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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Dec 3, 2020.

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  1. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

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  2. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    Somehow, the game is the same and different at the same time. *After looking on the forum, I found the instructions* There should have been a link to them in the game. I also got stuck on the new quest chain at the swirly thing. It's either bugged or there's something I don't know about how to proceed. So I went to farm in the great desert. That seems to play about the same as before. What is annoying is that my inventory is full of gems and runes that were barfed up by the game. I found the jewel trinkets, but the jewels I had before must have been destroyed by the update. I only have 4 jewels now. I didn't count how much of everything I had before because it would be too depressing. I have a lot of runes taking up space. So many stupid changes to the way that things look. They already said that we are stuck with the hopelessly outdated game engine, which is the one change we all would like to see. I will spend a certain amount of time on the new mechanics. I usually play the solstice event. After that it is probably only a small matter of time before I get back to where I was before.

    There is a lock button in the middle of the bar.
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  3. wavi

    wavi Junior Expert

    I am a ranger and what I recommend is:
    -1 hand bow.
    offensive quiver
    -Objects with attack speed
    -stones of
    critical hit and attack and movement speed
    -runes of concentration
    -Multi-shot ability, exploding arrow and hunting arrow
    -It's not difficult, I thought I would be nerf the hunter, but I am powerful. Reaching level 100 will not be a problem.
    Good update, the negative things are not many, incredible.
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  4. wolfie54

    wolfie54 Active Author

    I feel your pain, no actually I feel your frustration...…..stuck there also.
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  5. lammendam

    lammendam Forum Apprentice

    With the content expansion, they (devs) overdid it. Everything is too complicated. Almost nothing is clear and I don't want to dress my character from scratch. I played mostly on infernals, but now it's impossible to farm comfortably on painful without hard work, money and time (wich I don't have due to work and real life). I just expected new maps, quests, mobs, Sargon finally ... but this is too much.

    The game rolled down. :(

    Too much time, efforts and money was invested, but this campaign has gone into oblivion and you need to start all over again. The developers don't appreciate this, and not all players will mutually appreciate the work ... personally, I don't. Everything is done for new players. Perhaps they will "figure it out" ... but not me, who has been playing this game since 2015.

    Goodbye DSO.
    ...and thank you for good times.
  6. მɀõც.¸¸.·´*

    მɀõც.¸¸.·´* Forum Apprentice

    Seven years playing this game and this is the worst update ever made. They make us weaker because they want to get more money for us. Not a single idea to make this game more interesting. Just few maps to justify themselves. It is a pity but l will stop playing this game FOR EVER!! l dont want you to be laugh at me anymore. If you dont seem to respect players, players will look for another game.

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  7. rynkmar2

    rynkmar2 Forum Greenhorn

    Sad to say but 10 years ago this game was better event looked nicer then now... This 'expasnion' is probably some kind of test, its starting from zero and game will float or go under (it was going slowly under nontheless).
  8. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    On test server, what I did was max the wolves, and then select the talent to make them permanent. Then I summon with 6 red essences and just let the wolves kill everything while I absorb damage and reheal. Works as long as you don't get one shot.
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  9. Irish

    Irish Forum Apprentice

    WOW what a load of crap, cooldown sucks, skills suck too. 75k dmg and still very slow to kill mini bosses on exc lol
    One turret pfff, and after I fire my C14 rocket all my steam is gone lol , come on lads what are you's playing at.
    Also lots of bugs too, thought you's pushed back that date to fix any of the sort.
    Fix cooldown, give back our skills.
    Done funding this game until things get fixed.
    Who sat down and came up with some of this crap.
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  10. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    I dont understand why you all pissed..
    You all saw whats comming. The feedback that people gave was clearly unnecessary cause the management want to controll the game of their own way and not how the players want.
    Drakensang is not a customer focused game and never was.

    This is the 3rd time they soft nerf players.
    This content expansion main reason was to nerf us so they may sell more andermant, or delux.
    Checked on my char and its garbage.

    Content expansions usually not for nerfing your current level of progress.. they should give ,not get away from the people.
    • The minimap is garbage.
    • Mission doesent show where to go on minimap - garbage
    • The new item visuals garbage
    • The HUD is garbage
    • Soft nerfing all the characters

    All the things and set that people grinded for all now garbage, having different effects.
    Thats what I call destroying custemer progress all those years.
    I never thought they going to rush this fast with the release.
    Also I never thought this game can kick its own balls this hard.

