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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Dec 3, 2020.

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  1. Alinshinoby

    Alinshinoby Forum Greenhorn

    guys were are the chests you open with lockpicks? i only find them on desert, no other map
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  2. Valhöll

    Valhöll Someday Author

    I will not say that I am happy about it, I just expected it. It's simple, I haven't even seen a single high-quality screenshot with this update, which means there is nothing to show. Okay, okay, I looked at the numbers, read the new skills and realized that you destroyed all skill bundles and destroyed the Q 7 set. The set itself was an archer mechanic, it was beautiful. And first of all I drew attention to the quests, they are not tied like a thread and an eye of a needle, no, there is just delirium and porridge like sauerkraut in the head. You destroyed everything that was good in the game, but came up with nothing to replace it. You are not yet using knowledge of level 0-50. You haven't given feedback for several years, you consider yourself superior to the average player, and now players mostly think of you as a pumpkin. That's all for me. It was a game, but she died.
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  3. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    I would like to know how DK's are supposed to play without HP regen... Dragonhide with even 10 pts is heavily nerfed compared to old.

    Also, how to go with no debuff immunity?? Did the devs realize DK fights upclose, and as such cannot really dodge many of bosses attacks and abilities?

    What I'm looking for is strong DPS build. So far, I found a combination of skills/stats that lets me move, attack quickly and deal substantial damage, even with okay-ish HP, armor&resistances, but without regen, I can only use it on low modes where enemies don't even scratch me. As soon as I go difficulty where a horde of monsters can remove 1/3 of my HP bar in a few seconds, I cannot fight, and have to run around and spam fury of the dragon (which btw extends up to 28 sec in duration with synergies - looks totally ridiculous).

    I don't want to be forced to play tank and let mages kill all in a group...


    Quests seem to have even more unnecessary walking back and forth than before. Nobody reads the "story" anyway, because quests have no relation to the gameplay whatsoever. Artificially prolonged questlines by having to defend 5 people one after the other, with 9 waves each. No creativity here.

    Graphics of items are in every way worse than before. I don't know how, but they managed to make everything look the same, not just items, but also gems, runes and everything else from one another... do they have even rudimentary understanding of UI and UX design? All stuff in the inventory needs to be clearly identifiable at a glance, in a matter of milliseconds! Not to even talk about rarity colors, instead of lush, clear colored background we get washed out shades.

    Maps are a rehash, and mobs are a rehash. So far, the first map Brigavik is just Nordland reskinned (sometimes not even reskinned, just renamed). If I'm not mistaken, at least Lor'tac expansion offered completely new enemies with new mechanics? There's so much that could be done here, if they only put more effort into it, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel with skills&items.

    The stuff that should've been the main focus of the expansion (new CONTENT) is poor, probably moreso than any previous expansion. Instead they focused on deep changes in mechanics, vastly more complicated and risky endeavor. They focused on the wrong thing, and tried to turn DSO, which is at its heart a simple, click & kill adventure, into something more, but the interface, engine and overall design doesn't support that.
  4. bonjourvietnam

    bonjourvietnam Someday Author

    Dark Legacy in my opinion.
    Good: Now we are no longer depend on Q7. My main char now is ranger and I can say that game play for me is better than boring Q7. I can choose to be tank-ger or ranger or summoner :D
    Gems upgrade easily from flawed to Royal even refine trap.. gems.
    My char is now at lv 78 and I reach the higher dmg and speed like before the CE without spending an andermant (I'm using 1handed bow)
    1. Crafting is still bug (or not idk). When I tried to craft 4 magic bow or 4 extraodinary bows it is impossible. Only 3 items of the same type with another item can be successfully craft together.
    2. Cores that we saving before CE is not converted to glyph as the announcement said. I guess that's a bug.
    3. The resistant lines in items are so facepalm. lol. I don't understand why they changed from "all resistant" to that kind. It's so bad. lol
    3. Daily deal is ridiculous.
    4. Wisdom drop rate is so low.
    5. Gems melting, there should be a way to melt gems in bulk.
    6. Rune drop rate is so fcking low. How can I upgrade my runes without source of dust?
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  5. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    You can only craft 4 items for a random result. You can't craft 4 of the same type anymore.
    Crafting enchantment lines that you want on a certain item only requires 2 items and it basically switches lines between them, keeping both items, you don't lose any of them like before. And you can do it between items of any rarity (unless it says otherwise in the tooltip) and any type.
    Might require certain level/quests to be finished for it tho.
  6. [Samotnick]

