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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Nov 3, 2020.

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  1. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Y'all are joking, right?

    The hotbar has 7 (SEVEN) keys plus the two mouse buttons (one blank for moving, one for repeat skill).

    So, I'm a mage. My right mouse is Magic Missle (repeats). My other seven keys are:
    1. Frost Nova
    2. Frozen Sphere
    3. Frost Wind
    4. Mind Control
    5. Guardian
    6. Singularity
    7. Teleport
    And I use 5-7 of those skills in every battle and some battles use 7-8 of those skills. (Windego was all 8 skills) Plus the left mouse button to move around (run away or to safer location). Keyboard looks like this:
    teleport ​
    resource ​
    f.nova ​
    F. Sphere ​
    M.control ​
    Guardian ​
  2. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I said I was playing the devil's advocate for a bit and that I also do prefer big hotbar.
    When I used to play RA, I'd use the entire hotbar + mouse; when I play a DK now, I also use the entire hotbar all the time; and when I play a 40 lvl SW, I also use the entire hotbar, even though my most frequent skill is chain lightning or whatever it's called lol.

    What I'm saying is that I sort of (probably) understand where the devs are coming from with this new idea of a 3+3 skill hotbar. It's not very good though. There's a problem of 2 contradicting ideas:

    1. The idea of character or role diversity which calls for pushing people into the use of very little selection of skills, which leads to specialization and to more diverse characters within a class.

    2. The idea of being able to use more skills, which unfortunately lowers the diversification, because e.g. all RA's will be using the same 8 skills, and maybe just with the single difference of Bird / Trap.

    Anyway, these 2 might not be mutually exclusive. You can specialize in 3 skills only and still can use other 4 or 5 skills despite not being specialized in them.

    So, let's have a big skill bar, because it doesn't break the basic idea of diversity (that I tend to see there being the main cause but I may be mistaken ofc).
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  3. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Old Hand

    play with two DK!!!! I don't even want to play with one DK. Group of players every five min chatting,, brb rr, brb smoke, brb dog, brb phone. what planet you live on.
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  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    You guys are missing one thing in regard to the hotbar... namely you can have more than one and you can bind the others to other keys. People weren't buying the new hotbars and they found a way to force people into more hotbars it seems. That said, I'm still not used to using 2 hotbars for the sake of missing skills as of now.

    Anyways, you guys missed one thing... GEARED PVP IS COMING BACK!

    Yep, you read it right. All enchantments, sets, unique values and gems will work on PvP with the CE. On the other hand, runes and jewels probably not.
  5. cogix

    cogix Regular

    what I do not like about this CE is the lack of communication:
    if I do not remember bad, Jesse in the Discord discussion advised to update items to tier 10.
    The problem is: which items?
    I updated 2h Herald weapon... and now I see that it will lose the set bonus.
    So why they didn't tell me before? at least I could update items that could be useful in future.
    Many other sets will change too... is there anywhere a list of how will be new items/sets? I do not like to spoil cores like that
    (maybe they list is somewhere and I missed it)
  6. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Old Hand

    Sorry Cogix no list. They are giving no details or explanations. What little questions they reply to is with just generic yes and no answers. That just raises twenty more questions.
  7. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    They can't communicate what they don't know. We're getting dribs and drabs of new info because the devs didn't ever complete a unified design; they had a general idea of where they were going, then dove into development willy-nilly. Recall, about a week ago we got word that the release was being pushed back to Dec 1st because they forgot about the topic of class balancing! Shouldn't that have been worked out during the design phase?

    I forget who said this first, but ... CE will essentially be an alpha phase of a new game. Everything will be broken & buggy. They'll panic and issue daily hotfixes (without announcements / release notes). Over the next 9-12 months they'll radically change 50% of what we'll see when the CE first lands on public servers (which won't be December 1st).

    My outlook has declined from guardedly optimistic, to concerned, to cynical, to dismayed over the last couple of weeks.

