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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, May 20, 2015.

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  1. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    Well, event is not challenging it's easy but has to much grind for progress and at one point gets to be unsatisfying and boring.
    Events should be a brake from all the grind for items, farming ect and be realy fun to play with faster progress, less grind and awsome rewards.
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  2. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Completed the event, did the inferno map. Sargon was really hard to kill, even with my pretty good stats. I liked that Sargon was hard and it was the only fun part of the event. The main map and the challenge are boring, but I run through the maps quickly on green. 12 min normal map or so.

    That said, I would prefer the event and the challenges to be harder but shorter. It should not be a question of time at all.

    Sargon and Co dropped legendary and few purple items each time, some drakens, 2 emotes, and black horse. Wasn't worth the resources but I enjoyed the fight itself.

    Besides that, I had around 10-12 legendary items during the event including those from cubes, and 1 unique roshan item.

    My friend completed Legendary Kings set during event :)

    In general, evrything that is different from m2/khalys/mortis is fun.
    Good luck everyone.
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  3. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    What I have liked so far in the event.

    Drop rates seem really good. Gotten 2x of the harder to find Unique gear.

    For the most part mob placement seems really good. A few time when we started we where over ran with the enemy.

    The overall flow of the two maps seem good but the 2nd map environment seem slightly to different.

    The water in the background has some very nice details. Floating chunks of debris is and added polish to the map.


    There are some that speed through this event and wow my hats off to you. Me on the other hand find the 1 2 5 and 10 event progress harder to find.
    Make the crystals that spawn the minions look destroyed there by giving the people the choice to get the different rewards ect.

    Sometimes I could not find the long helm on the map. There where seemly more trolls that time.
  4. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    That does bring up an interesting point: who is the target market for this event?
    It certainly is not the new player. I've had dozens of pick-up players quit the main event map, after getting killed too many times. One of the latinos said, " we're all noobs here!."
    It's not for players without networks. The maps are too slow and the drops too lean for solo players to make progress on a timely basis. It's not for Free to Play. The death rates are excessive. No premium resurrections, and you run out of entrances and passes. Even if your group will use stones on you, it's a drag on game play, and the event and challenge time limits will eventually kill the opportunity and need to complete things on time. Even some OP are wondering how to complete the 2nd and 3rd challenges without massive purchases. Some see the obvious, and just bought their completions at the vendors. I think players will leave the event in droves, as it gets more expensive to play. Maybe DSO will rake in enough at the beginning to meet short-term goals.
    It's not for players with limited schedules. It's a grind-fest, and DSO & Bigpoint do not say otherwise.
    It's not for players with equipment or connection issues. Lots of updates or disconnects play hell, when there is no time left to play the game.
    It's not for players with vision problems. The color palette and drop lag are an aggravation discussed elsewhere.
    It's not for players with a low tolerance to sound pollution and poor mixing controls. It's just weird to find sound effects like the buzz saws coming through when sound effects are turned off. The new audio tracks are nice; too bad some people have to turn off the sound to play the game.
    It's not for seasoned players, that already have the Viscanium Pet, the Steed of Truth, and other repeated prizes. Of course, most of them have long since moved on from DSO.

    That doesn't leave many.
    At least it was sort of something different.
  5. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    i started with this event with a friend who had a map telling which geodes had a minion.this is great so i made my own map.
    So now i use only 10 pick axes per run , because there are 10 geodes with a minion in the map.
    This way makes the grinding for the 100 burners for entry to map 2 less grinding.
    i had some runs of 17 burners per run . then my luck changed and had runs of 47 42 37 27 so my average is now 30 burners per run.
    i reckon to start challenge you need 550 burners to start with with this you can do the map2 10 times because you get 20 in the map2 and average 30 from map1 before you go into map 2 so you are getting 50 each run you make.
    yip its a grind fest thankfully its winter for me and i dont like wintersports.
    Drops are awesome many stones to mix to bigger ones and so much andermant drops of 14 per drop thank god its auto pick up for ander.
    And so much items for selling for gold i have gotten over 400 gold by now and nearly 4000 ander.
    All things have became clear to me how to do this event and how it works to kill the bosses.

    only have 1 question remaining the jewel of enchanment how to use it. it wont go in any item or do i have to mix it with the other gems. can i have a very detailed how to use it guide, becausei dont want to waste it.
    can i take 2 +8% sapphires and my jewel to mix to a +10% sapphire.

    another thing i will win another coustum ,emo, mount i have 12 outfits and 10 mounts 16 emo-s but my locker space doesnt get bigger and another pet to add to the 8 pets i have. This is not good planning from the devs.
    and the exchange for 30 pickaxes for 1 amphore key is to cheap and why the pickaxes only stack to 99 costing me to much inventory space have 4 places taken because of the 99 stack max

    anyway this is an awesome event/grindfest.
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  6. -DeathsRevenge-

    -DeathsRevenge- Advanced


    Completed the event yesterday. Time for feedback.

