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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Nov 3, 2020.

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  1. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    This is what that category means. These are counterparts to the new passives that will be in the group tree. Current active group effects are getting removed. And the runes along with them. These runes are what I meant:
    ...and I have no idea what are they going to convert them into. Perhaps straight into rune dust.
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  2. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Connoisseur

    So far, from what I've "scanned" from yt streams - DK class i going to be forced into 1h builds because :
    • Most important healing skill for 2h builds is literally turned into 1h skill!!!

    • Outburst also only taunt, healing disappeared , have some type of armor break
    • Ground breaker got armor break too
    General note - our "precious t10 items" could be replaced in first run on fatal+ with green items! :eek:
    (if ts chars got 5-10 lvls - that much or less we'll be competitive with current items)
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  3. giannis2323

    giannis2323 Junior Expert

    will we ever be able to enter the test server?
  4. cogix

    cogix Advanced

    with all those new runes / jewels (type and level) and all those new essences (from different events + desert essences), why DSO never put a rune or essence bag?
    Am I the only one having issue with the inventory storing all those runes / ess + all items?
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  5. silverseas

    silverseas Forum Veteran

    • Interesting that secret lairs can be accessed from normal bosses now. However, you might need to tinker with your signs on the door. The sign lead me to believe the Secret Lair would scale to player level, when it actually does not in normal difficulty. (I was level 50 playing a level 27 dungeon with level 27 mobs and rewards).
    • There are empty chests (both regular "free" chests and ones that require lockpicks) on Secret Lair of Poison - Normal following Arachna is empty - presumably a bug.
    • You can change it to have the HP bar actually show the monster HP. Really nice!
    • While I applaud moving herbs and ores into the normal world as well as adding it as a drop, but making it so you need a tool to harvest seems kinda scummy. But maybe that's just me.
    • Can you add some way to modify the hotkeys to 1-2-3-4-L-R instead of 1-2-3-L-R-Tab? It just doesn't make sense for me to need to use tab when a single key is much faster.
    • Item icons got modified. The green and blue items look very similar. Please change those colours so there's more contrast between the two icons.
    • Really not a huge fan of how to reset skills right now. We've gone backwards to the good ol days of reset ALL or NOTHING, which is mega annoying and expensive. Please allow us to reset chunks of our skill tree and not be forced to fork out a few hundred gold each time I want to reset a few skill points.
    • Being able to do normal quests in any difficulty now was pretty fun. So now I have a reason to go back and do all those quests I skipped earlier.
    More feedback to follow whenever I can get on the Test Server and not get nebula errors every 5 minutes.

    As well, for those of you still pondering the fate of Mystic Cubes post-CE...
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Bro that is not new :p
    Try Heredur on normal difficulty on live servers and play level 17 lair XD
    remember my low level green item with 3x platinum lines? ... well i "got" it there XD


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  7. moineadorinel

    moineadorinel Forum Greenhorn

    for a week has not entered the game, does not let it on the server, tech support writes that it knows about the problem but cannot help, and so many players from different servers!
  8. dkarl

    dkarl Exceptional Talent

    Where to start?

    Color scheme on equipment is awful; difficult to distinguish between some of the rarities.

    Consumable items have no color scheme; can't distinguish between any of the rarities.

    500 andermant to harvest a single plant? Consumable crafting is dead (unless there's another, efficient way to farm for the Multi-tools).

    Can someone explain the new equipment slot scheme? Are you limited to 4 slots until the equipment is above a certain level?

    1 minute cool down on Machine Gun Turret for SM, a primary skill, makes it useless, especially in a 3 key hot-bar system.

    Separating out the debuff component of Oil Slick kills that skill.

    10 gold per skill point and we have to reset everything all at once ... so, no experimentation; set and forget and hope you got it right the first time.

    Where are the weekly/monthly challenges?

    One non-negative: It's a bit awkward, but the shiny dust requirement for gem crafting is a wash, at least as far as quantity of gems required to upgrade. Grind two splintered gems to get 4 shiny dust, then craft one splintered gem with the 4 shiny dust to get 1 simple gem. You do pay twice (another gold grab).

    To start using Enchantment Transfer crafting, we have to do 30 random exo-->leg crafts. Silly. BP just draining our glyphs out of spite, I guess?

    Where are the new maps? My toons are low-40s, so I wasn't expecting to jump into the new content, yet, but where are the entrances? I'm guessing the funky floating islands that surround the city of cardhun when looking at the PW sub-map?

    First impressions: This revamp of the game is a cartoonish DSO-lite. Predictions of DSO's demise seem less and less hyperbolic as each new detail is revealed.
  9. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    I have reserved comment on this CE since the beginning. I knew there would be changes, some saying it is a whole "different game" even though I don't recall asking for a different game, and I don't recall reading a single forum post asking for a different game. I asked for an end to thefts and endless nerfs of ALL classes, but is that really a different game?

    Likewise I also watched countless players, some of them friends leave and find actual different games. Are these the ones BP is listening to?

    I wanted new maps and quests, and I wanted a break from the endless repetitive nature of the game, with completely monetized events that most players quit out of frustration from being forced to do a lower slower mod because you make it impossible to farm the required resources, and then lie about it. I wanted, well, DSO. I guess that was too much to ask for.

    I was prepared to accept my T10 gear being good for a mere couple of weeks, and blowing through my cores to craft items I MIGHT want to use post CE. Not thrilled, but ok, I will go along to get along for awhile. What I cannot, and will not accept is the removal of hotkeys when you KNOW adding more is the answer, and what everyone asked for. Years of Deluxe membership and I never once used multiple bars, because it is dumb. The fact that you thought you could monetize those is laughable at best but you know what they say about one being born every minute.