    May the gods prove me wrong.
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  8. tiki

    tiki Forum Apprentice

    I am very disappointed with the changes to the hotbar. Return it as it was. I am a pianist, I do not like to press 1 button. Boring, primitive.
    And, having reduced the number of slots, did you decide to leave 1 through the "tab"? Do you have any idea how inconvenient this slot is at high game rates?
    I hope for a wave of indignation about this. And even more painfully I hope that this decision will be reconsidered.
  9. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    I understand this is likely THE reason, given that Hansen&Jesse promised to "talk to the management" about that... not the devs, the MANAGEMENT, meaning it is a financial, not a design decision. But, why not make the bar the same as now, only lock last 4 slots behind andermant? Same effect, but much more convenient for the players.
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  10. vampiro

    vampiro Advanced

    The normal thing to do: Design the desired final result and then work for it.
    What BP does: Start changing things and finding the "final result" on the way with no clue what is going to be or what they want especifically.
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  11. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Just think what they are doing right now.

    That above is Phyrix' reply to one of my suggestions of the past. He considered it unreal for the game to undergo such a great scale revamp... and that's exactly what we're witnessing. They even clearly took some parts of my suggestion into account. Not all the things I suggested there are being now implemented, but literally the way he described my suggestion applies to the CE word for word. :D :D :D

    This proves that nothing is impossible... and if one wants, one can change everything.
  12. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Old Hand

    Was talking to a player yesterday. and they posed a very good question. They said what they don't understand is. If bigpoint wanted to just make a new game. Then why didn't they make a new game instead of destroying this one.

    --- MERGED ---

    I am with you Tiki. I hope for more then just a wave of indignation. Players for years have asked for more hotkeys not less. This is more then Inconvenient. I just makes the game unplayable. I hope players scream at the top of their lungs and complain.

    --- MERGED ---

    So if there will be only be 3 hotbar keys. Then why have all these skills at all. Right now seven hotbar keys is not even enough to use all the skills now. Only 3 hotbar keys mean you will only use three skills. The rest are useless.
    Last edited by moderator: Nov 15, 2020
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  13. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    Exactly what I was thinking... what is the point of all these synergies and passive effects on skills if you can't even use them in the game actively....

    Since they don't care about the forum, we need to flood the next stream, or discord, or facebook, or whatever else they actually use. I wonder why they haven't shared these "news" officially, it should've been the first thing, this is much more important than whatever the max level is or how many new maps. As always, they fall back on their excuse "It's not final guys". They test our reaction, to see how far they can go. Let them know this is too far.
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  14. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    firstly 40 runes and 30 jewels
    now as for runes there will be a new higher tier, so if you even used 15 maxed out hp runes then well np because you will have next tier runes, to compensate for that 10 less runes needed, next, max attack speed runes here once again you will need less,
    so now we have gone down from 65 runes needed to 50, next group runes will be different, my only problem i see going forth is wisdom and materi runes as wisdom will now cap at level 300.
    also regarding attack speed, there will be attack speed gems, and we can craft attack speed anywhere, added with the higher wisdom I saw weapon damage and weapon attack speed had 60/60 on the video from jesse and hansen
    Your 1h builds will be awesome in CE but let me reply to a few more you will see what I mean
    the weapon and off hand will be good untill around item level 75 when youre level 75 too
    We will have our precious items but not in the way that you think
    Geared pvp is officially coming back :D

    Chill ok, just chill.
    @DJBarman is ecstatic about the CE and so am I.

    Yes our gear will be good till around item level 75 but we can keep upgrading.
    Now very important that you read this, the talent trees for example on level 1 I think? (might be wrong)
    Rage attack alone comes in at 125% base, could be level 5 but this means rage attack will come in at a whopping 150% base on level 10, and this is without skill boosting uniques.
    Now they have chosen this method of skill level boosting uniques so that its easier for them and us to identify stronger skills and build according to our specific build style
    Let me make and example because this is so damn exciting I cant help but talk about my build plans <- they might change as I dont know sargon set bonuses etc

    Poison mastery has 2 levels and they work in sync with rage attack bloody wild swing and rageful swing.

    ok so i will use the bearach belt to boost bloody wild swing by 2 talent points, if i max bloody wild swing by 2 levels from the q4 belt bloody wild swing will be on level 12. <- probably around 200-240% of your base per second area skill.

