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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Dec 3, 2020.

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  1. -Alexx-destroyer-

    -Alexx-destroyer- Forum Apprentice

    Well if u want another MMORPG u can play EDIT
    Those dont need high requirements and are way better than this game
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  2. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Then stop talking about dks...
    Firstly the few players that can solo things, are the ones that has bigger bigger onyxes and bigger rubies
    You might not be aware of this but mages has a synergy skill that allows frost nova to do up to 5000% base
    Nevermind that though, lets talk stats, these dks you see soloing things.
    Did you know you need 450k crit for 500% crit damage and 480k crit to have 80% critical value on bloodshed?
    I solo the great desert on infernal but its slow and tedious and not very rewarding, I need a mage to do armor break for me all the time.
    Oh btw about that:
    1 singularity is broken at the moment it doesnt break resistance <- this will be an omega boost for mages when fixed
    2 Frost nova seems to break armor and resist, try it at bosses and on maps

    You want to be whining about classes.
    Not the need for 9.8 million gems dust to max all gems?
    Feel the hate, live it breathe it and know that not all the dks has returned yet, and with the quality of drops and the state in which the gems are I dont think many will return soon

    Lastly in the first week of ts the items themselves had a lot higher base values, they lowered them on purpose because this has now become dustensang, any player with enough money can spend a few 1000 euro to max their gems
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  3. Dampfxaoc

    Dampfxaoc Advanced

    Oh, come on brother you are a way tooo positive )))) We take 5k euro, 100 euro for let's assume 150 000 andermants... 150 000 x 50 = 7 500 000 andermants. 7 500 000 / 20 000 for a royal stone = 375 royals. 375 royals * 800 dust = 300 000 dust..... Do you really believe you can maximize your gems with 300 000 dust? 300 000 dust is nothing. To the beginning of CE i had app 400k dust, melting stones from June 2020 (full royals stones science march 2020) + 8 jems joker to upgrade the stones without dust. I spent enough hours on Test Server and i knew how to get prepared for CE. I was able to make 8*1710 onyxes, 20*1440 and 20 royals for attack speed. How much you "donated"? 5000 Euro? What for....? :) You will donate today 5000 Euro and tomorrow they will change the rules and delete sapphires out of the game.... change them with downgrade to attack speed runes, and day after tomorrow again to sapphire/zircons. You will lose by every exchange. Your donations are not "safe" in this game.

    They have to rework awards in all events, add there dust, knowledge, put jem joker for beeing able to upgrade jems without dust. Not only 1. Tens of them in each event. With drop like we have now - jem upgrade will last min. 5 years. Jem upgrade is the only thing we all need now. Dust investment - is the biggest hope of them to get donation.

    Before CE i was able to take some other week players with me, to help also them in developing their chars. What we have now? Random party from region will fail to 95%. Parties reject all other random players, because you dont wanna have noob. And noobs became now 90% of all players even in full platinas, and good items. I can do solo blood with my dwarf, 400k crit, 370 dmg, 5,6 attack speed. Sure slowly and getting also debuffs. I have fun playing with my guild members again, who WERE OP BEFORE CE and played in mostly cases solo - that is the only positive thing in CE.... well with rest of them who is still online. But all the other intermediate players i have to ignore beeing not able to help them.
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  4. ManaThief

    ManaThief Advanced

    That's really interesting, I have never heard an opinion of a player that puts lots of money into the game. I have personally never invested too much into the game, only about ~20€, which I consider a fair amount for any game to entertain me, no regrets - however that was years ago, when I was genuinely enjoying the game; recently, I have been playing it just for the routine - mostly just collecting the dailies and now doing the CE obviously.
    I was thinking, if I put money into the game, what would I do with it, and honestly, everything seems like a bad investment - I wouldn't know and I don't want to support the game anymore, as I don't quite agree with the directions it has taken. However it didn't go so bad I would completely stop playing it, for me it's just a fill of time when I am too bored to do anything else, but honestly, any other game could fill its place, it's not special to me (anymore).
    And I think you made a good point, the premium content values change (drop) so drastically, it's really hard to evaluate if it's even worth to buy. It's not only about the premium content of course, but I'm trying to stay in the topic.
    Also, I am having trust issues with BP, I don't believe they will use my resources in a way I will appreciate.

