point out that I am one of the unlucky persons in the game. I didn't have the Mysterious scroll or got it as drop, to be able to finish the event. It is a big mistake and unfair to me to be unable to take the Mysterious scroll and complete the event. Game managers need to rectify this injustice immediately
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  15. Annouvis

    Annouvis Forum Greenhorn

    Other players have also the same problem as far as i reed. I think GM will fix the problem
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  16. dforko

    dforko Forum Apprentice

    I had the same problem. When I got more progress then I got both red pearl and scroll at the same time :)
  17. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    Before I give my feedback,I just wish to say that this event has caused you too loose 4 people from the dying Agathon Server Congratulations !!!
    This Dragan Event in one form or another has been running for years,we as a group have played it even when Dragan was in Sargon.
    The same bugs or issues come up everytime you add this event :
    The screen either blue orange black or baby shit brown has been an issue for years.
    The rate of drop for different quest items (I do not want to hear this is luck)=Just to reinforce this 6 runs Infernal 3 for second quest Sulfer Desert and it does not drop ? Logged off in disgust and won't log in again to your game.
    The rate of drop for the scroll to the Great Hall between us we used 40 Red Pearls not one scroll dropped.
    I thought a forum was for people to say what they liked and disliked about something so it could be improved ?
    This forum In My Opinion is a waste of time.
    The Moderators can not do anything and the developers do not listen.
    On another note
    This game has now been predominantly made for the minority of players not the majority that can only play in spare time.
    It has been made for the spenders those that will buy Cloaks for every event or those that are willing to spend 8-10hours+ a day farming.
    The Majority of your player base is like me works goes to school studies at university has a family plays this for fun and to socialize.
    The way the events are made now to grind so much,has put the events out of reach for the majority.
    I know nothing will change,I honestly think it will get worse until Drakensang dies a long lingering death.
    So to those that stay good luck good bye.
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  18. deadland38

    deadland38 Forum Apprentice

    I totally agree, I play this game since the beginnig of the beta and it's worst and worst the event are senseless and the ask an incredible amount of time to complete

    The scroll drop rate is a joke, i dropped it twice in a row and my friend didn't even dropped it after 40x, that's insane
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    How do you even get 40 red pearls to enter 40x?
  20. BorgoNoise

    BorgoNoise Junior Expert

    wasted event, worst dragan ever. Not any red pearl drop to enter, and to complete the event we need tons of them... pathetic
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