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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, May 20, 2015.

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  1. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    finished the event now the feedback, i really liked this event drops of andermant were generous, got another kings unique. as for the grinding didnt think it to outragous. I planned to do some everyday of the progress bar instead of rushing as fast as pos. with the minievents i always killed the 3 bosses in map1 on the way thru and kill 4 minions from geodes and take out julov if he was there that way i didnt do more runs then needed. Ended with 100-s of pickaxes to exchange for amphore keys, so next event can be a little easier if i need to use the amphore pots.
    some ideas to improve rewards, the mount many players have it so why not add a reward choice either you take the mount and keep it but if you have it already you can excahnge one of them for a reward that makes the mount epic speed. pets , another hp pet why not have the events with pets as reward have a sequence: hp pet - travel speed pet - critical damage pet - speed attack pet - critical hit pet etc

    Just a few tips for the dev-s imho you shouldnt add any content that doesnt contribute to game play that annoys your players. annoying sound coming from npc -s, difficult to see at times some drops and amphore pots placed so that they can be accidently clicked on, why do that?

    am looking forward to the new maps because it appears to have some nice outdoor enviroment. Feel like i have been in the dark and cold alot , old caslles - mines - caves - snow and now a submarine harbour, looking forward to some sun and sea maps

    anyway thx for the event without major bugs and hiccups.
  2. Kiwigal1244

    Kiwigal1244 Active Author

    all in all.. I don't give up easy.. but m2 3/3 mini event, is senseless. Coins coins and more coins. and only the one boss gives a 100 frag.

    I have sufficient burners to do mini map, but after 3 years.. I believe .. this event has finally pushed my last button. Why should I play a game that gives nothing in return.. but a few measly coins white drops and maybe a green. I am so sorry to sound like I am grumbling.. but . .. the mini event in my opinion... is not worth the effort ..or waste of essence and pots.
    I thank you .. but must bid you and M2 quest 3/3 bye bye.:rolleyes:
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  3. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    For what it is worth, beyond just the event rewards, my DK got Keen's fist from boss2 in map1, and my dwarf got a better legendary ring (2× crit, 1x dam, 1x resist that easily replaced a weaker 2x crit hit, 1x dam extraordinary by beating every stat) from the ordinary monsters during mini challenge 1. Both my characters were also getting a decent amount of melts per run.

    However, the event was very tedious.
  4. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    well as expected i still have alot of lag and the more in my group the worse it gets.

    i am borrowed a newer pc with a dual core as mine has crashed, but the lag still forces me to go alone.

    the same as many my axe drop rate is to low, the way around this is to not open any for a run or two. this will build axes in your inventory.

    sence i have only 1 gem one lvl below max it will be a while for me to use the enhancement gems. more inventory seems to be something i allways need,even though i have all of it open allready.

    i also tire of the grinding to get the item needed to enter the mini event map, and then to most the time to get the drop of 100. i was lucky enough to get 1 drop of 200 but i have not seen that again.hopefully i will finish mini event #3...

    -as far as the event has been i give a score of 8 out of 10, is boaring at times and with the lag i get killed fighting the mini map spider boss but i do not need as much time to finish quest's/event ladder.

    as i have finished the main event i now farm axes to be used for the next time the event is here i hope to have at least 500 before the end.

    again the issue of inventory...

    i have found the mystic cube in every other run or so but i have yet to find one of those unique items. i get 58% pink items 38% gems of various sizes and 4% legendary, for me i am frustrated to not find a unique while others have the full sets!
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  5. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    The Nightmare 'Blazing Inferno' is proving to be a waste of time and a real resource drain for my guild. No one has gotten drops they thought were worth the trouble, and 1 person got a part of something that had to be work-shopped with missing pieces (talk about useless and rude). Most suggest trashing the passes to the Nightmare, unless you simply must test how OP you really are.

    As far as the event went, it was still a time hog for most people, and way too much for those with limited schedules to complete what they wanted. It put a real crimp on those with developing toons, who needed groups to cope and progress.

    The joker jewels and draken were the only real incentives for 45's.

    The program errors and other nuisance issues were almost humorous, if they didn't kill you at the wrong time.
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  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    As usual, the nightmare maps were mostly disappointing. Sargon gave me the Shadow Band and the Shadow Minion Helmet, both of which were/are irreverent because I already have the costume. I'd been hoping for the Powerful Shield or one of the other uniques that I would have at least been able to melt for a good amount. The only good thing was that the demon dropped me the costume. I've wanted that one for a while, but I was never going to spend draken on it. Final count was 2 legendaries, a handful of exos, a bunch of magic items, 6 gems (none of which worth bragging about), 2 costume parts, one full costume, 27 draken, and 6 more kills towards the 999 kills quest (if and when I ever finish that, I'm sure it will be too expensive upgrade to a usable level). Not too bad for the 600 blues and 600 reds I spent on them
  7. Noriyull

    Noriyull Forum Apprentice

    ....well now ... minis are done an done ...

    To my big surprise i find that minis are nicely done i like all 3 ... the scaling form che1 to che3 was interested and good!!!Drops in Che are nice and good no frikking whit items (some times miniBoss or event mega Creeper occasionally drop white but i can live whit that (at least for this event :p ))... good job DevTim

    ...and now things i will like to see in next "Dark Dwarf Heist" event ..

