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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 11, 2020.

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  1. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    Agree in fact I think Dragan event was the drop that made the vase overflow for me.
    I will go into hibernation hoping that things will change because I do not agree with the decisions made by the team in the past 2 years. It's the only choice I have left to make
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  2. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    Fantastic insect!

    And to think of all the efforts they have made to ruin the event and sell their matelli and we find this thing, congratulations dear BP!

    Did any Dk manage to finish the arena of the black knights, infernal 7? What life is the armor on the map with?
  3. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    I watched 3 yotube videos where dks have done this. easiest it seems to be for rangers in general
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  4. -REDONLY-

    -REDONLY- Forum Greenhorn

    After about 9 years of play, this is the first non-completable Dragan event for me.
    I can't produce 150 red pearls to carry on a feed 3 bar 21k 4 bar 39k.
    It seems that the only way is to EDIT
    I honestly prefer not to use these tricks and stop where I am. Poor historical event ..
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  5. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    With these events being a grindfest all bugpoint is promoting is people to learn cheats and to use bugs to finish.
    This game is just full of it now and you wonder why it is dying and people are walking away ?
    Those that play casually as I do now, can find better things to do with there time than play Drakensang.
    One reason for this is the negative feedback on your forum and on every social page you have.
    Another reason is the blatant cheating, that is never punished.
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  6. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    What does one say?
    I mean I can say everything that has been repeatedly been reiterated to the devs
    dks are crap
    every other class is OP
    dragan is crappy this time mainly due to amount of time given
    make it a permanent map or something xD
    heck do that with sewers too
    lb will be a grind
    making all t10 will be a grind
    having to turn to q7 makes me feel like a sad sellout
    I can either keep playing and suffer the jokes?
    or use q7 and suffer the need to go there to be strong in this game
    Or I can make a ranger with a hoax bow
    but you will take that away and it will all be for nothing

    Need I say more at all?
  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Has anyone noticed that the Great Hall is still bugged as hell?
    Dragan there has wonky animations when he's running, it's hilarious, the widow doesn't have a death animation, when she dies she stands there wobblying and the knights when they die they can randomly turn into werewolves and use that death animation.

    And that's not counting the bugs of the movement of the players that cause their deaths( most of the reasons i died there was not due to my mistake, but because the game teleported me directly into the hands of the enemies, while i was far from them).
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  8. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    The class of Dk is simply a waste in pve!

    It's not a matter of classes or objects, it just doesn't work!

    The q7 and q4 sets do not give bonuses but a real skill!

    So the stronger q7 makes all the rest of the one null!

    I'm sorry to say that the only solution now lies in the new expansion because this development with the Dk is a dead end!

    However, in the big room also in Inf7 you can take Dragan I set T10, in rebirths it becomes a cost in altergemme, but it can be done!

    In the arena of black knights no, I stopped in inf6, the t10 necklace is a prize from this level! In Hell 7 it is stupid, low defense, low life, destroying constant armor and high damage, all bad for a melee class!

    For developers, have you ever tried a test of this arena? really balance classes with 2h?
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    I give up! Again a day of farm and after 2 hours I get 1 red-pearl. Yesterday also 1 red pearl.

    Its just stupid. Same groupmember gets 16 and I get 1.....

    I need 150 reds, sooo by my great droprate thats +- 300 hours of farming. Simply impossible! And since im a honest player, I wont go the exploit-way.

    A Big EDIT to this event and his designers and everyone who's like ''well you must be doing something wrong''.
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  10. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    Have you noticed that the devs don't have anything to say? They must be making a lot of money on this event. Too bad for those of us who want to play and not spend all our money. DK has been a poor class for years, but it never gets fixed.
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  11. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    Yes i have, and it s terribly sad.

    I somehow managed to do the great hall on inf7, first run. took half an hour, 25 deaths, but i did it.
    Now my dk guildie has literally every stat better then mine, but he needed double the time and an unspeakable amount of deaths to clear the job.

    I feel ya brother :p
    Were it not for the 90 pearls i had from last event, i would never be able to finish this one. Farmed about 60 pearls so far and already feel like, EDIT it. Let s not waste more time on this.
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  12. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Is there a way to get the second bar done without grinding forever in this game? Is there even any way to play this game and complete the event content solo, even with normal premium or deluxe, but no other purchases. I don't think the changes over the past 2-3 years have been enjoyable, which is one of the reasons why I have discontinued year long subscriptions.

    I am seriously debating following Baragain and deleting. So many more rewarding games out there waiting to be played….
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  13. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Oh, the second bar is actually not that bad, the third and fourth bar are the worst.
    If you need to complete the second bar, go on inf 3 in the maps.
  14. Вантик

    Вантик Forum Apprentice

    This review is based on impressions of the event “The Curse of the Black Knights - The Return of Dragan”.
    I am writing in Russian, then I will translate it with Google. Please do not judge strictly.

    The overall impression is satisfactory, better than nothing. It is nice to remember the old locations (I have not played for 2 years), good prizes in the beginning.

    What I didn’t like is that for my relatively weak character the event is almost impassable, especially since I play mainly solo.
    What was clear - today the solo of location 001-004 on the “fatal” difficulty was specially held, time and pearls were timed.