    Event is boring as ****

    1. - Could have finished the event even faster then I did here because of my exams coming up. (got time friday)

    2. - Efficiency. Yes this is the word I farm by and that's exactly the problem with this event. I did it all solo, could have been more entertaining in groups, but no reason to. Which is where the DSO devs fail, cause I really like to see events where is worth teaming up!!!

    2.2 - They wouldn't keep up anyways.
    2.3 - Drops do not improve.
    2.4 - Overall just slowing down lol.

    3. - Open your eyes and change the concept you guys are running. Make it more HARD & REWARDING, instead of EASY & BORING. "Then other players may not be enable to do the event"
    - NO. I mean change the concept as in, make it worth teaming up with other players and farm events together! I ran through the map 1 hitting mobs without any kind of essence. The special boss's taken like 3-5 sec. You get it?

    Less EASY & BORING, more HARD & REWARDING. **** this event. Thank you!

    Blazing Inferno Aka Blazing Disappointment

    Short: 24 Drakens & 2 legendaries + those shadow minion shoulders & the shadow band. "collect the epic loot" my ***. Work on that as well, please!..
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  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The event is very boring ... and the rewards are unsatisfying (except for the jewel of enhancement).
    Therefore I developed my own strategy. I am rarely playing the event map ... instead I am playing PW's and Atlantis. There I can get 200 impure viscanium per run and 4 secret maps (PW's)/ 2 secret maps (Atlantis) per run. When I collect plenty of maps I am only doing 3 boss runs in Viscanium Mine. This way I am not bored to death and I am filling up the progress bar slowly but happily. :D (not that slow I need 300 more viscanium tears until the end)

    There are few bugs within the event and R150. One I have already reported (jewel of enhancement) and another one is the achievement system. There was only one challenge so far ... yet it says "progress 2/3"

  8. I find this event extremely boring, and even hard for my p2p level 43 ranger. I can't imagine how much the f2p level 40-44 people are struggling with this event. Not to mention the 80 progress per run.

    The mini-events are fine, aslong as they are doable(solo) by any decent character(Which they are not by the way)

    The mini-event mobs deal so high, and have so high healthpoints, and it's just physical damage, so unless you have 5000 armor, you die with like 3 hits. While it takes me 4-5 precision shots(crit, 410-450 base dmg) to kill them. Even the tiny buzzsaw things deal 500, and their hit range is just insane... You can't even run away from them, they hit you wether you like it or not.

    The rewards seem to be good enough, I would prefer more new stuff and a new event map instead, but that isn't a big deal, I just want the event to be doable(solo)

    EDIT: You don't have to extend the event time, 1 week would be more than enough if you could get 250 progress per run. It would take 22 runs to complete the event, and even if the monsters are a little hard for some people, it gives them hope of finishing the event, since it only takes 22 runs.

    By the way, the amphora's are terrible in this event.
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  9. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    The event is fine,
    but i see the same pll just like to nit pick every little thing to death.
    really,every event,every patch,every upgrade.every comment.
    just enjoy something for once and see what happens,u just might like it :D
  10. Plunderpigge

    Plunderpigge Someday Author

    The drops from the amphorae are horrid I did the quest 2 times ... 1 draken per and a white item and then I got a green item ... And to think, I just gave up 30 pickaxe's for that crappy drop ... I saw where someone said they had a 50% spawn rate for julov ... Well that must be nice and I hope that person enjoys his super nice luck rate... Some of us are not privvy to such niceities ... I just ran my 5th run this evening and no julov on any of the runs made ... I have found this fact to be more the normal, but then again I am free to play so, my opinion as well as those of many others is nothing more than file 13 fodder.
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  11. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Haha, this thought didn't even occur to me, as I just run solo when I can't find a group, or can't be bothered to find a group. XD