    Even the hotkeys I was prepared to wait and see, knowing not even BP would make such a fundamental slap in the face with a dirty diaper, and hope it would be fixed by the time of the release (Idealistic I know; I am still waiting for you to roll back the bug that causes realm fragments to not drop anymore, which by itself would be a better improvement than the entire CE).

    Now we come down to the issue of theft. Well theft and dishonest scumbaggery which is one thing BP excels at. You take away my healing skill, and you convert (translate take away) my cooldown reduction; essentially everything I have built my character on, ever since you forced me to adopt a 2H meta, and some of which I paid real money to obtain, and you just rob me blind? Do you use Dominion voting software to perform your source code review as well?!?!

    Sorry, this is a bill of goods I refuse to buy. I am not surprised, but I am pretty disappointed. The anger I feel right now is with myself, for spending so much of the last 3 years of my life playing and caring about this game. The things I could have accomplished, the time, just wasted. That is quite the accomplishment. Great job as always BP.

    Good bye and good luck to you all.
  10. vampiro

    vampiro Advanced

    Me too. In the last months they found ways to get more money and squeeze the players (event attires, twitch...) and this is all they can offer to us at the end? It's very frustrating to keep a bit of faith on good changes and see a new game that seems a 90s arcade game on test server. Shields and phases on all bosses, weird and outdated looks of UI in general, removal of hotkeys... That's the money for? Really?
    They did nothing about a bunch of problems and bugs the game had, I suppose they hoped for them to magically disappear after the involution of the game with CE, but no, same problems are still there, I would prefer them to fix the many bugs before any CE.
  11. 7Kana

    7Kana Junior Expert

    But what a need there was to put a CE when you recently put tier 7, that's absurd all this nerf, I've been playing premium for a year here and everything I've done so far doesn't matter because I'm going to start from scratch.
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  12. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Mogul

    Well said Aslandroth and the majority of players feel as you do. It will be a sad day when Bngpoint introduces their new game.
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  13. menestrelul

    menestrelul Someday Author

    I don't feel like DSO stole anything from me in this implementation . Skills were wrong, but it can be fixed along the way. But in a maximum of 2 months, my pleasure of playing will disappear due to the economy in the game.
    To explain what I mean.
    In 5 years and 6 months since I played I managed to make 5 blue royal stones for each item. Only this year did I succeed. Same with most runes ... I have little work left here.
    This gave me a satisfaction that I managed to take the character to a certain level.
    Now, what is the problem with this implementation !?
    I will be able to make as many runes or stones in just 2 days. I already have 30K dust from many jewelry: Jewel of resuvenation, Jewel of ghost power, and more.
    Plus a ton of armor and life stones that I had nowhere to put. After implementation I make ten royal rubies in 3 minutes.
    Even if I have zero rune dust, I do it very quickly. I have dozens of runes of wisdom and other good runes to melt. I don't even need runes of wisdom, I take the points out of the two-handed weapon.
    You cannot play with both settings at the same time.So with stones and runes it is solved quickly.
    Crafts are now easier, more than three weeks I predict to have complete crafts.
    This will be with most players who are at least 8 months old. All will have maximum stones and runes in 3-4 months. Then the old players, touched by the pride of the veterans, will leave the game.
    Maybe they will play up to level 100. From time to time, developers return to Karl's philosophy ...
    Long live class equality! Long live Proletarian ! Long live the struggle for the liberation of Noobs !
  14. couda22

    couda22 Forum Commissioner

    Maybe runes but definitely not gems. Upgrading one Royal Ruby to Exquisite Imperial Ruby requires 86000 gem dust.
  15. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I figured that it would go this way ages ago already, the moment they announced switchable lines I figured as much.
    But I also figured geared pvp is back so, this is becoming a true pvp game, obviously with higher populations they will be able to create more content and more uniques, which will allow for more pvp etc etc
  16. kratox43

    kratox43 Forum Greenhorn

    But actually what bothers me the most is that the skill bar is very small and uncomfortable, I don't feel good playing with only 6 skills, I need my 10 skills in the quick access bar, apart from the increased hp in the sentries. It is brutal when before painful I killed Kepri of the desert in 5 seconds, now it takes 1 century to kill the miserable cockroach, not to mention the reduction of monsters on the map, the desert went from being a map with abundant monsters to having only a few.
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  17. menestrelul

    menestrelul Someday Author

    I did not know that. It looks like a huge jump from 1000 dust for a royal. If you have information about the costs of crafting stones, please post them. I try to stay away from the test server so as not to block more active players.

    This is very good. Personally, I haven't played pvp for a year.
  18. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Mogul

    You are not the only one to feel this way @kratox43. A large majority of players will not be able to adapt to 3 hotkeys. The 3 hotkeys will be the worst thing to come out of Bngpoints new game. A large number of players will be discouraged and just give up.
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  19. Krugslayer

    Krugslayer Forum Apprentice

    Turrets with cooldowns, Explosive Arrow with cooldowns, Frozen Sphere with cooldowns, what the hell. So you now force dwarfs to stop using turrets, force Rangers to start using only wolfs and force Spellweaver to use fireballs only? Change this devs or people gonna rage quit when they see this on liveserver. What players hate is to be forced to play one style, give us diversity. And btw what for is Bloodmage passive for SW? When fireball already cost no mana and frozen sphere has cooldown? I'm waiting for some changes before 1st Dec
  20. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Mogul

    All true Krugslayer, all but the December 1st. They can't even get this to work on the test server. Bngpoint will change its due date again.
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