    [Samotnick] Forum Expert

    After update i can't craft anymore
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  7. god47ak

    god47ak Junior Expert

    On excruciating Big paw drops level 56 Royal stroke of lightning staff
  8. I wish to meet one day the mastermind behind this CE , especially the one who thought its brilliant to reduce the skill bar from 10 skills to 8! It's the worst decision so far for this game ! I want to belive / hope they will change it as soon as possible .
    The interface of the items , they are so vague , so confussing for the user .
    And of course the gems /runes what a joke ! They thought now that they will obtain zero drop from monsters etc. lets give them a gazillion of stones /runes to fill up their inventory !
    Do something about the sockets for gems /runes we don't want them in our inventory but it would be better if we have them somewhere else like the bag with costumes / horses/ pets !
    Gentlemen on BP we are NOT thrilled from this new CE. Make no mistake about that . Listen to your Customers . Because we are customers first of all and then players . And YOU are obliged as a company to satisfy your customers . If you don't care about that thanks God in 2021 there are so many choices for online / mmorpg games . Think about it
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  9. Spugna

    Spugna Forum Apprentice

    My feedback is that they need to switch to a modern game engine as soon as possible, with the current one the game is unplayable.


    Prices to reset skills, wisdom and group skills must be lowered by a lot! I'd suggest a reduction by a factor of 100, 1000 would be much better though.
    As it is now it's simply impossible to reset anything even for experimenting.

    They didn't think about this because they "test" the game with infinite-money characters, so they don't notice the difference.
    If they did it on purpose though, they need to think again and fast.
    People won't waste much time and definitely not money in this crap.
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  10. stacker99

    stacker99 Forum Master

    Long thread shortened. Use spike shield + some points where is needed. With my old gear (pre CE) I'm still good with attack speed, damage and HP regen. I compare myself with horde players in Suburbs where I kill monsters faster than all. Use 1pt on Ice mastery and try to fight against some of old non-paralel bosses with Rage Attack, Jump, Charge and Bloody wild swing.
    This is my stats with still all old gear items:
    Just moved all gold/plat lines to proper items. For example:
    IMHO: Now DK is good to play even alone. With proper skills and passives set.
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  11. -HetMasteen-

    -HetMasteen- Forum Greenhorn

    Warrior level 48 struggle in level 40 areas:
    critical hits down to 0%
    Parade value down to 0%
    resistance down to 3%
    yellow swirl power for warrior does not HEAL
    attack speed do to 1 instead of 1.3
    money is worth nothing (I had 1000 gold which is worth nothing today)
    cannot upgrade weapons/armor with power glyph
    I am sooooo slowwww
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  12. [Samotnick]

    [Samotnick] Forum Expert

    OK how to unlock legendary crafting?
  13. vegetadavid

    vegetadavid Forum Mogul

    For the mage, strange idea to have done skills that do damage in% of max HP. After that, I didn't play for a long time but it seems to me a bit sloppy about the skills, I think we will all play the same thing ...
    Otherwise I see the pay to win coming with this new version of the game.
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  14. JEKAJE

    JEKAJE Junior Expert

    So I have checked all the character's skill trees and I can safely say that BP has no clue what they are doing. Half of the new versions of the skills don't make the slightest sense. A ton of them are far worse versions of what they used to be.

    There are skills that are heavily overshadowed by their better versions which makes them unusable (like the dwarf's rocket vs the new mine which is far superior). Some skills are stripped to the bone and only posses a whit of what they used to have (like the DK's Rage Jump which is now like 10% of that it used to be and the remaining 10% is still nerfed).

    Mage's skill called Fire Blast costs by default 0 magicka but with its Synergy thing you can reduce the magicka cost by 2 points. WTH? Why would I use magicka reduction for a skill that costs virtually 0 magicka? Was this update done by complete amateurs? They took what was good about this game, what worked really well and threw it straight into trash. Instead of building upon the skill foundations that have worked for so long and improwing their quality and variability, they completely destroyed them. What good is it now that I can have better % of damage, speed, cooldown reduction, etc. on skills when I am missing their crucial attributes that have been in the game for years?