    About the topic of helping weaker players, I personally disagree that noobs should be helped, or at least I used to, and I understand it may not be a very popular opinion. For me, these players are lazy and then cry there is not enough content, so I don't believe in boosting others. However the difficulty of the game for the low-level players has increased so much I have quite changed my mind, I still consider it as a wrong playstyle but well, difficult times require difficult measures, there may be no better way, just a bad design.
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  5. Redkiller12

    Redkiller12 Forum Great Master

    Let's say 1000 euros are enough for maxing the gems(which is not apparently).Would anyone on this earth spent 1000 EUROS to get to the power point that they were before ce?IT'S LIKE A CONTENT EXPANSION COSTING 1000 EUROS?I don't know how they'll get though that.Players are leaving the game for good and they are doing nothing.Literally nothing.Only buff monsters to anger the players while essential bugfixes are pushed to be made on January.:eek:
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  6. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Assuming you spend 5k euro I am pretty sure you get a mega discount on anderment, as in you probably end up getting double that amount if you request it I guess.

    Wait till you find out there is and or was going to be a level 200 and another 8 gems tiers on top of these 8
    yup yup with item level 255 being a thing

    As you can see from this, it is not a highly viable mechanic, however we were promised we would drop sacreds and royals on bloodshed
    imagine, 375 royals = 300k dust
    we would have to drop 10 royals a day for this mechanic to be a viable power creep to be strong a year from now

    yup bad across the board for all players and classes, they are literally bleeding our resources dry
    not only our infernal passes, no no, our spirit stones, our lockpicks, everything is being thrown at this expansion with little power increases.
    it is ruthless.
    I have stopped playing at the moment I do play other games and will do so till this game is FIXED
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  7. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    So the biggest advocate of CE (on this forum) stopped playing drakensang and plays with other games, hillarious. :D

    p.s. Your other comments regarding spending few/couple of thousand Euros on this game, priceless :p.
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  8. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Love this comment , makes me laugh too :-D
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  9. Deathtocome

    Deathtocome Forum Greenhorn

    accepting the fact i will get spit upon;
    I wanna say what i think.
    It's been a while from release of CE, so we all had time to try things out.
    Also, my wiew will be from a perspective of a fairly new toon (since my main is ofline;) who is a total freebie, not paying anything.
    If we accept DSO as "character building" game, this new CE is pretty fun :)
    We all got new levels, few new quests, some new maps, new gems, new runes, better crafting system... All to fit one purpose: give us time to develop our characters. I remember not so long ago people quitting because they had nothing to do, hit hard cap n that's it. Now we all got a chance to grind for years! Sure, it will take years....just like it did before.
    But that is ok.
    So grab your friends and go grind for days n days n days...just like we did before.
    That'a for positive part.
    You will excuse me if i do not bring out the negative side, which is plenty, because you all done it perfectly on this previous 20 pages.
    Have fun ;)
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  10. bleah

    bleah Forum Greenhorn

    Nah...he is still playing, like all the people who not liked the new "expansion"but we like to be hypocrite from time to time (i'm not being offensive now is just a human nature reality). Saw this fella, wanna be guru, on discord calling noobs almost anyone who had an honest opinion about the CE and of course not praising the devs but from what i can see when it comes down talking about the real money rip off this game became he is starting to acknowledge the "problems".
    I think this game is the only one that i played where the owners of the game develop the content most of the time (lately) against their own player base. As i wrote to support once regarding some issue i told them if they want money just say so, so all players will know and agree or disagree with it but don't mock us forcing to pay for some things and then erase them almost from scratch.
    I understand that there are a lot of people out there who liked this simple game, i can call it and more materialistic from there getting also a sort of addiction for some, put a lot of money into it, etc (met some during playing) but when a game becomes a source of frustration and that because of the way the game is developed maybe is time to stop and move on. For me that started with adding those futile infernal modes when it became more clear the way this game is heading for. It's hard to let go on that full stash and items, many obsolete now:))), well it shouldn't!
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  11. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Ironic. he could have stopped others from abandoning the game, but not himself.
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  12. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    dont get me wrong, the CE itself is great
    However how they are punishing players with gems drops
    I mean if you were dropping royals all the time on bloodshed like we should be, as this is a "bug" <- to slow us down
    if they werent depleting our resources on purpose
    I had 9k infernal frags when ce started
    I had 11k lockpicks
    my lockpicks are totally gone
    I have about 3k infernal frags left
    How will we be reimbursed for this?
    we wont, this is their stategy
    This is what I am fighting against at the moment
    "even though I might play rocketman for dust..."
  13. czarodziejedward

    czarodziejedward Forum Apprentice

    Its not great when there's any however especially when you go out of your way to provide multiple reasons for devs malicious intents.

