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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Dec 3, 2020.

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  1. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    For ALL the posts above;
    I am gladly i give up on playing dso after I play in each day for 4years.
    They don't deserve ppl like us, we are to good for this game, and we are not heard anymore, so let them with a empty game, this is what they deserve, it's that simple.
    I wish you all good luck, but in another place, do not bother here anymore guys, not worth it. :(
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  2. pegas2000

    pegas2000 Forum Greenhorn

    Самое лучшее сообщение!!!
  3. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    Don't worry, it is the same at level 100, at least for my chars (on Grimmag), yet there are certain players who do millions of points on a weekly basis. If I can't get into PVP then how they do?
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  4. jakayba

    jakayba Forum Apprentice

    Hello there, feedback from germany ^^ ... since I get more and more the impression, that feedback in the german forum is not that important like what is said here.

    Many players have quit the game, good job... ... ...
    I have stopped my premium for the same reasons why the others quit and I am asking me more and more, if I still really enjoy this game. But since I had put lots of efford into my char, I am still trying... by almost crying.

    At first I had a really hard time at all, the closer I came to lvl 100. This Demons really are absolutely unnessecary strong, like the Mini-Bosses/Elites and of course, the Bosses themself. Where I was able to play the parrallel-worlds up solo to Inf 5-6 (incl. Boss, depending on which), I now have a hard time in killing a boss in excruciating. So I do not play bosses solo anymore. I do not enter the parrallel world solo anymore. Meanwhile I can play the dungeons merciless all by myself, but thats all.
    And for that I had to go through a fundamental change of setup and gameplay. For the first time since I am playing here I go as one-handed Dragonknight. Thats means, yeah, its hard to die now, but my hands hurt after I played a Miniboss for example. Since I had to beat it like berserk for up to 5 Minutes. (I exaggerate... a tiny bit, I know... but really... that feels more like killing my hands, keyboard and mouse rather that this monster, not to mention that I run out of essences now. Yes, I wouldn't need them, but that pulls the fight even longer and... there's the pain in my my hands again...)
    Has actually one member of the terribly smart think-tank ever thought about the smaller players who will have to kill these bosses one day? How are they supposed to make it?

    Best fun is, when you enter one of the new maps and there is a bunch of Demons already waiting... I guess, this was just forgotten, like so many other things.

    There are pictures missing, in german there are translations missing. No idea what to do with this white square in my inventory which used to be a little moonstone. The quests are not working. Or the drop is too less, like for the anxiety shards or leofrics goods.

    My Items are just chaotic combined, nothing fits together, since one has to take whatever they get. And thats not much at all. My shield ist terrible, there was a time when something like this would have been in the oven instantly, but since there are no drops at all (a crappy legendary every 5 oder 6 days...), thats what I have. Great. Maybe this is what they meant with "individual creating the character" since everybody is forced to walk around like a ragman after digging in a donation-box.

    Our precious items, the good weapons and sets, long term farmed platinum-enchantments, the gems and jewels, all have been made worthless. My runes, I wore 10 runes of vitality, 9 on max, one on its last step... the half of it now is just worth dust. Has anyone ever counted how many drakens they costed? I still have the other ones, it breaks my heart, to dust them...
    On the other hand, Drakens have no worth anymore either. What am I supposed to do with this new runes? Was the team really applauding after one of the brainers offered the idea of letting the players fill their rare space for runes with five different resistance-runes?
    Since I have all the other runes alrady on maximum amount, what should I do with my Drakens now? Ok, I buy the last missing mounts, and then?

    The thing with the gems is a terrible idea anyway. Now we have to collect something actually very precious just to destroy it into dust. But, of course, not instantly, since one of the geniuses at work forgot to create a method which saves us time to do that. Putting gems into dust is taking too long, every little one takes ages, also because the workbench still takes it's time to fullfill its time-consuming animation...

    Time consuming... brings me up with the next stroke of genius, the daily quests. I guess, it's needless to explain... only maybe this: if this would have been my trainee who came up with this idea, I would have beaten him his crap around his dumb head and told him, to forget it. But maybe the team is so clueless meanwhile that any idea, no matter how stupid it might be, is welcome... who knows...

