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  1. Nobs

    Nobs Forum Apprentice

    OBJECTIVES [] Talk to Wael near the Spiky Valley entrance to Hiraja [] Find and defeat the Sandling Scout in the Spiky Valley Now i have seen this mob (Sandling Scout) a few times kill it and noting happen is that quest bug , I even re-log restarted the quest and noting change , it's one of the main quest there, some help plz and thanks
  2. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    I helped someone do this quest not too long ago and I seem to remember that there were two scouts on the same map. Killing one did nothing, but then killing the other worked. Both when I did the quest initially and doing it more recently, the scouts appeared along the northern ridge of the map near the sandling treasure area. The way I did the quest was to clear that part of the map and then ride around until I found and killed the scout (or two). Sorry in advance if this doesn't help and just wastes your time.
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  3. Nobs

    Nobs Forum Apprentice

    o_O It's 2 of them I have to look for, hmm ok I have even clear the whole map a few time and still nutting i'll check it back and see if anything have change thanks for the heads up:)
  4. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    When I did the quest for my own toon, I only remember one, but when I did it more recently helping someone else I really think there were two. Since you have already cleared the whole map a couple of times, I doubt my theory was the correct one.
  5. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    What I remember is that the darn thing would run by crazy fast, and chasing it down was fruitless. However, after several times of clearing the map (on the way with other quests) it would eventually show up near me and stand to be killed. You can use quest guidance on that one I believe.
  6. Nobs

    Nobs Forum Apprentice

    No the quest guidance don't work for that one but i'll try your other idea after the new moon event thank for all the help
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  7. bigmike1169

    bigmike1169 Forum Greenhorn

    Having the same issue here as well,I killed one scout,ran all over the map to no avail,even cleared the map,killed the "boss" and his minions,ran all over map again,still no other scout.Even dropped quest 2 times and washed,rinsed repeated and still nothing.Ive cleared this map over 6 times now,any help would be appreciated.
  8. avidgolfer_gp

    avidgolfer_gp Forum Apprentice

    I am having the same problem and have looked this up on the forum. The way the quest is supposed to work (and it worked for me before with another character) is that you have to kill all monsters on the map, and then the 2nd sandling scout appears and runs around the map very fast. Other posts I've seen in the Forum verify this. However, after clearing the map, the Sandling Scout does not appear like it used to. I do see a green transport stone appears on the left center of the map, and it is labeled Spiky Valley. When I click on it however, it just says that I haven't completed the requirements to enter. I've reported this missing Sandling Scout issue to support, and told them that the quest is now broken (or appears to be). Two weeks now, and no satisfactory response ('player not logged in when problem was reported', 'player did not report the issue to the correct language team' --- seriously? I was logged in to the english support site!!). I am so frustrated by this that I'm about ready to find another game to play!
    By the way, I also restarted the quest a couple of times, but as bigmike says, it doesn't help. I guess everyone will just have to keep badgering support about this so that they fix it!!
  9. SeventBow

    SeventBow Forum Greenhorn

    Keep killing the Scout until it drops the lamp part # 3 nothing wrong with the quest.
  10. avidgolfer_gp

    avidgolfer_gp Forum Apprentice

    How can you keep killing the second sandling scout if it never appears!!! i've killed the first one over a dozen times, cleared the map many times, but the second one never appears!!
  11. -habib28-

    -habib28- Forum Greenhorn

    my char, Anch0r lvl 51 (DK)
    i got stuck in a quest
    the quest says find and defeat sandling scout in spiky valley
    i did same but nothing proceeding
    i done it many times but no response
    i delete and done it again but nothing happening
    kindly check it out ..
  12. Veteran666

    Veteran666 Active Author

    This quest is a tricky one.First you need to stun the fast sandling scout near the bridge and kill it as fast as you can,repeat until the fragment drops
  13. -habib28-

    -habib28- Forum Greenhorn

    Quest guidance doesn't work for this quest..
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  14. Veteran666

    Veteran666 Active Author

    I just finished this quest with my mage character.Talk to Wael cross the bridge and kill the sandling scout as soon as possible,i got the lamp part on the 2nd try.Have fun!
  15. -habib28-

    -habib28- Forum Greenhorn

    Thank You
    I followed your instruction and quest completed in 1st attempt.
  16. Veteran666

    Veteran666 Active Author

    I am glad i was able to help.Cheers! :)
  17. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Well done and thank you for your help Veteran666! Since all's clear and the quest in question has been proven doable, we shall close this thread;

    many thanks!
  18. G3dd

    G3dd Someday Author

    I have a problem twith this quest. There is no sanding scout on the map or maybe i cant find it.I clear the map over 10 times, killed the boss even but nothing still cant find it.I even try to stay still and wait pass near me but still nothing...If anyone can help that would be great and explain extactly how this work coz i really dont get it.Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

    --- MERGED ---

    It seems that ive been doing it wrong. Just tried and deleted the quest the took it again.Talked with the guy and crossed the bridge killed the damned scout and it droped me the fragment. I cant believe was that easy...Looking for a solution for 3 days...Jesus.. Anyway you can close thread.Thank you.
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  19. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Closed and moved to another thread.

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