    DK can't even jump across stuff now without generating rage somehow (monsters, a potion, the battlecry skill, or the flag skill that is bugged btw and doesn't work together with the Rage Jump). It is like the developers have no clue about this game and I don't believe they actively play it. That is not possible.

    The Daily Quests are a complete joke now with all the dificulty requirements and the poor rewards. The new design/ graphics of items and other things is horendus. It is bland, uninteresting and confusing. And the new version of the skill bar is impractical and just straight up hideous. But that is mostly subjective though.

    And I don't even wanna start on all the bugs and glitches that this CE brought with it.
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  15. passemuraille

    passemuraille Forum Apprentice

    Please excuse me for my English, but it's not my mother tongue.
    Google trad translation.

    Daily challenges are not well suited to character level, and are mostly practically infeasible.
    How am I supposed to do the challenge "defeat 5 champions in fatal", when I am level 40, fatal mode only accessible from level 50?
    Why do a 25 plant harvest challenge, when I have to buy 25 times a tool that costs 500 alters each, 25 x 500 = 12,500 ... Where is the gain for me?
    The graphics of the objects are painful to look at, they are not recognizable at first glance.
    The skill bar is ridiculously small, anti intuitive, crippling, and made without intelligence.
    Those who decided and made this update are not talented video game makers.
    They do not understand what a video game should bring: fun, balanced challenge, group play in good synergy, well thought out construction and intelligent varieties of skills.
  16. Goldd

    Goldd Forum Apprentice

    the DK's now is usseles :( this remember to R89 xd
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  17. Kyll

    Kyll Forum Greenhorn

    Hi all !

    Very disappointed about this update ! How I would love to go back to the old game !!
    I have known this game for about 10 years, and even if I don't play much, I have always enjoyed it.. Which is not the case anymore...

    - About the skills :
    I play as ranger, all the skills I loved have become useless because of reload time or concentration cost !
    The net and dive are way to expensive to be used in combat.
    I loved blade dance, but it is now too expensive to use, and it does not mark enemies anymore..
    I loved when the enemies exploded after the thicket of thorns !
    And the deadly blow is useless with the reload time of 60s...
    I tried to rearange the new skills, but couldn't find anything wich matched my play style... (I do not like the new skills at all, the only thing I enjoyed is having the wolfs for longer).
    I have tried playing a little but I got bored real quick, so I didn't even get throught the dungeon.
    8 slots is clearly not enough to enjoy the diversity of available skills.

    -I lost my best stats, critical chance is now 7% ( I was at 60-70% before)..

    -I do not see the point of adding all these levels ! I would have prefered if there was only 5-10 new levels, with a new set of maps, and new story ! Just as you did before when you added atlantis, then lor'tac, and the desert !

    -The items lost their tier... I ended up having items level ~70 when I am level 55... isn't it a bit absurd ?
    Furthemore the new designs are..... a bit outdated ! They where better looking 10 years ago when I first started playing....

    -Using shining dust to upgrade gems (or runes) increases the cost of upgrading. And you need loaaads of dust to upgrade your gems, I couldn't upgrade all of mine..

    -It is a good thing the bottom bar is smaller, it took to much place on screen... But I feel it is a bit too small.. And the design was way better before..

    That's it for my feedback !

    I still hope a few things will change to repair the mistakes that were made !
    Especialy the skill system wich makes me really sad.

    Until then I won't be playing ( as I said the new skill system doed not match my play style, so I do not enjoy it at all)...

    Bye bye !
    Best wishes to y'all !
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  18. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Ok, so far, i'm having lots of fun with spamming fireball, it's even more brainless than before,i really only use fire guardian, singularity and fireball, i rarely use meteor and fire destruction.

    I like the specialization as a fire mage, frost mage and lightning mage and arcane mage, at first i though it would be very bad, but so far i'm having fun.

    Too bad there aren't any andermagic based abilities, but i guess they're going to be reserved for a new class, if it is ever implemented.
  19. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    The lack of healing for DKs seems likely to be a problem. Rangers and steam mechs appear to have much better healing skills. It's virtually impossible to die as a ranger with 6 healing wolves if you position right.

    I would put healing back on mighty wild swing.
  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    And mages also have an healing skill, it's a discount version of the DKs charge.
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