    The skills of all classes have been taken apart, changed without overthinking and then it got implemented with a rush.
    There is no release anymore. When we get stunned, well, thats the way it is... no communication about whether it's a mistake or if it was done for a reason (and which). Since missing the relief for all classes, the Dragonknight has pulled the extra-joker because his relief would be on the Dragonskin, which has a much longer cooldown than the jump (where all the others have it).
    Ah, and the jump... someone must have liked the idea of a lonely knight standing around, on an empty map with no chances for jumping. Maybe looked to much on Vallejo-pictures or so, must be something like that...
    Why are there costs on the jump now? And why did not even one person in the team came up with the fact, that a knight cannot jump when there is no way of generating anger? Since one of the big brains decided to take away space in the skillbar, there is no place for the battlecry anymore... and why are we the only ones who have to use a second skill for a simple jump?

    When I am in group, I have a very hard time to generate anger in order to jump into the mobs for example. Or to simply follow the group, when they jump... or to heal, while the others kill everything around me. In a group I feel totally useless. I am to late inside the fight, until I have a little bit of anger in order to use my skills in a good manner, everything is dead and we go on. So I am just following instead of doing, what would actually be my job.

    Of course, I could get better by collecting wisdom, but this also takes centuries to make a next step. I do not feel like signing a contract for playing 10-12 hours/day for the next 20 years... there are people who do have a real life and play for fun, to relax... it's not a meaning of life to them. But they paid, had premium, to have it a bit easier, since the time is not enough to make it without.. or to enjoy little extras like the cubes or more inventory-space. But, nevermind, I don't care anymore.
    Like I said, the search for a daily-quest is annoying like hell and I am glad, that I am not in the duty to do that anymore, since a new mix charges andermant now. Makes it much easier for me, not to care about the daily quest :D

    My love belonged to the conciliatory graphic-team, which had always done a very good job in the past. I can imagine how frustrated they must be now because they had to recycle old maps instead of creating new ones. The Demons and Shadows are great, optically, like expected, but this great relase, as it was told to be, is nothing but a remake of something we already know. Destruction of fun and work on our characters. (Well... the work on the char belongs to the fun, don't you cerebral high-flyers know that?)
    Dropped out in a rush, unready, unfinished without a clue at all. Too bad, really.

    The events like fullmoon or newmoon are uninteresting for me as well, I tried the desert of essences, but I do not feel like grinding dew for hours. No thanks.
    Thats why I am standing around in Cardhun right now, asking myself, what to do and I think, I just turn the game off for now.


    There are many other critcs I had made in the german forum, but right now these are the most disturbing and aggravating points to me and I felt like telling them here.
    I am courious what comes up at the end of january... :cool:
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  5. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    Here is another SCAM from the developers, in the past you received crescerite based on the level of the pet (green < blue < purple < gold). However now I received only 1! for using a teleport cage on the purple Professor Jullov pet (reward in the Rocketman event) ...
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  6. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    they need more money, just accept the truth or either uninstall the game and forget about DSO :)
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  7. Selene-Rip

    Selene-Rip Regular

    Pleasant message to read. I agree with what is written
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  8. CaballoLoco

    CaballoLoco Active Author

    We completely agree with what you say ... I speak for myself and for 99% of the players ... without a doubt.

    And I also agree with this simple truth.

    I personally think BP is aiming its cannons at those OP players, who are still fanatical enough to put money into this game ... because all other moderately sane people would not dream of spending a single penny on this swill. I have a feeling that this game will end soon, and abruptly, when they can no longer milk the 100 players who are still playing this EDIT. In my case, I'm just waiting for Sargon , to complete the new map, take a photo as a souvenir ..... and eliminate my character.
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  9. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi jakayba. They don't care where we are from. at this point of the game as i said in other post, i only go into the game to activate my toons and nothing else, waiting for a miracle, read 246 to mend all or at least as many buggs as possible. i think they don't know what to do with the game but for waving a hammer. Suppor doesn't know a EDIT if you ask them for buggs or whatsoever... here mods it not their job but to send post to devs, so do not wait for them to answer you... as someone said here they are players like us, volunteers and not paid for...