    001 - received 40 pearls, spent 40 minutes of a calm game. The Night Mistres opened, another 20 pearls and 30 minutes.
    002 - 16 pearls, 35 minutes.
    003 - 20 pearls, 25 minutes.
    004 - 26 pearls, 30 minutes. The Night Wild Forest opened, another 30 pearls and 40 minutes of the game.

    As a result, 192 pearls and three and a half hours at the computer. Three and a half hours of boring, dull and monotonous actions. Do you understand?

    Progress on the second strip - 1803 pearls. This is, roughly speaking, 8-9 days of extremely boring activities.

    And this is only the time to get elemental pearls, and yet you need to get the pearls and curses that are needed for entry. And there are very few of them falling, one entrance is an hour and a half running around the castle.

    This is the problem. In my life I have other things to do and other interests besides the game. Therefore, I will not finish the second strip.
    Of course, in a group all this can be done faster. By time. But in fact, everything will remain the same - you need to go through the same locations 80-100 times. This bothers you very much.

    What else did not like and seemed strange:
    - For some reason, pearls do not fall from location bosses. Kadok is cocky, a headless knight, black knights in the Night Forest - do not give a single pearl. This is strange and incomprehensible.
    - For some reason, very few draken in the first and second stripes. In the first, 5, the second - 10-20. For some reason, there is no usual increase in quantity.
    - Strange and unhelpful prizes. Why is it necessary, for example, the costume of Baba Yaga? Or a bird that everyone already has?
    - I don’t know if this is a mistake, or what ... But on the stripes we get 2 Golden Earring. These are preparations for creating pets - fire gnomes, as I understand it. But you still need Fire Gnom Horns or Iron Morning Star, but they are not in the stripes. And where to get it is not clear.
    - It is difficult to obtain the pearls of the curse at the entrance to Dragan. Too hard in my opinion.

    ~ What could be done better and how?

    - Increase the likelihood of pearls falling out.
    - Make tasks at locations 001-004 different. After all, there were even blanks from previous stocks, for example, torches at 001, dwarf coal miners at 003, and so on. That it was not so boring and monotonous.
    - Add a random drop of pearls to curse from the chests.
    - Significantly increase the likelihood of pearls falling if the player passes the event alone.
    - Increase the dependence of the number of falling pearls on the level of difficulty.
    - Increase the number of draken strips, make their progress, as in other events.
    - Add to the strips of Fire Gnom Horns and Iron Morning Star.

    All this is just my personal subjective opinion.
    Translated by Google.

    --- MERGED ---

    I would also break the backs of Fox into three. Still, killing squires is one thing, and Dragan is another.
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  15. SillySword

    SillySword Regular

    My DK got Fire Gnome Horns from the monster of cursed amphora in t1 map4. I think it's random * random. Iron Morning Star should be from the unique black window spider.
  16. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    How much more progress in inf 3? I had been doing inf 1 and am only around 450 with all the quests done.
  17. Lorien

    Lorien Forum Greenhorn

    Last Dragan i did it with 2 chars,1 with the scroll the other without it,first char finished the event,second got to last bar but not been able to fight in gran hall,the progression was really slow.This Dragan none of chars have the scroll,but really doesn't even matter,they're not very well geared but still in the last dragan they've been able to do something;now it's a waste of time and i stopped after few days.At this point i really wonder if there's any reason,from my personal point of view,to keep playing this game.
  18. radiantsapphire

    radiantsapphire Forum Apprentice

    To be honest, this event is doable. For the first and second bar, you just go in groups on inf3, do the quests in map1 to 4 and you will be done in a couple of days. Then you must farm the Castle for black and red pearls(repeatable quest), also in group with at least 4 people. It should not be hard for you to get 6-9 red pearls per day, will take you 2-3 hours. Then you use element essences for solo in Great Hall on inf3-5 for the progress of bar3 and 4, it is not that hard to kill boss with those new essences. But because last time this event gave a lot of red pearls and keys, so it feels like it is much harder this time. You must take way more time to farm for those red pearls then last time and is quite boring, so to most players the feeling is bad. But I remember the time when we first had this event and, had to farm all day for those black pearls in Castle Raven, just to go to the other maps. The old times takes much more grind, but most of us only remember last time when is was easy.
  19. Nalucitura

    Nalucitura Forum Apprentice

    I agree. First of all, if you have under 5k achievment points, the progress is quite easy. If you have over 5k, that's a different story, but the rewards are better as well.
    Even so, the key is...well.. having a lot of amphora keys :p I found a buttload of empowered pearls this way, and I also found them in the relic chests in maps quite often. I was opening amphoras in maps so I can finish the 2nd bar. And after that, I found the scroll in Dragan's Refuge after a couple of kills. I did the quest, and then i just farmed Great Hall on inf 2-3. So bottom line is, u spend Draken and ander on keys and you're good. I agree that not everyone can spend their Draken or Ander on such things, I guess it's a matter of how much you want the rewards from the event. Also, playing in groups is faster, but I usually avoid this since I like to play more relaxed.

    If they should fix something about this event, they should make empowered pearls drop in more places. And make the attire better, if I am paying for it, then I better have a lot more bonuses, cuz at the moment it is weak. Just my 2 cents
  20. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Thanks a lot. My main interest was to free that slot :)
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