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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Dec 3, 2020.

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  1. DarkThor

    DarkThor Forum Apprentice

    Traki wrote the Thing, they don't care about their employees for sure, this is path for losing their jobs.

    I have no idea who is manager of this game, but i feel maybe he is wrong place or lacks some vision how to gain money.

    What i see, our community still comment this Titanic release, and point all the epic fails on it, and what we get one Strange Strange stream on Discord!!
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  2. ManaThief

    ManaThief Advanced

    Wdum, previously, you needed the base stats AND the enchantments, now it's much easier to get the enchantments but a bit harder to get base stats, just because refiners and upgrade cores were removed, which has (almost) nothing to do with the crafting - pure drop rng.

    Yes, the overall effect is the same - it takes tons of luck to get perfect items, but you don't have to waste millions of gold to get 4x plat on one item, you actually don't waste any resources, just play & pray. (I'm talking about unique items, if you are into legends crafting that's a different story.)
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  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    His attitude is certainly not helping, like boasting that the game is making players lose resources and such.

    Many quests are still bugged, the drop rates are terrible, some achievements( including the one required for making special and leggendary jewels is bugged, because apparently the previous magic jewels we made don't count for it, despite the fact that the green jewels count for it).

    And the expansions is not only a trainwreck, but it is half the trainwreck we were supposed to have.

    They also stole q6 from us.
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  4. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Most disappointing part is no one from Bigpoint or whoever runs this now, has not even had the decency to respond to any of the complaints.
    Not sure if anyone is left that goes on that Discord Channel ( I was removed for defending a player from ******** talk and he was not there to defend himself )
    But if anyone is still there and there is an official response to the complaints of the playing community, could you please post it in the forums so we can all see if they have an official stance.
    Or if there is any Moderators left on the forum , if you could get an official response please ?
    I know the Moderators are players too so maybe they have left as well.
    Would be sad to see the game die altogether through neglect.
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  5. ManaThief

    ManaThief Advanced

    CE in a nutshell

  6. psywarg

    psywarg Forum Apprentice

    Who in their right mind will spend 1K€ - 5K€ on this game?
    There are mmo that you can buy for less than 100€ with better content, mechanics and balance. You can buy the subscription of some of the best MMO out there for next 10 years with that kind of money :D

    You see most browser/cross platform games like DSO, AO, AL, etc., are for players who like to play for free or have a bad rig that cannot run big mmo games.

    Sure you can donate or have few micro transactions to support the development and keep the game running. But if you are spending 5k€ then you seriously need to look into your life choices.
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  7. reenatosk8

    reenatosk8 Forum Greenhorn

    So much time trying to put together a set and now everything is lost.

    I completely lost the desire to play. It was difficult, but now it was. it only works for new people who will start the game from scratch,

    because that's what happened.

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  8. linco1

    linco1 Forum Apprentice

    I am waiting for a slightly more detailed update note, the guide speaks very superficially. I will take a short break, I believe that in February the game will be more stable.
  9. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    They had a thing you know, this skill over-leveling, would have been awesome, if q7 set still existed, if q4 set still existed.
    Would have liked to see set combos like q4 and q7 etc man imma miss the smash speed
    anyways what can I say?
    I left dso when the "new" sewers came, and I wasnt quiet about being unhappy with the overgrind and the low entries resources I was able to get.
    Why should I be quiet about this daylight robbery of resources?
    When I say things, I try to think what is best for the game and the players, whats best for the game is a bigger population
    Whats best for the players is not spending those hard farmed resources over the years.
    Also you might call it boasting, I call it public whining, and my intent with it is to rouse the devs into doing something about this
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  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    I'm talking about the CM, who is bragging about making players waste resources and such.
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  11. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    the players are the fulcrum of this game, on which rests the beam that raises the entire structure that will not shatter if they are interested in playing it, because their fun expands that of those who will pay to have more in a shorter time .
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  12. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Ah xD
    Not standing up for him nor discrediting him either, but merely adding a perceivable other view to it.
    It would be like one of their earlier streams, where he pointed out how dead balor was, seems only a few picked that up.
    I didn't see or know where he was boasting, but it might be something similar to stating how dead balor was, yes a boast, but at the same time an alarm, one that a person in such a position has to carefully state, after all he remains a BP employee and as such, would at times need a more charismatic approach, if not for the players then for the devs.
    It would be like his recent discord status "long live dso"
    Here let me remind you " The king is dead, long live the king!"
    Sometimes you're being paid to smile, seeming oblivious of what is happening, however in reality it might be a totally different story.

    Anyways, you know on ts, even up to the last day before the expansion was on ls, I kept trying to level to level 100, the gems drop was good, I was dropping polished and radiants, and I might lie but maybe not but I could swear picking up a sacred or flawless somewhere along the line too.

