"Daran the Spoiler's Brush"

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by brcserenity, Mar 28, 2024.

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  1. brcserenity

    brcserenity Forum Greenhorn

    Hi All

    "Daran the Spoiler's Brush" can drop from Daran boss ?

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    • Daran the Spoiler has new additional drop: Daran the Spoiler's Painting Brush, Community Coins, Bunny Hatch (pet), Spring Dust.

    Just don't get ya hopes up, we all know the droprate is goin to be quite close to 0.0%
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  3. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Maybe, or at least it should, if it's not buggy :rolleyes:

    Some guy in the chat said that dropped one in about 20 runs: but people often lie, so I have no way of knowing. And I didn't see any testimonials on YouTube yet, not even on TS.

    However, and I'm not saying this is your case, I don't understand how people enjoy getting everything right away: the concentrated winter solstice runes were initially available at the rate of one per year and no one complained (or maybe they did, but no one cared). This new "painting brush" or whatever its name may also have a very low droprate, after all it's only the first day of the event and people are already complaining. Put in the effort and you will get your rewards... or maybe not, who knows :p
  4. bezzlim

    bezzlim Forum Apprentice

    if we compare these events, namely the winter solstice holiday, and this spring holiday. At the winter solstice, the ingredient for the rune was in the progress of the campaign.and in this promotion, it is not in progress. I closed the action on bloody, I didn't get a single brush. So it's at least stupid to take down these shares.for all the visits, while closing the promotion, 5 community coins fell. that's it.
  5. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    To clarify: no one compares anything, it was just to say that now players want everything immediately while years ago they were willing to wait an even excessive amount of time, given that it is just a videogame.

    And in any case in the winter event we had to commit almost a whole month (most of our characters were struggling in those old times), with the certainty of obtaining one rune. Now we have sixteen days available and maybe in the end we will have 3-4 runes dropped... or maybe with none, of course.

    The system is different and, if we don't like it, we are free to do something else in our free time (in fact, I'm doing something else, which gives me more satisfaction :D)
  6. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    Every one should know by now how the game functions with new items.. honestly could care less if the paint brush drops this year.. as a vet player (Ranger with 827.390K damage) -max 80% crit max 500% crit-damage..5.60 attck-sped.. a few runes isn't really going to make much difference..and most likely the drop rate is 000.1%.. like most new items start out.. don't forget this is a F2P game and the devs don't owe anyone anything.. it's all RnG..
  7. brcserenity

    brcserenity Forum Greenhorn

    My friend, we do not want anyone to borrow money. In a system where only developers and players have something in common, we expect developers to be a little more open. This is everything.

    What I mean here is clear information, such as the drop rate of this material according to its difficulty levels, if any. This way, players can understand where they should focus.

    It shouldn't be too difficult to share this kind of information with players.
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  8. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Well done, a really intelligent reply to a comment that was a lot less.

    And what you are asking is something absolutely legitimate, even normal in other games but not in this one, where the healthy and transparent relationship between the parent company and the community was interrupted many years ago (if it ever existed). Unfortunately.
  9. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    Well.. I'm sure that most players are going to just buy the lucky chests.. and there's a way higher % of players that P2P over F2P.. you can't falt the devs for cashing in on the opportunity.. I'm sure the brush will be added in next year's event progress bar.. but making this big of a fuss over a small rune is quite HILARIOUS to me.. 30% HP-AtckSped-Crit.. for 5/5 runes isn't that much.. and most veteran players are at max stats at this point.. and most players like myself have been saving Community Coins since they was added.. and you can only buy 1 brush anyways.. and Darah does drop the brush..it took me over 45 times to get one.. so the odds of getting one is there.. you just have to grind it out..
  10. I3lacky2

    I3lacky2 Forum Greenhorn

    Guys this evet its a scam, after 12h farming only island all mod surprise give me 0 brush. Its a big scam event

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    You seem to only look from your own perspective..For newer players wouldve been nice if the brush was in progres bar.
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  12. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    I agree. I have a new 100 level Spellweaver with 70K damage, 25% crit, and 2.7% attack speed. The runes would definitely help out some.
  13. çatli66

    çatli66 Forum Greenhorn

    I don't understand why an admin doesn't respond to explain how it's possible to farm for 3 days for Daran the Spoiler's Brush and not leave even 1, this in queues where I entered over 3000 turns
  14. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Because no "admin" (of the game) interacts here in the forum, and therefore there is no one informed about it who can answer you. Here there are only forum moderators, who check that the situation is calm and that everyone is following the rules.

    As far as I'm concerned, it wouldn't surprise me at all if an official announcement came out in about a dozen days explaining that a bug that prevents any drop from Daran was found, and that a compensation code with some essences, lockpicks, and a few keys for the amphorae will be released asap :D
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  15. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    You are completely correct..i play for myself I'm not here for new players.. and i agree with the devs by not adding the brush in the progress bar untill next year or even the next.. like 90% of all F2P games if you want something right away you must pay.. this isn't a new design.. games have been this way for many years.. and if you can't or won't pay for the item.. you don't get the item.. it's just that simple..
  16. brcserenity

    brcserenity Forum Greenhorn

    For My All Hero:

    Dran the Spoolier's Painting Brush

    Mage : 1 get from phestos with 999 Comminity coins, 1 get from phestos via "Spring Festial Luck Bag, 1 From Daran in 500 round
    DragonKnight : 1 get from phestos with 999 Comminity coins, 1 From Daran in 500 round
    Ranger : 1 get from phestos with 999 Comminity coins, 1 get from phestos via "Spring Festial Luck Bag"
    Dwarf : 1 get from phestos with 999 Comminity coins, 1 get from phestos via "Spring Festial Luck Bag"

    Pet and Mount

    Mage : 1 Bunny hatc in 500 Daran raound, 1 Cracked get from phestos via "Spring Festial Luck Bag"
    DragonKnight : 1 Bunny hatc in 500 Daran raound, 1 Cracked get from phestos via "Spring Festial Luck Bag", 1 mount from Fool's Ride out Bunle
    Ranger : 1 Cracked get from phestos via "Spring Festial Luck Bag"
    Dwarf :1 Cracked get from phestos via "Spring Festial Luck Bag"

    For this year that is enoght for me :D I will wait next year. But it was a 500-lap race and it was sad for me to only get one. I'm glad my other friends got around 4-5 in these tours, but I think it's unfair.
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  17. BHe_ToJlTTbl

    BHe_ToJlTTbl Forum Greenhorn

    I spent 100 euros on bags and I didn't get a single brush, is that fair? What should I call it?
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