    Oh the sweet irony - you telling people how they shouldnt moan about state of the game while taking at least a hiatus yourself.
    FUNNY :D

    It's almost like the shill term was used on this board for a REASON.
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  14. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    So it is not great if they are trying to waste our resources on purpose.

    Do you get money for defending them?I hope so.
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  15. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    Do you remember their promise about ''We will try not to damage the players just like previous expansions''.
    Yeah that's a lie
    They made the stones bigger tiers, they made the gems bigger tiers they made 3 new stones and made our diamonds worthless, Our equipment is worthless and obtaining new that is worth is close to impossible, obtaining recourses that you could easily get during lvl 55 are ridiculosly impossible to obtain, they pretty much made us regrind everything we had but harder and the top of the cherry is now solo players can't even play the game, Being full blue royal during lvl 55 in nowdays game scheme is close to worthless . They lied us, scammed us more then they should have, many players decided to stop playing this game including myself, maybe we will see each other after 6-12 months when they fix the game or maybe they will bankrupt... Who knows
    EDIT: They made deluxe premium even more worthless, It was the best way to make your charachter stronger now the cubes are more then worthless, do i have to mention that it doesn't work on the bench ?
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  16. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    what is so great in this ce?
    there isnt any new map = only reworked
    there are 5? new mobs = reaaaaaaly many for the ce
    there isn't any new boss
    there destroy ours gems/runes
    gear is totally a crap = even if u have full eq 145lvl with plat lines i will have better stats bc = i have 200 wisdom...good wisdom lvl is better than every eq in the game = nonsence
    there isnt ath special in farm = even if u will have all max = u will die on 1-2 shoots and u will be killing all bosses in tons of time = for what u should farm if u dont get ath from this?
    premium/deluxe are uselles = before ce u have -25/35% costs in workbench = now premium gives u only free respawn and even this u cant do on every map ;d = waste of money
    every shop's gear are useless = for what u have gear in gnob? 100lvl gears are useless
    for what u have 10+ skills? if there is 2-3 what are usefull, all others are useless

    give me any list of 'great' changes in this ce bd i dont see even 1 good change in this sth
  17. ManaThief

    ManaThief Advanced

    I like the new crafting system, I wasn't fan of the random result & destroy half of the items thing, but I agree with the most of the things you listed.
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  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Dude the CM is the last person to put the blame on.
    The management gets the things done.
    Dude every single code line in the game is broken ATM XD
    Those who spend that money on the game should get "Bedlam in the City" achievement.
    Nah ... he is OK dude. He is just not experience enough with the game and the people behind the game. XD
    We respect your opinion, you like the new game ... but please respect our opinion ... we dislike it from the bottom of our heart. We don't need to be persuaded otherwise. :) The problem is not in different opinion ... the problem is in the people mobbing the others.
    Dude, if they cared they would cared for their own employees first ...
    What do you mean what is so great?
    The Daily is GREAT. It is so great no one is playing it anymore.
    F2P don't play it because they can't afford to spend so much andermant to roll the crappy challenges.
    P2P don't play it because they are tired of rolling the challenges for hours ... only to find they all suck .
    On top of it the rewards are insulting ... WHITE chest for 7 challenges ... you get a WHITE item from the chest :D :D :D
    If you pay closer attention the crafting is same as the previous one.
    You can craft whatever enchantments you like ... but you can't get items or if you get them the base stats suck.
    It is all the same ... with a difference ... now the enchantments are useless if you don't have the base stats and them new high tier GEMS.
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  19. Strit555

    Strit555 Forum Apprentice

    This game have good comunity but they dont have eyes ..
    They make a big try to totaly destroy the game , eeeee what game ??? i try to play blood map and at the first 10min i had 60% less mana and 60% less hp and i log out ..

    This is not game and fun any more ...

    So , we cant play Quest is bugged
    We cant farm blood map
    charachters have bugged skils
    we cant play events cuase we cant find people for bigger maps , so we go most fatal and is slow
    they destroy solo farm

    What is this game ????

    They put an expansion before christmas and let the game total unplayed ...

    Last chance until new Release .. this game for be playable must .. i dont know what must .. just do EDIT job EDIT developers !!! people spent money , valuable time from his/her life and no respect to the huge community ...

    A, fisrt time i saw an an expantion with so many dislikes..well done!! :p
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  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Now that is the insulting part ... when we spend buffs they run in real time. If we log out they are running out.
    These new bloodshed EDIT debufs are not going away if you log out :D the timer stops
    On top of it the new jumping skills are all bugged and are not reversing any debuff ... if they were working, they should be reverting these debuffs too.
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