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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Dec 3, 2020.

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  1. cogix

    cogix Regular

    I don't know what happened during those years.
    I started to play when the cap was lvl 40 and I remember somehow DSO was listening advice from players.
    Now I see DSO is having it's own ideas (it can be good or bad), but there is one thing DSO should remember: all their ideas need to be accepted and liked from players, otherwise only GM and developers will play this game.
    There were many feedbacks from players during last 2-3 years and I don't see any of them taken into consideration.
    Day by day I play a little less this game,
    I stopped to pay my premium/deluxe (due to the fact that is useless now),
    I log in just to get the box (daily are wasting of time for the ridiculous rewards),
    I skip events (most of rewards are pathetic, maybe they were good before CE, but not anymore),
    multiple bugs in skills and items and DSO is focusing only on ban some players (which is good because they cheat), but they should focus on fixing the game
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  2. chiuseer

    chiuseer Advanced

    Me too
    Me too
    Me too
    Me too
    Ha Ha , we do the same thing :D
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  3. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    You are part of the 80% of players on this game at the moment.
    What is frustrating is they knew the new Gems where coming in and didn't bother to pass that on .
    Example Greg or Haruki would of come out and said don't bother farming ingredients the new Gems coming will be you beaut better.
    Now we have Jesse as a CM and his mate Hanson , what does Jesse do ? He laughs at players wasting resources , if he disagrees with you he bans you from Discord , if he does not like something some one says he sulks .
    Question Jesse , Are you a grown man or not ?
    Very surprising there has been no live stream for a while, it is on late for me middle of the night usually ,but for the next one I am going to make an exception and watch it live .
    What I am waiting for now is to see if the close the American servers first and try to revive 1 server in Europe for the 20% or hard core fanatics that still spend money and waste 12 hours a day, or if they close shop altogether.
    PS Thank you Cogix for doing PVP when I asked on your mage had spent 90 minutes waiting for 250 Wisdom . Not sure why I bothered now :)
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  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Any news for r246? How long do we have to bear the bugs?
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  5. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    It's suppose they said we have to wait fro the last week of January to have it, but for our experience, they said we went to have CE in a date and it was posponed twice... so let's see how long we have to wait for now and for what...
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  6. Monkey

    Monkey Forum Great Master

    I tried to knock out the hero's cloak from the very start of the content expansion - in the end I could not get it, just like all the mages in my guild and my friends are mages. How can developers comment on the current situation? Will there be compensation for the magicians? Or are there mages who were able to get the hero's cloak after expanding the content?
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  7. mestamer67

    mestamer67 Padavan

    there is an announcement where it says that some fixes have been made with the hotfix that is about to come out. I already knew about patch 246 that it would not be released later this month, so no surprises. As usual I go to test the first thing that interests me: the infernal passages.
    Well I did the first mini boss and nothing, I did the second mini boss, and nothing I did the third mini boss and nothing, I gave up. All done in the same map. You comment.
  8. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi it's suppose this hotfix is gonna be for this week, but they didn't say when to... anyway, as you said, it was ovious that r246 went to take more time and this time they said nothing about in what week of february... we still have to wait for it one month more. what do you bet it's gonna take them longer, the reason? because they have no idea how to hold us here more, maybe they may think: why doing something or trying to impove it if they are not gonna stay with us more?.. no, i don't think they get to question so much.... too many synapsis are needed to.

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  9. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Me too
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  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    I like how they now pretend that they care about making good patches, when in reality this is a pathethic excuse to make players waste their resources.

    Sorry, but i'm not going to fall for this obvious trap.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

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  12. CaballoLoco

    CaballoLoco Active Author

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  13. lhuqe222

    lhuqe222 Forum Apprentice

    Please excuse me for my English, but it's not my mother tongue.
    Google trad translation.

    I see
    Create new characters
    After playing again
    Novice players disappear one by one
    The main task-torture and kill novice patience fun

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  14. mariusmgm

    mariusmgm Someday Author

    guys do not bother to get stressed about dso,im a old player,i remember 6-7 years ago,it was just a pleasure to play every day,now i stop playing,jesse james doesnt care about your opinion or if you like to improve something in the game,they will make it harder and harder every day,you will see!
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  15. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    This is not stressing... with time one lear to write just a little but blunting... we have hammers too... so: MeToo
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  16. ☆Đдяkאєşş☆

    ☆Đдяkאєşş☆ Active Author

    No news, no listening to the hundreds of feedbacks, I didn't expect anything good from this dark legacy, I already knew what you were capable of
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  17. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Junior Expert

    Don't open new threads or asked to community again for our opinion about game when you aren't listen to us. In the first time on the history of dso(yes, i'm here from 2009) 99'9% think same about the game. Old players need to burn 1 million of royals gems for upgrade 1 gem to max tier and have to do this a lot of times for get her best stats as possible vs mobs. Monsters are now absurdly powerful and our characters absurdly weak. Rewards on event bars look like if difficults on maps/clearing and value about gem/runes & coins wouldn't have changed with CE (this mean that isn't possible to get progress on this game being f2p or so so expensible for p2w); anyway, there is not fun for players with this new dynamics and everybody is saying and showing to you that they will not play more. Active players now is 10% of any months ago usually was; of this 10%, aorund 8% is on city or doing runes or easy farms because no sense and no way to do anotherthing. If you was waiting for this, congrats but if you wanna bring back this community to as good times used to be, listen really our jugdement or ask us literally what we wanna see in the game because this look going to so bad road with no retorn and still could be avoided. No more from me for now; if i don't comment/participate here in future you know why. Good luck to everyone in any of the cases
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  18. 4NormaL

    4NormaL Junior Expert

    The mage frost nova effect has been removed. Singularity alone is not enough. It is not possible to deal high damage this way. The mage has never been so humiliated in the history of Drakensang. I guess game developers get their feedback through the publishers they give full character to. They end the game by not taking the feedbacks on the forum seriously.
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  19. Vedmak1974

    Vedmak1974 Forum Apprentice

    Today the hotfix that we were promised was released! Bravo, BP! Earlier WISDOM dropped at least a little more! Now I farm 76 points in two hours) I don't know how much their drop was increased, but it looks like it was not increased but decreased) The developers themselves are pulling the game to the bottom !! !
  20. Hasanbey0

    Hasanbey0 Someday Author

    I can't find a word to say to you. What did you want from the wizard again?
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