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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Nov 3, 2020.

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  1. menestrelul

    menestrelul Someday Author

    I have a big request for the DSO team. Please, convert the resources correctly.
    Don't give me 70K Glyphs for 70K cores. I have 16K Draken Cores that I've done in dozens of events. You cannot convert resources with a ratio of 1 core to 1 glyph, maybe with Andermant...
    So, calculate well these resource transformations.
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  2. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    Glyphs are easy to get on any level, without any focused playing. Even I can get 10M glyphs in two hours, as a weaker player. Now, with cores, I'm lucky to be able to get 100 cores in the same period. I considered a "focused" play for each, not that I gain 10M glyphs for each 100 cores. "glyph" farming would be infernal runs on desert or tegan sanctuary, while "core" farming would be PW all map runs straight to boss, including potential pristine/augment/soul cores for gained materi.

    Now, Draken Cores are also gained from event rewards, but are otherwise harder to get, and a lot of times you need to complete useless events for that reward. So this balances out.

    Final conversion to make things fair should be 100k glyphs for 1 core.

    In your case, that's 1,6 billion in total. Unfortunately, I predict something like 1000 glyphs for 1 core at max.
  3. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    At least on stream. Drop of items was very low. So most likely you do not farm 10M glyphs in 2 hours in future.
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  4. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Old Hand


    Not sure I agree with you that glyphs are easy to get now. But doesn't matter if I agree. What makes you think the glyphs won't change? They are changing everything else. They can very easy change the drop rate and or the amount of glyphs per each melt item. This will be a new game.
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  5. kratox43

    kratox43 Forum Greenhorn

    I don't know if anyone has asked, but why is flawless core transfer mandatory? What is this about? Have you ever wondered how many new players have reached level 55 and just got their unique sets? Have you ever wondered how these new players are going to get so many cores? Sure they say matter nuclei and pristine nuclei can be obtained from parallel world, but they know how long it takes to get matter nuclei, how much it costs to buy pristine nuclei, not to mention draken nuclei at least around 3k draken nuclei in case that they are the only ones. They are level 6, the truth of the mandatory transfer of the pristine core seems absurd to me.
  6. [Adan]

    [Adan] Forum Greenhorn

    Do u want again at new update give rangers die ? Becouse after CE when q7 set changed ranger will bee un useful in pve like lvl 40, lvl45, lvl 50.
  7. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Don't worry about it. You'll throw everything in the smelter sooner or later anyway. If your stuff is tier I, you'll melt it in 2 days, if it's tier X, you'll melt in 2 weeks. It's because the max level of items will be something like 145, so what would you do with level 75 items that the tX items are going to be converted in?

    I'm probably dumb but why should people pristine core craft some garbage items into their tX's just to keep them for post-CE crafing? Why? What are they going to transfer onto those items? Their gold base lines will be useless post-CE once they get past level 80 or something.

    Better start from scratch - it'll be more fun than anxiously worrying about how much of a head start you'll have compared to others. Old and strong characters will have an advantage of big runes and jewels despite not being able to use all of them, and they can make use of all kinds of gold or platinum pinks and whatnot that they have collected during the years, and use the billions of glyphs they have been hoarding to quickly craft some pretty cool makeshift gear that will serve them for another 50 levels as they can keep transferring individual enchantments from item to item forever.
  8. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    --increase back arrow size in world map

    --remove wolves collision

    --make bars fill this way: --> <--
  9. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Not 100% sure why people are complaining moaning and whinging about this CE.
    They will do what they want how they want and won't care what the players think.
    They will rip us off steal from us not care how long you have farmed for your gear cores gems runes or anything else in this game.
    It is what they do every expansion.
    So you have 2 choices Quit or grind your life away to get to where you are now again in a year or 2.
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  10. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    Absolutely correct.
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  11. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I still haven't fully recovered from the July 3rd 2019 r220 expansion nerf.....
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  12. jenifer1029

    jenifer1029 Forum Greenhorn

    I saw in TS CE that dwarves have very long cooldowns (1 min per red turret costing 80 steam For example) do you think they will still be useful after the patch?
  13. bonjourvietnam

    bonjourvietnam Someday Author

    It's too soon to judge. Ranger has EA and DB with 1min cooldown too.
    6 slot for skills (including 3 for mouse) is way too little.
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  14. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Old Hand

    You are also forgetting that Rangers have to mark everything with hunting arrows, trap etc.... before they do real damage. Seven hotkeys has never been enough. This new game with three hotkeys. Extended cool down times,,, is going to discourage the bulk of players. Players will log on see all the changes and quit.
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  15. bonjourvietnam

    bonjourvietnam Someday Author

    As I said above, the hotkey slot is way too little, but it's not the final version.
  16. adanali1940

    adanali1940 Forum Apprentice

    if i lose every stuff that i have farmed like gems, runes,cores...
    i will leave off this game.
    because i have no reason to play anymore , everyone are like new player , like " 0 " . so why should we keep play ?
    if i will not use explosive arrow never , what is the point ? .
    dso will lose many players if they don't change something
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  17. vampiro

    vampiro Advanced

    Let's see if I understand it, BP removes sapphires and exchange them for runes, few years later they remove att speed runes and exchange them for... sapphires?
    Now they are gonna rob also the cores and exchange them for glyphs? Sure cause there was no other options to balance the crafting mantaining the cores, right?
    I'm pretty sure you struggled your mind enough to find a better solution but there wasn't anything better (<-Being ironic)

    Seriously the words to define this company are not allowed here. I've never seen worst workers.
    Can't wait to see an expanded world with many old designs copy-pastes.
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  18. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Nah, runes stay afaik, and gems are just added back on top of that.
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  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Out of all people i didn't expect you to turn into shill :)
    What runes stay bla bla bla bla???
    The most important rune in the game has been removed!!! Gone!!!Stolen!!!
    Rune of FOCUS!!!!!~!!!!~!!!!~!!!!~!!!!!!~!!!!!!~~~!!!!!

    I couldn't check for sure in that little time I was on TS (the game went pufff) i couldn't find the second most useful rune as well - rune of relentlessness
  20. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Wait, are you saying that the runes people have been farming for in the DtU will be removed? Well that's excellent :3
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