    Now herald gloves will increase smash skill by 2 talent points, since talent points are numeric in nature I can assume that a level 145 pair of herald gloves will boost smash by up to 5 so I guess it would be possible for smash to attain level 15 after CE
    This methodology is called skill over leveling, and is a VERY good concept in ARPGs

    Yes I strongly believe this was the reason for giving us less skills slots, it causes variety but also allows for us to reach insane levels on specified skills, which in turn leads to a more diverse range of classes.
    They said they will consider a 4th skills slot which imo is good, and bad cos its less points but ig it allows for an additional skill.

    you say this but i semi to an extent guarantee you will in the end use mostly 3 skills and 2 on mouse
    you want this soo sooo soooo bad.
    then when ce comes and you see frozen sphere doing 500% base you will regret having so many slots
    same with fireball.
    See how it will work is skills will work on levels of power each level will have a base dps fos lets say fs opens as a skill on 350% base explosions on level 1 on level 10 probably twice that and same for fireball

    Well from my side
    DKS are making a comeback!!!
    Geared pvp is coming back!!!
    Enough said :D
    Oh btw:
  15. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Old Hand

  16. blackassam

    blackassam Forum Expert

    The question arose as to whether removing slots in the control panel was somehow directly related to adding support talent. Rather, the whole concept looks like they plan to move to a mobile gaming platform in the future. Semi-automatic game mode of fighting improved talents at the expense of the active possibility of using skills in the game.
  17. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    Well, learn to ask well and not the garbage that they are programming and that is coming to us :D:D:D:D:D:D
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  18. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Old Hand

    Better yet Nostalgiac if this is a money issue. They could have just left the 7 hotbar keys. Then added 8, 9, 0 and charged 100k ander to unlock three more. Players would have spent money for more hot keys.
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  19. cogix

    cogix Regular

    This is a big problem. When I was web developer we met with the clients, we listen their requests, we discussed if those requests were legit and if they could be implemented (and if we had some doubts, we contact again those clients and ask).
    Then we start to plan the work and give ETA to clients.
    Obviously during the process it happened there could be some delay or little things we (or clients) did not consider.
    I agree with you when you say they don't know, but this is not how it should work.
    This CE should be the relaunch of this game, which now is just on farming and grinding.
    All events now are focused on getting drakens and gems or runes (in my case).
    90% of items in those events are useless because:
    - those items will "break" my build
    - those items have bad base stats and refiner most of the time destroy them
    I still have some of those items in my inventory, hoping the CE will make them useful, but who knows? none can give me answer because (as you said) none knows.
    I have stack of ess, hoping in the future there will be a bag of essence (requested many times by players and ignored all the time).
    I know, it is my fault to keep all those essences, but each event needs a different ess and each event is going to come back again and again and I am tired to farm for essences each time.
    I have about 16k of cubes and none is giving a real answer of what is going to happen with them (some people say to open, some to wait).
    I paid for premium/deluxe to have such option too (with other options) and I see those money will be wasted.
    Now I want answer from developers/cm or whoever and not "wait and you will see" ... or my answer to premium/deluxe and my wish to play will be "wait and you will see if I am going to spend my time and money again here".
    You feel disappointed... me too.
    This game was great in the past...
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  20. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Old Hand

    Golly gee willeekers Opie that is a swell Idea. We can all get together and push 3 hotkeys. We can get Barney and Gomer I know they will love just pushing the same hotkey over and over. . Maybe Aunt Bea will even play so she can push a hotkey or two. If Fred Flintstone ain't doing anything maybe he and Barney will join us and push a hotkey. It will be just so much fun all of us pushing a hotkey. Don't tell Gazzo he will want to push more then one hotkey and ruin all our fun.
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