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  1. Shanty

    Shanty Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Heroes of Dracania!

    The Dark Dwarves are planning an attack on the Viscanium Mines of the First Circle! Help Mud the Miner reclaim the mines and thwart the thieving Dark Dwarves at the mysterious Steamboat Harbor. Only the bravest heroes have what it takes to face the dubious war fleet and be rewarded for their deeds!

    Take a look at the details of the changes to the Dark Dwarf Heist(DDH) event:

    - The travel item, Secret Map of the Viscanium Mine, will be dropping from the sentinels and bosses (a chance to drop, it a bit lower for bosses)

    - There will be 2 progress bars for lvl 20-50 (total 10k), 51-99 (total 20k) and 100 (total 20k)

    - Those two bars are divided by the progress item you need to collect (like the Dragan's progress bars), for the first one you need Pure Viscanium from the first map, for the second progress bar you need Viscanium Drops from the second map

    - Secret Steamship Harbor

    - The progress for the first map will be dropping from the 3 champions, the Viscanium Geodes, Viscanium Rocks and amphoras

    - The Viscanium Rocks are free to extract

    - The Viscanium Geodes need Crystal Miners' Pickaxes

    - The Crystal Miners' Pickaxes have a chance to drop from gnomes on the first map and from the amphoras

    - The progress from champions and geodes is scaled by difficulty, from rocks it will be always 5

    - The second map needs Lowering Contraption Burner, which will be dropping from the champions on first map

    - The amount of Lowering Contraption Burner needed to enter the second map will be different for normal-infernal, merciless and bloodshed difficulty

    - On the second map, the progress will be dropping from all monsters (with low chance) and the sentinel, the Admiral Iron Creeper (100% chance) and amphoras

    - There will be no attire, BUT there will be a special groundmarker, with basically the same function as attire, it will give 50% more progress

    - Different bundles with event goodies have been added

    - A new mount has been added

    - There is a new achievement, that will give you a new title 'Jade Windrunner'

    We wish you all a ton of fun with the upcoming event and make sure to share your thoughts and feedback with us!

    Your Drakensang Online Team

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