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  1. wizzo90

    wizzo90 Junior Expert

    After playing the Dwarf Heist 2.0 event with some lower level characters, a few things become clear.

    The monster upscaling for lvl 50 is very high. This event is a walk in the park with even the weakest of stats until around lvl 46. No critisism here, I think making it easy and fun for new players is the right way.

    Also this event as pretty much everything is super easy for all ranged classes. The ice and fire trolls as well, as the anti skill champions and all event bosses are true DK killers, even my super overpowered DK falls with one frost nova or caught up near a fire troll. With everyting else it doesnt matter what tricky champion type that is. Shoot, done.
    Or in very extreme cases:
    Shoot, sidestep, shoot, done. You really have to make bad ingame decisions to even get hit. Not once in this event I needed a turret, guardian or wolf pack, which I think says it all.

    So I hope you guys look at the data on this event and analyse it for classes. I would not suggest to buff up the DK so much, but to introduce a more balanced mix of monsters that challenge melee and ranged alike. Maybe shooting monsters that do not move in total slow motion and not small melee monsters that walk up to you in a staight line like a bunch of loot pinatas to shoot at.

    This gameplay inballance is a core problem of DSO and I hope you can fix it before you introduce a new melee class that will also be doomed to fail.
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  2. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    I managed to do the main event 5000/5000 and the mini 810/810 but I'm now having doubts about completing the 2nd mini. I do have about 1800 burners collected for it but now I'd have to grind for roughly 4000-5000 impure viscanium just to enter the mine map to get to the lower level. Is my noob math right on this? If this is the case impure viscanium should be dropping in greater quantities in open maps vs. the 1's amd 2's currently dropping.
  3. terrygod

    terrygod Forum Greenhorn

    After 3 tries in mini map event costing each time 50 coins and defeating Sclad 3 time still could not obtain the Hilt of the Order to complete quest. Bug ? Box did appear but no clicking on it could open it every time! This was for Treasure of the Deep quest 2/2.
  4. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Farm PWs. There's a pretty good chance of the actual maps themselves dropping, so that's like 200 impure visc right there. :p
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  5. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    You can do 4-5 runs with the team, and that will give you 10+ entrances. Also you can do your favorite map, q3, m1, m2 or whatever. You will get a lot of drops to exchange, and entrances drop there too pretty often.

    Edit: Silverseas beat me, few seconds ahead :)
  6. littlemichel

    littlemichel Active Author

    most the time ,the bug happend ,if you are in group and one of your member already finished that quest ,so my sugestion next time try finish that quest solo.
  7. terrygod

    terrygod Forum Greenhorn

    Thanks guess I will know for next time :D
  8. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Yeah, game balance between character types is an issue.

    My mediocre, level 47 dwarf, essentially no cash except occasional premium that i do have at the moment found all of the event maps easy. 2800 armor, wolf shield, 7k hp, maybe 900 average damage. But that tesla coil skill (which i keep harping on, yes) is just ridiculously effective for PVE. Monster AI is so stupid that tesla coil just kills so easily. (My dwarf does have more crit, but turrets such as tesla coil don't crit, IIRC)

    My DK with more hp, more armor, same shield, maybe 1250 average damage and 33% faster attack speed needs to work harder.
  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is good to see the new feature "random champions" in this event. But BP omitted one important thing ... when you create random champion ... you have to give that monster a champion's drop. Few copper coins is not suitable drop even for the normal monsters.
    So far... after 5 days of this event I got only one legendary item (in the normal map) and few extraordinary items ... the rest were white and green items.
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  10. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    There is a bug with one of those champions - purple one or so. One that explodes after you kill him with andermagic damage, like purple mobs from the essence event. So if you enter the explosion area right after it happened, it will still cause you damag.
  11. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    How many burners would I need to save for the 2nd challenge? Anyone has a good guess?
  12. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Traki estimated in another thread that something like 1100 to 1600 was the likely range but it could be more or less that that due to wide viscanium drop variability.
  13. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Don't run the whole event map. Just run what I call the left (or western) triangle. From the entrance, head west, then down the central path towards the jullov barrel location. Click the small geodes (the ones that open w/o pickaxes), click the barrels, check for jullov barrel at that location. Make sure you kill every longhelm for that quest. Then head and and kill the bosses. Ideally you'll have enough impure viscanium for another run. After a couple runs or more, you'll accumulate enough axes to open some of the pickaxe geodes on that left triangle.

    Because you're not running the full map, you'll get burners faster. The higher value drops and monsters and bosses are on that triangle.
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  14. wizzo90

    wizzo90 Junior Expert

    I have a feedback concerning the event. To better explain it please look at the picture below.


    Maybe I missed some important tweaks how to play this event as a DK in the last years.

    If you do see here an opportunity please keep in mind that dragon skin does not work for me, elemental resistance has no effect and rage generation is to a minimum. Also please note that the miniboss needs on hit to kill me, the fire champion needs 3 novas and the shield guy is harmless, yet I can’t scratch the other under his buff.

    So how about designing an event that does not put up surprise mortis solos, which is actually an understatement, on the map for one melee class while others shoot and retreat?
  15. Mesala

    Mesala Advanced

    Well, DK tank two-hands useless utterly, if it were ever obvious that DKs need adjusting its this 2nd mini event. Single hand DK is bearable, still, I had to buy anders to accomodate gems on a single hand weapon, and of course I need 14 400 anders more for the last 5th slot, yay. Big boss on 2nd mini event way too hard, pink and red essence needed. Overall the event ain't bad except this 2nd mini event, its just too hard for most lvl 50 players, don't know about lower levels.

    P.S. Didn't Greg mention in one of his twitch sessions that the focus of the Lor'tac expansion would be more focused on 2 hand weapons? :p

    Work work.
  16. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    I thought the very same thing but then bit the bullet and spent the 150 ander on the 30 minute poison immunity potion. It was one less worry and made things easier although in the first mini I used greens but with this one I'm using blues on mobs and reds on the Admiral.

    On another note I have completed 5 runs and I'm averaging 225 progress/run.
  17. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I am getting 120-140 on average and I did 3 runs which gave me only 443 progress. With this rate it will take me 20-25 runs to go through the event. It takes me about an hour to do a run on both maps and this means it needs about 20-25 hours for me to play.
    No way I can do that within 2 days, so I am done with this event.
    Thanks for making it so time consuming.
  18. krishh21

    krishh21 Forum Apprentice

    The event is too boring and lenthy. We only get few hours to play and with that its not possible to complete such event with mini challenges (specially where the drops of burners are that low). Last time its was boring so is this time. The only was to make it attractive is improve drop rate of burner and pickaxe. So that everyone can complete the event by just spending few hours a day. Usually most of the players get only 1-2 hours a day to play. So make the events that they can also finish it in same time.
    Thank You.
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  19. pydragons

    pydragons Padavan

    Why do I have to pick pure/impure viscanium. They waste my time and I often press wrong buttons when click on a player. Wont go into details, we all suffer from that.

    Would be much efficient to auto pick up pure viscanium, increasing event progress, without adding unnecessery quests. Even if the drop rate is low.
    There is no need to stop and pick event drops, they only take away from your game time.
  20. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    Wanted to provide help to those that are having issues. It seems as there are ether 2x 20x drops for the pil boxes or a 50x in every map I do. I have only gotten 9x 100 and 1x 150 from the creaper. In 11 runs I am 2243.

    To save time I kill all in none poison areas and then if the 50x or 1 20x has not shown up I proceeded to use a poison pot and killing the 10 burner mob and the pil boxes there. I once got 2x 20 at the end of the path ; (
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