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    Dark Dwarf Heist
    Quick Overview

    Required levels20-55
    Duration22nd March – 03rd April
    What is new in this event?

    New Runes!
    What is a rune, you ask?

    In a nutshell, runes are the new unique gems, and take up 1 gem slot. These can only be added on a weapon or offhand item. They act as a stat multiplier, and are therefore very powerful in the right hands!

    Rune of Devastation.
    The Rune of devastation grants +8% Critical Damage! Every completed challenge, as well as the main event, rewards players with 1 rune. That means players have the chance to get 3 runes!

    Mighty Rune of Devastation.
    Who wants 3 runes? If you get all three runes, you can combine them at the Jeweler to get the Mighty Rune of Devastation! This upgraded rune is even MORE powerful, giving an total of +12% Critical Damage!

    Supreme Rune of Devastation.
    Combine three Mighty Runes of Devastation at the Jeweler to get Supreme Rune of Devastation! This upgraded rune is even MORE powerful, giving an total of +16% Critical Damage!


    Daily quests:
    New daily quests will reward players with the "Secret Map of the Viscanium Mine" upon quest completion, which that is the item you need to go to the basic event map.

    Notable bugs fixed since last time:
    - Using of "(Small) Poison Immunity Potion" isn't stackable.
    - Dark Dwarf Heist minievent challenge was exploitable

    Other stuff:
    There have been a few tweaks to the event with the quests, but the only notable difference In this event is that we added the new difficulty levels and brought the even up to today’s standards by removing the chance of dropping white items completely.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need Draken?

    This is our event currency. You can only win Draken during the event. They are useful in the game, since the event merchant named Gnob sometimes drops by Kingshill and sells special items which can only be bought with Draken.​
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    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    In this edition (March) of Dark Dwarf Heist Event, we are introducing Infernal Mode, which will grant you new challenges, difficult ones.

    We would like to inform you that the Infernal difficulty level on Dark Dwarf Heist will have an additional entrance fee of 80 fragments of infernal passage. This applies to the main event maps and challenge maps on Infernal Mode only.

    Based on your feedback, we rebalanced the event

    • Update all loot lists to the new Content Expansion standards (more and better loot)
    • Reduce the amount of Pickaxes needed to complete the quest "Chop, Chop!" to 10
    • Increase drop rates for the Crystal Miner's Pickaxe (not exactly to old standards, but within the new balancing limits)
    • Harder difficulty levels drop larger stacks of the following items (this is done in steps, with the first increase at level 3 and the second at level 5):
    Crystal Miner's Pickaxe
    Pure Viscanium (Main Event Progress Item)
    Impure Viscanium (Challenge Progress)
    Lowering Contraption Burner​
    • Added Neat Amphorae chests to the Viscanium Mine map, with a high chance of getting pickaxes or impure viscanium, and a very slight chance of getting amphora keys, draken, realm fragments, etc.
    • Add difficulties up to difficulty 10 (only Normal - Infernal I will be available at this point)

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team​
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