    You know casually speaking here and I might have mentioned this before, however too lazy to look for it, but they could have balanced sets so damn easily
    Let me show you:
    Q7 for example if players merely got the buff without the 150% increased damage, now think about it
    DKs, for whenever you hit an enemy with groundbreaker you gain 50% increased smash speed for 5 seconds.
    Only that, nothing else, then this would have remained mostly on par with q4
    Especially now, because after 100 hits with the speed buff we get 100% increased damage anyways.
    It would have made q4 5 to 10% slower than q7 but more essence conservative.
    Rangers would have still opted for q7 due to conc efficiency but they could have opted for more conc oriented builds
    Mecs would have gotten a pretty good output too
    As for mages if they had to change the q7 set I would have left the 150% increased dmg for them, due to how weak fireball is
    I would probably have made all of the q7 buffs last 5 seconds or 3 seconds
    I would probably have kept q4 the same for mages and dks, however for rangers, I would have changed the set bonus to something more useful, something more spammable, maybe scatter shot damage increased by 25-50% and scatter shot conc cost reduced by 25-50%
    And for mecs i would have added 50% increased damage for tesla turret as an additional set bonus, on top of its size I mean

    You see the imbalance on sets was that they had unique values and set bonuses, and that just gave me an awesome idea.
    What if we were able to drop the older sets now, but they had an added word, so you could drop the current pw uniques, or their sets?
    so q4 set would only increase smash damage by 25% no added bleeding <- no unique values on the items
    q7 set would well only give 50% smash speed no added damage <- no unique values on the items

    So for example you could drop bearachs torturer, or bearachs mighty torturer, the mighty being the unique and the torturer being a set piece
    That would be pretty awesome Imo
    Q2 set would lose the awesome 1h dmg you get from the unique, but they can for example increase the damage of the spiders in the set and make them poisonous
    So a player would then be able to choose between having high damage and a perk "q2 uniques" or lower damage but an insane perk "q2 set".
    However in the name of balance, dragan set and event sets will have to remain as they are now.

    This is an absolute must!!!
    The devs has to allow all gnob uniques and sets drop in event maps
    They also have to fix the drop of prem hammer and prem uniques to drop on the level we farm them.

    Aaand fyi, they have new uniques incoming which will mostly form part of the next meta items Imo
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  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

  14. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Nice gift Trakilaki. It's 1st January an each time i play less. have no more quest to do with two of my characters and the war is the only one i have to beging with them, by the way trakilaki, you answered me in post cloak or cape but i think you were talikung about a different thing... if you don't mind to have a look, please...i thing it's funier writing here than playing DSO.. at least you get ranks for posting here

    Let's see how long we have to wait for a code like BYEBYEDSO
  15. Deathtocome

    Deathtocome Forum Greenhorn

    U on drugs?
  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    He also forgot to point out that this release is making the other servers as dead as balor.
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  17. Mistralrex

    Mistralrex Forum Apprentice

    No way to change nothing , we tried several times and never work, im out of this
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  18. cogix

    cogix Regular

    Riot of Rocketmen consideration:

    The event is a copy-paste of previous event (with the add of bugs)
    - drops are not so good
    - this year there is no more the mechanic set as drop in those boxes (that was a good thing for me)
    - the quest to defeat 2500 rocketmen is bugged (the count is still 0 after about 20 runs)
    - the reward of new year bottle has still the icon of 2019 (really? we go back to the past?... that is the copy-paste)
    - on the 3rd bar, after a progress of 4350 (+1000 + 6500 from previous bars) we can get a huge amount of 300 gold (another bad copy-paste)

    I whish those events are just checked before to put them online.... thanks for wasting the 3 hours cape of bad progress
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  19. CH1976

    CH1976 Forum Apprentice

    Not even to do missions he gives me. They trashed the game, and it shows in how many players we've migrated to other games.

    Every time more, cities seem like ghost cities ... What one would ask the game is that it be entertaining, that it has an

    interesting and somewhat complex character progress, a good drop, and that the elements can be exchanged between different

    characters (As well as the skills ... All that and much more I found in POE and that is why I am not going to return to this

  20. vampiro

    vampiro Advanced

    On November 30, I left the game after seeing the atrocity they did with the CE and the tremendous scam that this implies for all players, I uninstalled the game completely and I have not returned, and I cannot be happier.

    I write this because some days I went to look at the forum and read what the players were saying, I see many that despite hating the drift that the game has taken and the way of handling it that these "legal scammers" have they continue to play and dedicate much of their time trying to play an remediless game, I understand that many of you are addicted or have an emotional attachment too strong that prevents you from leaving it so easily, but I encourage you to do it.

    I assure you that there are many other games that can replace this one, and in a healthier way.
    The last months that I was playing I was only doing it for the routine, an event was coming and I wanted to finish it, but while I was doing it I kept seeing the negative aspects of the game (which were many, now there are many more), I did not enjoy it but I did not want to leave it because of the amount of time and effort I had put into it.
    CE was what I needed to stop short and stop giving rise to the attitudes of the dso team, I have always been free to play, so in that aspect I do not feel a burden for having given money to someone who did not deserve it, but in the same way I feel cheated by a pathetic and unethical company. I just wanted to show you that there is life beyond Drakensang and that you will discover that you can enjoy other things without being outraged all day by a game that no longer deserves your attention.

    If we want them to suffer the consequences harshly, we must make the decision and move forward, leaving behind this dark sphere that Bigpoint generates.

    Cheer up and happy new year :)
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