    I guess we can learn something everyday.. That Drakensang never learns.
    Look at me ,im not even pissed..its crazy right?
    I bet the people who was playing ,and perfecting their character for the last 1-2 years are pretty mad.
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  11. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    I am actually surprised that there isn't a hotfix scheduled for tomorrow to fix major bugs which you didn't fix before bringing it to live servers. Many ppl are actually really mad now since the new CE just downgraded the game and it's like DSO beta v2 atm. Unfinished/buggy stuff coming to live servers even you had a plenty of time to test and fix EVERYTHING. I feel like DSO devs are smoking something really good if they think that this "CE" was actually the biggest and the best one so far. Do they live in a cave? Do they read our feedback? Do they even care about their customers and about their honest opinion about the game? I feel like the current Community manager is the biggest problem. He has some really bad influence. Few hours of watching official DSO livestreams was enough to realize that Community manager is only pretending to know how to play the game or even know what some players are talking about (even about an existing in-game content). That's a shame. Community manager is one of the ppl with the biggest influence and he is just acting like he is a god even tho he doesn't even know how to properly setup wisdom and experience tree. I feel like this game can't satisfy a human being with an iq of 85 and more since your lies are so obvious. Telling players that their items and other resources won't lose their value .. good lie! But you've forgot to mention that you will have to collect every item again. From a scratch. Save your platinum lines you've said ... but you've forgot to mention that there will be much better plat lines so once again: collect everything once again basically from scratch.

    Now imagine getting max. possible tier of gems, best enchantment values and base item values. Oh yeah. New CE didn't actually bring any new end-game content which would be fun and not just a boring endless grind. So "the biggest CE so far" wasn't really that big at the end of the day since it didn't bring any new end-game content which would be fun and not repetetive.
    It's just a big reset. Big reset and downgrade of your character stats so you have to grind for many months so you can farm as fast as you were farming before this CE. And then a new patch will come which will increase hp of monsters and bosses so the game is harder again. And again and again .. never ending cycle.

    Keep playing players. And paying aswell. That's what they want. I get it. It would be okay if they would like to make money from a great old DSO (2013 times), but not from this unfinished cave project. You better wake up now or many players will leave for real and you will be ending with a stable playerbase of 500 daily players on each server .. that's what you probably want otherwise you won't publish this "CE". It's not even a CE .. only an existing content which was reskinned/changed a tiny bit and called a "new" content. I would like to tell these devs what went really wrong, maybe even personally so they finally listen for once and don't just pretend. But they probably wouldn't care .. like until now since they don't communicate with their players on forums either (not even Community manager does).

    OUR PATIENCE and HOPE was there, but DEVELOPERS EFFORT wasn't.
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  12. God

    God Forum Apprentice

    I feel like there was some good ideas, but everything was implemented poorly. I love the synergy ideas, but putting cool down on frozen sphere is just not fun. Lightning strike has 10 second cool down... only 5 rune slots for attack speed, but you can spend more andermant on the speed gems. It’s almost like you want the game to be incredibly slow paced, which just isn’t fun. That new charge move for spell weaver is just like [EDIT] lol. Honestly the game had everything right during level 40 and 45 max days. Should of stuck with the good pvp and keep your players happy. I get the game can’t stay the same forever, but majority of the changes are worse. There’s a reason the player base has been slipping over the years. Obviously people don’t like change so there will be a lot of negative feedback, but its pretty deserved negative feedback.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Prolly need to click the LOCK.
  14. -Alexx-destroyer-

    -Alexx-destroyer- Forum Apprentice

    I wanna throw up
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  15. Raichu007

    Raichu007 Someday Author

    Worst update ever. Not even a need to explain in detail, so I'll just use keywords that any sane person will relate to.

    Old items are now garbage.
    Skills are all garbage.
    Our stats are all garbage.

    Bigpoint be like: "Oh you spent 7k Draken on the old Dragan set? Nice, I will force you to melt it and give you a few glyphs for it"
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Im really sad :(
  17. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Use your wisdom tree. I got nearly all my crit and attack speed from there.

    You can toggle the feature to permanently display it by going under Settings and selecting Advanced View for Equipment tooltips.

    They should have given you 5 free rune trinkets and 3 free jewel trinkets in the pile of blue boxes that dropped down the left hand side, for any characters that were active within whatever span of time they named in their announcement. But really, you can get them anywhere. Level will determine the number of slots you get. In terms of what to do with gems, runes, jewels...
    1) Check your ACHIEVEMENTS to see if there's any you need to craft before you accidentally destroy it.
    2) There is a limit of a certain number of a type of gem/rune/jewel you can shove into your items. Instantly vaporize all that you don't need, esp of a lower tier. (I vaporized everything that was flawed to polish without really bothering to look.)
    3) Use the generated dust to upgrade the remainder.
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  18. czarodziejedward

    czarodziejedward Forum Apprentice

    either you were terribly weak or you're lying

    I did everything i could (gems, runes, jewels, wisdom, items and my 3.637 speed is gone now im on 2.01
  19. CH1976

    CH1976 Forum Apprentice

    I suppose that a pdf guide in Spanish was a lot to ask for ... Or better yet, that this was

    put on the forum in digital format so the translator would pass it on to Spanish. I still remember that time

    when everything brought information in a timely manner; that time when any day of the week at any time the cities were full of

    players ... Something that with constant mediocrity they were responsible for ending. Anyway, this was already too much and more

    when there are so many options of other games even more attractive than this one. To start over, I'm looking for something better

    than this. It no longer makes sense to detail the bad ... because the bad is almost everything.
  20. geoff1

    geoff1 Someday Author

    done 4hrs mind head is spinning


    this maybe 2 step too far
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