    Let's wait for how this game collapse and or devs decide to make changes or they close this shop

    Enjoy the beginng of the end
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  10. DarkThor

    DarkThor Forum Apprentice

    About r246 i would say that after almost 1 month and half, we have no idea what BP will do, what on their minds are the problems!?

    We are all known they don't listen to us, before CE good number of Rangers complain about Disaster would be!

    And what i saw on stream of Jesse, he asking Tomato how good is the ranger on CE, and of course the answer was yes. We had no chance when Feedback they wanna to listen it is they are right on everything.

    Jakayba post was good one.
  11. Vezir-i

    Vezir-i Forum Pro

    Jevel Of Rage .... dont work give just speed atak but critik 0 .. Bug or what .?
    Jevel Of Contribution , if i use just 1 .. wite .. dont work .. bug or what ..?
    Rune of the realm Changer .. dont work ,, i hawe max this rune 0 diference in grup .. bug or what ..

    for me all this game now is just a big BUG .. just like the name a BigPoint .. AbigBugPoint
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  12. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    So the mentor noobs the ones that start over and hide low to PVP , now they have experience block again EDIT.
    So they get high level equipment to PVP with EDIT You guys are the EDIT ever , you made the low level bosses to hard for new players , now if they try to PVP they are wiped out by some OP EDIT with however many toons.
    This game won't die it will stagger on with the EDIT maybe 1-200 people on each server that just have nothing outside this game.
    Here is a hint to really give these EDIT a taste of there own medicine ;
    Give them experience of the monsters being killed so if they are 20 and monsters are 60 they get the experience for the level 60 monsters ; 40 killing 80 etc
    But EDIT won't do that because these are the ones still spending money on this .
    Best laugh I have had at this game was logging in to see you trying to sell Anders LMAO
    WHO ? WHY ? Would buy them ?
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  13. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    totally agree .. i was laughing so hard when a saw any andermant sale since i always knew that there are a few boomers which still throw their money into trash bin ... or call it Dark Legacy .. whatever ... the game is alive thanks to those few boomers which don't have a real life and just enjoy playing one game for the entire life .. it is what it is ... and bigpoint is listening to their feedback, not ours since we don't spend money on the game anymore :) it is what it is, accept the truth
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  14. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    It's almost like yesmen do not provide good feedback.

    Although Jesse is at fault there, he can't handle criticism of any kind.
    Maybe there wouldn't be many haters if he stopped being such a crybaby on discord and actually listened to feedback.
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  15. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    Jesse is definitely the biggest problem of the entire DEV team .. he is laughing at/mocking other players on his livestreams and when someone tells him the truth about the game, he just act like a small kid
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  16. Khrone

    Khrone Someday Author

    It seems more like the issue of devs not caring enough about the feedback. It's not their game, it's their job. Jesse can be sensitive and childish at times, but he does manage to do the basic tasks (if he doesn't ask his DSC group). The feedback gets to the team, it's just that they do nothing about it. And why should they? This game will keep on surviving for a few more months, and then it's over.
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  17. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Well in all honesty, why I left dso?
    gem drops are not as promised (we should have been able to drop royals from level 95+
    But worse than that?
    never being able to find a group willing to play or strong enough to play bloodshed
    but the final reason?
    At first we have all these amazing generic skills
    And then nothing, its an overgrind from scratch and theres no uniques that make it worth while playing dso
    no 50% smash speed
    no 40% weapon damage from dragan
    no increased damage from the q4 set
    all just stupid uniques, the concept is good for skill overleveling, but removing stuff like the q7 buff
    Anyways I am done with dso, I cant really say I am going to miss it, after the fun of about a year or so, it becomes and immensely time consuming non paying job
    And thats all it is and has become, and with nothing special for my build, my pc dying from the overheating yy thats a thing, not even top end arpgs throttle a cpu to overtemp like dso does
    In short if I had to choose between dso and my pc the obvious answer is my pc, pc was due for an upgrade anyways, so its not so much a big problem as a temporary inconvenience.
    Anyways enjoy whatever scraps of dso is left, im out, bye...
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  18. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    Bye from a DK
    Hope you will be good, whatever you are doing now :D
  19. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    I wish you the best
  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    He's just a figurehead, a mook.

    The real problem is not the developers, but it's those who manage the game and make the money off it.
    Those are the culprits behind this expansion.
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