    ...First more maps, at least 2 more...
    ...AUTO LOT for impure ...
    ...Story line : why the Dwarfs are need this material, who is give order to do this Heist, and chance to kill this master mind or at
    lest his right hand :D !!!
    ...Add more Q to events its boring whit out Q super boring... I NEED AGENT FOX001!!!
    ...Make bather drops from amphora (gold) specially in CHEmap !!!
    ...Fix drops from MinisBosses give them q6m2DKs drop rate!!!
    ...and one more thing Harbor map look dull and i dont think dull cozz of dark colors they are super fit for mine/harbor but this is Dwarfs harbor, no taverns, no fighting pits, no storage areas map look frikking empty...

    ...whit this and many many more thing this can be a super fun and good event. I know u are busy whit new content and gild wars so i forgive u this boring event ....

    u Nori
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  8. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Excellent point about more maps needed. Yeah, we could farm different parts of the map for different quests and goals, but still, 11 days! The nuisances and glitches really get magnified over time.
    On a side note, a treasure tromp through all of Duria would certainly break up the monotony.
  9. wizzo90

    wizzo90 Junior Expert

    The event was nice, but I was neither able to finish the main event, nor the challenges.

    As stated by others above, only the joker gems would have been of value to my character. However I could not get them, not even close, due to the amount of playing time that they would have required.

    That is ok, not holding any negative thoughts about that. But I must wonder, how it is helping BP to basically ban people with regular working times from such events.

    Intuitively I would guess that those players are easier to persuade to spend a bit of money on the game. Buying progress in this event would have been not cost efficient compared to buying gems. Also the joker gems could not have been paid for, which seems just fair.

    I would like to suggest to challenge people by difficulty and not by the amount of time required. This way players are still encouraged to pay, but everyone can participate.
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  10. Slitrobo

    Slitrobo Forum Connoisseur

    I finished the main event and all 3 minis yesterday. Overall the event seemed fine but a lot of people didn't like it. The gems were nice and I did get good drops throughout the mini events.
  11. Tilwin90

    Tilwin90 Padavan

    Okay, let's go with feedback here. Again, this is personal feedback so I don't expect everyone to agree with what I have to say here.

    1. Compared to the Dragan event the degree of everything costing some sort of currency was annoying and frustrating. You needed raw viscanium to enter the mine, you needed axes to open glaciers to do the event AND get the raw viscanium, you needed to kill the bosses to get entrances for minievents... and it was all so darn random! As compared to Dragan where you had guaranteed that you could get the pearls, here you had to rely on luck - some turns were very efficient, other highly underwhelming. I felt there was no balance here, but way too much based on chance and crunching numbers. Maybe this pleases some players, I don't know, but for me it ended up being a "fate" thing. It's enough I have to rely on "chance" to get a unique here and there, but basing the whole event on this felt absurd in my opinion.

    2. Let's get to the mini-events. Oh lord, the frustration. If the Essence event was a walk in the park (way too easy) and Dragan felt about right, this one was absurd! You have three tiny bosses that give you some drop to get into the minievent map, and sometimes that drop is good, sometimes it's so absurdly bad you can't seem to make it for this challenge. Alright, so then you start crunching numbers and calculating "about how many resources" you need. And then you enter the minievent map... and there again, CRUNCHING NUMBERS governed by "fate". Sometimes the drop was inexcusably bad, and other times it was okay (no, I do not feel I had any "good" rounds compared to what my friends dropped in a round and how fast they completed the challenge). So yes, I was unlucky... but should the event progress be based on this? Pure luck? I think not. The fact that it required so little skill and so much time and effort spent into the hands of fate it was a hugely frustrating event for me. The last minievent was almost impossible really. The fact that only ONE drop was left in the hands of fate, and the drop varied from 100 to 250 led to some very lucky people and some very unlucky ones. And we don't like this! I heard this theory before that "we generally make the drop poor so that people can truly appreciate a good drop when they get it"... it does not! By the time I got that one 200x it felt deserved and a bit late. I know the mechanics behind this game and I understand the role of chance, but this was beyond absurd. Stop basing events on chance drops, please! Leave the uniques to this if you must.

    3. The rewards were cute, and it's funny how I think that's where people need to be smart and strategic. I have a feeling some will actually waste the joker gems undervaluing them. A 172.800 andermant joker (equivalent of an offensive Sacred gem) feels like a very good reward, but of course you have to wait the moment to use it to obtain a Royal gem.

    4. Those poison vials promised to be dropped by the bosses... I completed all minievents which means I had to do tons of grinding. In total I dropped 3 vials thorough the entire event. Luckily I had premium so I did not care about dying. Praise the lord the second map allowed for 40-andermant/free for premium revive. I understand that people will spend andermant on vials but the drop rate was ridiculously low. Heck, I got more legendaries in a day than I saw vials thorough the whole event.

    Other than that I really don't have much to say about this event because there was nothing spectacular about it. Nothing felt new about it or interesting. I admit I played it for the joker gems because of their value. But short of that I was kind of disappointed.
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