    To be honest--how is having several challenges running concurrently any different from Dragan event, where three are 3 or 4 side maps, and most folks just stand in town yelling out which map they want until they find a party? I think most people are able to find parties, even on Tegan where people are scarce.
  12. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    i know,but it must be difficult to make an event for the weaker and mid and stronger toons so everybody has a chance to complete it.
    they did a great job on this event,although it does get boring at times.
    i farm abyss ect. for maps and impures to break up the boring times,and the drops are great.
    i don't burn through resources,i don't need to use ess only to speed things up a bit.
    still have 2 mini challenges to do which seem to be tougher and i'm half way done the main event.just playing from time to time.
    i give this event a 9 out 10
    i consider my toon to be mid,and its easier to solo than in a group of any size.
    for all the stronger toons out there,is it not why you build your toon so strong is to conquer the harder maps?
    its not that these events are weak,its because we are strong.and we played for ages to build them.we should be proud of that.
    so lets see what they can throw at us to defeat and may your swords,arrows,guns,and magic fly true and conquer what awaits us next! :D
  13. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    I find it frustrating that every monster, from Gnome to Destructikus, is only worth 64 xp. At least if the drops aren't all that great, make it worth more to kill the tougher monster.
  14. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    The reasoning behind the 2 day window is,that it makes it challenging. Your not penalized or disabled in any way. You are smart and have priorities and your are to be commended on the choices you have made. Makeing it possible for you to obtain the other items only removes the challenge from the mini quests. Trust me no one is happy that you had to miss out. I feel bad for you. I on the other hand choose not to complete the mini challenge #2 due to the unreasonable poison. They have released a patch to correct this some, but I am to far behind to be able to complete.
  15. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    This is a Feedback thread, if you are not sure how to give a feedback use these instructions.

    If you have any questions regarding the Dark Dwarf Heist event use this or this thread.
    Off topic postings here will be removed.
  16. tonariway

    tonariway Forum Apprentice

    My feedback is simple and and short.
    This event is just... ridiculous. Only good thing is andermants drop rate. And thats all.

    /If devs going to bring this event again with same grinding challenge, i'm sure i should think about quiting this game/
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  17. Drifty44

    Drifty44 Forum Apprentice

    Oh my yes! This event is excessively long.... much, too much, grind.... rewards not worth the effort, the time or the cost... I started all excited about this new event... however, by day 3, I had about enough and just about quit the event on day 4.... now, just clearing out stuff....
  18. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Event just plain sux!
    As an experienced player, there is no reason to do this event in groups; its simply too dang easy!
    The rewards are just bad! The mount is not only a slow mount, which U allready have given out several times before, and thus I have allready gotten several times, but the same goes for the pet! The 2 portals in reward in a poor joke, and the drops are mindnumbingly inappropiate and simply not worth the effort, but thats nothing new! Eventportals has allways been a joke on the serious DSOplayers!
    Most of the event is recycled stuff including the viscaniumminemap, and the new map is simply not worth the time and effort!
    Amphorasdrops are REALLY bad, compared to the last event!
    Drops from monsters and bosses are REALLY bad, compared to the last event!
    I get that we old players dont get hard challenges on every event, but this is just ridiculous easy!

    This event is not only recycled stuff, its recycled from a time where we still needed CoTs...
    ...And dont even get me started on the weak storyline...

    If U wanted to dust off REALLY BAD OLD STUFF, how about finishing stuff U started???
    Like the Attacks on cities-events?

    Its like the way U handle the game in general! U could not bother getting the ancient wisdoms lvl past 30, but now U are working on lvl 50???!!!???

    Speaking of poorly managed recycled stuff: The drakens U get from events are also SUPER-USELESS! And now U have started a tread of what Gnob should offer and made sure it is only going to be more of the same: Namely old outdated recycled stuff that we STILL dont need!

    Get yer head in yer game, BP!
  19. jthames

    jthames Advanced

    Like the last Event, I nearly went nuts waiting on this one to begin. Like the last Event, an hour after this one began, I was nearly in tears, the anticipation and excitement all down the drain. Perhaps it's me, but after playing DSO hard for over two solid years, the fun seems a distant memory.... gone. Not meant as a knock against DSO, easily the better and more enjoyable game out there, in my opinion anyway, but after so many years...... I plan on sticking around at least to see Lortac, but if that turns out like the Events of late, fare thee well was fun!
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  20. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I'm finding part 3 easy but slow for my 1 hand heal-dps DK but don't think I will try to do part 3 with my dwarf.
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