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  1. Hello,
    I noticed an inconsistency in the daily challenges. When you choose to kill a boss in a
    bloodbath, it costs 15 hell passages and gives you 22 hell passages. There is a gain of 7
    passages. On the other hand, when you take on the 3 bosses in a bloodbath challenge, it
    costs 45 hell passes and yields only 26 hell passes. There is a loss of 19 hell passages.
    I think this challenge is not to the advantage of the player. The gain of the 3 bosses
    challenge should be increased.
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  2. Geofry

    Geofry Forum Apprentice

    if u are gonna keep farm its better to choose 3 bosses for 4 free passages otherwise go for 1 kill i dont think this is a good advise